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Hipster beanie
Wholesale Hipster beanie hat from China

Looking desperately for a trendy, quality guaranteed hipster beanie hat for your business? Wholesaling beanies products in China is a great idea! As a great supplier of beanies, China produces all kinds to satisfy demanding customers. Most of the licensed professional wholesale supplier is based in Guangdong province.

High top
Wholesale High top beanie Form China

When you want to have wholesale high top beanie from Mainland China, look for a reliable supplier and most honest manufacturer that will ship your packages untroubled to your warehouse location. In China, there are lots of certified, highly professionals wholesale suppliers you can truly rely on.

Woven beanies
Wholesale Woven beanies from China

In Chinese markets, there is a wide option of woven beanies products where you can choose from. The biggest wholesale woven beanies factory and supplier are track down in Zhejiang Province. Those following suppliers strictly ensure the quality level of each product. Try finding a suitable manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China for your wholesale beanie orders.

Cuffless beanies
Wholesale Cuffless beanies from China

Among the other types, cuffless beanies have the best style and popular to be worn. China introduces the best manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of cuffless beanies that can be your partner in long period of time. And if you have probable urgent orders, better look for a supplier who`s focused only on beanie products.

Brimmed beanies
Wholesale Brimmed beanies from China

The brimmed beanies have the most unique and fashionable designs. Take a look at Zhejiang province, China to discover lots of reliable wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of brimmed beanies. They can offer efficient and speedy shipping services for your desperate wholesale orders. China has premier manufacturers & suppliers when it comes to brimmed beanies productions.

American mohair beanie
Wholesale American mohair beanie from China

Wholesale American mohair beanie has been in-demand on the worldwide markets. Leading wholesale suppliers and -manufacturers are located in Zhejiang- China`s province. In the entire process, from designing to shipping, these suppliers can totally handle it.

Cuffed beanie
Wholesale Cuffed beanie from China

Pair your outfit with a stylish cuffed beanie from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. And if you are searching for a wholesale cuffed beanie supplier, in China, you can find what you are searching for. Most of the authentic wholesale markets were based in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces. Capable to provide all kinds of cuffed beanies and a convenient shipping process.

Slouch Beanies
Wholesale Slouch Beanie from China

Are you wanting for a slouch beanie with the best designs and competitive prices in China? In province of Guangdong, China there are lists of verified suppliers & manufacturers that warmly welcomed customers. Highly qualified to supply you top-quality slouch beanies and other beanie options to fit your needs. Having them as your partner can help you save cash, effort, and time.

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Best 20 Wholesale Beanies Manufacturers in China

1 YC Clothing Co., Ltd

YC Clothing Co., Ltd is extremely engaged in the manufacture and design of various wholesale beanies, stylish clothing, and t-shirts. Founded in the year 2001, with highly certified workers and advanced manufacturing machines. One of the world`s leaders in the field of clothing-making. They are capable to do the sewing, cutting, designing, printing, and embroidery of beanies all according to your specifications.

2 Qingdao Guangjing Caps Co., Ltd

Was initiated in North China in the year 1995. As of today, they have grown into a professional exporter and manufacturer of beanies, hats, and caps. They have full ability to produce all kinds of beanies for your wholesale orders. Beanies’ clothing products from this factory are available in knitted designs. With about 2000 skillful employees, has a monthly production of 1.5 million quality caps and beanies.

3 Zhenjiang Fashiontex Industries Co., Ltd

Has main office in Zhenjiang City, near to Shanghai town, China. The company is specialized in exporting and producing of knitted beanies, available for babies and children. It owns 3 international professional factories to handle customers` wholesale orders. And there are about 100 latest designs created annually from the factory to meet market demands.

4 Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., Ltd

In Mainland China, Xiongxian Kaixin Cap Co., Ltd is the best reliable exporter of wholesale beanies, various caps styles including vintage caps, baseball caps, sport caps, hip hop caps, etc. It is supported by fully-experienced designers in various quality beanies, hats, and caps. Dedicated to creating the best beanies, and making sure to use quality materials to meet the required standards.

5 Top Wonder Accessories Limited

The company named Top Wonder Accessories Limited provides various beanies designs to abroad and domestic markets. Great services like printing and designing are what the company offers. They export their beanies products across the countries for just about 10 years. Devotedly accepts all series of ODM and OEM products at a reasonable price.

6 Suzhou Marvels Merchants Co., Ltd

Suzhou Marvels Merchants Co., Ltd is a fabrication and exporting company focused in clothing production, like beanies, scarves, socks, caps, etc. The company was instituted in 2012 and got approvals from the Sedex and BSCI audit. Has comprehensive manufacturing lines, including sewing, knitting, and packing. All of their products are distributed globally such as countries in Europe, the USA, Japan, and Korea.

