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Antler Chandeliers
Wholesale Antler Chandeliers from China

Antler Chandeliers are very elegant and grandiose item and has been offered in many styles by the manufacturer of China. China is the uttermost manufacturers and supplier that doing these main activities internationally. If you love chandeliers and wanting to have a good deal with it, the Chinese can supply and distribute a hundred pieces of antler chandeliers for your exact needs.

Black Iron Chandeliers
Wholesale Black Iron Chandeliers from China

Black Iron Chandeliers’ original design is very unique and stylish. You can shop for any custom design, colors, and sizes to any manufacturers operated in the town of China. Unapologetic productions will be surely awaited and looked for. You must do a quite yet faster action to this.  Qualifying materials used can be a big help to have a reliable black iron chandeliers design produced.

Bowl Chandeliers
Wholesale Bowl Chandeliers from China

A bowl type of chandeliers is very quintessential and very typical especially those who having mansion houses and any elegant house appearances. It has classical curved lines and formations. The above display of the bowl chandeliers produced the lights on. In any feature you want to run your business you can highly be manufactured and deal out by any Chinese supplier marketings. Guangdong provinces have united manufactured workers with a number of 1,170. 

Candle Chandeliers
Wholesale Candle Chandeliers from China

Candle Chandeliers is typically ascending located in the ceilings and producing light decoratives. It is mostly used by many middle-ages in the past times. It can be removable depending on what you want it to be placed. You would not ever regret choosing these antique candle chandeliers because it can be a possibly helpful thing to achieve elevation of your business operations. Try on dealing with China`s great and trustworthy manufacturers.

Carved Chandeliers
Wholesale Carved Chandeliers from China

Carved Chandeliers from the fabrication departments in China proven made authenticable. Chinese manufactured carved chandeliers are considered and known as the world’s finest productions that coming from the best suppliers in China. Chandeliers had the importance inside the house, it can add good impressions to everyone and also, elegance to the house environment.

Crystal Chandeliers
Wholesale Crystal Chandeliers from China

Most chandeliers add attractiveness and a fascinating feeling to everyone especially entering the house having crystal chandeliers. Yes, indeed, it will cost much expensive but the high-graded quality of this is incomparable. Crystal chandeliers are also known as girandole chandelier. To have this in your personal collections or to have in the business, then it might the best and great idea you could ever think.

Drum Chandeliers
Wholesale Drum Chandeliers from China

Drum Chandeliers is very popular and contemplated as a best-selling item from any Chinese market. You are allowed to picks any shades, shapes, measurements, styles, and colors that you really wanted and planned for a long time ago since from the start. If you also planned and came up to a serious decision on obtaining and buying drum chandeliers in a wholesale way, then do that in an urgency.

Gold Chandeliers
Wholesale Gold Chandeliers from China

Gold Chandeliers` productions from any Chinese manufacturers are unlimited. They have a thousand stocks of gold chandeliers that are appropriate to your business needs. To inquire about plenty of stocks to be delivered to your warehouse, Chinese manufacturers are always ready and prepared for that. Don`t be shy or feel hesitated, though build a partnership closure for the great success of your business in the future.

Long Stair Chandeliers
Wholesale Long Stair Chandeliers from China

In a living room or in a dining room of your mansion, it is important to have a chandelier which makes more grandiosity of your place.  A modern uniqueness design of long stair chandeliers can be provided by most manufacturers located in China. They are also active and responsive to your questionable inquiries when talking about the dealing and shipping processes.

Rectangular Chandeliers
Wholesale Rectangular Chandeliers from China

Rectangular Chandeliers design and high-quality formation are not so common compared to the other mentioned types of chandeliers. You can freely enjoy and explore the custom design of rectangular chandeliers at a cheaper prices yet still competitive only from the manufactory department of hardworking Chinese. In making an easy and possible faster shipping movements of the large orders rectangular chandeliers, accept the voluntary assistance of Bansar.

Rings Chandeliers
Wholesale Rings Chandeliers from China

Rings Chandeliers in big and wholesale orders can be impossible without the guidance provided by any Chinese manufacturers. A stainless type of ring chandeliers is also be purchased from any manufacturers operating in China. It can be also adjusted depending on what you wanted it to be. By purchasing large orders of rings chandeliers from industrious Chinese marketers, you can feel more complacent.


