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Adult Diapers
Wholesale Adult Diapers from China

Are you struggling about finding a wholesale supplier and manufacturer for your adult diapers? Then Bansar can help you find a reliable one. Bansar has a good relationship in every leading wholesale suppliers and factory in China. You can select your ideal wholesale diaper suppliers in Jiangsu province to support your business.

Cloth Diapers
Wholesale Cloth Diapers from China

Are you looking for a wholesale supplier of cloth diapers for your business? China is a great place for you to find. China is a country with a high level of productivity. You can sure you can find great quality of cloth diapers at very affordable prices. Zhejiang province has a lot of wholesale diaper suppliers who can help you with the whole process for your convenient shopping.

Disposable Diapers
Wholesale Disposable Diapers from China

Wholesaling for the first time is not really an easy task. First, you need to find a trusted wholesale supplier who can support your growing business. But don’t worry, Bansar can recommend the best wholesale supplier and factory of diaper for you. Diapers are most in China. Most of the wholesale suppliers can be found in Shandong province who always provide high-quality supplies.

Newborn Diapers
Wholesale Newborn Diapers from China

When wholesaling, the most important is to secure the safety of your order by selecting certified suppliers. You can a lot of certified wholesale suppliers mostly in Shandong and Zhejiang provinces. They have the capability to provide all the information in all process to meet the needs of your growing business.

Plain Cloth Diapers
Wholesale Plain Cloth Diapers from China

Looking for wholesale suppliers of quality plain cloth? Guangdong is one of the provinces in China of having a lot of certified wholesale suppliers. They always supply good quality products such as plain cloth diapers to meet the needs of your special requirements. Also, they can help you gain good profits by running your business smoothly.

Unisex Cloth Diapers
Wholesale Unisex Cloth Diapers from China

China is the most important partners in many business owners for a long time. Provinces in China such as Jiangsu and Shanghai has a lot of wholesale supplier and manufacturer who have been trusted in so many years. They have passed a lot of international certifications so you can sure your wholesale unisex cloth diapers are in good hands.

Disposable Pants Diaper
Wholesale Disposable Pants Diaper from China

Are you planning to wholesale disposable pants diapers in China? Then you have made the best choice. China is amongst the top wholesale manufacturer worldwide. They offer very good wholesale prices so you can save a lot of money and effort. Find your ideal wholesale supplier and build a good relationship with them.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Diapers Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China
Competitive and cheaper rates, if wholesale diaper orders are very huge and not urgent you must considered shipping by sea.
Air Freight from China
Safer and efficient way for your urgent wholesale orders. Also provides high level of security for your diaper orders.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Using rail as a means of transportation for your wholesale shipments is much affordable and organized, as you get it in your expected schedules.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you're unfamiliar with the required stages of wholesale, Bansar can help you ship your diaper orders to your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Wholesale Diapers Manufacturer in China

1 Quanzhou Diaborn Hygiene Products Co Ltd

Founded in 2006, Diaborn is one of the largest diaper manufacturers located in Fujian Province, China with an estimated annual revenue of over $5 million. Owns a factory which occupies an area of 66,000 square meters. Highly supported by over 300 workers, including hardworking staff and skilled senior technicians. With advanced production facilities and production lines, comprehensive productions are accessible at affordable prices.

2 Chiaus

Established in 2006, CHIAUS (Fujian) Industrial Development Co., Ltd become one of the top diaper brands headquartered in Quanzhou, China. A wide range of diapers is manufactured such as newborn baby diapers, wet wipes, baby toiletries, infant feeding utensils, adult diapers, and so on. With rich experience in manufacturing, they still doing the best to improve the product quality in order to satisfy the demand of various classes of customers.

3 BBG Sanitary Commodity Limited

Recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of diapers situated in Guangzhou, China that supply superior items to meet the consumers’ requirements. Set up in the year 2004, with the world’s advanced production machines and strong technical workforce, which allow this baby diaper manufacturing companies to ensure prompt production for your big quantity orders.

4 AAB China Co Ltd

For all types of diapers, you can count on AAB China Co Ltd. Headquartered in Fujian, China which covers an area of 80,000 square meters, AAB China Co Ltd is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality diapers. Possess modern 32 production lines with total annual revenue of $167 million. Since 2001, the company’s experienced marketing team and Customer Service Centre are willing to help you and handle your requests.

5 InSoft

ISO14001, ISO9001 certified manufacturer and trading company situated in Fujian, China, InSoft is a famous top disposable diaper brand established in 2010. Employs more than 500 professional personnel and has an estimated annual revenue of $100 million. One-stop-provider for your baby diaper, underpad, wet wipes, adult diaper, necessities.

6 Yamaza Group

Incorporated in 2005, YAMAZA Group is a major baby diaper manufacturing company in China ensuring quality products at cost-effective prices. Located in Guangzhou China, Yamazadiapers becomes a wide distributor and supplier of baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes, etc. in many countries such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

7 Baron China Co Ltd

Founded in 2005, Baron China Co Ltd is a dedicated and reputable provider of high-class baby diapers, baby wipes, and adult diapers located in Fujian, China. Employs more than 500 staff and has an estimated annual turnover of $67 million. The company obtained ISO9001:2008 management certification, SGS, and FDA authentication. The sales network of the company has been covered all over China and all products are well-known among a large number of costumers.

