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aaaa Caskets
Bronze Caskets
Wholesale Bronze Caskets from China

Are you searching for a casket that is bronze type? A solid bronze casket yet can be avail only at affordable cost rates? Bansar can help you find manufacturers and suppliers that have the potentiality to give thousand of stocks that you needed in your well-run caskets businesses. You can freely take a look at many types of bronze caskets from the suppliers located in China. One province in China having 99 manufacturers and that is the province of Guangdong.

Cherry Caskets
Wholesale Cherry Caskets from China

All funeral supplies and types of equipment are available at many Chinese manufacturers and markets. There was a lot of custom design of cherry caskets that fitted for your caskets business. All the designs are offered at very affordable yet at competitive prices. You can purchase it in a large and wholesale way.  If you pick a beautiful design of cherry caskets, it must be a big help to enlarge your business profitability.

Copper Caskets
Wholesale Copper Caskets from China

Discover the different designs of copper caskets that you think might be a good idea to be added for the faster progress of your business. Depending on what design of copper caskets you wanted for your death love ones or into your business productions. You can avail of free shipping by purchasing large and heavy orders of copper caskets. A high-graded quality of copper caskets can be only purchased at the Chinese manufacturers.

Mahogany Caskets
Wholesale Mahogany Caskets from China

A solid and reliable type of mahogany caskets is always available at most Chinese manufacturers. If you finalized and decided to avail wholesaling of mahogany caskets then it will be a great decision you have ever made. Your highly qualified large orders will be transported in any type of transport vehicle and in urgent ways depending on your requirements. Most manufacturers definitely located on the region of Zhejiang, Guangdong, and also in Fujian.

Maple Caskets
Wholesale Maple Caskets from China

If you ever looking for a high-professionalism made of maple caskets that really suitable for your business, Bansar can help you all over. Chinese manufacturers can offer their excellent proficiency in dealing with their manufactured casket products to be delivered in your main warehouse place. All basic, topmost, and economically made of maple caskets can be easily availed at the leading suppliers in China. It is the chance given to you to choose an efficient type of maple caskets.

Oak Ashes Caskets
Wholesale Oak Ashes Caskets from China

You can easily contact Bansar for the price of the oak ashes caskets you desired to purchase. Chinese manufacturers proffer the high-graded quality of oak ashes caskets. You can also prefer handmade oak ashes caskets for a low-cost obtainability. An extraordinary oak ashes caskets are highly offered by the marketing suppliers operating by most Chinese. Chinese manufacturers do have a promise of never failing to do serious transport services with you.

Oak Caskets
Wholesale Oak Caskets from China

If you want your casket business to grow faster and have profitable incomes, you first have to make sure you are in a partnership with trusted manufacturers and distributors. Chinese manufacturers can be with you in times you especially needed them. They can supply you with a durable and high-standardized made of oak caskets. You can save more cash plus you will feel no hassle moments at all in the shipping processes because Bansar has given the authority to do that.

Pet Caskets
Wholesale Pet Caskets from China

For your dead loved pets, you need a casket or a coffin that fits exactly for your dead pets. Most Chinese suppliers are making a way to supply plenty of caskets for any of your dead pets and for your actual ambition to operate your casket business. A pet should have to be loved until it ended its life in this world. So you have to buy a container or a casket to show that you loved your dead pets. It is made from custom designs, sizes, and colors. You can pick any design you want.

Solid Pine Caskets
Wholesale Solid Pine Caskets from China

Survey the best high-rated types of solid pine formation of caskets from the suppliers in China. They have the capacity to teach you about the ideas of how to acquire solid pine caskets that are capable for your own low budget. Please allow and consider the offered guidance from Bansar shipping company. By shipping with their help, you can insure it will be transported safely into your warehouses’ locations. For more instructions in the successful shipping procedures, try keeping on reading this guide to know more information about effective shipping procedures.

Solid Poplar Caskets
Wholesale Solid Poplar Caskets from China

Glamoured solid poplar caskets are having perfectly match of soft pillows and convertible bed. You can make your business grow easier and profitable by acquiring solid poplar caskets that originated from China. You can find plenty of solid poplar casket stocks and manufacturers in the province of Guangdong that has exactly 99 manufacturers and also in the Zhejiang that has 78 industrious manufacturers.

Stainless Steel Caskets
Wholesale Stainless Steel Caskets from China

Through wholesale and large orders of stainless steel caskets, you can ultimately provide your retail costumers. By directly purchasing into the manufacturers in China, you can save plenty of money and lessen your efforts. There were provinces in China suchlike Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Fujian that you can straightforwardly purchase for. In the shipping process of your heavy and large orders, you won`t be anxious. However, be with the unified shipping performances offered by Bansar.