7 Yuyao Kean Reflective Products Co., Ltd

As the world`s leading distributor and manufacturer, Yuyao Kean Reflective Products Co., Ltd supplies high-grade beanie clothing. It comes from a very competitive price and the highest quality clothing materials. The company offers the best services and on-time delivery to meet clients` wholesale or small orders. It is one of the top Chinese factories that get lots of certification as additional customer assurance.

8 Leehom Headwear Co., Ltd

Leehom Headwear Co., Ltd is situated in the town of Yangzhou town, Mainland China. The company has entire expertise in exporting and manufacturing of any variety of hats/ caps such as beanies. The factory was started in 1990, they professionally create new designs of beanies based on market trends. The company is managed with more than 800 workers and innumerable advanced production machines.

9 Shenzhen ZKZN Co., Ltd

One of China-based, customer-oriented manufacturing factory for about 15 years today. Ever since the time of institution in 2003, professionals from this company are devotedly working with global customers. Offers them the top quality products and quality services, helping to promote their own brand. Aside from beanies and hats, the company is also an international factory resource of quality bags, jeans, and casual clothing.

10 Nuchampion International Trade Co, . Ltd

Nuchampion International Trade Co.Ltd works professionally in terms of designing, sales, and production of beanies products. They also owned import & export certification. Located in Qingdao City, handling more than 20 factories worldwide. All the beanies products they produced have high-quality levels. They also want to offer long-term business relationships to any interested sectors.

11 Quanzhou BKD Kids wear Co., Ltd

Was incorporated since 2001, Quanzhou BKD Kids wear Co., Ltd is a subsidiary enterprise of Bestgo International Co., Ltd. There`s about 50 skilled employees working to provide individual customers with excellent services and products. After 10 years in the business, the company accepted stable business connections from several manufacturers around the world.

12 Putian Qimei International Trade Co., Ltd

As international leaders in producing high-quality beanies, Putian Qimei International Trade Co., Ltd supported the global market by supplying high-quality wholesale beanies products. It is one of the high-tech enterprises, specialized in manufacturing different kinds of clothing products not only beanies. They offer the biggest assortment of beanies to meet demanding markets nationwide.

13 Wuhan Jarmoo Flag Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Jarmoo Flag Co., Ltd is expertly exporting and manufactures all kinds of beanies to support your clothing business. Throughout the 10 years of specialization and development, the company now exported its products to worldwide countries including Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc.

14 Capwindow international Co., Ltd.

Capwindow international Co., Ltd satisfied their customers in way of providing high-grade beanies, cap, and hats. It is a manufacturing company with 15 years of field experience. The factory has a total of 400 skilled and experienced employees, mainly headquartered in Dongguan, City, China. Monthly, the team can produce about 50000 dozens of beanies.

15 Jiaozhou Sumeier Winter Hat Factory

The Jiaozhou Sumeier Winter Hat Factory pursues a friendly relationship for much better business development. The company is officially registered in the industry in 2013, received lots of international certifications such as TUV SGS and ISO 9001. It is highly supported by 50-100 excellent workers and 10 professional R&D personnel.

16 Yiwu Sungnan Import & Export Co., Ltd

As a Chinese company, Yiwu Sungnan Import & Export Co., Ltd considered one of the largest trading enterprises in China. They support the entire process of exporting services, warehousing, transportation, booking containers, etc. This group makes sure that every client will receive the best services, products, and competitive prices. Completely active in all foreign trading activities.

17 Putian Just Dun Trade Co., Ltd

Putian Just Dun Trade Co., Ltd is one of the global manufacturing leaders in China, producing the highest quality knitted beanies, bags, caps & hats. The company is reinforced with 1000+ experienced and professional employees in Southern China. Highly devoted to ensuring each product`s quality. Putian Just Dun has now become famous and most chosen by global clients.

18 Alpha Sports Co., Ltd.

The Alpha Sports Co., Ltd is a company located in Dongguan City, China Mainland. They introduced itself as an experienced and professional company that is exclusive in making different sorts of beanies and caps clothing products. With 10+ years of experience in the industry, the company now has 60 staff total members. With complete workshops and advanced equipment, they can be able to deliver your orders timely.

19 Swil Limited

Swil Limited is an authorized manufacturer of wholesale beanies with over a decade of trading experience. It is situated in Guangzhou, China with main products of knitted beanies, caps, hats, shirts, scarfs, and other kinds of garments. The company owned the sewing and printing department, with grown management capability, strong administration team, and advanced equipment.

20 M. G. D Headwear

As an international headwear manufacturing leader, M. G. D Headwear specialized in knitted beanies, sport caps, winter hats, and woven hats. For now, the team extended its product range to bags, apparel, and many other related products. Most of their products are transported across countries like South Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and the USA.  Have 20 years of experience in the industry.

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