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Beach Bag 1
Wholesale Beach Bag from China

If you need a bag for your vacation, beach bag is the best. You can wholesale beach bag from verified Chinese wholesale beach bag supplier and manufacturer. They offer high quality beach bag and the best services at the best price.

Clutch Bag
Wholesale Clutch Bag from China

Clutch bag is perfect to be used during parties because of its elegant designs. If you are a handbag business owner, include clutch bag on your list. Buy and import Wholesale clutch bag from Chinese wholesale clutch bag supplier and manufacturer. Bansar will help you with the shipping.

Hobo Bag 1
Wholesale Hobo bag from China

Hobo is a shoulder style bag, but is not as wide. The crescent shape makes the bag equal parts formal and casual. Buy wholesale hobo bag from China. China has a lot of Chinese Wholesale Hobo bag supplier and manufacturer who offers high quality products.

Wholesale Minaudiere from China

Find a variety of Minaudiere for your special event, cocktail party, wedding or an evening party at China reliable Wholesale Minaudiere manufacturers. Visit China for a range of Wholesale Minaudiere at low prices. Store your stuff out of harm’s way but on display with Wholesale Minaudiere in a choice of colors and styles.

quilted bag
Wholesale Quilted Bag from China

Quilted bags are considered iconic, and there are some chic branded ones that people dream of buying. China offers a wide variety of Wholesale Quilted Bag to complement the most unique  designs you desire. Find the largest offer in Wholesale Quilted Bag in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian province. Whether you used it for your style statement and amp up your overall look, you can always rely on professional Chinese wholesale quilted bag supplier and manufacturer.

satchel bag
Wholesale Satchel Bag from China

Satchels are perfect for working women – they hit the sweet spot between being an everyday handbag and a laptop bag. Chinese Wholesale Satchel Bag manufacturer  offers beautiful style satchel bag that are easy to be customized. Most suppliers and manufacturers are based in Guangdong. Bansar can help you find the better manufacturer that provide the best types of Wholesale Satchel Bag that you are looking for.

Wholesale Shoulder Bag from China

They are big and fit in all your bare necessities. Shoulder bag or the everyday bag is the most functional bag of them all. You can buy wholesale shoulder bag and import wholesale shoulder bag with a wide selection of different types, designs and sizes. Whether you need to buy for your everyday use, the Chinese Wholesale Shoulder Bag manufacturer can always satisfy your needs.

sling bag
Wholesale Sling Bag from China

The sling bag or the cross-body bag is functional, comfortable, and stylish. It’s perfect for shopping, running errands, and traveling. If you’re looking for the best wholesaler Sling Bag supplier , China is your ideal place to be. Guangdong province has the leading manufacturers and suppliers of  wholesale sling bag. You can import wholesale sling bags with different design, types, materials etc in best prices with high quality. Find your partner that can surely provide and satisfy your needs.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wholesale Handbag Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China 1
If you want a lesser cost of shipping for your wholesale handbag, sea freight shipping is the best choice.
Air Freight Shipping from China
If your order of wholesale handbag is urgent, you can choose air freight shipping. Shipping through air can also reduce the risk of thief and goods damage.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 24
Railway shipping cost is in the middle of sea freight and air freight. You can adjust based on your order details.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you want to save time and effort, then door to door services from China is the best choice. It is more convenient.

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 Wholesale Handbag from China: The Definitive Guide

Are you a handbag business owner or a bag collector? Are you looking for a wholesale handbag supplier? Or are you planning to wholesale handbag from China? Then you are in the right place.

This guide will help you find the most trusted and verified Wholesale Handbag Supplier in China. This guide gives you helpful tips about the leading wholesale handbag supplier and manufacturer in China. Keep Reading.

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Best 30 Handbags Manufacturers in China

1 Guangzhou Zexin Leather Co., Ltd.

Since this company has 20 years of expertise in the industry, they have plenty of repeated handbag orders. You can also trust their handbag quality. Your business can rely on them since they are handbags certified manufacturer in China. This company was established with 105 people in the workshop located in Guangzhou city at Huadu in China.

2 Guangzhou Laimi Leather Products CO., Ltd.

If you are searching for a handbag professional manufacturer, ensure to find in China. Guangzhou Laimi Leather Products Co., Ltd has established in the year 2006 manufacturing different types of handbags for males, females, kids, and more. They have 200 skilled workers and designers. They can make over 100,000 handbags per month. They have 5,500 sqm plant areas.

