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Infant Hangers
Wholesale Infant Hangers from China

For your babies` clothes that needed to be hang after gets washed, infant hangers is very important tools to be succeed on that activity. It is the most-needed tools in hanging the clothing garments of your young babies. To see that you really care for your babies, excep washing their clothes, hanging it under the sun to get dry quickly really helps a lot. To buy wholesale of infant hangers, probably the smartest idea.

Metal Hangers
Wholesale Metal Hangers from China

Metal hangers is not easy to get destructed and damaged. It is a long-lasting type of hangers that is very useful in daily lives as well. That is why many people prefers to buy a metal hangers. Besides, if you have business that considerates different types of hangers, this must be included into your business also. Hangers manufacturers almost at the Guangdong region of China.

Padded Hangers
Wholesale Padded Hangers from China

So much desperate in checking out what manufacturers are suitable for your hangers business? No problem at all because here is the answer. Most manufacturers operates first in Guangdong, second in the Zhejiang, and the third is in the Shandong province. They can automatically do urgent actions to produced your desired orders of wholesale padded hangers and many more other types of hangers.

Pants Hangers
Wholesale Pants Hangers from China

In everyday activities, hangers are very important to have an organized shirts and dresses. One type of hangers is called as pants hangers. This type of hangers is invented with a unique style specifications. It is cheaper and proven flexible compared to other types of hangers. It is easy to use. To go through an easiest way of shipping your wholesale pants hangers orders, Bansar is always ready for that.

Plastic Hangers
Wholesale Plastic Hangers from China

Everlasting type of plastic hangers can be finely purchased through reliable manufacturers of most Chinese. It can also be recycle. It has many use in our daily lifestyle. If you are interested on obtaining in a large way of orders, you can have the wisdom to contact Bansar for successful shipping activities. Methodical way to manufactured your durable plastic hangers is through with the guidance provision of Chinese.

Round Hanger Cloth Clips
Wholesale Round Hanger Cloth Clips from China

Different kinds of round hanger cloth whether in a simple way production or in a grandious ways. Regardless types of round hanger cloth clips is obtainable with distributors utilizing in China. You can`t feel any downhearted scenarios and experiences with doing a great deal aggreement with Bansar. They give insurance in managing your wholesale round hanger cloth clips to be transported smoothly.

Skirt Hangers
Wholesale Skirt Hangers from China

Do you want skirt hangers that having adjustable clips and proven a long-lasting kind of hangers? Then, all you need is already produced by manufacturers and suppliers in China. Chinese manufacturers are directly do some serious operations mostly in Guangdong. This province recorded having 586 error-free manufacturers.

Tie Hangers
Wholesale Tie Hangers from China

Tie hangers are having its unique styles yet getting sells in very large numbers. It is adjustable that able to organize your wardrobe. Tie hangers has powerful ability to gain your clothing garments well-arranged. When addressing to any  shipping advisory, Bansar is all you can be trusted all about. Bansar has been the most popular shipping provider that runs its improvement processes in the  Chinese places.

Velvet Hangers
Wholesale Velvet Hangers from China

Slip resistant velvet hangers is on-the-market with most Chinese. They can fabricates any designs of velvet hangers with following your strict rules in the fabrication processes. By also dealing with Bansar, you can assure that their comitment to you is very serious. Bansar have an obligatory missions and one of that is to never give up on you until you become achieves fulfillments someday.

Wall Hangers
Wholesale Wall Hangers from China

China is the main resources of different kinds of efficient hangers and many other productions. In hangers creativity inventions, Chinese is the legitimate and reliable wall  hangers suppliers. For your well-ordered wholesale wall hangers, relying to the Bansar might keep you feel satisfied and contented. Using wall hangers won`t ever damaged your walls.

Wall Tie Hangers
Wholesale Wall Tie Hangers from China

Wall tie hangers is an hanger organizer of your ties garments. Acceptable obtaining of wall tie hangers might gain a possible free delivery of it. Chinese manufacturers can produce it with effortly handmaded when it needed to. Chinese marketing suppliers of wall tie hangers is on-stop-shop. You can avail for a great deal prices offered.

Wire Hangers
Wholesale Wire Hangers from China

Wholesaling of wire hangers for your enlargement business is really can do a big help. Wire hangers is also have similarities with metal hangers mentioned from the top. For a great arrangement of your wholesale orders in the shipping process, Bansar can do a great deal with that. Bansar is the leading international shipping providers that operates in China. They can be trusted anytime you needed.

