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Wholesale Cameras from China

Many people love to capture every moment of their motions. Some use cameras for their business and others for their personal. If you need wholesale cameras for your electronic business or other business use, you can find most wholesale markets in China. China the most country with a high level of productivity. One of the provinces in China has a lot of certified wholesale electronics supplier who supplies durable and affordable cameras at a competitive cost.

Cell Phones
Wholesale Mobile Phones from China

Why many people in business prefer Chinese electronics for their business? It is not only based on its high quality but also on its affordable price. Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes. When you need wholesale mobile phones for your electronic business, it is good for you to trust Chinese wholesale suppliers who can handle everything like shipping your mobile phone in a safe and smooth way.

Wholesale Headphones from China

Looking for affordable wholesale headphones that you can use for your business to gain good profit? China has the most wholesale markets in Guangdong province. You can find a lot of qualified wholesale suppliers to purchase different types of electronics that you may need to run your business.

Wholesale Laptops from China

Find out some qualified wholesale factories and look for qualified distributors in China. It will help you find good quality electronics supplies to support your growing business. Choose suppliers in Shandong and Zhejiang provinces. They offer competitive wholesale cost for your laptop orders. They will supply good quality electronics to meet your business needs.

Medical Equipments
Wholesale Medical Equipment from China

If you wholesale for something and you probably want to save money especially when it comes to purchasing an electronics for medical equipment, you can find reliable manufacturers in China who are provided affordable yet high-quality wholesale electronics. You can find a lot of them from Zhejiang province.

Wholesale Power banks from China

Power banks are very useful for every people in business, trip, etc. Good quality power banks are provided by leading wholesale suppliers in China. They provide high-quality products of electronics at competitive prices. Find most suppliers who can make your process smoothly and efficiently.

Wholesale Printer from China

Looking for the best wholesale printer manufacturer in China? Guangdong province has the most verified wholesale suppliers. But there are also from other areas including Jiangsu and Shanghai provinces. These suppliers guaranteed you a high-quality printer. But don’t forget to double-check the certifications for safety. It will help your business grow bigger.

Importing Radio from China

Get wholesale radio from verified suppliers in China. Most suppliers are located in Guangdong province. A wide variety of electronics is provided by their wholesale suppliers. These experienced manufacturers have been trusted for over years of manufacturing. Select various high-quality wholesale products and build better relationships with them.

Wholesale Telephones from China

Wholesale telephones for your business, you can find a lot of professional wholesale suppliers in Guangdong province.  You can wholesale a wide variety of electronic options that are available to you. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, that has passed a lot of international certification.

Wholesale TV from China

Wholesale electronics supplier and manufacturer are most in Zhejiang province. Providing fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent and huge wholesale orders, giving a complete information process about wholesale TV so you can import safely. China leading supplier and manufacturer can handle the whole process.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Electronics Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China 1
If you're wholesale electronic orders not urgent, shipping by sea is your best choice. Competitive and cheaper rates is also offered.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
For more efficient and quick deliveries of your wholesale electronics shipments, air freight shipping is right for you.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
Travelling by rail is also extremely cost effective, you can instantly save of freight costs in shipping your wholesale electronics.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If shipping internationally and unfamiliar with the wholesale shipping process, Bansar will help you with your order, will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Electronics Manufacturers in China

1 Zhongshan Haozhaotou Kitchen Electronic Co., Ltd.

As they follow principles, Zhongshan Haozhaotou Kitchen Electronic Co., Ltd ensures the quality of first and satisfying services and electronic products. They owned a factory with 5000 square meters which keeps develops. Their designer, Engineers has a lot of experience.

2 Zhongshan Zuoan Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Zuoan Electrical Technology Co., Ltd has about 20000 square meter area of the factory. They were established in 2013 manufacturing electronic home appliances. They are known as a high-tech manufacturer of electronics that export in different places. They have friendly customer services that support the fabrication and processes.

3 Newstar Electromechanical Co., Limited

If you are looking for different electronic products like appliances, Newstar Electromechanical Co., Limited has different kids to offer. In China, They are located in Guangdong Province in Shenzhen City. In manufacturing, this company specializes fabricating home appliances that are negotiable and profitable.

4 Ningbo Winpico Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

There are plenty of electronic appliances you can choose for business. In 1999, Ningbo Winpico Electrical Appliances Co., Limited was established that hold 2 company names. They are able to produce, manufacture, and export appliances such as machines. There are pop maker, coffee maker, steamer, and many more food maker machines.

5 Guangzhou Lont Electronic Co., Ltd.

In the kitchen, there are plenty of electronic appliances to choose from for buyers. Guangzhou Lont Electronic Co., Ltd is manufacturing different types and unique devices suitable for your customer’s needs. A lot of their manufactured products passed audits and certified with CE, LFGB, RoHS, and many more. You can get ideal electronic products.

