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Ankle Strap Heels
Wholesale Ankle strap Heels from China

When it is difficult for you to find the best manufacturers for wholesale ankle strap heels you have been desired, Bansar literally wants to introduce to you the one and only unbelievable workers of the Chinese manufactories. They can be always with you and assist you in many effective and profitable ways. Guangdong has documentarily broke the record in having many loyal and can be trusted manufacturers of any kind of ankle strap heels.

Ballroom Dance Shoes
Wholesale Ballroom Dance Heels from China

Do you desperately want to acquire the best suppliers from China of your desired wholesale ballroom dance heels? Do you want a lower price for having like this? No problem. Bansar can help you through those difficulties. They can be an assistant for the transporting process of Chinese manufacturers. Bansar can give you legit insurance that can help you believe from their high-standard offered services.

Cone Heels
Wholesale Cone Heels China

Cone heel is a unique kind of heel and god for those stylish and fashionist women. If you imagine that it can be a profitable product for your enlarging business, you can deal with those manufacturers that are really trustworthy and proven legit providers. For a lesser efforts and hassle-free of transaction operations, you can be with Bansar`s assigned agents.

Cork High Heels
Wholesale Cork High Heels from China

If you are not really expert and do not know what the true experience in the shipping process, then you should urgently deal with Bansar shipping company. Bansar became trusted for all over the years with many clients they already served. When you need some assistance, kindly contact and ask from the Bansar high authorities.

High Heel Sandals
Wholesale High Heel Sandals from China

High Heel Sandals is really feminine in style. It is very useful for those who work in offices and also can be used on any special occasion. In China, you can easily find the best manufacturers for China is the main resources of many reliable products. For many other arrangements and designs for your ordered wholesale high heel sandals, Guangdong province is the number one Chinese provider and manufacturer of all time.

High Heeled Boots
Wholesale High Heeled Boots from China

High Heeled Boots actually made for many fashionista ladies. It is one of the special products produced by many Chinese hardworking manufacturers that strictly operated in their local town and even in any other country. China provides highly worldly-wise that enhances the intelligence of your own run- businesses. Choose the best and your ideal business partner only in China. 

Kitten Heels
Wholesale Kitten Heels from China

Kitten Heels in yellow color is best for those pretty ladies there. When you are not contented for just a small purchasing of kitten heels then wholesaling of these kinds of products can be the best solution to that small problem. China offers the best wholesaling of kitten heels and not just that. They offer plenty of any kind of heels and any kind of reliable product.

Mules Heels
Wholesale Mules Heels from China

You can ensure and only found flexible and productive items in China. This country is leading to wholesale marketing around the globe. It internationally operates and has an aim in achieving your high expectations in as fast as they can for your business’ sake. You should find and chose the best manufacturers that give you your ideal products.

Peep Toe Heels
Wholesale Peep Toe Heels from China

Bansar is mainly based in China`s countryside. You can find the manufacturers that proffer the reliability of their performances in many provinces covered by China. For sustaining the needs of your business, then its manufacturers that based in China can handle your orders safely and finely. They provide the best selection in designs and any customizations for your wholesale peep-toe heels.

Platform Heels
Wholesale Platform Heels from China

Platform heels from China are very reliable in the style that never disappoints your ambitions in your order products from China. For the delivery processes, Bansar can help and give the right guidance that fits on you. Not just a platform heels are offered by them but there are many. For any heels design and features, pleasingly ask the best selection from the Bansar.


Pumps Heels
Wholesale Pumps Heels from China

When you are strictly demanding on how to produce your wish pump heels, China manufacturers can be the best partner and the perfect provider of wholesale products. For more inquiries in successfully transporting your ordered products, Bansar can give you a satisfying answer. For competitive rates in exchange, you can surely be insured and satisfied with the products you receive.

Sling Back Heels
Wholesale Sling Back Heels from China

Search for the perfect slingback heels from the topmost manufacturers from China. Their manufacturers are completely providing you all forms of heels such as slingback heels you needed the most. Your special requirements and demands are always offered at a competitive price. Most manufacturers and providers of all items you want are originally from the province of Guangdong and Shandong.