Wooden Hangers
Wholesale Wooden Hangers from China

Wooden Hangers are more long-lasting compared to the other plastic and wire hangers. This kind of hangers hold-up your clothers better. It will sure won`t damaged your clothes. When importing your wholesale and large orders of wooden hangers, you perhaps needed that shipping assistance that offers low-cost shipping fee.

Wooden Skirt Hangers
Wholesale Wooden Skirt Hangers from China

Chinese shops and markets also offered wooden skirts hangers that really can support your hanging clothes garments. A wise decision for your own business might includes having plenty wooden skirt hanger commodities that can surely supply your retail costumers. High-skilled manufacturers of Chinese can greatly manufactured your desired wooden skirt hangers wholesale orders.

Sweater Hangers
Wholesale Sweater Hangers from China

A sweater hangers are appropriate for your sweater clothes that needed to be hang. By using a sweater hangers, your sweater clothes that is wet will be easily dry when it is hang directly from the sun. Your large orders of sweater hangers can be manufactured by the China`s provinces same for example, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, and Hebei province can be with you in the times you mostly needed them.

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Straightforwardly shipping your wholesale orders with door to door is very great ideal way.

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The Resource to Help you Wholesale Hangers from China:

Wholesale Hangers that Made in China 

Wholesale Hangers, Suppliers, and Manufacturers in China

Best Wholesale Hanger Manufacturer in China

  • Ningbo Yaohui Plastic Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yaohui Plastic Co., Ltd. is one of the largest plastic hanger manufacturers established in the year 2003. This manufacturing company is ISO 9001, IATF16949 certified. They mainly engaged in producing various hangers, zipper, button, and more plastic products with vast experience in the field. Located in Ningbo City China.

  • Foshan Tengtai Trading Co., Ltd.

One of the professional wooden hanger manufacturers in China which established in 2018. Foshan Tengtai Trading Co., Ltd. was headquartered in Foshan Guangdong with ISO 9001, ISO 9000 management system certifications. They offer a variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands.

  • Dongguan Yongzhao Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, Dongguan Yongzhao Hardware Products Co., Ltd. dedicated itself to manufacturing high-quality products such as plastic hanger, mannequin, display rack, etc. They have passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BSCI certifications and continuously supplying the most promising quality products in the market.

  • Guangxi Guilin Winsun Hanger Co., Ltd.

Trusted manufacturer, factory, and trading company in China. With rich experience, Guangxi Guilin Winsun Hanger Co., Ltd. engaged in the research, development, production, sale of various types of clothes hangers such as velvet hanger, padded hanger, wooden hanger, plastic hanger, metal hanger, and more. This manufacturing workshop obtains ISO 9000, BSCI, FSC certifications in China.

  • Jinjiang City Chunshui Hanger Co., Ltd.

For your wholesale plastic hangers sourcing in China, you can count on Jinjiang City Chunshui Hanger Co., Ltd. Since the foundation in 2002, they supply high-quality plastic hangers and other plastic products at a lower price to the market. All products are widely appreciated in many countries including Singapore, the Philippines, India, American, Canada, Argentina, Germany, etc.

  • Guilin GlGORY Hanger Co., Ltd.

Specialized in the production of wholesale hangers with more than 10 years of history and development. They manufacture all types of hanger that can skyrocket your brand such as clothes hanger, pants hanger, coat hanger, wooden hanger, metal hanger, and so on. All products are FSC approved. They ensure to follow strict quality requirements, customer support, timely delivery for customer satisfaction.

  • Zhejiang Lucky Cloud Hanger Co., Ltd.

Specialized in fabricating excellent quality products that can boom your business. Started in 2006, Zhejiang Lucky Cloud Hanger Co., Ltd. dedicated itself in producing wire hangers and accessories for the dry cleaning industry. They are located in Xietang Industrial Zone within Shangyu City, Zhejiang province, covering an area of 20,000 square meters.

  • Guilin Jason Bamboo & Wooden Product Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, Guilin Jason Bamboo & Wooden Product Co., Ltd. engaged in designing and producing quality wooden hangers, metal hangers, and plastic hangers. In China, they are supported by more than 60 skilled employees. Their wide range of products and reliable services allow them to be recognized by many customers.

