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Bangle Bracelets
Wholesale Bangle Bracelets from China

The best quality of products from China are guaranteed. They passed many of the certifications to proved that their manufactured products is profitable enough. In terms of labor in manufacturing, China is a coutry with the most bottom cost. When you planned on wholesaling bracelets such as bangle, the classifications on each types and designs is totally manufactured for the great gaining profits.

Beaded Bracelets
Wholesale Beaded Bracelets from China

Beaded is one of the types of bracelets that give more attractive to all women should wear. This is marketable types of bracelets because on its affordable cost. Many designs and colors are available in all suppliers an factories based in China that can offer excellent solutions with all the process needed. Build a peaceful deal in Bansar and get your very best long term partner in taking good care of your business also in providing its requirements.

Couple Bracelets
Wholesale Couple Bracelets from China

Couple bracelets can be the best in giving gift. Whether for your couple friends and most especially for your very special someone. You can deside what you want. Whether you need a personalized couple bracelets or readymade to make someone happy, China can always offer your needs. Many of that types you need are available in most wholesale suppliers in Shandong and Zhejiang provinces. High-graded yet friendly value of couple bracelets definitely accessible.

Diamond Bracelets
Wholesale Diamond Bracelets from China

Diamond bracelets can give a simple yet elegant looking to those who wear this type of bracelets. Diamond is a  negoiable types of bracelets. When you wholesale in China, make a certain contact in Bansar. Believing that Bansar can advocate foremost provider just to keep up your business. When lacking wholesale diamond bracelets, acquiring professional markets by the help of Bansar can be your great apprehension.

Gold Bracelets
Wholesale Gold Bracelets from China

Gold bracelets wholesale supplier and markets are located commonly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. But there are also from Shanghai and Guangdong provinces. Get the best Shipping rates and let Bansar hold the other processes. You can surely benefit in importing from China a free hassle time. But you must be more vigilant about selecting your strongly wish wholesale markets.

Kids Bracelets
Wholesale Kids Bracelets from China

For the first timer importers, you don’t have to worry too much where to find a better Chinese wholesale markets. Anything that you want to wholesale most especially bracelets for kids, probably Bansar will lead you to the best wholesale bracelets suppliers and manufacturer that can truelly bring you to success. Be one of the great client of popular wholesale markets in China and you can freely build a good relation with them.

Leather Bracelets
Wholesale Leather Bracelets from China

When you urgently need to find an excellent wholesale bracelets in China but you’re not familiar or you don’t even know what will be the steps, make a contact in Bansar and leave your worries to them. Bansar can quickly solve your problem also can make a fast process. When you wholesale leather bracelets, you can surely believe that your orders are handled by a great hands. The best selections for your leather bracelets from China can extremely give a perfect earnings.

Lucky Bracelets
Wholesale Lucky Charm Bracelets from China

A lot of people wearing this type of bracelets and many others think it was just a silly thing. Lucky charm bracelets is simbolized in different ways depend on designs. If you are wholesaling in China, your bracelets orders will be seafe because they offers a number of days of free warehousing. A lot of buyers have proven that wholesaling from China is a successful strategy ib handling a growing business.

Medical Bracelets
Wholesale Medical Bracelets from China

If you wholesale for something, the most important thing you need to remember is ensure the safety of your wholesale orders. If you have that, you also ensure who and where you choose who can be your supplier and manufacturer for you wholesale bracelet orders. A wholesale suppliers manufactured bracelets in very eco friendly materials and most of all, a very negotiable products.

Men Bracelets
Wholesale Men Bracelets from China

When it comes on manufacturing any types of products, leading manufacturer in China is very relevant. As youo can see, all of their manufactured products are not regretful and very attractive in many people from different places. Ensuring your wholesale orders is not eaasy at all. But providing all the details from pictures to the locations can surely make you satisfied. You can relax while saving your cash.

Nylon Bracelets
Wholesale Nylon Bracelets from China

Are you seeking for your excellent partner to be? You can find in China. But if you’re not familiar in any wholesale supplier and factories based in there, better to rely on Bansar. Bansar can provide a smooth process even in any difficulties. They are expert in handling any types of processes even in huge orders. Don’t waste your time and have a deal with them.