Stained Glass Chandeliers
Wholesale Stained Glass Chandeliers from China

Stained Glass Chandeliers is very popular in all over the world. You can pick and select those types of stained glass chandeliers that suitable with your tastes. There is a large and extensive or broad range of stained glass chandeliers where you can freely choose for. The manufacturers operating in China can also be offered and suggest the best-selling design of stained glass chandeliers which might you like.

Stainless Steel Chandeliers
Wholesale Stainless Steel Chandeliers from China

In the shipping processes and procedures, you can ensure that Bansar can ship it based on the promised schedule to it. The packaging quality and design also have an unbreakable type of high-graded qualities. Chinese manufacturers and the Bansar build its powerful combination strength force just to make sure you receive high satisfaction from your required and ideal designs.

Staircase Chandeliers
Wholesale Staircase Chandeliers from China

Do you find trouble problems in searching the greatest manufacturers of your fancy and staircase chandeliers wants? Then let Bansar help you solve it and finally achieve enjoyment and fulfilling your wishes. They suggest those manufacturers that are well-oriented and having high-skilled talents in producing your implemented design of staircase chandeliers.

Transitional Chandeliers
Wholesale Transitional Chandeliers from China

By contacting Bansar and keeping in touch with them, they can suggest plenty of reliable formation of transitional chandeliers that be possibly transported all over the nation. Treat yourself as special in acquiring highly developed manufactured transitional chandeliers. You can ask for more information about the shipping of your wholesale orders through the assigned agents and staff of Bansar.

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With the help of air freights shipping of your wholesale chandeliers orders, a reliability and security can be surely assumable and awaited for.
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Door to Door Shipping from China
You will be never feel agonized when not familiarized in the shipping processes. Though, avail to the easest way, in door to door direct shipping of your wholesale chandeliers.

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The Resource to Help you Wholesale Chandeliers from China:

Wholesale Chandeliers, Suppliers in China

Best 20 Wholesale Chandelier Manufacturers in China


Onetenth Light Co., Ltd has enough square meter area with about 2700 square meters. They were established in 2017 and professionally manufacturing durable and long-lasting chandeliers. Repeated chandelier orders about 90 percent and export about 90%. If you look for their factory to visit, you can locate them in China at Guangdong Province at Yutang West Street.

2 Zhongshan Zealamp Lighting Co., Ltd.

In 2006, Zhongshan was founded specializing in lighting production with 24 employees. They provide convenient transportation and ensure secured shipping and packaging. They also ensure the raw materials qualified before they move to the manufacturing process. They certified with CE, UL, BS, and a lot more including RoHS. They will ensure to satisfy your chandelier needs.

3 Jianer Lighting Co., Ltd.

They experienced a lot in more than 10 years of service and manufacturing chandelier in China. They provide durable, elegant, and unique chandeliers overseas and export since 2011 with 70 export percentage. Since they provide OEM and ODM services, your business is safe and in good company.


They have a complete device and staff from engineering, customer service, design, and many other processes fabricating chandeliers. They specialize in manufacturing interior lighting with UL, GL, and SAA certificates. They established in 2014 with 24 employees and now grow with excellent service.

5 Zhongshan Zhongsheng Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Zhongsheng Import & Export Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in China. They are located at the Kuchong Village of Guangdong Province in China. They manufacture chandelier and lighting production in more than 17 years supplying long-lasting and cost-effective.


Since 2011, Yeon(Orgy) Light Co., Ltd. specialized in the production and sales of chandelier lamp, luxury chandelier, and more types of lamps. The company accepts OEM and ODM orders with CE, SAA, BS, EMS certificates. They guarantee all the customers worldwide to have better quality and better services. If you are looking for a better lamp for your demand, this is your best place.

7 Zhongshan Rebecca Lighting Factory

As manufacturing of all types of interior decorative light such as crystal chandelier, floor lamp, and more, the factory provides lightning with high-quality at a reasonable price. You can select either European style or modern style since they can produce depending on your requirement and style. If you want to have bulk orders, please contact me now to make an appointment.

