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Butcherblock Countertops
Wholesale Butcherblock Countertops from China

It is the top choice of everyone to be installed in their kitchens and dining rooms. For preparing some foods in breakfast or any, having an excellent and perfect installment of butcherblock countertops can gain attractions and possibly makes the food you eat looks very yummily. If you want to order butcher block countertops for your residential homes in a wholesale way, you can get it all the way through the help of Chinese manufacturers.

Concrete Countertops
Wholesale Concrete Countertops from China

Concrete countertops are the newly developed countertops in Chinese markets. This type of countertops are truly flexible and verified long-lasting. It can be installed in the kitchen or even in the bathroom. These concrete types of countertops are proportionately lightweight. If you order wholesale of concrete countertops from the only high-rated manufacturers that can be originately found in China, assurance is highly given.

Eco Friendly Countertops
Wholesale Eco Friendly Countertops from China

Using eco-friendly as your countertops in your kitchens and bathroom can be more beneficial. They can do good things for the environment and as well to your family. It is also the top choice for everybody. So, do you want it to be your number 1 choice too? Grab wholesale orders of eco-friendly countertops from the main suppliers in China. You can pick any styles that you want that also worthy for your business faster progress.

Granite Countertops
Wholesale Granite Countertops from China

The most elegant design of countertops yet offers pricey from most Chinese manufacturers. This granite type of countertops is very luminary for your kitchen needs. It can add elegant atmosphere at your kitchen side. By telling someone who has been professional in installing this into your home, it can give you the inspiration to cook and gives you that energy to cook delicious kinds of food to your family and visitors.

Laminate Countertops
Wholesale Laminate Countertops from China

Laminate countertops are still persisting in being popular for any kitchen installations until this current generation of us. It is the premier choice for anyone that can be installed in their kitchen or in the bathroom installments. A high variation of this kind of product can give an impact to your business` successful developments. At times that you needed a freight forwarder that will not cause any troubles, Bansar can be your courier into that.

Lava Countertops
Wholesale Lava Countertops from China

Lava countertops are beautifully designed yet very different compared to other designs of countertops. Its eye-catching design makes your costumers be persuaded to purchase lava countertops to be attached and installed to their own kitchen needs. You will never regret making a decision of buying lava types of countertops because it will be one of the most important to be on your business or into your residential houses.

Marble Countertops
Wholesale Marble Countertops from China

Any type of countertops can be easily installed by asking help from the professional engineers or whom that you can easily be pleased and at the same time, having the knowledge and wide experiences to install countertops for your kitchen and bathroom needs in a faster yet can gain your satisfaction. In China, you can be entertained within hours from the time you started to contact them.

Porcelain Countertops
Wholesale Porcelain Countertops from China

Installing porcelain countertops can be the newest idea you have ever be made up through your mind. It is the smartest idea you could ever be decided as well. Usually, a porcelain material can be attached in the bathroom but now, it can be also attached and easily be installed also at the kitchen. A nicest and elegant formation of porcelain countertops will be possibly made with the help of shipping it first through Bansar.

Quartz countertops
Wholesale Quartz countertops from China

Quartz countertops are more on its natural stones materials. It is very elegant in looks that can be afforded by many. A heavy and plenty of orders of quartz countertops can be impossible and not be easily shipped out through any countries but with the provided transportation vehicles of Bansar, it will make all possible. They can be your trusted partners for your shipping needs. They have been so many years in those services so that they can handle your shipments very well.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops
Wholesale Reclaimed Wood Countertops from China

If you are one of those who wants to have reclaimed wood countertops attached to your kitchen areas, you can help the environment achieve its cleanliness. You can do much help for the environment if you choose reclaimed wood countertops to be on your business or into your home locations only. It can add pleasures to your home environment. By buying in a wholesale way, you can not feel more hassle.

Recycled Glass Countertops
Wholesale Recycled Glass Countertops from China

Recycled Glass Countertops are most relevant for your kitchen top needs. You will never get any problems occurrence if you ask high-skilled and well-experienced in installing recycled glass countertops. It is very beautiful in its outlooks and also it has its own uniqueness that attracts any sights of everyone. You can find out manufacturers in Guangdong province for they have a count of 618 industrious manufacturers.

Resin Countertops
Wholesale Resin Countertops from China

Countertops are for the kitchen table needs and also in the bathroom. Any beautiful styles of countertops can really adds elegant decorations for the kitchen place. When you wanted to deal with those verified and at the same time verified manufacturers, Chinese can be your ideal partner for that. They are continuing on gaining trust from its consultants and to its clients. If you wanted to be part of their team, then this is your only chance given.

Solid Surface Countertops
Wholesale Solid Surface Countertops from China

When regenerating older countertops that have been attached in your kitchen, a brand new and latest style of countertops might give big and good impact on you. Solid surface countertops originally made from solidified artificial materials. If you already thought it can give good collision to your improving countertops business, then hurry on acquiring wholesale of solid surface countertops from the following guaranteed suppliers.