Silicone Bracelets
Wholesale Silicone Bracelets from China

Silicone bracelets come in different features. When you badly need a bracelets for camping or any event, just contact one of the leading wholesale suppliers from China. Guangdong province is not a biggest province in China but has a lot of certified suppliers and wholesale markets. Grab the opportunity on having a good connection in a popular country who has a great volume of low-cost production.

Silver Bracelets
Wholesale Silver Bracelets from China

Silver bracelets is typically made in high-quality materials so it is very negotiable. Silver is always simple but elegant to wear. When you badly need to wholesale silver type of bracelets, all designs and customazation are available in Zhejiang province leading factories. Select your desired provider based in there and expand your business fast with the help of Bansar shipping company.

Women Bracelets
Wholesale Women Bracelets from China

A lot of options for your wholesale women bracelets can perfectly explore in China. A lot of leading wholesale markets based in there are trusted by helping their customers lead their way into success. A lot of profitable products such as women bracelets in China offered with cost-effective rates. They meet all customers needs and support all the special requirements they needed.

Wood Bracelets
Wholesale Wood Bracelets from China

When you badly needed to wholesale wood bracelets and need to move quickly to your place, Bansar suggested you to choose a supplier and manufacturer who only fucoses on manufacturing bracelets and focuses on supplying wholesale products. It will help you be convenient in ordering wholesale products ensuring that it will be in great hands. Jiangsu, Henan and Shanghai provinces has a lot of wholesale markets with an abillity to handle the rest.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Bracelets Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
For large even small wholesale orders, you can use the ocean freight to make it deliver quickly to your warehouse.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
The best and safest freight forwarding comapny is air freight. They can control the safety and advantages of your order.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Selecting rail freight for your wholesale bracelet orders, is a great choice you've ever made especially for large cargos.
Door to Door Service China
A convenient and fast with affordable offers of door to door shipping is great if you want to save your cash.

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Wholesale Bracelets in China: The Definitive Guide

Finding wholesale suppliers and manufacturers is very easy when you are dealing in China.

You’re so lucky on having a partner that comes from a leading country with a high level of efficiency.

Keep reading this guide and know more about China has become.

Make a deal and let Bansar suggest well-founded wholesale suppliers and factories, to assist your enlarge business.

The Resource To Help You Find Bracelets From China:

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Wholesale Supplier and manufacturer of Bracelets

Best 20 Wholesale Bracelets Manufacturer in China

1 Fujian Jianxinsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Fujian Jianxinsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. They specialized in manufacturing and designing ID solution items with JXbands. Supplying high-quality products to worldwide companies is their mission. In the past few years, they met good sales performance with their regular product of woven wristbands, sublimation wristbands, silicone bracelets, sublimation wristbands, and snap bracelets. You can ask quotations of their wholesale bracelet product anytime.

2 Guangzhou Hengdian Trade Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Heng Dian Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2009. They enterprise the design, marketing, and production of its bracelets. The company is located in Guangzhou China.  Guangzhou Heng Dian Trade Co., Ltd specialized in the manufacture and designing jewelry, fashion accessories, and crafts products.  They sold products over the country and exported to South America,  North America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. They warmly welcome your queries.

3 DongGuan Astofli Technology Co., Ltd.

DongGuan Astofli Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. They manufacture fashion custom jewelry like letter mesh slider charm bracelets. All of their products have passed RoHS, CE, GS, SGS, TUV, and PSE requirements. Their products can be customized and designed according to your requirements. 

4 Shenzhen HDX Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Heng Da Xin(HDX) Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. They manufactured and exported designs of stainless steel jewelry. The company is located in Shajing town, Bao′an district of Shenzhen. They become a famous enterprise in China of stainless steel jewelry including bracelets. For more information about their company and products contact them with your detailed inquiries.

 5 Quanzhou Changyi Crafts Gifts Limited

Quanzhou Changyi Crafts Gifts Limited was established in 2009. They manufactured various promotional gifts like wristbands and bracelets. Their products are exported to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, America, and Asia.  Quanzhou Changyi Crafts Gifts Limited can make bracelets according to your customized designs. 

