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Bathroom Curtain
Wholesale Bathroom Curtain from China

This is a very important clothing garment place in the comfort room or in the shower room. Especially needed some privacy, you have to attach and hang some curtains that will cover you up. This bathroom curtain is very different compared to the curtains that hang in your living and kitchen rooms. To have plenty of stocks for your own residential homes, then acquire big orders and even wholesale of it. Most manufacturers of this product are came from Guangdong, Zhejiang, and also the province if Shandong.

Box Pleated Curtains
Wholesale Box Pleated Curtains from China

Box Pleated Curtains are made from any type of smooth fabric such as polyester and vinyl. This kind of curtains gives impressions to many people. Its looks are well-arranged. You can see that it has a lining box-shaped that shown its formality and elegance. It is perfect in any formal dining, meeting office, and also in the study room and areas. You must prepare and at the same time, you must be feeling relaxed.

Cased Heading Curtains
Wholesale Cased Heading Curtains from China

Cased Heading Curtains are formed and created from insubstantial fabrics. It has its unsophisticated formations. A wavy design from the top of it is the main attractive design. This actually needed to be hung as always. In a special ceremonial, this would never be missed. By having plenty of personal stocks or even into your up growing business, you must acquire to the Chinese manufacturers operating.

Elegant Curtain
Wholesale Elegant Curtain from China

In a place that has a ceremonial events and you feel like you are at the mansion even you are not in reality, it must be considered elegant curtains on it. Elegant curtains can also help you to feel more comfortable. It also fits in any party and other special events. In having a thought of purchasing wholesale elegant curtains in Chinese manufacturers, you finally choose the best among the rest. You will enjoy their custom design of elegant curtains.

Eyelet Curtains
Wholesale Eyelet Curtains from China

Eyelet Curtains can be also called as a Grommet. It is perfect for small or medium fabric`s weight and also incorporated any silver rings place on the top of it that form the wavy specifications. It can easily hang all over the windows. It can be at your kid’s bedrooms or even into your teenager daughters and sons. To have plenty of orders from trusted international manufacturers, Chinese manufacturers are always ready for that.

Goblet Pleat Curtains
Wholesale Goblet Pleat Curtains from China

When you possibly searching for a curtain that creates great impression to your visitors and to make grandiose environment to your high ceilings rooms, goblet pleat curtains are what you all need. To have a manufacturer that is prepared to serve you wholesale goblet pleat curtains, you must choose the Chinese manufacturers then. Bansar also can protect the moving shipments that is being transported.

Hanging curtains
Wholesale Hanging curtains from China

When hanging a curtain, you need a piece of hard metallic equipment for you to be able to hang your desired curtains. a hanging curtains are very eye-catching and can be an addition to your mansion houses or even make you feel you are at mansion place. When you have a custom curtain business, you can add this because it can surely helps in your profits production. Provinces like Guangdong and Jiangsu can provide you their high-quality of manufactured hanging curtains.

Pelmets and Valances
Wholesale Pelmets and Valances from China

Pelmets and Valances are having the ability to add the small details of decoration for the designs of your curtain. It is originated from chipboard and a fabric clothing materials. Whether you want it to look modern or aesthetic, it can be wonderfully finished with the help of pelmets and valances. Acquiring from the best manufacturers can give you indescribable satisfactory reactions.

Pinch Pleated Curtains
Wholesale Pinch Pleated Curtains from China

At the top of pinch pleated curtains, you can see a decorative style on it. In addition, it attracts the eyes of the people around. It has a very elegant finished look. Bansar always do a recommendation of any Chinese manufacturing professional skills. Chinese has been trusted all over the years and now they want to let them serve you too. You would never disappoint from their offered skills. Though, you will be enjoying all of that.

Sheer Curtains
Wholesale Sheer Curtains from China

Sheer Curtains mainly having useful intentions and that is to bring lightness and happiness to anyone. It is permitted a little privacy from its actual owner. It can be considered as the second curtain to be hung about. It is obviously made from light-weight sheer fabrics. It is created with formality designs. When doing a wholesale purchasing of sheer curtains, you must have contact directly with the Chinese manufacturers so that you can be entertained easily.

Simple Curtain
Wholesale Simple Curtain from China

A simple curtain is also a movable clothing garment usually place at the windows, kitchen doors, or even in the entrance of the bedrooms. It is a cloth that purposely attached to block or to cover the lights especially from the sum and gives privacy to the beholder. A simple curtain can hang onto your bedrooms or in the kitchen. Do grab wholesale of simple curtains from the Chinese loyal manufacturers.