  • Landbeauty Houseware (Huizhou) Factory

Landbeauty Houseware (Huizhou) Factory produced a wide range of plastic hanger perfect for your business. Founded in 2013, located in Guangdong, China with a 7000 square meters plant area. They have a skilled and loyal team with vast experience in quality controlling and in the management of production procedures. Whether you`re a wholesaler, department store, garment factory, and merchant at home and abroad, Landbeauty Houseware (Huizhou) Factory can satisfy your needs.

  • Yeelin Arts & Crafts Factory

Yeelin Arts & Crafts Factory is a reputable manufacturer and factory located in Lipu County, Guilin city, China. Since the established in 2001, this manufacturing company mainly engaged in making satin hanger, wooden hanger, metal hanger, plastic hanger, etc. All products are made from high-quality raw materials and passed many international standards.

  • Fairy Daily Products Co., Ltd

Started in 2009, Fairy Daily Products Co., Ltd specialized in producing wholesale clothes hangers, VICS hangers, plastic hangers, mannequins, coat hangers, display hangers, and more. They are Jiangsu Province China-based supplier with the largest selection of products. Whether you`re a hanger retailer, hotels, fashion chain store, hanger distributors, closet companies, and daily use at home, you can rely on Fairy Daily Products Co., Ltd.

  • Shenzhen Domiry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Domiry Co., Ltd. is an expert wholesale hanger manufacturer with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BSCI management authentications. Domiry was established in 2008, and up to now, they focus on supplying quality hangers and storage products for wholesalers and clothing store displays at very competitive prices.

  • Anping Chunsheng Hardware Mesh Co., Ltd.

ISO 9001 certified company located in Hebei province, China. During the past 17 years, Anping Chunsheng Hardware Mesh Co., Ltd. dedicated and committed to producing high-quality wire hangers at competitive prices, offers excellent services and customized services to around the world customers. They ensure good service, only high quality, and fast delivery.


Yikai Co., Limited is a professional wholesale hanger supplier and manufacturer in China. They are capable in providing a wide range of color schemes, shelf display, materials, designs of hangers to exceed the various demands of customers. For many years, they supply hangers to a diverse range of brands and retailers worldwide. Always guarantee superior quality, speed to market, and competitive pricing in the market.

  • Shenzhen Yuntong Garment Accessory Co., Ltd

Founded in 2002, Shenzhen Yuntong Garment Accessory Co., Ltd is a trusted provider of wholesale hanger headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Throughout the years, they specialized in hanger research, development, designing, production, and service. All products comply with international quality standards and are widely appreciated in a variety of various markets worldwide.

  • Mixwell

Launched in 2000, Mixwell is a dedicated and reputable manufacturer of the wholesale hanger in China. Whether you need wooden hangers, metal hangers, aluminum hangers, plastic hangers, Mixwell will definitely fulfill your needs. They own two shareholding enterprises in manufacturing in China and cooperates closely with other factories in China. Customization of your hanger requirements is available for much popular world-wide apparels and fashion brand.

  • SunFine

If you`re looking for a durable hanger, you can find it in SunFine. They manufacture a broad range of wholesale hanger made from different types of high-quality raw materials. This manufacturing workshop makes sure that the hangers they produce have passed the highest standard of quality to skyrocket the client`s business.

  • Qingdao Head Products International Company

Established in 2005, Qingdao Head Products International Company is a premier hanger manufacturer in China. Mainly produced high-quality wooden hangers, metal hangers, velvet hangers, plastic hangers, degradable hangers, etc. All products are manufacture under ISO9001 reliable quality control system and stable delivery times for customers around the world.

  • Guilin Lanhome

Guilin Lanhome is a professional hanger solutions supplier in China established in 1995. They are FSC and BSCI certified manufacturers located in Guilin, China. For many years of history, they are specialized in manufacturing clothes hangers over 600 styles made from high-quality raw materials such as wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, and satin, etc. They have passed many international standards including AZO Free, MSDS, REACH, Test Report, etc.

  • Guilin Silk Road Limited

Founded in 2014, Guilin Silk Road Limited is a major supplier of wholesale hangers dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service. Located in Guilin City, with an area of 15,000 square meters and employs more than 150 experienced & professional employees. Since the foundation, they engaged in the R&D, production, sale & service of shopfitting wholesaler market, hotel supply chain, and garment retail store system.

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