6 Zhe Jiang Guangyuan Toys Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang guangyuan toys Co., Ltd, was established in 1996. It is located in the PuJiang city of Zhejiang province. This company is the largest producing and designing top quality products with competitive prices in China. They manufacture a variety of products including bracelets with different colors. 

7 Zhongshan Xinyuan Silicone Rubber Ltd.

It has been 15 years of experience their company makes and designs silicone products. You can find them in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. They provide free artwork and accept little order to check the product’s quality for customers. The company has enough stock to satisfy your needs with fast time delivery. 

8 Wecent Technology Co., Ltd.

Wecent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of bracelets in China. The company offers a variety of products to meet your demands. “Quality first, customer first and credit-based” are their management principles. They are willing to cooperate with enterprises all over the world. 

9 Shenzhen Chenqi Jewelry Co., Ltd.

It is a leading manufacturer in China of silver products including bracelets. They have 10 years of experience supplying designed silver jewelry products all over the world. Shenzhen Chenqi Jewelry Co., Ltd. serves professional and good quality service to their customers. 

10 Henan Aimei Handicraft Co., Ltd.

The company was founded on Oct. 18th, 2018. Henan Aimei Handicraft Co., Ltd manufacturing, designing,  and selling of crafts like bracelets.  Their company can provide ODM and OEM services for customers. They have 6 fashion designers and 50 experienced workers that can manage your large orders. 

11 Jinjiang Jiaxing Supply Management Co., Ltd.

Jinjiang Jiaxing Supply Management Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. They have 20 years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of bracelets. Their products and designs are exported to western Europe, North America, Canada, and Australia. 

12 Huisui Gift Co., Ltd.

It is a leading manufacturer of bracelets in China. They supply various high-quality products at affordable prices. Their factory has passed SA2008 and ISO9001 certified. They welcome and will answer your inquiry as soon as possible. 

13 Hailee (Dongguan) Fashion Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Hailee(Dongguan)Fashion Jewelry Co. Ltd. was found in 2011. They specialized in manufacturing stainless steel jewelry like bracelets. The company can offer you high-quality products at competitive prices. Hailee (Dongguan) Fashion Jewelry Co., Ltd. using environmental-friendly materials for its products. 

14 Di Ao International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Di Ao International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was built in 1989. This company is also known as a subsidiary of DL Industry Group. They specialized in manufacturing and exporting smart bracelets all over the world. Their factory is located in Shenzhen.

15 Taihua Hardware Plastic MFG., Co., Ltd.

They have 15 years of valuable experience in manufacturing silicone wristbands. The company was established in 2009. Taihua Hardware Plastic MFG., Co., Ltd. offers high quality and fast production. They can provide free artwork and designs according to your requirement


You can find Quanzhou Lucky Star Light Industrial Artcraft Co., Ltd. in Quanzhou city, Fujian province. The company was established in Oct 2001. They manufactured girls’ items like bracelets. They offer the most satisfying service to every client


The company was established in 2002. You can find them in Guangdong China.  EAN-LING PLASTIC HARDWARE HUIZHOU CO., LTD. specialized in manufacturing jewelry accessories like bracelets for over 30 years. They are pleased to have your inquiry of their products and they will give you a prompt reply. 

18 Zhongshan Hongling Crafts Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Hongling Crafts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of quality products like bracelets in China. They provide custom services according to your request. The company is willing to cooperate with enterprises all over the world. They established 24/7 customer service to satisfy the potential needs of their customers.

19 X-Eternal Gifts Company Limited

X-Eternal Gifts is located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province. They manufactured crafts and produced silicone hand sanitizer bracelets. The company makes and designs the products according to your needs. Their factory offers high-quality products at affordable prices with a fast delivery service.


You can find them in Guangzhou, Jiangxi in China. The company specialized in the production and distribution of silicone wristband bracelets. They exported products to Russia, Canada, Britain, the United States,  Singapore, and India markets. 


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