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Flex LED Lights
Flex Daylights 1x1 1
Wholesale Flex Daylights 1'x1' from China

Flex Daylights 1’x1′ is lightweight and battery-powered lights. It was commonly used in shootings. If you want to wholesale Flex Daylights 1’x1′, select your perfect partner for your business in Zhejiang province. One of the most experienced suppliers in China is commonly based in there. In manufacturing products, they have been trusted in manufacturing standard products in over 10 years.

Flex LED Light Bi color 1x1 1
Wholesale Flex LED Light Bi-color 1'x1' from China

Be one of the wholesalers in popular and leading wholesale supplier in China. It can be very beneficial if your wholesale products in reliable suppliers in China. China known as a provider of high-quality yet affordable products such as flex LED lights. Choose your ideal supplier in China and constructs the best connection with them.

flex LED lights Bi color 1x3 1 scaled
Wholesale flex LED lights Bi-color 1'x3' from China

Suppliers in China are supplying flex led lights in the best quality so it can help you gain good profits running your business. Smoothly and efficiently process are provided by Shandong province leading supplier and manufacturer. They have the potential to handle your whole process and make the transport of your wholesale order on time to your warehouse.

Flex RGBW 2x2 1
Wholesale Flex RGBW 2'x2' from China

Before wholesaling for something, you must know first the place who has been a long-time partner of others, who handled bigger business. It can be safer if you should choose your long-time to be a partner in running your growing business. Let Bansar help you find the best one. A good connection of Bansar in every wholesale supplier can help you choose this guide to trust.

Portable Flex LED Lights
Wholesale Portable Flex LED Lights from China

There are many suppliers and manufacturers of flex led lights in China. You should be careful about choosing better suppliers who can help your business. Ensure your product safety by selecting from verified suppliers, that have passed international certification in many times in the industry. If you are finding a great supplier and manufacturer in China, the best place for you to find is in Jiangsu and Shandong provinces.

Shock Proof Flex LED Lights
Wholesale Shock Proof Flex LED Lights from China

Wholesaling urgent of shockproof flex led lights can be easy if you find a supplier who only centered wholesale flex led lights. Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces have a lot of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in China. They only manufacturing and supplying wholesale flex led light to meet your needs.

Waterproof Flex LED Lights
Wholesale Waterproof Flex LED Lights from China

Wholesaling is difficult when it comes to choosing a supplier. Bansar can recommend the best wholesale supplier and manufacturer of waterproof flex led lights to meet the needs of your business. They offered wholesale prices at a very affordable cost.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Flex LED Lights Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
Shipping wholesale for your Flex LED Lights by sea is a first choice for most wholesale for low prices and large volume options.
Air Freight Shipping from China 2
Shipping wholesale Flex LED Lights by air is a safe and efficient way for immediate transportation. High level of security and time saving means of transportation.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail can be beneficial for your larger volume Flex LED Lights over long distances. It is also the much affordable means of transporting shipments.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If unfamiliar with all the wholesale shipping process, Door to door shipping is good for your wholesale Flex LED Lights orders. You can save time and inconveniences.

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Best Flex LED Lights Manufacturers in China


  • Wellmax Lighting

For your Flex LED Lights sourcing in China, you can rely on Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry. Since the foundation in 1987, this company engaged in the design and manufacture of LED bulbs. OEM/ODM/SKD LED solutions and branding and marketing are available to support client`s needs. Owing to their mature technology, advanced manufacturing line they become a top exporter of LED bulbs in Shanghai, exporting to over 100 countries worldwide.

  • Lightstec

Lightstec is a professional LED light factory in China. Since 2008, they specialized in the production of Led Strip Lights, Led Aluminum Profiles and Led Linear Lights, and more. This company strives to offer high-performance & quality products to clients with competitive price. All products are quality approved with international standards including led light channel, led power supply, led controller, led panel light, led tube flexible led strip light, rigid led strip, RGB led strip, led aluminum profile, led linear light, and led accessories.