Stage Curtain
Wholesale Stage Curtain from China

In performing a high talented performance, the stage must have to be prepared and must be having its own curtains hanging. You can avail cheap stage curtains only in many Chinese manufacturers. There are provinces suchlike Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei, and Shandong that recorded having many manufacturers operating. They provide your exact stage curtain needs.

Tab Top Curtains
Wholesale Tab Top Curtains from China

With resemblance of eyelet curtains, tab top curtains also having continuous fabrics bent in the top area of it and also considered as a hanging curtain. Not like others, it has its informality design yet still wondrous hanging style of curtains. Its appearance is uninteresting, wavy appearance. To have this tab top curtains on your faster-growing business, automatically contact Bansar for the shipping assistance and the professional Chinese in manufacturing desired products.

Tailored Pleat Curtains
Wholesale Tailored Pleat Curtains from China

Pinch pleat has similarity with tailored pleat curtains but its own pleat begins from above of the fabric down to the floor. It can be also called as a Euro kind of pleat. It decored unnecessarily and more fashionable. When it is made from the fundamental kind of fabrics, you can await that it will be more eye-catching and works the best out of all. Chinese are highly recommended as international manufacturers of Bansar.

Window curtains
Wholesale Window curtains from China

Want to have window curtains at affordable and cheaper prices? Bansar can help you guided to fulfill successful shipping transactions. But in manufacturing your very own unique in style window curtains, Chinese is perfectly assigned for that. Based on what you required formations of window curtains, you can assume that they can create even the small details of your requirements. Choosing professional Chinese manufacturers can give a chance to boom your businesses.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Curtains Shipping from China?

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When using sea freights in forwarding and transporting your wholesale curtains orders finds the best and a hassle-free way in the shipping processes.
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A faster way to transport your wholesale curtains orders is only can be encountered and experienced through using air freight forwarding.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
In having just a low-budget in the shipping fee, rail freights forwarding and shipping is accurated for you to move your orders in a safest way.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
A direct and the easiest way for you to receive your wholesale curtains orders is to avail door to door shipping of it.

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The Resources of Wholesale Curtains from China:

Wholesale Curtains

Custom Design of Curtains, Curtain Manufacturers

Best 20 Wholesale Curtains Manufacturers in China

1 Yantai Phoenix Textiles Co., Ltd

Since 2002, Yantai Phoenix Textiles Co., Ltd has been in the home textile manufacturing-exporting business. Aside from the curtain, they are also supplying quality products such as comforter, bedspread, cushion, etc. They are exporting products to the United States, Europe, Canada, the Middle, East, and so on.

2 Home Deco Co., Ltd.

Home Deco Co., Ltd is supplying and importing ready-to-made curtain and sewing order curtains. The company owns a factory in Japan and a cooperative factory here in China, Turkey, Vietnam, and other places. They are one of NATORI suppliers, both interior and furniture. Home Deco Co., Ltd brings affluent home living to all its customers.

3 Qingdao Coseal Industry Co., Ltd.

Located in Qingdao, China, Qingdao Coseal Industry Co., Ltd became one of the biggest PVC strip curtain and rubber sheet exporter. Since founded in 1999, they boast to complete the testing equipment and technology, production lines of products. The company has a total investment of RMB20 million occupying 15000m2 area. The main products include polar PVC strip curtain, standard PVC strip curtain, anti-static PVC curtain, etc.

4 Monad

They are specializing in designing and developing home textiles, exclusively in decorative fabrics. They are one of the professional manufacturers located in Hangzhou. Along with their products are curtain, wall hanging tapestries, cushions, blanket, digital printing fabric, cushion cover, and more. If you want more info, you may contact them or visit their factory.

5 Shanghai Finzone

Shanghai Finzone is one of the largest balcony glazing companies in China. They integrated into the design, manufacturing, and sales of balcony glazing. They had the strongest assets, know-how, and experience in the field. The company has a group of medium and high technicians, designers, and managers. Also, they get the ISO, CE, TUV, GOST, and other patents.

