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Clothing from China
Jeans Clothing
Wholesale Jeans Clothing from China

Find your partner that can surely provide and satisfy your needs. Leading wholesaler jeans clothing can supply enough products to meet your needs. It could be difficult if you’re not familiar with any wholesaler supplier who can support your business. Let Bansar help you find the best supplier in China.

Maternity Clothing
Wholesale Maternity Clothing from China

Whether you are finding wholesale maternity clothing for your growing business, Shandong and Guangdong province has a lot of manufacturers who can provide good quality clothing such as maternity clothing. They can make your wholesale order process smoothly and efficiently.

Women Gym Clothing
Wholesale Women Gym Clothing from China

If you are looking for a wholesale market and you probably want to save money especially when it comes from purchasing wholesale clothing such as women gym clothing for your business, you can find reliable manufacturers in China who are provided affordable yet high-quality clothing. You can find a lot of them from Zhejiang province.

Mens Fashion clothing
Wholesale Men Fashion clothing from China

China is one of the most important partners in many places for a long time. China wholesale clothing suppliers can supply most of the necessities of the basic place. There are plenty of profitable products to import wholesale from China and as time goes by new opportunities appear. If you are looking for a certified supplier and manufacturer of men fashion clothing, you can find a lot of them in Guangdong province.

Winter Clothing
Wholesale Winter Clothing from China

This was the most popular clothing in every place who always experience the winter season. You should look for the best clothing wholesale supplier and manufacturer who can ensure your orders will be delivered safely to your warehouse. Jiangsu province has the most suppliers who can handle the whole process for your urgent orders.

Newborn Baby Girl Clothing
Wholesale Infant Clothing from China

For your large needs of wholesale infant clothing for your business, you can find professional suppliers in Guangdong province.  You can import wholesale infant clothing options that are available to you. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, that has passed a lot of international certification.

Women Summer Clothing
Wholesale Women Summer Clothing from China

Clothing wholesale suppliers and manufacturers are mostly in the Zhejiang province of China. Providing fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent and huge wholesale orders, and giving a complete information process for the shipping of your wholesale orders. China leading supplier and manufacturer can handle the whole process.

Men Gym Clothing
Wholesale Men Gym Clothing from China

China has a lot of suppliers of all kinds of wholesale clothing such as men gym clothing and many others. You can find hundreds of clothing wholesaler from different provinces in China who can provide all your needs, especially in the shipping process. One of the most reliable suppliers and factory in China are based in Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces.

Sari Clothing
Wholesale Sari Clothing from China

Do you have any problem with finding wholesale sari clothing in China? Bansar has a good connection in every popular wholesaler clothing supplier in China. Most of the sari clothing are commonly found in Jiangxi province. A sari is a piece of clothing that South Asian women often wear. If you go to a wedding in India, you’ll probably see the bride wearing a red silk sari.

Lingerie clothing
Wholesale Lingerie clothing from China

Lingerie is a category of women’s clothing including undergarment, sleepwear, etc. Whether you need wholesale lingerie clothing in small or large orders, you can select your ideal supplier and manufacturer who can support your business. You can find a lot of the best wholesale clothing manufacturer in Shanghai province in China.

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Air Freight Shipping from China 1
For your wholesale clothing shipments safety, urgent orders and lesser risk of damage, using air freight is your best option.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Using rail as a means of transportation for your wholesale shipments is much affordable and organized as you get it in your expected schedules.
Door to Door Shipping from China
Door to door delivery has been providing past, effective and economic dispatch and delivery of any postal items or parcel.

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Resource To Help You Import Wholesale clothing From China:

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Top Wholesale Quality Clothing From China

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Best 20 Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China

1 Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd

Founded in 1993, Shandong Jining Ruyi is situated in Jining, China. The company has over 5,000 workers. Ruyi’s main business is worsted fabric products and wool textiles. Apparel manufacturing is their primary focus. This company has an annual turnover of over $150 million. They are distributing products to the domestic and overseas markets.

2 Shandong Demian Incorporated Co

Shandong Demian Inc., Co was established in 1958. Their main products are cotton fabric, T/C fabric, cotton yarn, and special fiber yarn and fabric. They had 5000-10,000 no. of staff, with a turnover of US$ 50,000,000 – 10 millin per year. Shandong Demian Inc. Co. offers OEM/ODM service. Their main markets are Africa, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc.

3 Huafang Textile Co Ltd

Huafang Textile Co., Ltd started in 1997. Their company can be found in Economic Development Zone, Wuhe County, Anhui. They are involved in textile products, textile raw materials, and garments manufacturing. Huafang Textile Co., Ltd can produce 68,000 tons of cotton yarns yearly.

