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Different types of Door Closer
Aluminum Door Closer
Wholesale Aluminum Door Closer From China

If you are desperately looking for an authenticable product to be on your business expansion, Bansar voluntarily offers its genuine help to solve that problem of yours. Chinese manufacturers in their local town are very organized and recorded received many certifications and awards for being dedicated to each of its clients. When you deciding to manufactured and deal with Chinese then you did the best decisions.

Commercial Door Closer
Wholesale Commercial Door Closer from China

For a long time searching for the best and provides veritable wholesale of commercial door, you can only find it in China. China has many reputable and well-organized workers in manufacturing your required orders. It has many suppliers in any parts of its provinces that aiming to provide and sustain your different reliable wholesale commercial door closer.


Glass Door Closer
Wholesale Glass Door Closer from China

Is it enthusiastically hard for you to look for the manufacturers that proudly offers genuine and productivity of their manufactured products? It will become easy for you because Bansar introduced manufacturers from China. They offered wholesale glass door at an excellent rate. There are many providers you can only found in the country of China that gives you the satisfaction you deserved.

Hafele Door Closer
Wholesale Hafele Door Closer from China

You can easily look for the best yet offers custom wholesale hafele door closer at a cheaper rate. If your prime priority is to wholesale different kinds of reliable door closer then you can easily find it by the superior wholesale manufacturers from China. They have the goal to meet your high predictions for the sake of your own growing business.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Door Closer
Wholesale Heavy-Duty Adjustable Door Closer from China

No need to search no more because the wholesale heavy-duty adjustable door closer that is good for the productivity of your own run-business, can be easily acquired only in the Chinese manufacturers. Bansar can be the best partner in shipping your products ordered in your exact home location or even in your storage warehouse.

Hydraulic Door Closer
Wholesale Hydraulic Door Closer from China

You can choose any hydraulic door closer to be an addition to the success of your business. You can also avail of wholesaling on these products if that is the main priority of your business. There are a lot of excellent designs that are fit for any type of doors. Guangdong is the top leading province in China that has many hardworking manufacturers.

Non sized Door Closer
Wholesale Non-sized Door Closer from China

Availing on wholesale non-sized door closer might be very cautious in any wholesale markets. But these kinds of products are considered as best-selling for any residential homes. You can easily found a lot of wholesale of these products mostly in Zhejiang, Shandong and especially in Guangdong. They are friendly offering these services for a budgeted and low-cost rate.

Overhead Door Closer
Wholesale Overhead Door Closer from China

Maybe you might think it is difficult to choose the best and right supplier for the productivity of your business. But it will become easy for Bansar will help you through the shipping process and the Chinese manufacturers also offer efficiency and the high-quality of their products been provided. In many years, Chinese manufacturers have been handling any kind of client`s orders that really a big help for them.

Parallel Arm
Wholesale Parallel Arm Door Closer from China

Selecting for the perfect provider of any products could be a difficult process. But in China, they have the high-skilled and professionals manufacturers that really supply the satisfaction in each client they dealt with. For an easiest way in looking for the high-empowered manufacturers around the globe, choose the manufacturers and suppliers that passed in any international certifications.

Regular Arm
Wholesale Regular Arm Door Closer from China

Are you finding it so struggling when whom to deal in manufacturing your desired wholesale regular arm door closer products? Then let Bansar assist you. They can give you the best manufacturers in China and deliver it to you on-time with no doubtful experiences. In finding a partner, Bansar suggested that you must look for the manufacturers that are known and popular for their successful past activities.

Residential Door Closer
Wholesale Residential Door Closer from China

By picking the best and suitable supplier for your very important business may be difficult but with the help of Bansar integrated shipping corporation, it can be very easy for they provide the best and profitable decisions and suggestions for the good sake of your business. For a competitive yet lower rate of their offered services, you can enjoy those and achieve the satisfaction you truly desire.

Steel Concealed Door Closer
Wholesale Steel Concealed Door Closer from China

It is very important to have that business partner that is responsible and having an excellent and brilliant mindset. When you are planning to have that kind of perfect partner to be with you successful business team, then Bansar can help you for they only highly recommended the Chinese very industrious manufacturers.

Surface Mounted Door Closer
Wholesale Surface Mounted Door Closer from China

To make sure of having the undoubtful transactions for your business, you can directly acquire to the Chinese manufacturers. They have any kinds of well-grounded items that suited for the succession of your growing business. Guangdong is one of the enclose provinces of China that mainly provides efficient Chinese products.

Top Jamb
Wholesale Top Jamb Door Closer from China

A top jamb door closer is commonly attached at the above rail part of the door is constricted and the adjacent required to be installed of the opening. When you find it very useful for your own expanding business, then do some urgent actions for it. You can acquire and deal with some of the manufacturers in any provinces covered by China for they are known for their trustworthy done activities. 


