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Bow Belts
Wholesale Bow Belts from China

Bow Belts has its different colors and designs. It can be made from a reliable leather, suede, and chain materials. If you had a strong mindset to do a wholesale purchasing of these products from China, then don`t ever misspend your time. By picking up and ordering these kinds of materials, might have a big advantage to your running business.

Braided Belts
Wholesale Braided Belts from China

Braided Belts wore by most men exist in any part of the world. You can shop from Chinese manufacturers and even buy them in a wholesale way. Unpredictable success for your own build business is also a Chinese ambition. They offer a lot of unique designs that fit and suit the stylish garments you wore. Chinese provinces have plenty of manufacturers recorded. You can freely buy and demand them.

Cinch Belts
Wholesale Cinch Belts from China

Cinch Belts is described as the most pleasant and comfortable to wear about. Most women wear this kind of different style of belt. It created from reliable resources and also an eco-friendly material. Chinese cinch belt from China commonly a handmade product or when you want to have faster of transporting the shipments then kindly participated and communicate from Bansar.

D Ring Belts
Wholesale D Ring Belts from China

Fashionista ladies anywhere should be wearing something like this. It can add the uniqueness of the style of the dress they actually wore. This D Ring Belts also can be used for any handsome boys to look more pleasant and professional. By using this, you must do thread your belt through your belt loops. It must be twisted and tangled. When wholesaling of D ring belts, Chinese manufacturers are good for you.

Garter Belts
Wholesale Garter Belts from China

It is true that searching with those untrusted wholesalers is very conscientiously and hard. So when wanting an easier way, Bansar can automatically help you and highly recommended the Chinese manufacturers. Garter belts are a garment with the purpose of keeping the stocking from sliding especially in ancient times.

Hip Belts
Wholesale Hip Belts from China

Hip Belts are fashionable in looks and is eye-catching that can easily gain attention. When using this you need more practice and be accustomed. You can experience difficulty in using and wearing this. But wearing this can still surely give more attraction to your physical appearance. When planning to buy from Chinese suppliers, transporting it could be faster with Bansar united corporation.

Kids belts
Wholesale Kids belts from China

Kids are very thoroughness and careless when having a great time playing around that is why they need a belt that is so tight yet comfortable to wear. Kid’s belts are eligible and efficient made. When adding it to your business, then don`t hesitate on dealing and contacting Bansar. They provide any form of transportation such as in air, sea, and many more.

Lace Up Belts
Wholesale Lace Up Belts from China

Lace-Up Belts are having many custom selection and can be designed relying on your taste and ambitions. You have to discover more of the modern designs of the lace-up belt on any Chinese market manufacturers. By purchasing any of these kinds of productions, it can do a large impact on the enlargement of your business.

Leather Belts
Wholesale Leather Belts from China

Leather Belts is wore around the waist. A kind of belt made by leather materials is a best-selling product recorded in Chinese supplier markets. It is also available in many colors and sizes that strictly depend on your likable types. It is good for women and men all over the world. High quality of leather belts is needed for your principal storage room.

Men belts
Wholesale Men belts from China

Every now and then, boys always wear some reliable belts. By muffling it around men`s waist is originally used for it. Even how expensive it is, most Chinese manufacturers only offer it for a cheaper and affordable price and rate. China has many designers ad manufacturers of any branded belts. You cannot have it too expensive yet for cheaper prices only.

Metal Belts
Wholesale Metal Belts from China

Metal Belts are originally created for a useful and important purpose and that is to have a fashionable and unique style of belt you basically baste on your high desire. Metal belts usually created from carbon steel and stainless steel. Do you find it very profitable enterprises when having this on your bucket list of products to be with the progression of your business? Then do quick actions.

Military Belts
Wholesale Military Belts from China

Chinese has their own military stores and at the same time, offering military belts and army belts. You can shop automatically in many China for they have professional and high-skilled manufacturers that can really provide you what you need. China is the top-rated and has well-oriented agents that can entertain you with uncertainly. Warmly, be with those suppliers having an outstanding performance.

Obi Belts
Wholesale Obi Belts from China

Obi Belts are manufactured through handmade pieces or even automatic machines for urgent orders. Obi belts are legally well-approved and are very popular in this recent generation. It comes from a fabric thin strip unaccompanied by clasp and hook. It has a purpose that keeping safe the kimono and keep it tightly in close proximity.

Peplum Belts
Wholesale Peplum Belts from China

Costumers prefer buying wholesale of peplum belts to be added to the business mass production. Costumers can freely pick up custom designs of peplum belts they want. Peplum belts are an easiest way to brighten up different pencil circumnavigate. Most manufacturers of these products are easily found in the town and provinces located from China. For any urgency delivery of your orders, Bansar can help you out.