4 Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd

Specializing in the textile, pharmaceutical, power, retail, electronic equipment, and oil and gas business, Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd became a professional and trusted manufacturer in China. This company was founded in 1994 and continuously build a name in the industry. Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd has an annual turnover of $400 million.

5 Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd is focusing on textile R&D and trading in 2000. Their main business is cotton textile, wrap woven garment, and printing and dyeing. Shijiazhuang Changsan Textile is listed in most competitive enterprises in China. This company can be found in Hebei, China.

6 Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd

Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd’s main products are textile, cotton yarns, denim items, and grey fabrics. That includes compact, carded, combed, plain fabrics, tribute silk series, twill weave fabrics, denim comprising cotton, tribute silk series. Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd has 5,600 employees. This company annual turnover reached $1.2 billion.

7 Yiwu Dolike Clothing Co., Ltd

Yiwu Dolike Clothing Co., Ltd covers a huge range of baby products. Their main products include hats, garments, leg warmers, socks, fashion jewelry, and arm warmers. This company is located in Yiwu – the largest commodity wholesale market in China. Offered product fully complies with ASTM, WRAP, and SGS standards.

8 Dongguan Fanwei Clothing Co., Ltd

Dongguan Fanwei Clothing Co., Ltd is based in Humen – the fashion capital in China. It is a private enterprise works in clothing production, development, and sales. Also, it includes woven knitwear, fashion dresses, and woven garments like party dresses, shirts, casual, skirts, etc. Dongguan Fanwei Clothing Co., Ltd is expanding its products to the world.

9 Shenzhen Aung Crown Industrial Ltd

Aung Crown Industrial was founded in 1999. They are specializing in caps, hats, and headwear accessories products. Also, they can make a product based on own idea. Aung Crown controls each process from selecting material, sewing, printing, and packing. It is a one-stop solution to wholesale headwear accessories.

10 Dongguan Humen Yihao Clothing Co., Ltd

Dongguan Humen Yihao Clothing is located in Humen Town – Fashion Capital in China. Since it’s established in 1999, the company is involved in producing garments and now produces 1million pieces of clothes every year. The main products of the company are woven clothing and women’s knitted. That includes polo shirts, casual dress, fashion dress, blouse, hoody jacket, T-shirts, and more.

11 Shantou Karool Sportswear Co., Ltd

Karool Sportswear Co., Ltd was established in the year 2006 in Guangzhou City. They are specializing in sportswear product production. Sportswear includes running wear, rugby wear, cycling wear, basketball wear, polo shirt, children’s wear and so on. Karool Sportswear can be customized, cater short – bulk orders.

12 Zhongshan Argosy Protective Garment Co., Ltd

This company can be found in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Achieve Protective Garment is specializing a broad range of garment products including all types of protective and safety apparel. That includes rainwear, chemical protective clothing, winter clothing, foul-weather clothing, and more.

13 Dongguan Tongyu Apparel Co., Ltd

Specializing in producing garment and apparel, Dongguan Tongyu Apparel Co., Ltd became professional in the business. Their main products are Pajamas, men wear, kid clothing, coat, jacket, maternity dress, blouses, etc. This company was founded in 2010 in Humen City. They had an annual production capacity of 1 million units.

14 Guangzhou Finch Garments Co., Ltd

Since 2005, Guangzhou Finch Garments Co., Ltd is engaged in high-end garment designing and manufacturing. Finch Garment has 120 workers, 200 international workers, and 20 designers. The company mainly sold products to Australia, United States, and EU, and 40 other countries. Finch Garment passes ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

15 Yantai Rongde Textile Co., Ltd

Specializing in custom men and women sport wears, Rongde Textile Co., Ltd earned customers trust from any area. The company has a strong workforce – international trade sales team, sales department, independent sample team, in-trend designing team, and after-sales service team. Rongde Textile count 20 years of experience in this business.

16 H&Fourwing

H&Fourwing is situated at Ningbo, China. This company is specializing in fashion dresses. They are cooperating with wholesale customers, retail, private label, brands, and another private purpose. This company has been in business since 1998. H&Fourwing top-notch in the women’s clothing industry.

17 Maxuce

Maxuce was established in 2008. It is a manufacturer and wholesale clothing supplier specializing in the Korean fashion style. This company is known for providing excellent quality women fashion clothing for cheap prices. Their main products are women’s clothes, women’s shoes, men’s apparel, handbag, and more. Maxuce can offer fashion clothing in any amount.

18 Guangzhou Benxu Clothing Co. Ltd

Guangzhou Benxu Clothing Co. Ltd is situated in Guangzhou. They offer clothing such as a sweater, tops, pants, dress, leggings, jacket, underwear, outerwear, and more. This company is serving over 50 countries with their high-end clothing products. Retailers, wholesalers, and private label are their main customers.

