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Jewelry from China
Beaded Jewelry
Wholesale Beaded Jewelry from China

In China, you can find a lot of wholesaler beaded jewelry in Guangdong province. China suppliers provide high-quality wholesale jewelry to meet your business and brand objectives. They provide all designs, features, and customizations to make your ideal beaded jewelry. Find the best selection of jewelry according to your needs and business demands.

Kids Jewelry
Wholesale Kids Jewelry from China

Find your ideal wholesaler jewelry market in China. China manufacturers are supplying all types and brands of jewelry for kids. They manufactured a high standard of kids jewelry to meet the needs of your special requirements. Also, provide high-quality wholesale jewelry at competitive prices. Manufacturers and factories of wholesale jewelry for kids are commonly based in Guangdong province of China.

Mens Jewelry
Wholesale Men Jewelry from China

If you are looking for cheap wholesale jewelry for men yet high quality, China manufacturers are supplying the best one. Manufacturers are based in Guangdong province. If you are planning to import wholesale jewelry in China, you have made the best choice. Bansar can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

Pearl Jewelry
Wholesale Pearl Jewelry from China

Looking for the best wholesale pearl jewelry manufacturer in China? Guangdong province has the most verified wholesale suppliers. But there are also from other areas including Jiangsu and Shanghai provinces. These suppliers can guarantee high-quality pearl jewelry products. But don’t forget to double-check the certifications for safety. Finding the right manufacturer will help you save time and effort.

Stainless steel Jewelry
Wholesale Stainless steel Jewelry from China

Get wholesale stainless steel jewelry from verified suppliers in China. Most suppliers are located in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces. A wide variety of jewelry is provided by these wholesale markets who have been trusted for over years of manufacturing jewelry. Select various high-quality wholesale jewelry products and build better relationships with them.

Watches Jewelry
Wholesale Watches Jewelry from China

For your huge needs of wholesale watches for your business, you can find a lot of professional wholesale suppliers in Guangdong province.  You can import a wide variety of jewelry options that are available to you. You can ensure the safety of your wholesale orders by selecting from certified suppliers, that has passed a lot of international certification.

Women Jewelry
Wholesale Women Jewelry from China

You can find wholesale jewelry for women in Zhejiang province leading supplier and manufacturer of China. Providing fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent and huge wholesale orders and giving a complete information process about importing wholesale jewelry so you can import safely. China leading supplier and manufacturer can handle the whole process.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Jewelry Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China 1
If your wholesale orders are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight. It is also the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transporting shipments.
Air Freight Shipping from China 2
If you want fast transaction, Bansar offers fastest transportation for long distance and transported goods easily.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
If your order time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping railway. Its shipping cost is in the middle of sea freight and air freight.
Door to Door Shipping from China
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Jewelry Shipping from China

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Resource To Help You Import Wholesale Jewelry from China:

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Wholesale supplier and manufacturer of jewelry

Best 30 Jewelry Manufacturers in China


Yujing Jewelry Co., Ltd has 969 square meters of factory area and a lot of skilled staff since they established in 2014. They are located at first building of # 31, Xiaoping Industrial in Guangzhou province of China. There are 2 production lines and 2 R&D staff offering their own brand and OEM/ODM. This company has an export percentage of about 70%.

2 Yiwu C&L Jewelry Co., Ltd.

If you look for a jewelry manufacturer and factory in China, you can find a lot of reliable ones. Yiwu C&L Jewelry Co., Ltd is offering a lot of benefits and advantages to your needs. This company is mainly fabricating jewelry in different types and materials. They have plenty of designs that you can choose which is perfect for kids, adults, men, and women. You can trust their products since they follow quality first and excellent service principles.

3 Qingdao OKA Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.

Qingdao OKA arts and Crafts Co., Ltd was established with 15 years of experience in manufacturing jewelry. They have the best designs that are certified and passed the audits which you could trust. They passed the audits of SEDEX, SGS, and more. You can pay easily through LC and T/T terms of payment.

4 Guangzhou Huifu Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Are you looking for jewelry made of high-quality stainless steel in 316L? Guangzhou Huifu Jewelry Co., Ltd is one of the best manufacturers of stainless steel products in China like jewelry. They manufactured different jewelry that suits your business demands. They will be located in Guangdong province in China in Panyu.