  • Elstar Ltd

Located in Shenzhen China, established in 2009, Elstar Ltd is a trusted Flex LED Lights, LED strip lights and all LED strip light accessories covering connectors, aluminum profiles, LED controllers, power supplies, and LED under cabinet lighting manufacturer in China. They provide cost-effective lighting solutions and now working closely with many top agents, suppliers, and distributors across the globe.

  • Tyria Lighting

Launched in 2012, Tyria Lighting is a dedicated Flex LED Lights supplier with profound experience in the field. Mainly provide led strip, led linear light, led rigid bar light, and so on. Your one-stop-shop provider pride itself in being a lighting solutions supplier by offering customers a wide range of innovative and high-quality lighting products. Own an R&D team whos capable of handling highly customized designs and offer OEM and ODM services to boom your brand.

  • Hanron Lighting

Established in 2010, Hanron Lighting Co., Ltd. specialized in developing, designing, manufacturing and sales of high-class lighting solutions including Flex LED Lights, LED tape light, led ribbon light, LED flexible strip, LED rigid bar, LED cabinet light, and led rope light accessories, etc. All products they produced are approved with ETL, CE, RoHS, IEC, certifications.

  • Topatom International

If you`re looking for the best and durable Flex LED Lights, you can trust Topatom International mainly based in China. Since the establishment in 2009, they developed and work hard to provide high-quality led light products to skyrocket your business. Whether you`re a supplier, distributor, or trading company, this manufacturing company will certainly boom your brand.

  • Sumbao lighting

Since the foundation in 2012, Sumbao lighting engaged in the unique R&D, designing and production, sales of quality led lights. They are located in Dongguang China. Their products promise high performance featuring UV resistance, waterproof, and uniform neon lights effect. You can avail of their products like Flex LED Lights, LED rigid bar, LED cabinet light, for a very competitive price.

  • Suntech led

Founded in 2010, Suntech led is a professional Flex LED Lights manufacturer and supplier in China. They are headquartered in Shenzhen China and also selling their high-quality LED products around the world. Owing to their well-trained team they ensure that their products are of high quality at an affordable rate.

  • Glu lighting

One of the trusted experienced hi-tech LED lighting manufacturers located in Guangdong province China. Glu lighting was established in 2011 and currently supported by more than 50 skilled employees and 4 advanced production equipment. They are well-equipped to guarantee fast and reliable services to customers.

  • Matt Led

For many years, Matt Led strive to provide excellent services and speedy delivery of their quality products and also offer a customization option to revolutionize your business. They fabricate and sell Flex LED Lights, led neon flex, neon signs, and more to many clients around the world. As of now, they are cooperating with various brands Adidas, Gucci, and Hilton Hotels, will you be the next?

  • LBY Led

Since 2004, LBY Led devoted itself to the production of LED lighting products. Engaged in the developing, manufacturing and sales of LED modules and strips for the worldwide signage and illumination industry. Customized design of your products, OEM, and work instruction service is also available in LBY Led. Get more efficient and easily-installed LED lighting products at a very economical price here in LBY Led.

  • Leomay Technology Company

Born in 2011, Leomay Technology Company is a company certified by SGS, LVD, ROHS, FCC, and UL. This is one of the high-tech company, fully engaged in manufacturing, researching, and marketing of flex-led lighting products. Aside flex led lights, Leomay also covers LED neon flex, LED strip light, Led linear light, LED cabinet light, and many more.

  •  Longshine Lighting

Longshine Lighting is a hi-tech entity enterprise of research and development, manufacture, and marketing of lighting products. The factory is based in ZhongShan City, China mainland. Longshine Lighting with the strong advantage of the equipment, technology, capacity, and quality as a whole. They have gain over 20 years of manufacturing experience, focus on producing different types of flex-led lights.


FUTURE GREEN LIGHTING is a professional LED swimming lights supplier and manufacturer in China, particularly in the Guangzhou area. They always dedicated to innovate and upgrade the quality of any lighting products. The business started in 2004 and after many years of research and studies, they have obtained professional R&D capability with satisfying ODM/OEM services.