6 Anguo City Sorter World Netting

Anguo City Sorter World Netting is situated in Baoding City in Hebei Province. They are committed in hotels and all décor since 1986. Their categories include home décor bead curtain, hotel, and office bead curtain, metal curtains, hotel metal drapery, and hotel, office, and night club aluminum drapery. More than 30 years of constant development, they are exporting products around the world.

7 Haining Juncheng Textile Co., Ltd.

Established in 2010, Haining Juncheng Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of fabrics for home textile, and other applications. This company is a professional warp and weft knitting manufacturer providing with all types and styles. Their categories include velvet fabric, velour fabric, suede fabric, Minky fabric, and velboa fabric. Haining Juncheng Textile Co., Ltd. has annual sales of 420 million USD.

8 Hangzhou Eastern Fabric Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Eastern Fabric Co., Ltd is located in Yuhang Industrial Park, Province in Hangzhou. Their main products are window curtain, outdoor fabric, throw pillows, upholstery, and drapery. The company is exporting most of the goods in the American and European markets. They obtain a high reputation in the market today.

9 Guangzhou ZHIDA Textile Co., Ltd.      

Established in 1993, Guangzhou ZHIDA Textile Co., Ltd. focuses on manufacturing and wholesale of all kinds of woven fabric, including canvas fabric, twill fabric, waxed canvas fabric, 4oz-24oz Canvas Fabric, and more. Besides, they can also make customized woven fabric orders. The company has a total annual production of 20 million yards and covering 5,000 sq m of a warehouse.

10 Shaoxing City HuaYeah Textile Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing City HuaYeah Textile Co., Ltd. is sited in the Keqiao District of Shaoxing City in Zhejiang Province. They are devoted to supplying and exporting chenille fabric, flocking fabric, velvet, and other upholstery materials. They target to help more customers by providing quality products at competitive prices. Through the years, they earn a good reputation among traders for their excellent services.

11 Shaoxing Keqiao Kingland Textile Co., Ltd.

Specializing in producing and developing different types of curtain fabrics and home furnishing, Shaoxing Keqiao Kingland Textile Co., Ltd. grew to be a modern textile enterprise. They keen on the continuous development of products. The company has capabilities to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. They are exporting to 20+ countries and regions around the world.

12 Suzhou Kylin Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou Kylin Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shengze Town in Wujiang District, Suzhou City. They had rich production expertise, production equipment, and advanced technology to produce a wide range of home textile fabrics. Along with their products are ready-made FR curtain, flame retardant curtain fabric, FR treated fabric, non-FR garment fabric, and more.


Established in 2000, HZTH become a leading industry and trade integrated company. They are supplying home textile products and home décor including accent furniture, cushions, seat pad, and other jewelry hardware. The company head office is located in Hangzhou, China. Besides, they had other cooperative factories in Taizhou and Xiaoshan.
14 Yuyao City Zhenhan Decorated Curtain Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2002, Yuyao City Zhenhan Decorated Curtain Co., Ltd. is specializing in producing roller curtain, vertical curtain, bamboo weaves curtain, Roman curtain, orgacurtain, and more. The company is selling products to Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. City Zhenhan Decorated Curtain is recognized as a professional manufacturer for all kinds of curtain accessories.

15 Zhejiang Deyu Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1996, Zhejiang Deyu Technology Co., Ltd. was built in Hangzhou, China. They are dedicated to designing, research, and development, producing, marketing, and after-sales service. The company focus on a long-term partnership with domestic and foreign experts and universities. Their products include internal and external sun shading systems, blinds, manual and motorized curtain poles, and more.

16 Shaoxing Paima Textile Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009, Shaoxing Paima Textile Co., Ltd is specializing in the manufacturing of curtains, sheer curtain, cushion cover, and other accessories. The company is located in Shaoxing which is closed to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and China Light Textile City where there is convenient transportation. They are selling products to domestic and foreign countries.

17 Foshan Yiroufang Textile Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1997, Foshan Yiroufang Textile Manufacture Co., Ltd. built in Pearl River Delta covering an area of 30,000 sq m. They integrate into R&D, design, production, and sales of textile products including curtain, towel, table cloth, bedding set, and chair cover. With advanced production equipment, they become a leading manufacturer and exporter.

18 Nanjing Jinlimei Door Curtain Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Jinlimei Door Curtain Co., Ltd offers a wide variety of PVC curtain products that can meet your needs. The company adheres to management principles of “quality first, customer first and credit-based”. Since established, they are committed to cooperating with the enterprising companies all over the world.