6 Zhongshan Dongfeng Shengfei kitchen Electronic Factory

If you are looking for kitchen electronics, Zhongshan Dongfeng Shenfei Kitchen Electronic Co., Ltd is manufacturing different types of the water heater. There are plenty of functions and designs. They passed an approval through their capabilities and qualities. They sold overseas and welcomed ODM and OEM buyers.

7 Zhongshan Iron Electric Co., Ltd. (Markmai)

You can locate Zhongshan Iron Electric Co., Ltd at Wenyuan Road at Minsheng Village Guangdong Province in China. They owned a company since they established in 1988. This company is an honest company that mainly manufactures electric iron and parts which is part of the electronic products. They have 6 production lines producing the best quality and export in South America, the Middle East, West and East Europe, and different places.

8 Ningbo Mengheng Electric Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Mengheng Electric Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd has 20000 square meter factory area with a lot of expert staff. They are located at Yuyao City at Zhejiang Province in China. Thy ensures on-time delivery and secured producing electronic products that passed the audits.

9 Hong Kong Tailai Technology Co., Limited

They are ISO certified specializing in manufacturing devices, monitors, and different designs of TV. They have a factory area of about 6000 square meters. They have skilled staff of about 200 people and passed ISO certificates, CCC, UL, BV, and many more. They sold products overseas prioritizing certified TV.

10 Cheong Fai Electronic Manufactory Ltd.

Cheong Fai Electronic Manufactory Ltd sold blenders, mixers, and different kitchen electronic products at Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and many more. The best quality products provided adhering quality first principles. For your visit to the factory, you can locate at Build P at Guangdong Province in China. Get your ideal kitchen electronics for business.

11 Hongkong Winpartners Electronics Company Ltd.

Hongkong Winpartners Electronics Company Ltd is manufacturing led lights, different types of monitors, Media Player, and many more. They export more than 90% since 2013 with 3 people foreign trading staff. They are located near Huangpu port in China at Huashan Town. Trusted since they have rich experience in the industry.

12 Shenzhen YangLiMing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen YangLiMing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was first founded in 2008 at the of February. They are the specialized manufacturer in China that manufactures electronic accessories like SD cards, game cards, multi games, and many more. This company is located in China at Road num.2 Shenzhen City in Guangdong Province.

13 Guangzhou Le Dao Electronic Entertainment Equipment Co., Ltd.

As a high-tech company, Guangzhou Le Dao Electronic Entertainment Equipment Co., Lt specializing in different electronic machines, camera, etc. this company sold manufactured products in about 30 countries and certified with CE standards. Your business needs for electronic products will be provided.

14 Delightbuy (SZ) Electronics Co., Ltd.

Delightbuy (SZ) Electronics Co., Ltd maintains the best quality in more than 10 years of experience. This company grows fast start in 2010 since they have R&D experience. It is covered over 2000 square meter factory area with 100 people. They provide ODM services and OEM to support and provide satisfaction.

15 Shenzhen Huapuou Electronics Co., Ltd.

For factory visit, Shenzhen Huapuou Electronics Co., Ltd is located in China at Baotian District, Guangdong Province in China. They have skilled employees from engineers, designers, customer services team,s and many more. They provide samples, suggestions, and an effective idea that makes you satisfy. They founded in 2006 focuses on designing electronics.

16 UP (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd.

UP Electronics Co., Ltd was prioritizing customer’s designs and ideal electronic products. They founded in 2003 located at Huadu District Guangdong Province in China. This company is covered with 2500 square meters facility manufacturing car monitors, audio, and many more. They have qualified the standards of CE, UL, GS, etc. They were able to export these products at North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and so on.

17 Dongguan Chtechi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

There are plenty of manufacturers and exporter of car electronics that you could choose as your partner. Dongguan Chtechi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a trusted electronic manufacturer in China. This company manufacturing suitable electronic products likes different types of the DVD player. They export in Russia, America, and many places in 30 countries.

18 Sinofor Car DVD Wholesale Co., Ltd.

In 2002, Sinofor Car DVD Wholesale Co., Ltd was established specializing in car electronic products and gadgets. There are DVD players, Video, PC, Audio, GPS, entertainment system, and so on. This company offered lower-cost electronic products. They can export 100 thousand above to meet your requirements.

19 Shenzhen King Boyang Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen King Boyang Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002 specializing in electronics products. They manufacture finest products for automobiles, Bluetooth, car audio, and many more. They are supported by plenty of well-trained engineers and designers. If you need car electronic products, they are great to choose.

20 HK Tonny Electronics Company

HK Tonnny Electronics Company was established in 2001. They professionally manufacture electronic gadgets including music player, USB, and different mini electronic gadgets. If you are interested, they are located at Shennan Road Guangdong Province in China. You can get your ideal electronics needs.

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