Universal Door Closer
Wholesale Universal Door Closer from China

Universal Door Closer is very useful in any type of doors so that it will open easily. This kind of product is highly offered by some of the Chinese manufacturers and it is a best-selling product of all time. When you want it to be on your business productions then don`t waste time to purchase these. For a cheaper price yet in a competitive rate, you can ensure that the reliability of the products been purchased cannot be disappointed to you.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Door Closer Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China to
Competitive yet in an affordable rates are offered by sea freight transportations. If you ship your wholesale door closer through it, then it is a good idea.
Air Freight Shipping from China
When your priority is the safety and the effiecency way of your wholesale urgent orders, then you must considered to ship it through air freight transportations.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
For a stress-free transactions and faster delivery of your shipments orders, you must depend to your rail freight shipping partner.
Door to Door Shipping from China
Door to door delivery of your products ordered is the best and most advantageous way of safely transporting of your demands orders. Bansar is always at your side and willing to deliver your wholesale door closer at your residential areas

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Wholesale Door Closer from China

Planning about wholesale doors closer from China?

Searching for the hardworking wholesale supplier and manufacturer to finely transact with?

Then, you must not skip this assistance.

You will get advantageous ideas and knowledge from studying this guide and help you be an expert with the topmost wholesale door closer manufacturers in China. Also, soar up your business highly.

Resource To Help You Wholesale Door Closer From China:

Door Closer Types

Import Data of Door Closer

Best 30 Door Closer Manufacturers in China

1 Zhongshan Yangyi Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Yangyi Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd. was started to give the best services with their skilled staff from technicians, engineers, designers, and so on. They have manufactured door closer in plenty of designs, types, materials, and customizations. They have many customers in different places which they always send them durable and unique door closers.

2 Lasting (Yuanjiu) Door Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Lasting (Yuanjiu) Door Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional door closer manufacturer and producer worldwide. They have reasonable rates of door closer offering 7 years of warranty. They produce door closer certified with ISO and CE. They started to manufactured 10 years ago, until now have dedication towards business.

3 Ziwuxian Protective Technology Co., Ltd.

Ziwuxian Protective Technology Co., Ltd has 10 years of experience that provide door closer products overseas. They are capable to handle the door closer safest process. The packaging is secured well and ensure the quality products before they move it out to their warehouse.

4 Yishida Door Hardware Limited

If you need to have door closer long term relationship, no worries. Yishida Door hardware Limited is a well-trusted manufacturer and CE certified that passed also UL test approval. This company ensures to make different options for your need of door closer. They can offer you a multifunctional door closer.

5 Gemei Door Closer Factory

You can find a manufacturer that will be suitable for your urgent requirements. In handling a business you must be vigilant in choosing. This company is specializing door closer production. They are certified that helps business succeed. Bansar can suggest Gemei Door Closer Factory as your reliable partner and producer.

6 Ruian Huadong Forging Co., Ltd.

In 1964, Ruian Huadong Forging Co., Ltd has founded. is manufacturing door closer with 12, 000 square meters factory area. They have millions of shipped forgings. They deliver the door closer for OEM. They are the leading producer for your needs in business.

7 Huida Hardware Factory

Huida Hardware Factory was established in 1998. They are manufacturing with over 400 employees and occupied 10000 square meters plant area. This company has advanced facilities that help fabrication easier. They manufacturers supported by senior engineers, a strict management system, and so on. You can get door closer quality and great materials.

8 Guangdong Dongqiang Decorate Hardware Casting Manufactory

Guangdong Dongqiang Decorate hardware Casting Manufactory is founded in 1994. They manufactured over 30,000 pieces per month and manufacture plenty of types of door handles, functions, sizes, and more options. In fabricating door handles, this company is certified with CE, UL, and more approval. They become the leading door closer producer.

9 Dinggu Hardware Factory.China

Are you looking for door closer best quality? Dinggu Hardware Factory. China specializes in manufacturing door closer. They are professional in terms of designing door closer. They have different designs and perfect quality products. You can give them your door closer designs. This company assures you to meet your requirements.

10 Zhejiang Yongkang Chiye Tools Co., Ltd.

In 1990, Zhejiang Yongkang Chiye Tools Co., Ltd was founded. They have principles prioritized, the quality first and to survive on it. They successfully develop products and make plenty doors closer every month. Door closers are sent to different places around the world. You can locate them in Zhejiang province in China if you want to visit their excellent factory.

11 Wenzhou Repop Hardware Co., Ltd.

As one of the largest door closer, Wenzhou Repop Hardware Co., Ltd. occupied 9,000 square meters of workshop space. They manufactured quality tested door closer and send it overseas. They are located in China at Wenzhou, Xinqiao Gaoxiang Industrial Zone. You can book a schedule to visit the factory.

12 Feilida Hardware

Finding manufacturers is not easy. But Bansar is willing to help you. Bansar suggests Feilida Hardware from China for you as your partner. This company can offer long term of the partnership. It helps the business easier. They can reach you and produce door closer even if you’re in Europe, the Middle East, and many countries all over the world.

13 Yixun Door Control Hardware Factory

Yixun Door Control Hardware Factory is manufacturing ISO 9001 quality door closer. They are supplying durable door closer in more than 10 years of expertise. They have complete advanced machines and other equipment. This company is CE certified with EN1154 and ULANSI test. This certification proves that this company is a stable company that is perfect for you.