19 Guangzhou Chembo Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

Over 10 years, Guangzhou Chembo Decoration Materials Co., Ltd has been dedicated to indoor and outdoor material exploitation. They specialize in curtains and cosmetics in the highest quality form and competitive pricing. Their main products include living room curtains, bedroom curtains, kids room curtains, hospital curtains, stage curtains, etc.

20 Zibo Hailande Textile Co., Ltd

Zibo Hailande Textile Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 in Zhoucun. The company has registered capital of 1 million yuan and covering an area of about 3,500 sq m. They are also equipped with R&D personnel and 90+ employees. Their main products are home and textile fabrics, clothing lining fabric, crafts fabric, knitted fabric, and embroidery fabrics.

Wholesale Curtains from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import wholesale curtains from China, read this guide.

It will help you choose high quality and affordable curtains from China.

Whether you want to get the best prices, choose payment options, know printing techniques or identify the best market for wholesale curtains in China, this guide has all information you’re looking for.

Let’s dive right in.

How do you get the Best Price for Wholesale Curtains from China?

Curtains from China

Curtains from China

To get the best China prices for wholesale curtains from China, you can use the following tactics:

  • Buying curtains in bulk
  • You can buy curtains directly from the manufacturers in China
  • Conducting market research
  • Be aware of the taxes you need to pay in China
  • It is important to familiarize yourself with the import rules of your country to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Select an agent to direct you on the best prices around.
  • Purchase insurance for safety, especially in importing from China.
  • Get the necessary licenses to buy wholesale curtains to avoid costs as a result of fines.
  • To avoid incurring switching costs or breach of contract, you should look out for the right supplier and manufacture.
  • Check the minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.
  • Look at the shipping charges and if drop shipping is available.
  • Request for samples pieces to avoid buying items that you cannot sell and recoup your money.

What is the difference between Curtains, Drapes, Shades, and Blinds?

Curtains are fabric panels composed of either single panels or pairs and are available in an extensive range of lengths, fabrics, widths, and patterns.

These features make curtains very versatile and a choice for almost every room in a home.

Drapes are also fabric panels sold in pairs, but they differ from curtains because they are lined and made from heavy fabric, which does not allow light penetration.

Drapes are a perfect choice for use in the bedroom.

Shades are made of soft fabric panels attached to a frame or rod at the upper edge and designed to fit within the window frame.

Blinds are not a substantial length of fabric, and they lift up and down with a cord or lifting mechanism.

They are mostly made of materials such as bamboo, aluminum, vinyl stats, wood, or louvers.

Why Import Wholesale Curtains from China?

Some of the reasons why you should import curtains from China are:

  • Curtain’s production line in China is more refined and well organized.
  • The Chinese have expertise in designing curtain designs to suit each and everyone’s preferences.
  • Manufacturers in China produce curtains that are of their kind and, in most cases, not like any other curtains in the world.
  • Most curtains manufactured in China are relatively affordable.
  • There are highly skilled personnel in China and they make high-quality curtains that are durable.
  • Curtain manufacturers in China sell in bulk and this enables you to purchase as many curtains as you wish.
  • The curtains manufacturers industry in China is enormous and modernized, capable of meeting any MOQ from customers worldwide.
  • China’s curtain industry provides an extensive range of curtains to choose from and select that design and fabric that suits your preferences.
  • There is an excellent logistics infrastructure that enables the shipment of products to all corners of the world.
  • It is easy to pay for your curtains using the online banking systems established, and you are also able to track your order shipment.
  • Curtain materials are more accessible in China thus faster production time.
  • Employee wages in China are much affordable.

How do you Find Wholesale Curtain Suppliers in China?

There are numerous wholesale curtain suppliers and manufacturers in China.

As a buyer, you have a wide selection to choose from the suppliers.

Some of the ways you can go about finding wholesale suppliers and manufacturers include:

  • Global manufacturing market places in China.
  • Through local trade shows or trade fairs of the curtain manufacturers and suppliers have been done various times of the year.
  • Online trade sites such as AliExpress, and Alibaba, China, among others.
  • Sourcing companies, agents, or buying brokers in China.
  • Referrals by related business partners.
  • Using catalogs and coupons.
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and linked, among others.
  • Utilization of Google search, especially google maps, to locate curtain manufacturers and suppliers in China.

 Curtains on AliExpress

Curtains on AliExpress

What should you Consider when Buying Wholesale Curtains from China?