Women Belts
Wholesale Women Belts from China

Almost women are choosy when it comes to having unique belts in their own wardrobe. Whether you want a belt for a skinny, high waist, and even wide belts are provided in any Chinese suppliers. You can shop freely and select the best latest belts in acceptable and highly-allowed legalizations. Big supplier production in China mainly located from Guangdong that has 1,447 high professional manufacturers.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China
When wanting to save a lot of money and cannot waste time, rail freight as mean of transportation can be helpful for a successful transport journeys.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you prefer to have a stress-free of transactions in transaportation process, then you must avail door to door shipping.

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Wholesale Belts from China

If you suddenly came up to a decision on having a wholesale supplier in China,

Looking for the best and the perfect suppliers that operate nationwide,

Then missing this guide is a big disappointment and a big loss.

So hurry up and study the basic info you mostly needed.

The resource to Help You Wholesale Belts From China:

Import Data of belts

Wholesale Custom Design of Belts

Best 30 Belt Manufacturers in China

1 Foshan Topone Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Foshan Topone Netal Technology Co., Ltd starts to export belts in 2009 about 90% a year. They have an export license and they are located near Shenzhen and Guangzhou port. This company assures to provide belt products with the best quality and amazing offers and welcome OEM and ODM buyers.

2 Wenzhou Fashion Leather Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Fashion Leather Manufacture Co., Ltd is a BSCI and SEDEX certified with over ten years of rich experience. They manufactured a lot of belt types, sizes, colors, and designs that people could love to choose and buy. If your business needs a lot of different belt designs, This company is a great manufacturer and producer of belts in China.

3 Guangzhou Dihong Leather Company Co., Ltd

In 2015, Dihong Leather Company Co., Ltd was established with a 2000 square meter factory area with their high skilled and trained employees. They have a strong ability since they are certified and well trusted. This company support through easy payment like small-amount, Money Gram, PayPal, LC, T/T, and so on.

4 Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd

In 2018 Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd was established to offer a variety of belt options. There are different materials and designs of belts that they can offer. They manufactured using qualified raw materials and development. This company is covered of 2400 sqm plant area with complete machines and enough team to support the processes.

5 Yimeike International Trading Co., Ltd.

Yimeike International Trading Co., Ltd has a lot of year development and one of the largest belt producers in China. Your urgent needs when needed a support for your belt orders will be supported with Yimeike International Trading Co., Ltd. This company has annual export revenue of about 2.5 to 5 million.

6 Shantou Jinping Dule Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.

IN 2001, Shantou Jinping Dule Hardware Industry Co., Ltd was founded and occupied plant area about 12,500 square meters. They have 25,000 sqm areas for constructions. They manufacture belts with plenty of employees that undergo a lot of training. This company is able to export in many countries and regions.

7 Dongguan FuHong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Dongguan FoHung Industrial Co., Ltd is ISO 900, ISO9001, and GAP certified with more than 100 employees. Your belt orders are based on your ideal designs and types. There’s a lot of reason why you must choose them. They offer quality first and customer-first vision in manufacturing. They check the products many times before they move out.


Litai(Quanzhou)Bags Corp., Limited is and BSCI and ISO 9001 certified belt manufacturer and factory in China. This company has great security ensuring the delivered products will arrive safely and no damage. They export safely belts in America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Asia.

9 Guangzhou Red Swan Leather Product Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Red Swan Leather Product Co., Ltd factory has about 1200 sqm plant area covered with skilled workers of about 80 people. This company is manufacturing different materials of bags like leathers and making belts in any style. This is a limited company certified with ISO and BSCI and making belts ensuring quality first. They export belts via an agency.

10 Changsha Xinyu Gift Co., Ltd.

Changshan Xinyu Gift Co., Ltd is located in Wangdefu Building, an international building on the 4th floor. This international building is located at Hunan Province in China. This company export products 90% including belts that made them popular and well-trusted since they have 90% repeat orders. They ensure safety exportation via agency especially the packaging and cost offers.

11 Guangzhou Pami Dodo Leather Products Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Pami Dodo Leather Products Co., Ltd was founded in 2013 and start to export manufactured products like belts. They have bets in different materials that have passed the test. They welcome you to visit their factory located in China at Dongfeng West Road, Baiyun Ave. Guangdong province in China.

12 Bomie Promotion Gifts Co., Limited

This company is always giving the best services and handles strict inspection before they move and deliver the orders. Bomie Promotion Gifts Co., Limited has abundant experience in the industry with competitive offers in sales, deliveries, production, and so on. They handle deliveries of about 10 up to 18 days based on the location.

13 Wenzhou Meilida Decorative Buckles Co., Ltd.

In 1994, Wenzhou Meilida Decorative Buckles Co., Ltd is founded and manufactures belts, belt buckles, shoes buckles, garments, and a lot more. But this company always meets your demands by letting you send your designs. The exportation is safe since they have their own license.