14 Zhejiang Anny Intelligent Door & Window Co., Ltd.

If you are planning to import a door closer in China, Zhejiang Anny intelligent Door & Window Co., Ltd is an expert producer and manufacturer that able to meet your door closer order request. This company is founded in 1998 that occupied 18,000 square meters of factory area.

15 Zhejiang Muzi Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Muzi Electromechanical Co., Ltd is founded in 1993 and upgrade in 2005. They change their company name from Wenzhou Lucheng Automatic Door Factory to Zhejiang Muzi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. They have ensured features of door closer and many other main products they manufactured. You can truly love their durable door closer supplied.


Find a certified door closer manufacturer for your business safety. This company is founded in 1872 with a wide variety of door closer. They have manufactured door closer in perfect features and specifications. They have 205 people and 13 people from R&D staff. It helps quality control. They have floor space of about 12,500 M2. They have 6 production lines.

17 Zhongshan Golden Mammoth Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Golden Mammoth Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing door closer with high performance and great functions. They provide high-quality door closer and attractive designs. You can get negotiable door closers in a lower price. They can guide you and suggest what is best for your business.

18 Hangzhou Kingstar Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Kingstar Hardware Products CO., Ltd is a professional Door Closer manufacturer in China. They mainly manufactured building home needs. This company passed all the audits in manufacturing. Their products have passed the test. Their factory passed the qualifications since they have a complete and advanced facility.

19 Chengdu Henten Security Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Henten Security Co., Ltd. manufactured door closer and different home materials. It is fabricated through advanced machines that make it quality and durable.  They can make sure the packaging safe and delivered it quality to your location. Select this company as your partner in finding the best door closer.

20 Lasting Hardware Door Control Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Lasting Hardware Door Control Manufacturing Co., Ltd has 7 years of warranty. Their door closer products are ISO and CE certified. It offered reasonable rates and competitive that you will truly love. They have 10 years of door closer manufacturing experience located in Foshan in China.

21 Guangzhou City Anguli Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou City Anguli Import and Export Co., Ltd can deliver door closer in South America, Europe, Russia, Mexico, USA, and much more. They have 100 square meter plant area and skilled workers that help convenient manufacturing process. This company developed after sales, production, shipping, and more.

22 Foshan Yuezhou Construction Hardware Co., Ltd.

In 2009, Foshan Yuezhou Construction Hardware Co., Ltd was established. They have 900 square meters of space for workshops. They have 10 years of door closer expertise with a strong production team. You can benefit from their unique and negotiable designs of door closers which is very functional and long life span.

23 Guangzhou Lockvel Security Technologies Co., Ltd.

In Building 6b at Shibeigongye Road at Dashi Town of Guangdong province in China, this company was located. Their factory is in Guangzhou city in China with now 10 production lines and over 20 R&D staff. They export door closer via agency safely and secured the best quality before they packed it well.


This company has 12 years of manufacturing door closer and many more. They have certified with ISO9001 in the year 2015. They have the product tested with BS, CE, UL, BHMA, and many more. They are located on 5th floor of Bingang Commercial building at Guangdong province in China.

25 EC Hardware Co., Ltd.

EC Hardware Co., Ltd is based in Foshan in China. They have welcome OEM and ODM customers. They manufactured plenty of door closer every month and sell them all over the world. They are able to reach many countries like North America, Europe, Oceana, the Middle East, and more.

26 Zhaoqing Gaoyao Jinhuida Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

As an experienced manufacturer of door closer, Zhaoqing Gaoyao Jinhuida Hardware Products Co., Ltd has passed many struggles. They have 20 years of experience and send plenty of door closer anywhere in the world. They have skilled security that secures all the products manufactured.


In 1987, Haida Door Control Co., Ltd was founded mainly manufactured home materials like a door closer. They have 70, 000 square meters plant area with plenty of machines like CNC machines and more. They are able to manufacture millions of sets and sell them all over the world. They can also reach South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and etc.

28 Likcoo Locks Co., Ltd.

In China, Likcoo Locks Co., Ltd is located in Tangxia Town Baotang road of Jiangmin province. They have an export license and export 90% door closer everywhere. They have the nearest port like Jiangmen and Shenzhen port. You can trust their term of payment like Small-amount of payment, PayPal, LC, and Western Union.

29 Hefei Dortec Autodoor Technology Co., Ltd.

Hefei Dortec Autodoor Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1995. They export door closer in 120 overseas providing quality packaging, quality products, and more. They are an ISO9001 certified in the year 2008. They have 85 skilled and highly trained employees in the workshop. They established prioritizing quality first.

30 Guangdong Chuanying hardware Technology Co., Ltd.

In 10 years of experience, Guangdong Chuanying hardware Technology Co., Ltd they have many experiences many difficulties that they successfully passed it. They are now professional and dealing with many big-time customers. They manufacture 600, 000 door closer every month easier through high tech machines and senior engineers, technicians, and designs.

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