19 Yaroad

Yaroad Clothing is in the clothing business for many years. Incorporating with over 700 workers and local custom clothing manufacturer, this manufacturing company accepted small-large orders. Yaroad can offer custom made order clothing according to specific requirements. The company offers full production service to manage every order.

20 Saonly Woman’s Fashion Co., Ltd

Saonly Woman’s Fashion Co., Ltd has over 7 years in the fashion apparel business. Their main products are fashion dresses, bikini, beachwear, jewelry, lingerie, and related products. There are over 15,000 styles of fashion apparel. Saonly is one of the largest woman’s fashion manufacturers in China. They had over 1 million pieces of product annual capacity.

Wholesale Clothing from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide answers all questions you have been asking about wholesale clothing from China.

It will show you how to get high-quality clothes at affordable prices in China.

So, before importing wholesale clothing from China, read this guide.

Which is the Best Wholesale Clothing Market in China?

Most wholesale clothing markets in China are found in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Below is a list of the clothing markets located in Guangzhou.

Baima Clothing Market

It is famous for high quality and fashion style garments.

Moreover, it also charges affordable prices.

Liuhua Garment Market

Known for mainly exports and bulk purchases.

Its pricing and quality is good when ordering large amounts of clothes.

It has a negotiable MOQ.

Shahe Clothing Market

Considered as the cheapest clothing market in China.

The reason for the fair law pricing is linked to the fact that 90 percent of its suppliers are manufacturing.

It also has a small Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Additionally, you can find any type of apparel you are looking for.

Shisanhang Wholesale Market

It is more or less similar to Shahe clothing market.

However, manufacturers only constitute about 70 percent of the suppliers.

Zhanxi Clothing Market

Famous for copy style or fake branded fashion accessories and clothing.

Most of their customers are foreigners who export to the Middle East and African markets.

Huimei Fashion Apparel Market

This market boasts of high quality male and female clothing manufactured from quality cotton, silk, polyester, chiffon, and linen.

Consequently, the market’s pricing is usually high.

Xindadi Knitted Sweater Garment Market

Although the over 3,000 vendors charge a rather similar price, it is advisable that when purchasing from Xindadi, you take a keen interest on the quality.

Here is a tip.

Ensure the supplier you intend to purchase from comes from either of the following cities famous for knitting; Dalang or Shantou.

Zencheng Jeans and Denim Clothes Market

It is cheaper than Guangzhou jeans wholesale market.

For this reason, it is famous in China and most people prefer making their purchases here.

Zhongshanba Kids Clothing Wholesale Market

It is the biggest kids clothing market in China with a not so high MOQ.

Zhongshanba market majorly deals in teenage boys and girls clothing, as well as baby apparels.

Other clothing markets outside Guangzhou include:

Haining Fur and Leather Clothing Market (Zheijang)

Mainly deals in high quality leather accessories and clothing. Zhejiang city in itself is a center for fur and leather fashion.

Sijiqing Apparel Market (Hangzhou)

Hangzhou area is the source of sill, cotton, and linen fabric.

This fact only has made the Sijiqing apparel market famous for its quality fabrics.

Wenzhou City Clothes Wholesale Market

It is nearly the cheapest clothing market in China. However, the cheap pricing is attributed to poor quality apparel and substandard fabric material.

More top wholesale clothing markets in China are listed below:

  • Thirteen Hong in Canton
  • Shahe Market comprising of Wanjia, Jinma, and Fuli markets
  • Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade in Shenzen
  • Nanyang Haiyan Clothing Wholesale Market in Shenzen
  • Shenzen Taoyuan Clothing City
  • Shenzen Yiwu Smallware Wholesale Mansion
  • Shenzen Baima Clothing
  • Ladies Market in Hong Kong
  • Stanley Market in Hong Kong
  • Temple Street Market in Hong Kong
  • Sneaker Street/ Fa Yuen Street Market in Hong Kong
  • Jardine’s Crescent Market in Hong Kong
  • Huangyuan Wholesale Garment Market in Yiwu
  • Yiwu Night Market
  • Yiwu International Trade Market

China clothes market

Clothes market in China

How can I Buy Wholesale Clothing from China?

If you are not planning on making a physical visit to China, you can source for a supplier from one of the many online platforms.

Ensure your country of import accepts goods from China.

Also, take note of the permits, taxes, and duties applicable.

Lastly, after agreeing on the pricing and quantity, you can choose an appropriate shipping option.

Importantly, you can take advantage of the free shipping services other suppliers offer.

How can I find China Wholesale Clothing Suppliers and Manufacturers?