Some of the factors to consider when buying wholesale curtains from China include:

  • Color and fabric: fabric is very important6 when selecting curtains as it determines how well the curtains will last. Sunlight tends to fade fabrics over time, so it is essential to avoid colors in a room that allows a lot of light.
  • Durability: you should buy curtains that have durable fabric as they will have a longer life span.
  • Ease of maintenance: choose curtains made from fabric that can be easily washed at home, like linen and synthetic materials.
  • Length and lining: before buying curtains, it is essential to determine the distance that you want by measuring the top of the window, allowing additional inches where it will hang from. The lining material used should be able to draper well with the curtain.
  • Cost: choose curtains that you can afford comfortably without interfering with your budget or quality.
  • Washer machine-friendly vs. dry clean only: you should determine whether you will purchase curtains that can be washed by a machine or dry clean only. It will help you cut costs in the long run.
  • Function: you should consider the purpose of the curtains as different rooms require different fabric choices.

Which are the Leading Curtain Wholesale Markets in China?

Some of the leading curtain wholesale markets in China include:

  • Guangzhou Kyushu fabric market
  • China textile city & cloth art market (Beilin)
  • Zhongda Changwang fabric and accessories trading plaza
  • Haiyin Zhixing curtain direct market center
  • China ceramics market
  • Shanghai light industry & textile market
  • Share clothing wholesale market in the third breakout
  • Hong kong market
  • Zidong labor insurance tent wholesale department
  • Wholesale hypermarket
  • Wanshun Tangjiu wholesale
  • Guangming Tangjiu wholesale
  • Menyuan Boli department store wholesale department
  • International business & trade city
  • Xindi market
  • Guangzhou Baiyun wholesale market

How to Verify Quality of Wholesale Curtain from China?

Curtains from China come in different designs, quality, shapes, and sizes.

The rate also depends on the material used in making curtains.

Some of the ways you can verify the quality of curtains from China include:

a) Touch and feel the quality of the material used. Make sure the is not too heavy and can when drawn, it can fold crisply.

b) Look at the length of the curtain and ensure that it allows additional inches of height where the curtain should hand from and reaches your desired height on the floor.

c) The lining of the curtain should be compatible to ensure that they drape and produce a beautiful outcome.

d) Check the color of the curtain; it should be vivid and uniform.

e) If your curtain is printed or has images, the images and the prints should be of the highest resolution and sharp.

f) Check the edges, seams, and hems for any handing or loose threads. The finishing should be of the highest standards.

g) Check that the material used is vivid and its nature suits the intended purpose. It is important to note that bright colors which access sunlight rays may fade over time

Which Material are Curtains from China made of?

Some of the materials used to make curtains in China include:

  • Cotton: this is a versatile material and is used to achieve several styles as it is very light and, in most cases, does not require to be lined. It is an excellent choice if you are aiming at blocking sunlight in a bright room.
  • Silk: silk portrays luxury due to its nature, and it is mostly chosen for its aesthetic appeal rather than functionality. It drapes very well and is primarily used in formal dining rooms and bedrooms.
  • Linen: this material is natural and creates a casual, airy, and very relaxing environment. Linen is an excellent choice if you would like curtains reaching the floor and not blocking light.
  • Polyester: this is the most common choice because it is easy to care for, affordable, and free of stretch, shrink, or wrinkles. The polyester material is perfect for bedroom and living areas and should be avoided in the kitchen due to its volatile nature.
  • Velvet: this material is very thick and heavy to block light, cold air, and sound.
  • Acrylic: this material attracts and disperses moisture with ease and is resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Rayon: Rayon is soft, breathable, and strong and can be woven with natural fibers.
  • Brocade: this material is composed of woven fabric, which can create a sophisticated outcome.
  • Lace: lace material has neutral shades that coordinate easily with other colors of the room.
  • Voile: this material is best utilized for sheers as it is a crisp and open weave.

What are the available Color Options for Wholesale Curtains?

Curtains from China

Curtains from China

Curtains improve the appearance of a house and make it more stylish and beautiful.

Before choosing the color of the curtains you need, it is crucial to consider the following factors:

  • Style of the room: this will significantly dictate the type of curtains you choose as they should drape well with the décor.
  • Color of floors, walls, and furniture: if a given room has vivid colors, you should select neutral curtains. For a room with a neutral shade of color, you should choose vivid colors for the curtain.