Goodlines Jewellery Co., Limited is manufacturing only silver jewelry. They have a 925 silver rings, earrings, necklaces, and jewelry sets of 925 silver made. They offered affordable pairs and a single set of jewelry. For your bulk orders, they will guarantee the best quality packaging and friendly cost that avoid returns. They have plenty of export experience in North America, Middle East, Europe, etc.

6 MGO Global Expert Co., Ltd.

MGO Global Expert Co., Ltd is ISO 9001 certified, ISO 22000, and QC 080000 certified. This company is covered factory area of about 2000 square meters manufacturing jewelry with a complete facility and modern high-tech machines. They specialize in jewelry production and export in different countries worldwide.

7 Guangzhou Leaye Jewelry Limited

Guangzhou Leaye Jewelry Limited was founded in 2014 but before they established, this company has silver jewelry small processing in China since the year 2003. They develop and start production and sales and have 1000 square meters of factory and got over 60 staff not included the office staff that creates the designs. This company has a lot of experience that perfect for you to be your partner.

8 Haifeng County Meilong Ronghua Jewelry Factory

The multifarious demands of the customers are provided with Haifeng County Meilong Ronghua Jewelry Factory adhering to quality first. They also ensure the best quality to provide satisfaction to every customer including to you as well. You can get your ideal jewelry designs and pieces needs.

9 Shenzhen Chenqi Jewelry Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Chenqi Jewelry Co., Ltd has 10 years of rich experience in this industry of manufacturing. This company can reach a lot of countries worldwide to produce great quality jewelry in different designs and so on. They only allow PayPal and T/T for payment since it is also easier and safe.

10 Shenzhen Bunsik Stainless Steel Jewelry Co., Ltd.

This company is founded in 2005 producing jewelry and export overseas. This company has plenty of senior engineers and technicians with a total of 100 people who support their production. They have 2 main markets in North America and Europe. You can rely on them for your business requirements.

11 Yihao Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Yihao Jewelry Co., Ltd is specializing in jewelry products for more than 10 years in production. They have a plant area of about 317 square meters, complete devices, or modern and high-tech machines. this company offers 15 up to 20 days of lead time for their product samples. For your bulk orders, they can offer up to 4 weeks based on your order quantity.

12 Guangzhou Yummylife Jewelry Limited

As an ISO 9001 certified, Guangzhou Yummylife Jewelry Limited has rich experience in developing and producing any types of jewelry. They started to fabricate and design jewelry in 2003 having their own team in design, factory, and also wholesale stores. This company is located at Block A7, 3rd st. of Yinping Road in Guangdong Province of Guangzhou City in China.


New Bybon Gifts & Fashion Jewelry Co., Ltd is manufacturing and exports different products such as gifts, hardware accessories, and especially fashion jewelry. This company has 18000 square meters factory plant area since they established in 2010 in the month of August. They have stronger connections since they are popular and well-trusted.

14 Qingdao Gemopia Jewelry Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for unique, elegant, and cost-effective K gold jewelry or 925 silver jewelry, Qingdao Gemopia Jewelry Co., Ltd is the best to rely on. They mainly manufactured this type of jewelry. They have gold about 10K, 14-18K Gold jewelry and Brass jewelry, and so on. This company is specializing K gold jewelry and 925 silver that can catch attention surely.

15 Shenzhen AIZ Jewelry Co., Limited

Shenzhen AIZ Jewelry Co., Limited covered factory about 500 square meters and established in 2015. They provide ODM and OEM services. This company manufactures complete machines like CNC, Polishing, Printing, Cutting, and so on. They strictly check the quality before they deliver.


Guangzhou Arts Jewellery Co., Ltd is located on the 4th street of shaTau in Panyu Guangdong Province in China. They have 3 production lines and 6 R&D staff offering OEM and ODM great services. They let payment through PayPal, Western Union, etc. This company is able to export overseas since they have 90% export average.

17 Dream Only Jewelry Co., Ltd.

This company is manufacturing since 2012 committing the best quality of jewelry you need. They have different materials made that you can choose according to your business or customers’ needs. They have occupied about 1300 square meters and over 30 well-trained employees. They can guarantee the best solutions for your special needs.