As a first-timer, you can hire the services of sourcing agents to help you find affordable wholesale clothing suppliers and manufacturers in China.

Alternatively, you can browse through the various online shopping websites and select a supplier or manufacturer that best meets your standards.

How Can I Order Wholesale Clothing from China?

Depending on the website or online platform you are using, the process of ordering clothing may differ.

However, the ordering process of most websites includes a selection of a supplier, choosing your desired brand, and confirmation of the order.

Although most sites require pre-payment, returns and refunds are acceptable.

Alternatively, you can order wholesale clothing from China through sourcing agents.

For you to use a sourcing agent, it is advisable you identify a specific city or town you need to get the clothing from, for example, Guangzhou.

You then choose a local sourcing agent, who will choose for you the best supplier and facilitate the entire ordering process.

Which are the Best Online Marketplaces to Buy Wholesale Clothes in China?

Here is a list of the best online market places for shopping wholesale clothing form China

  • China Brands
  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • LovelyWholesale
  • Zaful
  • Wholesale7
  • DHGate
  • Made in China

Remember, there are many online market places where you can find clothes from China.

It will depend on your geographical location and needs.

Why should I Hire a Sourcing Agent when Buying Wholesale Clothing from China?

Since you are not physically in China, a sourcing agent will act as a link between you and the suppliers.

A good sourcing agent will ensure that access to quality clothing from China.

Moreover, sourcing agents are mostly locals of the area you intend to purchase the clothing.

They know the various suppliers and share the same culture and language.

Owing to this fact, they will help you get a reliable supplier or manufacturer.

Additionally, the sourcing agents will oversee the packaging, quality check, and eventual shipping of your clothing shipment from China.

Conclusively, good sourcing agents will be instrumental in helping you minimize costs, save on time, and maximize profits.

Does Cheap Wholesale Clothing from China imply Low Quality?

No, in fact, China is the world’s largest apparel exporter, with its textile industry accounting for more than 60 percent of world chemical and synthetic fiber production.

This fact is enough to tell you that China produces high-quality clothing.

The cheap pricing is attributed to cheap labor, low wages, low compliance levels, and availability of fabric.

These factors make the production cost for clothing low. Consequently, the pricing is fairly cheap.

Nonetheless, most wholesale clothing from China is sold directly by the manufacturers.

This means the elimination of middleman pricing. Resulting in cheaper prices.

Notably, there are also some wholesale clothing markets in China known for low-quality clothing.

How can you get Best Price when Importing Wholesale Clothing from China?

1) Hire the Services of a Sourcing Agent

A trust-worthy middleman will out of his way to ensure you get the best price for the wholesale clothing you intend to purchase.

For this reason, you should consider hiring a reputable sourcing agent to help you find a supplier with quality but cheap apparel.

2) Using Online Platforms or Websites

Websites or online platforms pools various supplier together.

This gives you the opportunity to compare different suppliers selling similar clothing, but at different prices.

Online platforms also have testimonials from the previous buyers which will help you on the best supplier to pick.

Importantly, ensure that the website is reliable and reputable.

3) Factory Visit

A deal made in person is cheaper than one made in absentia.

Physically visiting a clothing factory may guarantee you cheaper pricing, depending on your bargaining skills.

Use Customs Import Records

Import records not only helps you compare the pricing of various suppliers, but also helps you verify the authenticity of the suppliers.

These records will show you the transaction history of different suppliers.

4) Referrals

Most referrals come with discounts. If you are lucky to come by a referral discount, you will purchase apparel at a cheaper price.

Alternatively, someone can refer you to a supplier who charges fairly low prices.

5) Trade Fairs

This is somehow a virtual factory visit.

You get the chance to interact with clothing manufacturers.

From there, you can get their quotations and compare their prices.

Can you Verify Wholesale Clothing Supplier in China?

Yes. Below are some of the ways you can verify a wholesale clothing supplier in China

Wholesale clothese on DHgate

Whole clothes on DHgate

Contact the Supplier

You can attempt to make a call to the supplier.

This will give you some sense of surety. A typical Chinese landline will be something like 86 10 5555 5555.

The number 86 is the country code, 10 is the area code that changes with the specific area, and the remaining 8 digits are the telephone number which also varies.

If the contact information is not provided by the supplier, then that might be an early red flag.

Employ Search Engines

A simpler method is the use of search engines such as Google.

This will help you get some background information of the supplier.

Also, you can see what previous buyers say about the specific supplier.

This will help you gauge the supplier’s reputation.


You can alternatively enquire from someone who has previously transacted with the supplier.

This is a more direct option for determining the supplier’s credibility.

Confirm Business Licenses

Any legitimate business or supplier ought to have a business license from the Chinese government.

