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Acrylic Powder Glitters
Wholesale Acrylic Powder Glitters from China

All types of glitters can be found in popular wholesale markets in China. China is a country with a high level of productivity. It can be good for you to wholesale glitters such as acrylic powder glitters based in there. It can help you gain good profits about running your business by selecting wholesale glitters supplier.

Chunky Glitters
Wholesale Chunky Glitters from China

Are you planning to wholesale chunky glitters? You made the right choice. Glitters are most in China. You can find a wholesale supplier in Shandong province who offers wholesale price at a very affordable cost. Select your ideal supplier and manufacturer in China for your wholesale chunky glitters and get what your business demands.

Cosmetics Glitters
Wholesale Cosmetics Glitters from China

For your urgent of planning wholesaling cosmetics glitters, find a wholesale supplier who only focuses on supplying glitter. Let Bansar help you find the best and trusted one. A lot of them are commonly found in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. They can provide all the information process for your convenient shopping.

Gem Powder Glitters
Wholesale Gem Powder Glitters from China

Look for a wholesale supplier who can help you run your business provide all needs. A supplier who can secure the shipping of your wholesale gem powder orders. Shandong province can always meet your needs. Finding the best wholesale supplier can help you save a lot of money and get fewer efforts.

Holographic Glitters
Wholesale Holographic Glitters from China

Do you have any problem with finding wholesale suppliers for your holographic glitters? Are you not familiar with any supplier in China? Then Bansar is the answer to your problems. Bansar has a good connection in every popular wholesale supplier based in there. Most of them can be found in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces.

Iridescent Glitters
Wholesale Iridescent Glitters from China

China is the most important partner for a long time. If you want to know more about wholesale iridescent glitters suppliers then you must go to China. You can sure you can find quality glitters to support your business. Find wholesale suppliers who supply quality iridescent glitters at very affordable prices. It can help your business grow bigger by saving a lot of money.

Liquid Glitters scaled
Wholesale Liquid Glitters from China

China is the qualified place to purchase different types of shoes that you may need to run your business. Find out some qualified wholesale factories and look for qualified distributors from one of the most suppliers in Zhejiang province in China. Select your ideal wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China and build a good relationship with them.

Metallic GLitters
Wholesale Metallic Glitters from China

There are wide selections of Metallic Glitters in Chinese markets that suit your needs. One of the biggest wholesale suppliers and factory are in Zhejiang province of China who assuring the highest quality with competitive prices. Their leading wholesale metallic glitters suppliers can supply enough products to meet your needs.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Glitters Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China
Shipping by sea is a first choice for most wholesalers for low prices and large volume options. Perfect for sending small quantities of personal effects such as your glitters.
Air Freight from China
Air deliveries can provide humidity control and dust protection. If you wholesale glitters that you need to ship, then you are in the right place.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to the destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Door to Door Service China
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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Wholesale Glitters from China

If you wholesaling glitters from China and want to find a better supplier,

If you are starting your business and need to wholesale glitters from China,

If you want to know more info about the Chinese glitter markets,

Then you’re in the right place.

This guide will teach you to be an expert in Chinese glitter markets, and help you find reliable China wholesale glitter manufacturers.

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Best Wholesale Glitters Manufacturers in China

  • Hairuiman industrial and trading Co., Ltd

Located in Zhejiang Province of China, Hairuiman industrial and trading relies on advanced equipment and professional technical forces. The company continue on offering and pioneering outstanding services in order to satisfy each customer. Main products they highly offer includes glitter powder, fibre glitter, beads, and PET sequins with 2600 metric tons yearly production output.

  • Cosmaire Co., Ltd

Based in Jiangsu, China, Cosmaire Co., Ltd is considered cosmetics enterprise that integrates cosmetics development and research, sales, manufacture, and after-sales services. They offer glittery cosmetic products where you can buy in a wholesale order with wholesale pricing. Throughout the ten years in the industry, they provide one-stop shopping services for you.


This company enjoys professional experience in regards to selling and manufacturing glitters products. With over 10 years of hard work and efforts, its international trade keeps growing and improving. They also maintain great relationship with several clients from more than 60 countries internationally. There are hundreds of glitter products here available at fair pricing.

  • Glitz Art Craft Co., Ltd

In 2013, Glitz Art Craft Co., Ltd has officially established in the City of Xuzhou China. The factory occupies an area for about 1, 000 sq. Meters with laser cutting machines, glitter manufacturing machines, die cutting machines, injection machines, and etching machines. Glitz Art Craft is the premier manufacturer and supplier of any glitter products such as glitter paper and glitter powders.

  • Meitaibang Chemical Co., Ltd

Established in 1998, Meitaibang Chemical Co., Ltd has spent many years specialization in production, R&D, and marketing of wholesale glitters. They are one of outstanding manufacturers that provide first-class products and have excellent design team. For their sincere service and excellent quality products, they now have gained good praise from customers abroad and home.