14 Guangzhou Meiqi Leather Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Meiqi Leather Co., Ltd is manufacturing different types of Bags, handbags, and belts. They manufactured covering 160 square meters of plant area and skilled workers. They export through agency since 2018. They are located not far from Shenzhen port and Guangzhou port. They are in Shiling Town, Lianhe Village in China.

15 Guangzhou Fanshang Worldwide Trading Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Fanshang Worldwide Trading Co., Ltd offers a variety of belt types and colors. They are limited company manufacturing and producing ladies’ bags, Garments, belts, and also shoes. They are able to export and handle amazing processes that can prevent common delivery problems. You can get in touch directly.

16 Wenzhou Loostar Leather Product Co., Ltd.

Find help in Bansar when finding reliable manufacturers in China. Wenzhou Loostar is one of their best manufacturers in the list with 20 years of production experience. They were established in 2008 to manufacturing and export belts and bags. They are located in Zhejiang province providing 24/7 online full support.

17 Yiwu Shensi Clothes Factory

In 2016, Yiwu Shensi Clothes Factory was started to export and manufacture different kinds of belts and focuses on this production. Since they only focus on manufacturing belts, you can ensure the safety and fastest processes. They ensure flexible packaging, fast delivery, and many more. The response immediately.

18 Shenzhen Triworks Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Triworks Technology Co., Ltd is one of the belt manufacturers and trusted export companies and producers in China. You can rely on them for your business difficulties and needs for belts. They are certified since they ensure principles in the management.

19 Dongguan City Chinber Industrial Company Limited

In 2005, Dongguan City Industrial Company Limited was manufacturing belts and devices accessories such as strap and laces. They export n South America, Eastern and Western Europe, and so on. They are located in Guangdong Province in China offering OEM services.

20 Tiantai Gunaier Leather Products Co., Ltd.

Tiantai Gunaier Leather Products Co., Ltd is an international certified belt manufacturer and trading company in China. They are one of the top belt manufacturers in China manufacturing leather belts and many other materials. They used quality tested materials that you could trust.

21 Yiwu Beyond Belt Limited Company

Yiwu Beyond Belt Limited Company manufacturing leather belt, elastic, PU belt, Canvas, and many more styles and designs and materials. They established in 2017 with 50 people providing more than 90% response rates 24/7. They can locate in China at Zhejiang Province.

22 Dongguan Langqin Leather Hardware Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Langqin Leather Hardware Co., Ltd handles the production and manufacturing of leather belts and accessories. They were established in 2015 having above 500 staff and skilled engineers, designs, etc. This company will ensure production through complete machines and convenient facilities.

23 Guangzhou Huado Shiling Bigeer Baolo Leather Factory

Guangzhou Huado Shiling Bigeer Baolo Leather Factory has offer services like OEM. They have 2 production lines covering about 1000 sqm plant area or factory size. They can export in America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and many more countries and different regions worldwide.

24 Guangzhou Yiku Clothing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yiku Clothing Co., Ltd was export belts in Oceana, Europe, America, and more. They have a trade department employee of about 10 people offering the best services and quality production. This company will ensure to provide satisfaction for you.

25 Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Qiya Leather Co., Ltd was started to manufacture leather belts in China in 2008. This company manufactured belts with the support of 100 people and export the best quality and tested products in America, Europe, Middle East, and many regions and countries around the world. They’re located in China at Zhejiang province, in Dongmeng Zone.

26 Yiwu Flybird Belt Factory

In 2012, Yiwu Flybird Belt Factory was established and manufactured mainly leather belts, tactical, canvas, and garments. They are able to handle exportation in many countries and different regions around the world like anywhere in Europe, America, Domestic, Africa, and etc.

27 Dongguan City Chinber Industrial Company Limited

Dongguan City Chinber Industrial Company Limited starts as a Factory Company in 2005 and foreign trade in the next year export to over 200 countries. In fabricating belts, this company provides over 200 machines. You can ensure the best price for the belts you needed.

28 Yiwu LQBelt Trade Co., Ltd.

Yiwu LQBelt Trade Co., Ltd has a strong production experience that makes them experts and trusted in many years. They were established in 2016 which strictly handle quality control in all the processes like production, sales, delivery, and so on. You can always satisfy your needs when handling a business.

29 Dongguan Hengfeng Weaving Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Hengfeng Weaving Co., Ltd mainly produces belts, accessories, ropes, shoelace, and many more. They have plenty of customers around the world and trusted them as their long-term provider. Their belt products are SGS certified and manufacturing with a factory size of about 3,000 square meters.

30 Wenzhou Weilin Leather Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Weilin Leather Co., Ltd was mainly manufacturing leather belts. They have 100 people that support all the processes in making leather belts. They established in 2000 and passed the test and certified with BSCI. Since they are 20 years experienced manufacturer, you can ensure your business safe when relying on them.

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