Stainless Steel Countertops
Wholesale Stainless Steel Countertops from China

Stainless steel countertops have its own originated gracefully design. It has the ability to make your home more presentable and for your visitor`s comfortable stay. This kind of countertops has its outstanding formations that you can freely select on the markets in China. You can also purchase anything you want from them. The shipping process of your orders is obligated by Bansar.

Tile Countertops
Wholesale Tile Countertops from China

Tile countertops were formed from ceramic tiles. You can choose what color of tiles that suit the theme of your house. It is your decision to make for sure. If you finally organized and is now ready to acquire big orders of any countertops that you like to be in your business, directly purchase from the main Chinese suppliers and distributors of all durable countertops all around the globe. Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong are the top 3 provinces that can supply much more than what you are expecting all about.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China
Your wish for a faster shipping of your wholesale countertops can be surely fulfilled with the help of rail freights.
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Wholesale Countertops from China

Whenever you need greater supplies of countertops, wholesale purchasing of it can help a lot. Stop that feeling that you are just disturbance to anyone, Bansar is ready all the times you needed a shipping importer for your wholesale orders from China.

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Resources to Wholesale Countertops from China

Wholesale Countertops, Supplier and Manufacturer base in China

High-Quality Countertops

Best 30 Countertops Manufacturers in China

1 Xiamen Yeyang Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Yeyang Import & Export CO., Ltd. is the greatest countertops manufacturer in China. They have a factory space of about 500 square meters. They established in 1993 and build the factory in Stone Hometown in China. Since they established, this company have invested in quarries about 10. They can send it all over the world.

2 Foshan Rongguan Glass Material for Building Co., Ltd.

In China, Foshan Rongguan Glass Material for Building Co., Ltd was located in Guangdong province Foshan city at Baini town. They have 21 R&D staff and 8 production lines that able to provide OEM and ODM services. They are founded in 1986 that manufactured building materials with 780 skilled employees.

3 Qingdao Honghui Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Find the best quality countertops in China and satisfy your needs. They have different sizes of countertops like 3x2m and 1.5 cm. there is also 3cm of thickness and more that you can choose. They are founded in 2013 and export different products in the USA, Brazil, CA, and many more places.

4 Guangzhou Gelandy New Material Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Gelandy New Material Co., Ltd was started in the year 2000 of November. They are a professional manufacturer and supply kitchen countertops and produce in many hotels and many more facilities. They have plenty of awardees in making quality materials. They have countertops for the kitchen. They have 10000 square meters space area.

5 Fujian Huian Haobo Stone Company Limited

Fujian Huian Haobo Stone Company Limited if located in Room 308 at building #37 of Fujian in China. This company has 90% countertops exported with its own export license since 2006. They have near the port at Xiamen and 14 foreign trading staff. They let LC, T/T, Paypal, and Western Union the safety terms of payment.

6 Huizhou KKR Stone Co., Ltd.

If you need to import countertops urgently, Huizhou KKR Stone Co., Ltd is very suitable for you. It has 10 production lines with OEM and ODM services. They are located in Huangjiang Town of Dongguan province in China. They focus on exporting countertops since the year 2000 with lower cost product offers.

7Kingkonree International China Surface Industrial Co., Ltd.

Kingkonree was founded in the year 2000 that passed the audits of ISO 9001. They manufactured products like countertops that passed CE, SGS, and more certifications. They have 150 employees with skilled staff. Their factory has occupied 15000 square meters. They supplied plenty hotels and construction worldwide.

8 KKR Stone Baths Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a top countertop manufacturer in China, you can rely on KKR Stone Baths Co., Ltd. They manufactured different countertops in different materials. They are focused on exporting countertops in perfect quality with a great cost offered. They have been an expert in more than 20 years that manufactured using superior raw materials.

9 Fujian Quanzhou Risheng Stone Co., Ltd

In 1994, Fujian Quanzhou Risheng Stone Co., Ltd is started in service. They have 114 workers. In 2015, this company is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They owned a factory that fabricates granite and marble materials. They have 60, 000 square meters and supported by over 300 workers in the workshop.

10 Hangzhou Zen Bamboo and Hardwood Products Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Zen Bamboo and Hardwood Products Co., Ltd is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. They have manufactured bamboo plywood in making countertops. They have 20 years of experience in making quality products and offered it very affordable. You can get countertops made in bamboo material.

11 Qingdao Maco Building Material Co., Ltd.

In 10 years of manufacturing and producing products, Qingdao Maco Building Material Co., Ltd has shown high performance. They are making different kitchen materials like countertops which is perfect for kitchen applications. They established in 2016 with over 50 people working hard to support the quality services they offered.

12 Kingkonree Shenzhen Ltd.

Kingkonree Shenzhen Ltd is an ISO certified manufacturer of countertops and many other kitchen materials. They have different countertop materials like granite, marble, and much other quality and tested materials. This product has passed the MSDS test. They founded in 2008 providing quick response 24/7 support.