SKYRANN was founded in nearly 2020. This the most professional nail brand in Mainland China. The company specialized in the manufacturing of glittery nail polish, nail gel polish, nail tools, UV sterilizer boxes, and more beauty products. One of the company`s mission is to get every brand to add their high quality nail products. Most products are sold to over 150 regions and countries nationwide.

  • RangeColor Cosmetics Co., Ltd

As a glitter formulator, RangeColor Cosmetics has gained more than ten years of experience integrating in R&D, selling, and manufacturing. The company is specialized in the producing of all skin care, glittery cosmetic colors, and personal care items. Factory located in Guangzhou China, carrying out the overall operations of filling, packing, and manufacturing of cosmetic products.


As a leading exporter and manufacturer, Dezhou Best Resource specialized in seasonal decorations, gifts, and artificial flowers. As of today, their products are popular in overseas countries including America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia. And they also got high praises for their high quality goods and best services.

  • Anhui Triumph Co., Ltd

Anhui Triumph Co., Ltd was known as Sino-Japanese company started in business since 1990 and consider as one of the largest glitter products and rubber-plastic foaming manufacturer in China. The company has introduced eight advanced manufacturing lines, which can supplies 100000cbm yearly. They widely export products to over 20 regions, such as USA, British, France, Mexico, Korea and so on.

  • Rainma Stationery Co., Ltd

Rainma Stationery Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing all series of glitters, promotion gifts, and many others. All kinds of products in the factory are high quality for customer`s satisfaction all around the world. They export most of their products to famous brands in the international market. The company is composed of vigorous staffs and outstanding professionals trying to meet every customer`s requirements.

  • Sansd (Jiangsu) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

SANSD is based in Jiangsu China and professional with regards to manufacturing different kinds of products. All the glitter products here are available at favourable price and have the highest quality. They continuously innovate to meet the client`s specifications. The company is consists of professional personnel to manufacture the best glitter products for your business.

  • Hangzhou Glamcos Biotech Co., Ltd

The Hangzhou Glamcos Biotech is a modern glitter cosmetics manufactory which is located in Tonglu, Hangzhou of China. They are integrating product production, sales and development with cosmetics investment in USA and Europe. All the products here are class A, super high-quality available for budget-friendly price. Also, it is known ODM and OEM company with strong management force and advanced automated manufacturing machines.

  • Dongyang Tailian Arts and Crafts Manufacture Co., Ltd

Factory base is located in Yiwu City, mainly in Dongyang Baitan Industry Park which very easy to access. Tailian was started in the business since 1988 and well-known as one of the large-scale company integrating manufacturing, R&D, and marketing. It has a big production base of glitter powder products, and professional in manufacturing and R&D of glitter powders.

  • Yiwu BeautyPlus Art Nail Co., Limited

Founded in 2010, Yiwu BeautyPlus is known experienced manufacturer and supplier of glitter nail art products in China mainland. They have staffs that supplies good quality products with competitive pricing. Due to good quality products and services, they received prompt feedbacks from customers located in Germany, Mexico, Poland, Japan, the USA, etc.

  • Kingswick Technology Group Limited

Kingswick Technology Group Limited started its existence since 2008 year with accumulated 10 years of experience. The company has a group of professional designers that makes great designs for glitter products. They glitter products to decorate wedding dress, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, jeans, anniversary gifts, and many others. The quality of their products can`t be comparable to any.

  • Anhui Bochen Eco Co.

Anhui Bochen Eco Co is a professional and specialized in manufacturing and developing high-quality glitter products. The company is well-equipped with comprehensive testing facilities and strong technical group. Most of their products are well sold to overseas countries such as the United States, the Middle East, Europe, etc.

  • Zhejiang Best Seller Trade Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Best Seller Trade Co., Ltd is an expert trade integration and manufacturing company based in China. The company have expert sales team, complete management system, development team, productions and quality control team. Their glitter products are exported to main markets such as Asia, America, Europe, and many more.

  • Shenzhen EYA company

With more than 15 years` experience, Shenzhen EYA company is operating under the ISO9001 international quality standards. Operation started in 2007, export glitter and makeup products to US and European market. This is one of the leading manufacturers in China, makes the highest quality products to meet the fast growth of the market demand.

  • Zooly Gift

In China, Zooly Gift has quality management system and great human resource. They only provides the highest quality wholesale glitters makes the company won a good reputation among clients from all over the world, especially in the USA, Europe, and Canada. Meantime, the company sincerely welcome clients from domestic and international base to offer good business partnership.

  • Aivy Manicure Technology Co., Ltd

Originated in Guangzhou, China mainland, Aivy Manicure Technology takes an area of 1,000 square meters. It is one of the large-scale company professionals in the R&D, manufacture, and marketing of any glitter designs and colors. The company always maintain the quality of products, also offer ODM and OEM services for every brands in the world.

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