Spool Heels
Wholesale Spool Heels from China

Do you have encountered struggle moments and difficulties? Bansar offers its partnerships on transporting your ordered reliable items in the fastest and smoothly ways. You will never ever feel hassle experiences being with their partner. They ensure to make you feel special by their offered special services such as delivering your orders door to door to your exact home locations.

Stilettos Heels
Wholesale Stilettos Heels from China

By their on-time faithful services, they can also offer wholesale stilettos heels in any design you mostly wanted. Bansar highly suggests transacting with the cheerful and trusted corporations mainly in China. China has recorded having the best manufactory in the whole world. However, Bansar has given the authorities to ship your ordered products as soon as possible. In an urgency transportations, you must acquire with Bansar.

Wedge Heels
Wholesale Wedge Heels from China

For having an easy and comfortable way of walking using these wedge heels, it can add more beauty to your physical appearance. If you are new in these kinds of shipments transactions, Bansar can help you to familiarize yourself on these kinds of shipping procedures. Bansar having good networking relationships with other best manufacturers in China. Plenty of suppliers and manufacturers commonly found in Zhejiang and Guangdong.


Need Bansar to Handle Your Heels Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
Low-cost rates offers by shipping your wholesale heels through sea freight while having a relaxing moments is the best idea you have ever experience.
Air Freight Shipping from China
When you are in an urgency, air freight shipping is the best idea to easily transports your demand products.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
When using rail as your transportation buddy is much cost-effective and more cheaper in its offered price.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you don`t have any knowledge in the shipping procedures yet wants an easiest way and stress-free transporting. Bansar can be your business partner fro the fastest transactions.

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Import Data of Wholesale Heels

Best Wholesale Heels Manufacturer in China

  • Jiaxing Group Co. Ltd

Started in 1990, Jiaxing Group Co. Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters in JinJiang, China. With more than 20 years of development, Jiaxing Group Co. Ltd is capable of your one-stop-shop solutions of various products including shoes & garment items, slippers, promotional gifts, shoe charms, cellphone cases, EVA bags, etc. ISO9001-2000 certified manufacturer with more than 24, 000 square meters factory area and employs more than 800 skilled designers and workers.

  • Foshan Guozu Shoes Material Factory

Foshan Guozu Shoes Material Factory, as a leading wholesale heels manufacturer in China, guaranteed products at an economical price and high quality. Currently, all products have a very good sale in the domestic and overseas market. This manufacturing company is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China, and mainly engaged in the production of sole, shoe sole, sandal sole, wedge sole, PU shoes sole, etc.

  • Foshan Nanhai Tonyue Shoes Co., Ltd.

Foshan Nanhai Tonyue Shoes Co., Ltd. is a premier supplier specialized in manufacturing high-quality leather shoes, lady leather shoe,s and more. Their technique working team has more than 10 years of experience in making high-standard products and reliable customer service for client`s satisfaction. They can handle pre-production sizes sampling and mass production.

  • Beijing Richeen Deal Co., Ltd.

As your professional supplier & exporter of apparel and shoes, Beijing Richeen Deal Co., Ltd. has steady support for production and development for your fashion apparel, garment, apparel, fashion garment, genuine leather shoes, ladies garment, ladies fashion shoe needs. Whether you`re a shoe supplier, distributor, or end-user, you can trust Beijing Richeen Deal Co., Ltd.’s quality of products.

  • Gobestter International Co., Ltd

Gobestter International Co., Ltd has more than 10 years of experience in shoe manufacturing industry. They are headquartered in Chengdu China and own an R &D team and advanced production line. Their main products are woman shoes, lady shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, and so on. OEM and ODM services are also available to meet your multifarious demands.

  • Qingdao Yuebu Trading Co., Ltd

Located in Qingdao, Shandong, China, Qingdao Yuebu Trading Co., Ltd specialized in the production of Pumps Shoes & Heels, women sandals, Loafers & Flats Shoes, boots / Rain Shoes, Athletic Sport Sneakers, etc. All products are made from high-quality raw materials with international standards. It guarantees stable quality at affordable price products.

  • Chengdu Cofida Leather Products Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Cofida Leather Products Co., Ltd. is a trading company, manufacturer, and direct wholesale heels factory in China. After more than 30 years of development, this manufacturing company has formed diversified businesses ranging from R&D, manufacturing, trading, and branding. They have a daily output of 3500 to 6000 pairs of high-quality and excellent hand-made shoes well-appreciated by clients worldwide.