8 Hanhe Diaper

Popular accomplished diaper supplier and manufacturer with an annual turnover of between $15 to $20 million. Headquartered in Fujian, China, Fujian Hanhe Sanitary Products Co., Ltd is specialized in creating superior quality diapers at all types and sizes with abundant experience. A professional company that follows strict quality control according to FDA, ISO, ITS, CE, SGS standards to provide unmatched quality solutions.

9 Sun Baby Diapers

Located in Shanghai, China, Sun Baby Diapers is a leading company specialized in the manufacturing of baby diapers. One of the famous diaper brands that consistently supply high-quality disposable diaper brands in the markets. The company’s aim is to assist customers to boom their business. Plus, they are making great efforts to obtain a win-win situation and maintain good relationships between customers.

10 V Care Baby

Established in 2007, VCareBaby Paper (China) Co., Ltd is one of the best manufacturers in China specialized in research, development, and producing all kinds of diapers and other related products. Set up in Quanzhou, China covering an area of 66,000 square meters and employing 300+ committed workers at the present. Get high-grade quality diaper for your wholesale orders!

11 Quanzhou Tianjiao Lady & Baby′s Hygeian Supply 

Tianjiao Lady & Baby′s Hygeian Supply is headquartered in Quanzhou, Fujian, China specializes in the fabrication of high-quality baby diapers, adult diapers, and more. Possess advanced technique and equipment that guarantee 100% satisfaction. Trusted management system with ISO9001 certification many clients depend on! The company served and exported many countries like South Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

12 Quanzhou ERA Sanitary Products 

One of the major wholesale diaper manufacturers situated in Jinjiang City, Quanzhou, Fujian, China. They also provide and manufacture baby wipes, sanitary pad, and other related products at the best prices. Customer worldwide never complains about the stable quality of products. They never disappoint clients with professional services.

13 Fujian Shengjie Sanitary Products 

With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing excellent quality baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary pads and napkins, punch membranes, etc. Fujian Shengjie Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. earned the best reputation for clients worldwide. The company ensures strictly inspected quality, safe, and affordable products. Established in 2002, and now ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified!

14 Fujian Liao Paper 

Established in 2010, Fujian Liao Paper Co., Ltd. is a premier diaper manufacturer that implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which guarantees each product can exceed the quality requirements of consumers. Headquartered in Zhengda Industrial Park, Quanzhou City with a factory covering an area of 33, 000 square meters. The company has more than 90 employees that can produce over 1, 000, 000 pieces of high-quality diapers per day according to ISO9001 standards and ISO14001 systems.

15 Quanzhou Jiahua Sanitary Articles 

Established in 2003, Jiahua specializes in manufacturing baby/adult diapers, female sanitary napkin, and pads. The company has attained ISO9001: 2008 authentication issued by the CUC. With a well-equipped factory covering an area of 33000 square meters and professional QC department to guarantee the quality, they earned much reputation and appreciation from customers in the domestic market and many countries worldwide.

16 Xiamen Newclears Daily Products 

A professional diaper manufacturer located in Xiamen China, Newclears Daily Products Co., Ltd. has a skilled technical staff and modern production lines that ensure you get high-quality products at a lower cost. With rich experience in the field, best quality management systems, excellent customer service, prompt delivery, and competitive prices, the company guarantees 100% satisfaction!

17 Yijia (Fujian) Sanitary Appliances 

Founded in 2013, Yijia (Fujian) Sanitary Appliances Co., Ltd. is a committed and skilled provider of baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins, panty liners, etc. situated in Jinjiang city, China. Owns the most advanced machinery equipment for faster production of hygiene products, and now an ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, SGS quality certified.

18 True Mission Industrial

Founded in 2011, True Mission Industrial Co., Ltd is located in Xiamen city. One-stop solution if you need sanitary supplies, household paper, and raw materials, diapers, adult diapers, panty liner, wet tissue, and other related products. All products from True Mission Industrial cover many domestic and foreign regions and are deeply loved by consumers.

19 Fujian Hui′an Hecheng Household Products 

For more than 17 years of history in manufacturing Disposable Hygiene Personal Care products Fujian Hui′an Hecheng Household Products Co., Ltd. become excellent and famous for supplying 100% quality of products.  Located in Quanzhou City, with FDA registration, BV & SGS production approved, ISO 9001: 2008, and other special documents required by various markets. Also, welcome OEM and ODM orders for the great satisfaction of clients!

20 Fujian Time and Tianhe Industrial 

Founded in 1998, Fujian Time and Tianhe Industrial Co., Ltd is a popular manufacturer that integrates research, development, production of a wide array of baby diapers, sanitary napkins, panty liner, etc. Headquartered in Quanzhou city with efficient transportation access. Obtained certificates of FDA and CQI, ISO9001: 2015, your quality can be ensured.

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