3 Guangzhou Longzhou Leather Co., Ltd.

In 2012, Guangzhou Longzhou Leather Co., Ltd. was established. They have 360 workers in the workshops and certified with SGS, BSCI, and more in manufacturing handbags and different types of bags. They have 3 foreign trading staff and export handbags about 90% export percentage. This company owned its export license.

4 Nanjing Hairuite International Trading Co., Ltd.

Nanjing hairuite International Trading Co., Ltd has over 2,000 square meters workshop area and is certified with ISO 9001. They already have 10 years f experience in manufacturing handbags and many more developing product supplies. They have ready to ship handbags for your urgent needs. They are located in no.98 Hongxin building in Jiangsu province at Chaotiangong street in China.

5 Mentor Industrial Limited

Mentor Industrial Limited is a certified manufacturer that occupied a plant area of about 1,000 square meters with their highly trained 100 staff. This company has senior professional designers that make it more productive with 90% repeated handbag orders worldwide. They can send handbags with quality and affordable offer in different countries like Europe, Mid. East, North America, and many other countries.

6 Guangzhou Tianji Leather Co., Ltd.

In 2008, Guangzhou Tianji Leather Co., Ltd was established. They fabricate handbags and many other kinds of bags with 27 employees. This company professionally manufactured handbags occupied 1,300 square meters of plant area. They manufactured with qualified raw materials like leather, canvas, and different types of cotton materials for handbags. In China, this company is a well-trusted handbag producer overseas.

7 Guangzhou Vecta Leather Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Vecta Leather Co., Ltd was established 12 years ago specialized in making bags like handbags with the best prices. They passed the different tests. They ensure the quality first so you can get satisfaction. This company is located near Guangzhou and Shenzhen. They export handbags 90% via agency since 2017 of March 15.

8 Yun Qing Leatherware Co., Ltd.

Are you searching a manufacturer for your handbag needs? Bansar always ensures to suggest the best manufacturer for you. Yun Qing Leatherware Co., Ltd is perfect for you when finding the best handbags. They produce quality passed handbags overseas. They are making different styles, materials, colors, and so on.

9 Guangzhou Meiqi Leather Co., Ltd.

160 square meters for workshops is very convenient in making handbags. Guangzhou Meiqi Leather Co., Ltd. is making various types of handbags for more than 20 years. They are making OEM and ODM to satisfy your needs and for many customers overseas. This company offered the best cost and quality of handbags.

10 Wenzhou Cathylin Luggage Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Cathylin Luggage Co., Ltd. is specializing a wide range of bag manufacturing and also luggage. They are making standard qualified raw materials. This company handbag passed ISO 9001 standard. They are manufacturing through senior designers, engineers, and much-skilled staff. This company handbag sent in different places like the US, Europe, and everywhere in the world.

11 Guangzhou Evergreen Leather Goods Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Evergreen Leather Goods Co., Ltd. has established manufacturing handbags and many other types of fashion bags. They established in the year 2003 and certified with BSCI and SEDEX. If you want to look for their factory, you can visit I Guangzhou city 3rd floor of #22 ChangHong Industrial Zone. They have 10 people R&D staff.


Hong Kong Kinka Co., Limited is manufacturing handbags with quality materials and features. They have occupied plant areas or workshops about 80 square meters with their own highly trained workers and staff. This company support through their great services offered. You can visit Hong Kong Kinka Co.., Limited factory at Panyu District of Guangzhou city in China.

13 Qingdao Evershiny Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Evershiny Imp & Exp Co., Ltd is based in Shaoxing Road of Shandong Province in China. They have prioritized OEM. This company has 3 production lines and over 35 people of R&D staff. They export 90% of handbags every year since 2016 with their own export license. They are able to reach exportation operations in many countries like North America, Western Europe, Mid East, Southeast Asia, and many countries.

14 Guangzhou Zhuifeng Birds Leather Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Zhuifeng Birds Leather Co., Ltd is a certified professional handbag manufacturer in China that many customers trust. They established in 2014 with 34 people ensuring the best price for you. They always make sure to make quality products since they prioritize quality first principles. You can get a reasonable cost.

15 Guangzhou Pami Dodo Leather products Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Pami Dodo Leather Products Co., Ltd has 1,000 square meters factory area with 34 employees. They established in 2013 using qualified raw materials and fabricates plenty of styles of handbags which surely attract your attentions and to your customers as well. This product quality can help your business succeed faster.