As one of the trusted and professional suppliers in China, CHENGDU FASHION SHOES TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. dedicated to supplying second-to-none products and excellent customer service to clients worldwide. Specialized in unique R&D, designing, and manufacturing high-quality ladies’ high-heels, fashion shoes, ladies’ boots, ladies ‘ sandals, etc.

  • Fujian Jianhong Gift Co., Limited

Fujian Jianhong Gift Co., Limited is an ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001 certified supplier in China. You can find high-quality and affordable products here including wholesale heels, shoes, jeans, pants, clothes, bags, slippers, sandals jackets, furniture tableware, etc. Most of their products are exported to South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America, Europe, South America, etc.

  • Cutesky Industry Limited

Cutesky Industry Limited is a professional manufacturer dedicated to supplying the finest quality products. They specialized in producing sexy high heels, high heel boots, knee boots, sexy footwear, pu shoes, high heel shoe, sexy shoe, erotic shoe, lady shoe, platform shoe, etc. All products have passed many international standards that ensure 100% reliability and satisfaction.

  • Second Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

As a professional OEM manufacturer, Second Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd has accumulated more than 10 years of experience. They own a factory set up in the City of Suzhou, China, and consist of professional designers to create any kind of shoes for customers’ needs. The main products include sandals, wedding shoes, slippers, casual shoes, lady heels, and many others.

  • Jiaxing Group Co. Ltd

As a Chinese wholesale manufacturer, Jiaxing Group Co. Ltd is an experienced factory that provides wholesale heels with fancy design, competitive price, excellent quality, and good service. With pass test reports and factory audit reports, they have many orders for popular brands to wholesalers and retailers. Founded in 1990, they are willing to cooperate with customers from abroad and home.

  • Uniyang Shoe Co., Ltd

Started the business in 2003, Uniyang Shoe Co., Ltd control the cost and quality of each product. They have a responsible employee and professional workers that produce good quality shoes and lady heels to all interested clients all around the world. This is one of the competitive enterprises with long-term cooperation with famous brands nationwide.


Based in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, Unigrand Industrial specialized in the lines of lady heels, shoes, shoe accessories, outsoles, and many others. Located in the biggest and main production base of shoes in China, offering products in accordance to ISO9001-2000 management system certificate. Today, they are enjoying a high reputation from customers in the world.

  • One of Industrial Co., Ltd

Begun in the industry since 1995, One of Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the leading overseas sole-source investment companies and was headquartered in the City of Quanzhou, Fujian province China. It covers a production area of about 25, 000 square meters, mainly manufactures shoe products made from polyester, EVA, and nonwoven materials. They have accumulated 10 years` experience in the industry.

  • Hongyu Apparel Co., Ltd

Based in Humen City, Mainland China, Hongyu Apparel is a professional factory supplier of top-notch garments and footwear accessories. This is one of the leading manufacturers that specializes in clothing and footwear for children, men, and women. They have produces the best quality products, makes them gained popularity nationwide, and has attained customers` trust.

  • Sonice Goods Co., Ltd

Sonice Goods Co., Ltd is considered the best exporter and manufacturer of sports shoes and ladies’ heels. The company is mainly based in Fujian China, with professional sales and design teams in the exporting and development process. All of the staff have many years of experience in doing their task to provide customers high quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing for heels.

  • Fashion Industrial Co., Ltd

The Fashion Industrial expertly manufactures different types of clothes, shoes, lady heels, home decorations, and many others. All the products offered are comfortable to wear and have fashionable designs as well. The company provides customer-oriented and one-stop service in accordance on every customer’s exact specifications.

  • Xiamen Yeyon Trade Co., Ltd

As a professional shoe and heels manufacturer in China, the company has gained more than ten years of business experience. Throughout the years in the shoe industry, they get to know more about the importance of the service, quality, and service. They provide customers with only the best price, best service, and best quality.

  • Chengdu Guide Technology Co., Ltd

Chengdu Guide Technology Co., Ltd is one of the major professional exporters and manufacturers of shoe products in China.  They have more than 20 years of experience specializing in ladies` boots, ladies` sandals, high-heeled shoes, and women`s shoes made from leather and PU. Most of their customers are based in Europe, Oceania, North America, etc.

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