Some of the available color options for wholesale curtains include:

  • Red: ideal for kitchen, dining room, or bedroom.
  • Orange: used when one needs to create a sense of comfort and energy. The color is ideal for common areas.
  • Yellow: this color gives a sense of friendship.
  • Green: it is a color that alludes comfort and also makes a room look spacious. It is best suited in the bedroom.
  • Turquoise: it is a relaxing color. Use turquoise colors in rooms that you relax in.
  • Blue: the blue color is best suited in the workplace because of its ability to concentrate.
  • Purple: purple curtains sink well in rooms that you want to create royalty. They are usually silky and hand on large windows.
  • Pink and purple: a combination of these two colors is used in rooms to focus on love and intimacy. They are perfect in your bedroom.
  • Light brown: use light brown curtains when your home’s interior décor is brightly colored. Light brown curtains help balance interior accents and make the room more balanced and brighter.

Should you Visit Wholesale Curtain Market in China or Buy from Online Stores?

Buying curtains from China on online stores is different from visiting China in that;

  • Buying online is cheaper because you save money for air tickets and other transportation costs in China, plus accommodation costs.
  • Visiting China is advantageous because you get to choose from a wide range of brands and different manufactures.
  • When buying in bulk, you should consider buying directly from the manufacturers in China’s wholesale curtain market.
  • China has an excellent logistics infrastructure and can ship products to all corners of the world.
  • It is also easy to make payment for your goods and tracking your order shipment online.
  • The curtain’s industry in China is big and modernized, capable of meeting any MOQ from customers worldwide.
  • You can visit the manufacturers in wholesale curtain market in China and deal with them one on one, unlike online shopping.
  • Online shopping is susceptible to scam, unlike going to China.
  • Visiting wholesale curtain market in China is advantageous because you can get other items from what you need, unlike online shopping.
  • Depending on the terms you prefer, you can buy directly from the wholesale curtain market in China or place your orders through China’s online stores like Alibaba.

How do you Pay for Wholesale Curtain in China?

Chinese curtain suppliers accept a wide range of payment methods.

It is important to note that many manufacturers or suppliers demand you to pay a deposit before they commence production, and you pay the rest after they complete the output.

So, you need to be prepared to make two transactions to the manufacturers or suppliers.

Some of the payment methods include:

  • You can pay using PayPal
  • Opening an account in China and making a local transaction
  • Using an international transfer to wire the money directly to the manufacturer in China
  • ALIPAY or Alibaba trade Assurance
  • There is also the option of using a broker
  • Western union

What is the Importance of Gathers on Curtains from China?


 Gathers on curtains

Gathers or fullness in curtains is used both for aesthetic purposes and also for privacy purposes.

To get pleats for your curtain, you need to procure curtains with a greater width than your curtain rod.

Curtains with less gather will offer less privacy and will cost less as there is less fabric involved.

It is the reverse for more gather; more gather equates to more privacy but comes with a higher cost.

Curtain gathers are of different styles and include:

  • Box pleat
  • Rod pocket
  • Pinch pleat
  • Eyelet
  • Tailored pleat
  • Goblet

Which Printing Technique is used on Wholesale Curtains from China?

The printing techniques that are used on wholesale curtains from China include:

  • Stamp printing; this is a simple printing method that involves stamping prints on the curtain fabric.
  • Transfer printing: it is a bit more involving printing technique that involves the transfer of prints from a specialist paper to the curtain fabric.
  • Screen printing: it is the most commonly used printing method and involves using a stencil and nylon mesh to create a print design.
  • Dye sublimation: it is a bit more expensive printing method. It produces long-lasting and clean prints on your curtain fabrics.
  • Pigment printing: it is one of the most versatile, eco-friendly, and localized printing techniques available in the market.
  • Reactive printing: this printing method is almost the same as the sublimation printing method and results from cleaning and permanent prints on your curtain fabrics.
  • Offset lithography: it is a printing method that is usually used in large scale printing. The technique is used in rough curtain materials.

What is the Role of Sourcing Agents when Buying Wholesale Curtain from China?

The role of sourcing agents when buying wholesale curtains from China include:

  • Sourcing agents act as a go-between you and the manufacturer when you have no time to visit China to meet with the suppliers on your own.
  • They know the Chinese language and cultural approach regarding communication and will assist you if you encounter communication issues or inconsistent quality.
  • Specialization of sourcing agents in your trading area may help you plan to expand or launch new products.
  • Familiarization of sourcing agents with the business environment will enable them to reach various manufacturers and suppliers on your behalf and find the curtains you need.
  • Ability of the sourcing agents what it takes to source in China will enable you get your curtains at the right time and in the right quality.