Standard Steel Caskets
Wholesale Standard Steel Caskets from China

Most standard steel caskets have their own exact standard size of 84 inches long, 28 inches broad, and 23 inches high. By choosing Chinese manufacturers as your supplier partners, you probably have to feel no worries about. They are doing their very best in supplying all of your strict requirements in doing a design of standard steel caskets. For a competitive price that has been offered, the insurance you might receive is uncomparable than to others.

Veener Caskets
Wholesale Veener Caskets from China

A wooden design of veneer caskets is having its reliability design and most suitable for your expanding casket business. To have prioritized wholesale order of veneer caskets, avail from the topmost manufacturers and distributors mainly at the location of China. Bansar always does have trust in all the manufacturing companies in China for your desired veneer caskets. In Chinese producing activities, they surely giving their best to give the insurance you have to receive.

Walnut Caskets
Wholesale Walnut Caskets from China

Selecting the best distributor can give you a big impact on your operating casket business. This type of casket is having reliable and made from long-lasting material productivity. By obtaining a walnut formation of caskets from trustworthy manufacturers in China, you can prove that they were legit and cannot regret to give your all trust. You can automatically find reliable manufacturers from the regions of Shanghai, Shandong, Fujian, also from the Guangdong.

Handmade Caskets
Wholesale Handmade Caskets from China

Handmade Caskets are cheaper compared to the other mentioned type of caskets. In purchasing wholesale of handmade caskets, you have to never be anxious about. Bansar shipping company represents and offers its automatic shipping assistance into your most needs. For your information, Bansar is the premier shipping provider. This is the information that makes you ensured all about.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Caskets Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
The greatest way to process your caskets order shipments is through the sea freight shipping.
Air Freight from China
Very effectual and the best choice to transport your wholesale caskets is through air freights shipping.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
With the shipping assistance of rail freights, your wholesale casket orders will be delivered successfully.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Most comfortable way of shipping your large orders of caskets is through straightly door to door shipping. It is proven easier than other shipping ways.

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Resources to Help you Find Wholesale Caskets in China:

Wholesale Caskets from China

Cheaper Caskets

Best 20 Wholesale Caskets Manufacturers in China

1 Classical Metal Products Co., Ltd

Classical Metal Products Co., Ltd is working as a manufacturer, trader, exporter, and designer of burial caskets to the US, Canada, and many other foreign countries. They can manufacture 20Ga, 18Ga, copper Non-Gasket caskets, and metal gaskets. The team`s goal is to become a premier manufacturer and supplier. Provide customers the best service, high-quality products, competitive pricing and flexible purchase.

2 ANA Industries Co., Ltd

As one of China`s caskets manufacturing leader, ANA Industries Co., Ltd supplies comprehensive funeral products, combining the R&D, production, and market. The company can continuously develop the latest products along with the support of its design and production capabilities. Currently, they are devoted to manufacturing many kinds of funeral items. They also gained a good reputation from customers worldwide.

3 Anji Dadi

Anji Dadi was the earliest and first enterprise in China that develops steel caskets with superior quality and exceptional beauty. All the caskets products they offer have already passed strict factory testing to make sure each quality and integrity standards. Established in 2001, obtained more market share in Asia, North America, Australia, Africa, and other international markets.

4 Urand Wood Co., Ltd

Urand Wood Co., Ltd in China started to manufacture different funeral products such as caskets from 2010. Throughout 7 years` of fast growth, they have produced hundreds of European style and American caskets. Their main customers are from South America, Canada, Italy, the USA, Finland, and so on. Available in various finishing colors, can be changed per customers` demands.

5 Sanxin Wood Industry Co. Ltd

The company started producing coffins or caskets ever since 2006. Sanxin Wood Industry Co. Ltd covers an area of 30, 000 square meters and with 100 employed personnel.  Their main products include paulownia finger joint boards, paulownia edge-glued boards, pinewood and plywood, and more. What`s more, they export their products nationwide, received high praise from customers` around the globe.

6 Thriving Medical Equipment Corp

In 2000, Thriving Medical Equipment Corp started to make high-quality designed caskets, also called as coffins. Not only focused on the funeral industry, but also with hospital furniture and medical equipment. The company was consists of a strong technical group, 5 production lines, and technically advanced equipment for meeting your needs on-time. The team implemented a quality system that is according strictly to ISO9001 standards.

7 LenFon Ltd

LenFon Ltd is a factory-built in DongGuang City, China Mainland. Started in 2008, experts in developing innovative and latest product lines that are widely used in the funeral industry. They are currently possessing 3 production lines, fitting shop, and 8PCS injection machines. All the products they offer including caskets are EMC, RoHS, and CE certified. Can exceed each customers` expectation.