The license has a unique registration number.

If the supplier is licit, he will be able to provide you with the registration number.

Payment Option

An honest supplier will accept payment after your local shipping company ascertains your clothing shipment meets your standards.

However, scam suppliers may demand that you make full payment prior the shipping.

Third-Party Opinion

You can seek a third party who can run a background check of the supplier.

They can also help you to do a rough audit on the supplier

In-person Visit

If you want to be completely sure do it yourself.

You can arrange a physical visit to the supplier’s or manufacturer’s factory.

A frank supplier will be welcoming. On the other hand, a scammer will come up with all sorts of excuses.

Request for Samples

You will only know how it is once you have it in your hands.

A sample is proof of legitimacy.

This will help you know if the apparel is what you need.

Also, if you are paying for the sample, the cost will be less.

Insist on wiring the funds to the supplier’s bank account to confirm legitimacy.

Why should you Buy Wholesale Clothing from China?

Importantly, you will be able to get a large number of clothes for an affordable amount.

China has the largest share in the world textile market, accounting for 60 percent.

Additionally, China has a numerous number of wholesale clothing suppliers.

This gives you an opportunity to compare apparel from different suppliers and choose a supplier that best meets your need.

Also, you can rebrand clothing imported from China.

This is useful if you are looking to start a branding company.

What are the Common Challenges when Buying Wholesale Clothing from China?

Major challenges when buying wholesale clothing from China normally occur even before shipping.

Bearing this in mind, you should ensure you hire a reputable sourcing agent or use a reliable website to counter the problems.

The challenges are:

Ascertaining Quality

Since buyers rarely come into contact with the clothing before it is shipped, being certain of the quality to expect may be difficult.

Accurate Sizes

Actual apparel may differ from those displayed on the website.

Before making any online purchase, go through the descriptions to make sure the sizes on sale are exactly what you need.

Fake Branding

A buyer may experience copyright issues if he buys fake brands that are registered by the original brand manufacturers.

How do you Pay Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in China?

Most clothing manufacturers in China accept payments by wire transfer.

Importantly, you are usually required to make an initial upfront payment or deposit, normally 30 percent of the total cost.

To hedge the risk of fraud, you can opt for escrow services such as Alibaba trade assurance which ensures a near-risk-free transaction between the buyer and the seller.

How do Check the Quality of Wholesale Clothing from China?

Order for Samples

There is no better way to ascertain the quality of apparel than to get a sample.

Mostly, you will be charged a small fee for the sample.

Visit the Supplier

Alternatively, you can pay a visit to the supplier’s factory.

If your supplier doubles up as the manufacturer, paying a visit will help you see the entire production process and check on the quality of the clothing

Use Online Market Places

Most China-based online market places like Alibaba, have ratings for various clothing manufacturers.

A manufacturer or a supplier with a higher rating is most likely to have high-quality clothing.


Tradeshows are a great avenue to meet and interact with potential apparel suppliers.

Also, you can find samples from various manufacturers.

The samples will help you rank the quality of the various clothing suppliers.

Check through Verified Supplier Directory

A verified supplier directory will help you determine if your chosen supplier is legitimate.

If not, there is a high risk that the supplier will send you low-quality clothing, or not honor the contract.

The directory will also give you the contact details of various manufacturers.

This will be useful when you are looking to order samples.

Which Documents do you need to buy from China Wholesale Clothing Market?

An important document you will require is a Proforma Invoice (PI).

This form shows the items you are buying, your shipping address, sipping schedule, the factory’s bank information, and any other fees.

After checking the form, you will proceed to make the wire transfer.

Notably, you will require a PI when you are shipping the clothing using Express/Courier means such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, or TNT.

The PI may or may not include the shipping cost depending on the term of payment used.

However, if you plan to buy and ship clothing by private means, you will require more documentation.

For example when using an Air Freight, you will have to pick the clothing cargo and do the customs paperwork by yourself.

Other documents include:

  • Bill of lading/Airway bill
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Pro Forma invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Import/Export license

Alternatively, if you are opting for private means, you can hire the services of a freight forwarder.

They will help you in all documentation when importing clothes from China.

How do you Ship from Wholesale Clothing Market?

 Clothese from China

 Clothes from China

Express/ Courier Services

You can ship your wholesale clothing from China through Express/Courier services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT.

Free Shipping

Some of China’s wholesale clothing manufacturers with an international presence can offer free shipping services.

This applies mostly in cases where a supplier has a warehouse in your country.

The supplier will ship the cargo to his/her warehouse.

All you need to do is to pick it up or request for doorstep delivery.