Which Documents do you need to Import a Wholesale Curtain from China?

Before importing wholesale curtains from China, there is a requirement that you should follow.

Be ready with all the necessary documentation required to import curtains from China.

The documents are to be presented to the appropriate authorities when and as required.

The following are some of the essential documents used in importing curtains from China:

to charge.

· Import/Export Declaration

Import/ Export declaration is a document prepared by either you or the exporter, and you will be required to submit it to the customs office.

The form of this declaration will be different depending on the requirements that should be met by the importer.

· Packing List

A packing list is issued by the cargo company that will show you all curtains shipped and the packing information.

It informs all the parties involved in the importation process about the contents of the baggage.

· Certificate of Origin

It is a document that will help you prove that the products on transit or waiting to be transported.

A certificate of origin indicates that the cargo is wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed.

The exporter has the prerogative to provide this document to you.

Certificates of origin have two components, namely:

  • A non-preferential certificate of origin specifies where curtains were produced.
  • Preferential certificate of origin: this will state that the goods shipped are manufactured in a country that trades with your country of origin.

For example, when you are trading within the Commonwealth of Nations.

· Bill of Lading (B/L, BOL)

The Bill of lading is used in detailing the type and particulars of the cargo in transit.

It states the goods’ title and requires the shipment company to take a payload to a particular location or destination.

The Bill of lading is given to you by the cargo company, and you can use it as proof of shipment for insurance companies and customs.

This document was mailed to you as the buyer to pay off the Contract.

· Pro Forma Invoice

The Pro forma invoice gives you critical information about the shipment: the number of curtains shipped, the curtains’ features, and designs.

This invoice also contains the curtains’ final pricing, which helps you make the final purchasing decision.

A Pro forma invoice is not a valid invoice but is an agreement between the exporter and importer.

The exporter of the curtains prepares it.

Why do you need Freight Forwarder to Import Wholesale Curtain in China?

When importing wholesale curtains from China, it is essential to work with a freight forwarder because of the following reasons:

  • They enable you to focus on your business as they take care of complex transport and customs procedures.
  • Freight forwarders will help you move the shipment from China to your location in a smooth manner.
  • Expertise of freight forwarders in China’s logistics process will enable them to easily contract airlines, shipping lines and haulers on your behalf.
  • Curtains’ passage through the series of processes and regulations required by different countries will be easier for you when you use freight forwarders.
  • Handling unprojected objects like delayed goods will be effectively met by freight forwarders.
  • Ensure that your curtains shipment is insured from loss or damage as they supply insurance.
  • You must use a freight forwarder as they can leverage their buying power to reduce transport costs.
  • Cost savings: they can negotiate costs due to the large number of containers shipped each and every day.
  • Contract free: freight forwarders do not work with binding contracts thus they have freedom to deal with anyone they want.
  • Saving you money by ensuring the goods arrive on your specific destinations.
  • Assistance in packaging, warehouse customs and any other shipping requirements.

Are Wholesale Curtains from China available in Pairs?

Wholesale curtains are available both in pairs and as single panels.

It enables customers to select curtains that suit their preferences and make custom designs.

What are the Common Challenges when Buying Wholesale Curtain from China?

Buying wholesale curtains from China might be a hustle because you will not know how to choose curtains.

Some of the challenges that you may encounter when importing wholesale curtains from China include:

  • Compliance and safety issues: different countries require different standards for imported curtains.
  • Commodity inspection required by China customs: when importing from China, you will need to do commodity inspection.
  • The problem of design infringement: you may encounter design infringement where manufacturers use brand names and logos without the required authorization.
  • Shipping: the most popular and economical way to import goods from China is through sea shipping and this takes a relatively longer period of time.

Are Wholesale Curtains from China Durable?

Yes, wholesale curtains from China are durable.

However, the durability varies depending on the material used and the prices for your curtains.

The prices of the wholesale curtains vary depending on the material used, and the customization required.

Can you Import Thermal Curtains from China?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers offer thermal curtains in different curtain styles to complement any design preferences.