13 Xiamen Good Tie Stone Co., Ltd

Xiamen Good Tie Stone Co., Ltd is a powerful manufacturer that provides quartz slabs perfect for countertop applications. They were established in 2016 with 50 staff. They are certified and manufactured quality test products and materials. They have functional modern machines and different equipments in the production that helps it more easily to create different customization you want.

14 Foshan Mono Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Foshan Mono Building Materials Co., Ltd is perfect for your needs. They can manage ahead of time deliveries and ensure the packaging are ensuring well. They have founded in 2012 manufacturing different countertop materials like granite, porcelain tiles, artificial stones, and a lot more.

15 Hangzhou Hangxiao Trade Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou hangxiao Trade Co., Ltd is capable to manufacture and supply countertops in different places like North America, the Middle East, Africa, and many more countries and overseas. They are located in Zhejiang province in China. They have different equipment in the facilities that they ensure the best services they offered all the time and every time.

16 Xiamen Sunrise Stone Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a premier countertops manufacturer and producer from China, Xiamen Sunrise Stone Co., Ltd is the best that you can choose. They have plenty of years of expertise since they have passed a lot of manufacturing audits. They are in Fujian in China. They have polishing machines, molding, and mixing machines in the factory that make operations easier.

17 Xiamen First Stone Co., Ltd.

Xiamen First Stone Co., Ltd started to manufactured granite countertops in 1992. Because of the hard work, this company was updated in the year 2004 located in Xiamen. They have passed a lot of CE certificates and this company is ISO9001 certified. They have plenty of machines like Cutting, manual polishing, rope saw columns, engraving machines, and 3D Profiling machines.

18 Foshan Eiffel Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Find a leading countertop manufacturer in China for your business safety. A leading manufacturer is certified that produce quality countertops that you need. This company is founded in 2007 with 50 workers. They are located in Guangdong province in China.  They have mixing machines, pressing machines, polishing machines, and a lot more.

19 Xiamen Ydstone Co., Ltd.

Choose your own countertop materials. Xiamen Ydstone Co., Ltd has different materials to offer. They were established in 2011 supported of 50 people. They passed the standards of ISO that they are supplying qualified and tested countertops. They handled quick responses to support customers like you. They are located in Guyan Road of Fujian Province in China.

20 Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd.

Choose a famous countertop manufacturer so your business safeties are secured. Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd is founded in 2009 with 100 employee’s supports. They have senior engineers and technicians that able to support quality production for countertops. They ensure the machines have functioned well before they start the operations.

21 Zhaoqing Aibo New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhaoqing Aibo New Material Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2003. They have 7 factories in China specializing in countertops and offered it affordable in many countries worldwide. They are able to sell it in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, Mexico, and a lot more.

22 BFP Industry Co., Ltd.

BFP Industry Co., Ltd is a countertop manufacturer in China that many customers in business trusted. They are able to connect with customers in long term. This company is located in Shenzhen city in China at Guangdong province block C of Futian Bonded area. They have 2 R&D staff and 10 production line.


QUANZHOU SHIYIYUAN IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD. is a well-trusted kitchen countertop manufacturer in China. They established in2014 with 50 highly trained workers in QC, office, and more. They can custom countertops based on their customer’s designs and to you as well. They are located in Shijing town of Fujian province in China.


If you want to schedule your factory visit, Foshan Bestone Enterprise Co., Ltd will welcome you very well. They have very friendly staff in the customer service that will guide whatever your needs. You don’t have to worry for export safety since this company has its export license and export 90% countertops since 2011.

25 Xiamen Shun Shun Stone Import & Export Co., Ltd.

In this industry, Xiamen Shun Shun Import & Export Co., Ltd has 17 years of manufacturing countertops. They have built a good reputation in many years and engage in outstanding quality countertops for you. They have helped with skilled staff and highly trained workers. They have sent a lot of excellent countertops at Europe, Japan, Middle East, and more.


As an ISO 9001 and 9000 certified manufacturers, Foshan Strong Quartz Co., Ltd is offering you the best. This company is perfect for you which you can surely get an amazing product of countertops. They have different types of stones using it with a very acceptable cost offered.

27 Quanzhou Tianyuan Stone Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Tianyuan Stone Co., Ltd has 10 production lines and 20 R&D staff. They develop production sales, deliveries, and more. They have a long term relationship offered and give the best cooperation from their staff. You can make it easier when handling a business.

28 Shenzhen Leeste Industry Co., Ltd.

In 1998, Shenzhen Leeste Industry Co., Ltd has become professional and well trusted in terms of providing countertops the best quality. They have wide variety of types, colors, materials, and etc. They offered a lot of countertops selections to support projects.


Xiamen Ka United Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd is offering OEM and ODM services. They are located in Shijin Town in Nanan in China. They export countertops in 90% since 2014 in North America, Europe, and more. They export countertops on their own license. You can pay through PayPal, Western Union, T/T, and more terms of payment.

30 Shandong Chaoou Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Shandong has 50, 000 square meters of factory space. They have 70 skilled employees. They have always make sure quality first that the principles in the industry. They always do the best support in much business especially your request. They can deliver your orders wherever your location.

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