  •  Easing Home Technology Co., Ltd

This company is considered the fastest growing and largest manufacturer of flex led lights and led extrusion profiles in China. They offer more than 300 units of led lighting products used in decorations, residential lighting, and commercial lighting. The company has gained nearly 8 years since founded, they are fully committed to manufacturing cost-efficient, high-quality LED lightings.

  •  Bothwin (China) Limited

Bothwin (China) Limited is a world-class manufacturer and exporter of lighting products. Main products include palm tree lights, flex led lights, cherry tree lights, fiber optic flower lights, led rope lights, and many more. All the lighting products here are practical and well-designed to satisfy you. The company has formed a professional team whose concern with product`s quality.

  • Vision Lighting Co., Ltd

As a professional LED lighting manufacturer, Vision Lighting is incorporated with the sales, design, service, and production as a whole. Vision lighting has an efficient and highly educated working group, which has long-term and much experience in LED lighting production, design, installation, and services. Also, they have advanced and superior production lines to seek for higher product quality.

  •  Jingxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd

Based mainly in Zhongshan of China, Jingxin Photoelectric operates as a manufacturing company that is willing to produce, design, and develop a wide range of led lighting solutions. You can use lighting products to accomplish your advertising and lighting projects. The company is well-equipped with advanced facilities makes them popular in the lighting industry.

  •  CST Lighting

CST Lighting is a China-based flex-led lights factory that provides marketing, installation, and production of high-quality performance LED lighting. The light solutions are recyclable and high-end, good for both the industrial and commercial markets. The company has professional designers that can create LED light designs according to your specific needs.

  • World-Dawn Lighting Co., Limited

Work in the led lighting industry ever since established in 2003. It is located in the City of Zhongshan, Guangdong Province of China with very convenient export and shipment transportation. The company has a very strong sales, service, and R&D team, with professional manufacturers and modern standard workshops. Product lines include Flex LED lights, LED strip light, LED floodlights, etc.

  • Olympia lighting

Officially founded in the year 2012, Olympia lighting is located in Dongguan China with UL and ISO9001 certifications. The company specializes in the production and design of flex-led lights and other lighting products. You can only find flexible and durable lighting products here in Olympia lighting. Olympia has introduced advanced testing equipment and manufacturing facilities to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the products.


Flexibility, Durability and Reliability Flex led mat

Now the flexible led panel lighhas been one of the most popular for the film light. Small form-factor without compromising too much output, its flexibility, durability, and reliability are amazing to me.

Flexible led light mat has got three different sizes.

The 1×1, 1×2, 1×3 each model increases in size and output.

1’x1′ flex mat: 330*330*5mm,60W,254pcs Bi-color 3200k+5600k,CRI97, TLCI95;

1’x2′ flex mat: 330*600*5mm,120W,608pcs Bi-color 3200k+5600k, CRI97, TLCI95;

1’x3′ is a 160W Bi-color 3200K-5600K LED Light mat with size 330*930mm (3x1ft), 5mm thick, 896PCS high CRI of 97~96 dimming 100%~0%.

roll-flex specification


The led mat comes in a handy case with a variety of

It also comes to a very steady X-bracket which attaches to the panel using these four holes on the outer edge.

It also comes with a diffuser that attaches to the egg crate, or softbox.

In the package:

Flex mat, controller, softbox, diffusor, egg-crate, X-bracket, Extension cable with plug, travel bag all included.

 Flexible led panel accessories

Control Mode: LCD screen / Turning knob / DMX /14.8V V lock plate

It features an LCD screen for full dimming range from 0-100%.

We tested the CRI at 3200K and 5600K at 10% and 100%.

This light has an average CRI across these ranges of 97 points.

You also have a power on and off switch for attaching the DC power supply.

It comes with a precision a dimmer unit which can be power by of V lock or via the DC power supply also provided.

The light can also be controlled via DMX using the optional DMX attachment, which is in the controller.

 Flexible led light controller

Features for flexibility

I think the biggest benefit for it being this flexible and thin is we’re mounting it in weird places.

the actual light sheet weighs in at only 245 grams, so mounting in weird places should be easy.

The holes on each corner also incredibly handy were mounting as you can use them with a range of mounting

Flexible led light panel easy installation

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