Importantly, when buying your clothing from China-based online market places such as Alibaba and AliExpress, you have little or no control on shipping.

When making your order, the amount you pay is inclusive of the shipping fee.

Shipping will not be your problem, all you need to do is wait for the delivery of your order.

Depending on your geographical location, you can opt for:

  • Ocean freight
  • Air Freight
  • Rail Freight

How Big is Wholesale Clothing Market?

In 2016, the global apparel market was estimated at $842.7 billion, an increase of 5.5 percent compared to the previous year.

The market is projected to increase to $1004.6 billion in 2021.

What are the Challenges when Importing Wholesale Clothing from China?

Some of the most common challenges include:


When doing business with any person, communication is key.

Miscommunication may result in other challenges in shipping.

Besides, miscommunication or assumptions may bar you from getting the correct importation details.

Furthermore, miscommunication may arise from a lack of comprehension of the supplier’s language or mode of business.

Ensure you understand the supplier to be on the know on the status of your wholesale clothing order

Overlooking Rules and Regulations

When importing, be sure to take into account all the rules and regulations.

Failure to do so may result in your import being delayed or being restrained by relevant authorities.

Also, you might incur fines you did not budget for.

Selecting the Wrong Incoterm

Incoterms generally specifies who pays for and manages the shipment, either the buyer or supplier.

Know the pros and cons of the incoterm you choose.

Most Chinese suppliers use the CIF, FOB, and EXW incoterms.

Choosing the wrong incoterm will not only cost you more but also result in a misunderstanding between you and the supplier.

Failure to Plan in Advance

This is a mistake that newbies make.

They overlook the importance of prior planning. Put everything in order before proceeding with the importation process.

This will save you time and prevent disruption of the logistics chain.

Choosing an Unreliable Supplier

Although this is uncommon, it cannot be ruled out as a challenge.

It is unlikely since most likely you have ascertained the reliability of a supplier before placing your order.

However, an unreliable supplier may lead to delayed importation.

Also, you can end up importing low quality and not-up-to-standard clothing.

Unreliable Shipping Company

When shipping or importing, the reliability of a shipping company is key.

The shipping company will help you ascertain the quality of the products and ensure timely delivery.

However, an unreliable shipping company or freight forwarder may do the contrary.

Can you Find Designer Brands in Wholesale Clothing from China?

Yes, you can find designer brands in wholesale clothing from China.

Forget the notion that “Made in China” means the designer brand is fake.

Most designer brands manufacture their clothing from China.

Besides, there are a couple of designer brands that originate from China and are international. Some top designer brands you can find in China include:

  • Gucci
  • Prada
  • Dior
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Cartier
  • Bvlgari
  • Burberry
  • Tiffany
  • Chow Sang Sang
  • Chow Tai Fook
  • Swarovski

For Chinese trendy fashion, you can find brands such as:

  • Shanghai Tang
  • Orchali
  • Metra/Bonwe
  • Septwolves
  • Bosideng
  • Belle
  • Gujin
  • MJ Style

These are just among the many brands that you will find in China’s wholesale clothing market.

How do I Start Selling Wholesale Clothing from China?

A key premise in any type of business is to buy low and sell high.

Consequently, when looking to start wholesale clothing from China, find an affordable supplier.

Buying low will enable you get a high-profit margin.

 Ladies fashion from China

Ladies fashion from China

Legal Requirements

Before even choosing a supplier, it is important that your business is acceptable by law.

Complete all the legal work as stipulated by your country of origin.

Overlooking the laid out legal procedures may work against the future of your wholesale clothing business.

Identify Market Niche

Secondly, you ought to have identifies the niche present in the clothing market.

You should have cleared knowledge of what type of clothing you intend to sell.

Is it kids or adult clothes, designer or non-designer clothing; branded or non-branded clothing.

Source for Suppliers

The next thing will be sourcing for wholesale suppliers or manufacturers.

It is advisable you do this online.

The reason being, you will find a variety of wholesalers online.

This will enable you to compare the pricing of various suppliers.

Eventually, you will choose your preferred supplier.


After narrowing down the list of your preferred suppliers, request for a sample.

Through sampling, you will be able to pre-determine the quality of the clothing you will purchase.

If you are satisfied by the quality, commence your transaction with the supplier you have picked.


Agree on the appropriate Incoterm with your supplier.

This will be instrumental in determining how your clothing cargo will reach you.

Also choose a payment term that does not expose you to too much risk

Why Buy Wholesale Clothing from Alibaba?

Men clothese on Alibaba

Men clothes in Alibaba

Direct Purchases from Manufacturers

Alibaba gives online merchants the platform to purchase clothing directly from manufactures.

This eliminates any middlemen and hidden costs.