8 Bright Sea Industrial Co., Ltd

You can discover Bright Sea Industrial Co., Ltd in the Dongguan City, Guandong province, China. They operate starting the year 1995 and were highly certified by FSC,  ISO9001-2008, ICTI, SGS, GSV, and BV. It is one of the technology and private science company, well-equipped with over 380 excellent employees and 12 production lines in an area exceeds 29800-square-meters.

9 Yueshen Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

Yueshen Medical Equipment Co., Ltd is a world-class leading supplier of high-quality coffins and caskets in China. Has its main office in Guangzhou City, with very cost-effective equipment for entire processing success. And based on its good services and products, many clients now gave trust to them. One of their mission is to provide the best and satisfying products for the best of customers.

10 HongTai Group

Located in Jiangsu province, nearby Shanghai China, HongTai Group began operating since the year 2002. And now they currently possess an area around 6000-7000 square meters. They already employ 70+ workers who are devoted, customer-oriented, skilled, and professionals. Furthermore, they have their own technical and designer group, who can ensure the products updated continuously.

11 Shangyu Luxes Casket Company Ltd.

Since 2010, Luxes Casket Company manufactures high-quality wooden caskets and coffins in China. They have passed the ISO9001 International Quality Certification and now exporting products to more than 30 countries. With 10 years of funeral casket and coffin manufacturing experience, they ensure the 100% satisfaction with their products and services.

12 Zhengda Casket Factory)

Anji Zhengda Steel& Plastic Furniture Co., Ltd. has rich experience and excellent skills in creating caskets. With more than 16 years in the funeral industry, they guarantee efficient, hard-wearing products with advanced and proper manufacturing processes. Headquarters in Zhejiang Province, China covering an area of 14000 square meters with convenient transportation.

13 Dong Guan Kun Bao Wooden Company Limited

A family-owned casket manufacturer, Dong Guan Kun Bao Wooden Company Limited engaged in providing and developing Chinese and western caskets with high quality, cost-effective price, prompt delivery, and reliable service. Established in 2003, they are now recognized in the foreign and domestic markets. A variety of funeral products such as wooden caskets, pet caskets, and pet urns, wooden urns, etc. are here. OEM services are also provided with your own design and sample.

14 Nantong Million Casket Co., Ltd.

Nantong Million Casket Co., Ltd. is a dedicated and committed casket manufacturer with more than 10 years of profound experience in the field. All products produced are famous for their good quality, durability, elegance, and now appreciated by the worldwide funeral industry. They also offer OEM service AND Buyer Label to improve your brands.

15 Wuhu Yuanfeng Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Wuhu Yuanfeng Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a leading casket product manufacturer in China, with vast experience in the field. All products are cost-effective, yet the quality is not compromised. Throughout the years, they develop a body of knowledge to improve the quality standards in the design and construction of their goods.

16 Peace Valley Supply

Peace Valley Supply is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of excellent quality funeral products situated in Shanghai China. Your one-stop provider is willing to cooperate with your business to create a win-win situation. Since 2002, the company aims to provide great solutions at a favorable rate that surely meets customers’ demands and requests.

17 Jiashan Xinyi Plastic Factory

Built-up in 1993, Jiashan Xinyi Plastic Factory is a trusted manufacturer situated in Jiashan City, Zhejiang Province, China. Offer different products with the best quality at competitive prices including casket handles, casket corners, and other coffin accessories. They export 100% of their high-grade products to many countries and regions such as Africa, America, Europe, and the Middle East.

18 Puyang Pulin Furniture Co., Ltd

Established in 2000, Puyang Pulin Furniture Co., Ltd is a premier casket manufacturer located in Puyang City, Henan Province. On the strength of superior quality and economical prices, PULIN specialized in producing finished coffins and coffin boards. This factory wins a good reputation in the coffin market in Japan and South Korea. They have production capabilities to produce 40,000 finished coffins and 100,000 doors per year.

19 Qingdao Hiyi Woodwork Co., Ltd.

As one of the reputable casket manufacturers in China, Qingdao Hiyi Woodwork Co., Ltd. strives to develop high-class and durable products perfect for every customer’s requirement. With more than 11 years of experience in designing and manufacturing, Hiyi Woodwork ensures the best quality and best service. Located in Shandong China, HIYI was established in the year 2007 and continuously serving customers with superior casket products.


One of the professional casket manufacturers and exporter located in Sichuan Province China, mainly engaged in manufacturing various products including metal caskets, lamps, sanitary ware, hardware series, furniture, and more. For many years in the field, they know and understand the needs of every customer, they are willing to cooperate with worldwide clients to support their needs.

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