Some of the benefits of thermal curtains include:

  • Dual-layer construction for durability
  • They help in optimizing energy efficiency.
  • Thermal curtains are effective in controlling indoor temperatures.

Do Curtain Suppliers in China have a Product Return Policy?

Most of the curtain suppliers in China do not have product return policies.

It is prudent that you check your curtains before shipment and ask for samples before production.

You can also offer to pay for a product guarantee or additional packages that allow for return policies.

All in all, your type of financial arrangement will influence if you have a return policy.

Where can you Find Wholesale Curtains from China Online?

 Curtains Alibaba

Curtains on Alibaba

You may find wholesale curtains on China’s online markets like Alibaba and AliExpress.

These online markets will ensure that you can access the millions of products available directly from the manufacturer or the source.

Online global trade is a current trend that you should adopt as an importer and work with online vendors for wholesale curtains in China.

When you want to import curtains from China using Alibaba, you will have to know how to use them well to avoid getting ripped off.

You should understand that Alibaba is among the largest and frequently used database by Chinese vendors online.

However, due to being so large, Alibaba is filled with many ungenuine suppliers; that is why you should be aware of the right way to use this site.

When importing wholesale curtains from AliExpress, you may be able to purchase the curtains in single-unit quantities.

Chinese companies use AliExpress as a liquidation outlet for their products; thus, this site’s products are relatively higher than Alibaba.

AliExpress is a site for finding mostly short-term suppliers and not a good platform for finding long term suppliers for your wholesale curtains business.

You should also note that vendors on AliExpress will not offer customized curtain designs.

Can you Import Curtain Accessories from China?

Curtain accessories

Curtain accessories

Yes, you can import curtain accessories from China.

Some of the curtain accessories that you can import from China include:

  • Curtain tracks
  • Curtain rods/ pole
  • Curtain brackets
  • Curtain rings
  • Rod pockets.
  • Eyelets
  • Curtain tap tops
  • Curtain finials
  • Tie tops
  • Pencil pleats
  • Fabric blinds
  • Pelmets and valances
  • Window film
  • Shutters

How do Wholesale Ship Curtain from China?

Wholesale curtains that you buy from China can either be shipped through the air or as sea cargo.

Through the sea, cargo is carried by huge containers of about 20 by 40 feet.

If you want to save costs, it is recommendable to choose bulk shipping as you may benefit from quantity discounts.

If your curtains cargo is at least five pallets, it is better to transport it utilizing a FCL.

For smaller curtains cargo volumes, you should choose LCL.

This method will mean that your curtains cargo will be with other kinds of shipments.

When shipping, you should insure your cargo because many shipping companies only offer limited liability for any damage on cargo while in transit.

This kind of insurance will only cover part of the cargo.

In case you require insurance of your full cargo, you can reach out to custom brokers for assistance.

Once the curtains you have imported from China reach the seaport, they need to be transported using another transportation means to an available location near you.

They are then transported using rail or road to your destination.

Are there Quality Standards for Wholesale Curtain from China?

Some of the quality standards for wholesale curtains from China include;

  • ASTM D3691/ D3691M- 09
  • ASTM D4723- 07E2
  • AATCC 16-2004
  • AATCC 111-2009
  • WCMA Standards
  • ANSI standards

How do you Package Wholesale Curtain from China before Shipping?

You can package wholesale curtains outbound from China by:

  • Labeling the curtains with bar codes for easy retrieval and tracking.
  • Wrapping up the curtains and labeling them.
  • Releasing the curtains based on the warehouse orders.
  • Announce the delivery to the warehouse through a delivery note. The delivery note usually contains information about the curtains to arrive at the home warehouse.
  • Verify all the curtains before dispatch.
  • Compare the curtains to be delivered with the shipping documentation.

Do Cheap Wholesale Curtains from China imply Low Quality?

No, not at all. All curtains made in China meet specific quality standards regardless of the pricing.

Be sure that you will get value for your money.

How does China Window Curtain compare to China Door Curtain?

China window curtains are mostly sold in pairs, while the China door curtains mostly come as a single item.

Curtains also have a broader width, heavier material, and are versatile compared to door curtains.

Curtains are mostly available in a wide range of patterns, while door curtains tend to have one solid color.

With every piece of information in this guide, you can easily source and ship curtains from China to your local destination.

At BanSar, we help you explore and get the best wholesale curtain in China at affordable rates.

Contact us now for all your freight forwarding needs.

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