High-discount Rates

Also, buying directly from manufacturers puts you at a better place of getting discounted prices.

Alibaba is characterized with high-discount rates.


Moreover, you can also customize your clothing through a process referred to as private labeling.


Concerning safety, the Alibaba platform is relatively safe.

Purchasing from suppliers with Alibaba Trade Assurance frees you of liability.

Alibaba assumes full liability of the shipment, settles suppliers and buyers disputes, and issues a money-back guarantee.

One-stop Option

Lastly, just like any other online market, Alibaba is a hub of various manufacturers.

You will meet with a lot of suppliers selling what you need at various prices.

Also, you will get all the categories of wholesale clothing you are shopping for on one platform.

 Women clothing on Alibaba

Women clothing on Alibaba

How much Duty will you Pay for Wholesale Clothing from China?

The duty you will pay for wholesale clothing from China depends on the value placed by the country of origin.

You can determine the duty you will pay using tariff codes/HS codes/import codes/ harmonized codes to help you determine the amount of duty you will pay.

These codes vary in different countries and they indicate the amount of duty payable.

Alternatively, you can calculate the custom charges as a specified percentage of the customs value.

Custom value is simply the declared value stated on the commercial invoice by the supplier.

Why do you need Freight Forwarder to Import Wholesale Clothing from China?

A freight forwarder will ensure your clothing consignment reaches you whether you are shipping by via ocean or air.

Freight forwarders have a vital role in the shipping process.

For this reason, they have nicknamed ‘architects of transport’ or ‘travel agents for cargo.’

A reliable freight forward will save you the hassle involved in importation.

They will do for you the custom brokerage, link you with an affordable shipping means, inventory management, and the relevant documentation required during importing the clothing.

It is advisable you have more than one freight forwarder in mind.

This will help you compare their various quotations and pick the best alternative

How do you Identify Fake Designer Clothes from China?

Below are some of the fundamental things you should look out for:


Check if the logo is printed in the right manner.

A slight mistake on the logo is an indication that the designer cloth is most likely fake.

You should look out for mistakes such as the misspelling of the brand name.

Also, look for the logo in other parts of the clothes such as zipper pools and nameplates.

The logo in such parts should not be stamped but engraved.


When the deal is too good think twice.

Extra cheap pricing may be an indication that the designer cloth is fake.

A cloth with a price lower than 30 percent of the initial designer price is probably fake.


Legit designer clothes have a lot of workmanship that goes into their manufacture.

Right from the patterns on the clothes, to the finishing on the clothes.

A shoddy craftsmanship is an outright indication that the cloth is fake.


Similar to the outstanding design, real designer clothes come with unique packaging.

The packaging is the first proof of authenticity.

A cloth packaged inappropriately is most likely fake.

You can look up an example of the original designer’s packaging and compare with what you intend to or have purchased.

What should you Consider when Importing Wholesale Clothing from China?

Clothes from China

Clothes from China

Fabric Type

When looking for a specific type of fabric such as organic cotton or Bamboo rayon, you should go directly to a textile manufacturer.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to buy clothes with generic fabric, you can approach the supplier.

Suppliers source their fabric from textile manufacturers, but they do not necessarily have a specific fabric you may be looking for.


Take note of the exact color you need and what the supplier is offering.

You can do this by using pantone or RAL codes.


There are various size categories when you are looking to buy wholesale clothing from china.

Sizes can be classified as

  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra-large (XL)
  • Extra extra-Large (XXL)

The sizes further have other measurements including:

  • Hem
  • Length
  • Chest
  • Arm
  • Collar
  • Shoulder width

Below is a size table summarizing the various sizes and measurements:

 Table of sizes

 Table of sizes


If you have a design in mind, it can be replicated from a design drawing or a reference sample.

Make sure you have an idea of the design you intend to purchase.

This will help you get exactly what you want from the manufacturer.

Your design drawing will also indicate where the clothing should have the various components such as zippers, buttons, and embroideries.

This will help prevent misunderstanding.


Also take a keen interest on the pattern on the clothing and the exact pattern you require.

Do not be in a hurry to make a purchase.

To recognize a mistake in a clothing pattern, you ought to have a keen eye.


Labels will help indicate how the clothing is to be maintained.

For example, washing labels will guide you on how you should wash the clothing.

Should you use a washing machine or not.

Also, a label will tell you the fabric used and the conditions for the specific fabric.

Printing Technology

Consider the type of printing technology used.

The known printing technologies are Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai).

EPS is considered the best format for printing illustrations in high resolution.


Everyone looks for quality.

Ensure you are buying the best quality of the clothing you are shipping.

You can do this by ordering samples prior to purchasing a large quantity of clothing.