16 Guangzhou Weish Leatherware Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a largest handbag manufacturer factory and manufacturer in China, Guangzhou Weish Leatherwarer CO., Ltd can meet your needs. This company is capable to manufacture and custom your own handbag designs. They used tested raw materials. This company is an expert manufacturer of handbags since 1992 that always offers flexible packaging.

17 Shenzhen Jingfengshun Handbags Co.., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jingfengshun Handbags Co., Ltd is a trusted manufacturer of handbags in China. They are certified with ISO9001 in year 2015 and also SMETA standards. They have over 300 highly trained workers and smart technicians. This company provides great services in development, samples, sales, manufacturing, shipping, and especially designs.


Guangzhou Luogelang Leather Co., Ltd was established 15 years ago and certified with SEDEX audits.  They sell million of handbags every year at an amazing rate offered. They meet REACH standards and proudly present their tested machines for a smooth process of manufacturing.  They are making and supply all various types of lady bags like handbag type.


In 2004, Suixi Aesop Enterprises Co., Ltd has started all sorts of bag production. They have handbags manufactured and send them to Japan, Korea, Europe, and many more. If you want to visit them, this company is located in Anhui province of Huaibei city in China. They have 7,600 square meters of workshop area with plenty of workers and staff.

20 Guangzhou Modicci Fashion Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Modicci Fashion Co., Ltd. is a fashion bag factory and manufacturer in China.  They passed BSCI and SEDEX standards in fabricating handbags. This company has two production lines. In the factory, this company operates leather and PU leather handbag manufacturing. This product can send to many countries like US, Southeast Asia, and also Europe, etc.

21 Guangzhou Yijiayi Leather Co., Ltd.

In handling a business, the best manufacturers can help you make your processes easier. It helps your business get the best for your needs. You can also get what you deserve products like handbags that you need. Guangzhou Yijiayi Leather Co., Ltd is an expert handbag manufacturer since 2010.

22 Shenzhen Jia Mei Da Leather Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jia Mei Da Leather Industry Co., Ltd has 10 years of expertise in making handbags in China. They have 1,000 sqm plant area certified with ISO9000. They mainly manufactured handbags and different fashion bags and many types of materials. You can ensure the best materials and negotiable styles.

23 Dongguan Richlong Commercial Trading Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Richlong Commercial Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2009. They build factories in Guangdong province of Dongguan city in China. They are certified and passed the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and more. They manufactured handbags and send it to many countries.

24 Yili Trade Co., Ltd

Yili Trade Co., Ltd is manufacturing mainly bag products like handbags and any more styles and types of materials. They have plenty of available stocks of handbags that is ready ti ship. They can export via the agency of about 90% handbags. They are located near Huangpu port and Yantian port in China.

25 Dongguan City Humen Baijin Handbag Craft Factory

Are you looking for unique and quality handbags from China? Well, Dongguan City Humen Baijin Handbag Craft Factory is perfect. They are located in no.23 of Longyan Community Industry Road Dongguan city in China. They have 10 R&D people. They can export your handbag safely through an agency.

26 Dongguan Jiarong Handbags Manufactory Co., Ltd.

All kinds of handbags can be accessible at Dongguan Jiarong Handbags Manufactory Co., Ltd. They are manufacturing top-selling and attractive designs, colors, materials, and more for handbags. They are certified since 2009 they established. They have enough skilled workers to provide the best operations.

27 Ringnok Leather Industry Co., Ltd.

Ringnok Leather Industry Co., Ltd is an experienced handbag manufacturer in China. They have 15 years of expertise in fabricating handbags and many other types of bags. They ensure quality control and offered competitive rates. They assure to prioritize quality first principles. In manufacturing, they can make 300 designs and styles of handbags that you can choose.

28 Anhui Guoci Handbags Co., Ltd

Anhui Guoci Handbags Co., Ltd mainly makes handbags and delivers it to many countries. They can offer samples, digital prints, and more. They manufacture great quality handbags through their advanced and high tech machines. This company trained its staff based on where they assigned or task.

29 Guangzhou Piliao Leather Co., Ltd.

Are you needed handbags urgently? Well, Guangzhou Piliao Leather Co., Ltd is focused on manufacturing different types of bags. This company is able to give you a faster process and let your ordered handbags secured since they can focus on it. They have developed productions with great sales, services, and many more.

30 Shenzhen Unaisi Leather Goods Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Unaisi Leather Goods Co., Ltd has PayPal, Money Gram, Payoneer, and different terms of payment. They have 10 foreig trading people and 8 production lines. They export 90% of handbags in many places since 2014. This company able to reach Shenzhen port, Hongkong, and Guangzhou port in China.

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