8 Zhongshan DLSS Lighting Factory

As a professional factory that deals in the research, design, and sale of the newest home decorative lightning, the factory can produce chandeliers, table lamps, and more lightning products. You can select the preferred lightning products base on your demand since they have an experienced and professional team to meet your requirement.


Since 2010, Zhongshan More Good Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional export and manufacturer of lightning indoor decoration in China. Their main products are LED chandelier lamp, pendant lamp, table lamp, and more which has various designs. If you want to order, you can visit their website. They can provide you a strict quality in materials, samples, production, packing, and shipment.

10 Zhongshan Dika Lighting Co., Ltd.

As specialized in the production of luxurious candle crystal chandeliers and a professional crystal lamp producer with over 17 years of experience, they can deal with design, development, and production. The products include a chandelier, wall lamp, etc. can be export to some countries and passed CE certificates. They can offer you the latest and modern style chandeliers.

11 Zhongshan Aosiman Lighting Factory

In 2010, Aosiman Lighting Factory was founded and capable of manufacturing high-end collection of chandeliers. With the skillful production team and an experienced technician, they can offer various styles including Murano style, French style, modern style, and more. You can visit their website anytime and make orders in any quantities.

12 Lamlux Lighting Limited

As a manufacturer and professional interior lighting designer which specialized in development, design, production, and export markets. Their main products are chandelier, wall lamps, etc which can be produced in classic and modern style. Their factory has CCC, SASO, and CE certifications. Wanting to have luxurious lighting decoration is quite hard, but they can assure to provide you base on your requirement.

13 Zhongshan Ocean Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Ocean Lighting Co., Ltd. is a large lamp enterprise that includes design, manufacture, and sale in China. They specialized in different types of a crystal chandelier, crystal lamps, and more with CE, ROH, TUV certificates. Also, they achieved ISO9000, UL, CCC, and more certificates. The products have been sold and exported in many markets and some countries.

14 Myleda Lighting Technology Co., Limited

Myleda Lighting Technology Co., Limited supplies various types of lighting products such as a chandelier, pendant lamp, and many more. They offer customized project large chandeliers in better quality and competitive price. The products can be export to Russia, the USA, Europe, and so on. If you are a wholesaler then make your orders here now.

15 Shenzhen Well House Lighting Co., Ltd

As one of the greatest Chinese lightning companies that provide LED lighting design, the company offers products including chandeliers, pendant lights, and so on. They produce products passed UL, BS, CE, and more certificates. Also, they meet ISO09001 standards. Their products have been sold domestic and oversea, make your orders now.

16 Zhongshan Tpstarlite Lighting CO., LTD.

Zhongshan Tpstarlite Lighting CO., LTD. is a reliable international partner and a leading manufacturer of lighting Zhongshan Lighting market. Their main products are chandelier lamp, crystal lamp, wall lamp, and so on. The company always ensures the best quality products at a reasonable cost and good services to the customers. Order now!

17 ZhongShan Camino Lighting Co., Ltd.

Since 2012, Zhongshan Camino Lighting Co., Ltd. is a well-known and trustworthy company that specializes in high-quality customized lighting, hotel lighting, etc. including chandelier. Since the company can custom-made chandelier, you can select the desired style of chandelier. Make your orders now, and get a superior quality, prices, and services.

18 Zhongshan Ikerdecor Technology Ltd

As a custom lighting and glass art manufacturer, IkerDecor can make and design a chandelier, table lamp, lighting, and more. You can have your design in producing lighting products but IkerDecor can make more creativity to gain customer’s satisfaction. The company welcome large orders from you and make an appointment now.

19 Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd.

Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of the chandelier, garden light, pendant light, and many more. They can provide excellent quality products at a reasonable price. Also, your specification is its priority. They can assure to meet every customer’s requirement to obtain satisfaction. The company passed ISO9001, MA, AL, and more certifications.

20  Zhongshan Dimai Lighting Company Limited

Since 2008, Zhongshan Dimai Lighting Company Limited was established and a professional manufacturer of a modern chandelier and more LED lighting products. The company provides outstanding quality, creative designs, and competitive cost products that sell in domestic and abroad. Through the various kinds of lighting products, you can select the desired design.

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