The basic concept here is seeing is believing.

See the cloth physically before bulk purchase.

Is there MOQ in the Wholesale Clothing Market in China?

Yes. Most wholesale clothing markets in China set their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) at about 500 to 1000 pieces.

The MOQ exists since the clothing manufacturers have to purchase a specific amount of fabric and other components to make the clothes.

Which Safety Standards should Wholesale Clothing from China conform to?

A popular European Union (EU) legal requirement for exporting clothing to the EU is the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

This directive restricts the usage of certain chemicals in apparel.

Such chemicals include flame retardants; Azo-dyes; and Chromium VI in leather.

Some countries such as Finland, Germany, Austria, Norway, and Netherlands also have particular regulations for usage of formaldehyde in textiles.

Other individual countries like UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and Switzerland have specific legal requirements with regards to the flammability of apparel.

The EU further requires that you specify the material composition of every apparel item you export to the EU.

Generally, the safety standards include but are not limited to:

  • Restrictions on certain chemicals, including standard chemical and pH levels
  • Proper labeling; which includes size, washing instructions, and fiber content
  • Performance specification such as order and colorfastness
  • Categories of the product

Can you Ship Wholesale Clothes from China to Amazon FBA?


Amazon FBA is growing in popularity in the world market of shipping.

It is considered cheap and more profitable to the seller.

There are three options to ship your wholesale clothing to Amazon FBA

  • Ship directly from China to Amazon FBA by use of express services
  • Ship first to your home, then to Amazon FBA
  • Ship to Amazon Warehouse via a Prep Service Company

The clothing shipment can be shipped via:

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Express Shipping

Which are the Leading China International Fashion Fair?

Chinese trade fairs are gaining popularity with the increasing size of China’s economy and influence in the world market.

China’s fashion industry is also having a share of its own fairs.

Below is a list of some top China International Fashion Fair

  • SPINEXPO Shanghai
  • China International Fashion Fair (CHIC)
  • China International Hosiery Purchasing Expo (CHPE)
  • Interfiliere Shenzhen
  • South China International Sewing Machinery and Accessories Show (SCISMA)
  • Shanghai International School Uniform Exposition
  • Fashion Source – Shenzhen
  • China Yiwu International Trade Fair For Sewing and Automatic Garment Machinery
  • Shanghai International Occupational Uniform Exhibition
  • China International Fashion Brand Fair (FashionSZshow)

Which Types of Clothes can Import from China Wholesale Clothing Market?

Categories of clothes you can import from China include:

 Wedding dresses in China

Wedding dresses in China

  • Baby clothes
  • Women clothes
  • Wedding dresses
  • Swim and beach wares
  • Fitness and Yoga wear
  • Formal clothes
  • Coats
  • Kid’s sleep ware
  • Kid’s underwear
  • Men’s clothing

Do China Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers offer Samples?

Yes, however under certain terms.

In most cases, the supplier will require you to pay for the sample.

This should not be an issue since you do not expect the manufacturer to provide the sample for free, especially if it is customized.

Notably, the manufacturer will make the sample using standard fabric.

The reason for this is that you have to purchase a certain volume before they dye the fabric.

Samples might have some color deviations due to the standard materials used.

Importantly, you should not expect a sample every time you order similar clothing from the same supplier.

If a manufacturer declines to send you samples, then it is likely there is something they are hiding

How does Buying Alibaba Wholesale Clothing compare to AliExpress Wholesale Clothing?

Alibaba is a worldwide Business-to-business (B2B) trading platform.

Over the years has earned a spot among the world’s largest marketplaces.

Being a B2B platform, Alibaba does not deal with individual consumers.

The platform has minimum order requirements and the prices of the goods including clothing are highly discounted.

On the other hand, Aliexpress, a member of the Alibaba family deals with individual consumers.

The manufacturers found in Alibaba are still in Aliexpress.

Since it deals with individual consumers, Aliexpress does not have a minimum order requirement.

However, the pricing may be a bit higher than that in Alibaba.

Also, goods on Aliexpress normally have free shipping.

A major difference between the two is that in Alibaba you have to engage the supplier, which is not necessary in Aliexpress.

Also, Aliexpress gives you the option of drop-shipping, which Alibaba does not provide.

This is because Alibaba is a wholesale market and you can’t purchase individual units.

If you are looking to buy wholesale clothing for business purpose, Alibaba is definitely the go-to-option.

Simply put, Aliexpress is a retail platform while Alibaba is a wholesale market.

And to make this easier for you, I have to useful guides for you:

i. How to Buy from Alibaba

ii. How to Buy from AliExpress

With years of experience in freight forwarding industry, BanSar provides the best solution when shipping clothes from China.

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