18 SC Jewelry Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for an excellent producer and manufacturer of jewelry in China, SC Jewelry Co., Ltd is great for your plan. This company offered services in safety packing, quality control, production services, fast delivery, after-sale services, designs, CAD/CAM,  CAD design, and so on.

19 JBJ Jewellery Limited

For your jewelry needs, JBJ Jewellery Limited can offer a lot of benefits and advantages when purchasing their products. This company has a complete device in its workroom providing complete technical support. Their main product manufactures id earrings, pendants, 9 to 18K gold jewelry, bracelets, and so on.

20 Guangzhou Long Long Jewelry Co., Ltd.

In 2007, Guangzhou Long Long Jewelry Co., Ltd was founded located at Fuping Road ShiQiao Panyu in China. They have more than 10 production lines and 4 R&D people in the production. They export via Agency with 90 percentages. They have a foreign trading staff of about 4.

21 Yiwu Schon E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Schon E-Commerce Co., Ltd is an ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and Factory in China with a 500 square meter area of the factory. This company has a lot of experts and watchful staff that handles delivery fast and secure. They handle processes 15 to 30 working days which makes you satisfied.

22 Guangzhou IO Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou IO Jewelry Co., Ltd has 12 years of experience manufacturing stainless steel jewelry and products offering the best quality and affordable rates. Their products are strict QC provides fast delivery and quick response. This company is an SGS certified and BV certified offering OEM and ODM services.

23 Shenzhen Amengwei Technology Co., Ltd.

Jewelry has a lot of options if you need to order. You can choose jewelry based on your needs in the business. Shenzhen Amengwei Technology Co., Ltd manufactures jewelry like Body piercing, stainless steel jewelry, and so on. They manufactured using certified and tested raw materials.


Yan Tai Komex Jewelry Co., Ltd has a factory area of about 860 square meters and established in 2001 with 47 people. They have excellent engineers and well-trained staff in different designated areas. They specialize in manufacturing silver jewelry which sincerely cooperates and develops services.

25 Nanchang Webest Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Webest Jewelry Co., Ltd is ISO 9001 certified which perfectly satisfies customer’s demand and needs in the business. They have different designs, styles, and materials for kids, women, men, and more jewelry. In production, this company provides services such as OEM and ODM, 30 R&D staff, and 10 production lines. You can locate their factory at Aixihu 2nd Road Nanchang City in China at Jiangxi Province.

26 Hailee (Dongguan) Fashion Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Hailee (Dongguan) Fashion Jewelry Co., Ltd was founded in 2011 supported by 40 employees. They are ISO 9001 certified offering easy payment through Western Union, PayPal, and so on. They have 2 foreign trading staff 5 production lines, and 3 R&D staff. You can locate them in China at Gangsha Road, Changan Town of Guangdong Province.

27 Zhuji Xuelou Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Zhuji Xuelou Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd founded and specializes in fashion Jewelry which is one of the biggest pearl production in China. This company jewelry brand is XUELOU that includes Freshwater Pearls, South Sea, etc. They can guarantee the best quality jewelry since they are authorized manufacturers and factories that ensure quality first.

28 Shenzhen ShineMe Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen ShineMe Jewelry Co., Ltd ensures the quality first principles in manufacturing. This company prioritizes outstanding services for customers, production, sales, shipping, and quality tested jewelry products. They ensure no returns through strictly checking products before the delivery. This company is a direct factory of jewelry for many years about 10 years.

29 Qingdao Tesorine Company Limited

Qingdao Tesorine Company Limited is a SEDEX and OHSAS certified covered with a comfortable factory area and plenty of professional staff from production, sales, deliveries, and more. This company is based in China at Fuxing Road Shandong Province of Qingdao. They offer services of OEM/ODM with 5 Production lines and 9 R&D people.

30 East Sunrise Jewelry Co., Ltd.

In 1992, East Sunrise Jewelry Co., Ltd has founded manufacturing and exporting jewelry products in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Oceana, and so on. They are fabricating different fashion jewelry, fancy, durable, elegant, and unique designs that can catch attention. This company is an ISO 9001 and OHSAS, and OHSMS certified 18001 in China. You can pay in PayPal, Money Gram, LC, D/P, etc.

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