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3D Glass Keychains
Wholesale 3D Glass Keychains from China

High qualification of 3D keychains can now be buyable in Chinese markets. They have the special abilities to supply plenty of 3D keychains stocks if you also want to. This design is very grandiose in its outlook appearance. When you look at it personally, you see how wonderful it is to be used. Keychain is very easy to handle yet easy to get lost. But handling it with all your care, it will be preserved for long-term use.

Braided PU Leather
Wholesale Braided PU Leather from China

A keychain is a very small chain that is commonly formed from metal or even from plastic. There were many cute and formal designs of keychain you will find out in China’s countryside. You will surely inlove with the classic and creative design of braided PU leather keychains. For your keys to not lost easily, keychains will surely help to keep it just on your side.

Diamond Keychains
Wholesale Diamond Keychains from China

Diamond keychains that originally made from China are surely tough and durable. Original diamond keychains are one of the designs that can be gather from China. You can purchase anything you wanted because most manufacturers have enough of diamond keychains stocks that can supply your business enlargement process. You must check the newest style and formation of diamond keychains that you are liking for all this time.

Emoji Keychans
Wholesale Emoji Keychains from China

Chinese supply worldwide needs for their entertained clients. They do a lot of effort just to be in a partnership with your business fulfillment. They are the ones who will surely witness the big succession of your keychain business. Also, they are conscious of each client`s feedbacks about their offered services. Surely they would love to hear good assessments from each client they have been served in a while.

Fabric Keychains
Wholesale Fabric Keychains from China

Your favorite fabric style of keychains will be generated if you would love to have with the partnerships with those certified manufacturers in there. To have the brightest knowledge in most elegant fabric keychains that can usually found in Chinese markets, go and do create close business relationships with Bansar and the most suppliers and manufacturers operating at this place in China.

Hero Keychains
Wholesale Hero Keychains from China

Your kids might love to have hero keychains on their own hands. Also, you probably needed keychain that lovely to see for your keys not able to lost it quickly. Car keys, house keys, and many more different keys must have its own chains to avoid forgotten of your important keys. If you have your own business as well, keychains products might also help to get faster enlargement for your business.

Leather Keychains
Wholesale Leather Keychains from China

Are you a keychain lover? Collecting plenty of keychains in any designated formations will surely you find deep affection about. The leather keychain can be a gift for your loved ones also. It is up to you how you use it. This kind of keychains is lovable to see swinging on your bags. Keychains are having a purpose of not easily lost any of your fundamental keys.

Metal Keychains
Wholesale Metal Keychains from China

Simplier design of keychains is more beautiful to look for. You can specify and choose those keychains that got your attention. Whether the elegant or simple design of metal keychains, it is important to have keychains for your keys not easily misplaced. If suddenly you thought about having a productivity keychains business, that will be always the best idea you have ever planned.

Personalized Wooden
Wholesale Personalized Wooden from China

Personalized wooden keychains are very special. You can put your personal name on it or even the name of the person you currently love. It is your personal decision what is the most relevant design you must to take in a wholesale order all about. You can also put inspirational quotes on it or quotes that show your true personality and many more. To have wholesale acquisition demands, manufacturers that currently operating in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu will act depending on what you need.

Plastic Keychains
Wholesale Plastic Keychains from China

There is a lot of keychains you can find in any of your travel destinations. It is up to you what design must have attached on it. Plastick kind of keychains might lasts in any longer. A lot of keychains design you can find in China`s markets. Your costumers will surely love each of the designs that have been shown. As long as you purchase wholesale of plastic keychains in China, your wishes will be granted.

Rubber Keychains
Wholesale Rubber Keychains from China

To easily catch the attention of your business` costumers, you first have to order wonderful designs of rubber keychains. All of the keychain’s designs are -lightweight and easy-to-carry. If you want a more traditional design or just an uncomplicated design of keychains, believing in the powerful abilities of most suppliers in China can be your motivation to make a big purchase of rubber keychains.

Sea Shells Keychains
Wholesale Sea Shells Keychains from China

Do you want a more stylish composition of seashells keychains? Then unhesitatingly do abruptly wholesaling order of seashells to be one of the addition of the productive products to your business development. Friendly-economical rates have been proffered into your privately owned keychains business. Fujian province is having a total of 77 manufacturers that is already sufficient for your business needs.

Spring Keychains
Wholesale Spring Keychains from China

High-rated keychain design is only what you called a spring keychain. Bansar made a recommendation just for the best of your running business. They recommend all of the time that you must have the Chinese manufacturers that guide you towards your business’s big accomplishments and its successful future. If you love handmade spring keychains then that will be accepted.

Tag Keychains
Wholesale Tag Keychains from China

Any sizes that you wanted to have on your desired tag keychains orders will be surely allowed by then. Low-price have been already offered so you have no worries about the price. If you also have your own shop, keychains will be a great addition to an instantaneous success you might be getting about. You can have tag keychains that made in leather and that will cost a little bit expensive.

Wooden Keychains
Wholesale Wooden Keychains from China

The impressive custom design of wooden keychains is now available at the following manufacturers in China. They are plenty of provinces in China that offer wooden keychains in just at very affordable rates. On many occasions, wooden keychains can be the nicer gift you have received or you have to give as a gift to your friend. The more, the marrier. That is why you have to acquire more of wooden keychains for business expansion.

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To take advantage of the low cost price on the shipping rate, rail freight is the best option you should choose.
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In door-to-door shipment of your wholesale keychains orders, your keychains will be protected by its staff.

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The Resource to Help you Wholesale Keychains from China:

Wholesale Keychains, Suppliers in China

Best 20 Wholesale Keychains Manufacturer in China

1 Wenzhou Zhanxin Handicraft

Wenzhou Zhanxin Handicraft has mainly involved in crafts products wholesale and custom-made keychains. Their popular products are mini holy bible shaped keychain and LED toys. Included in their products are flashing necklaces, flashing sticks, flashing glasses, and other electronic novelty. They are founded in 1998 in Lucheng District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

2 Zhongshan Rich Gift Limited

Zhongshan Rich Gift Limited is specializing in custom souvenir gifts. Their main products are PVC keychains, keychains, Lanyard, and silicone keychains. Since established in 2000, the company is mainly engaged in producing and selling all types of hardware gifts and silicone crafts. They are exporting their products to 30+ countries and areas. Occupying an area of 5,000 sq m, Zhongshan Rich Gift Ltd is able to produce 5,000,000 pcs monthly.

3 Zhongshan Lavi Metal Products Co., Ltd

Established in 2012, Zhongshan Lavi Metal is specializing in keychains, lanyards, medals, bottle opener, and related products. This manufacturing and trading company offered products at fair prices. Their manufacturing facility is located in Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province covers 8,000 sq m floor area.

4 Y& M Crafts Manufacture Limited

Y& M Crafts Manufacture Limited was established in 2003 in Zhongshan City. They mainly manufacture metal and leather keychain and premium products. That includes a cosmetic mirror, mobile phone cover, bag hanger, luggage tag, and more. With new technology, they are able to produce innovative and quality products. There are 150 employees and staff work around in their 2,000 sq m.

5 HX

HX is engaged in wholesale keychain business since 2001. It can be found in Dong Guan, Guangdong Province in China. They are specializing in keychains, luggage tags, lapel pins, digital patterns, and so on. Before in China, this company is based in Taiwan. Their decision makes them work better in the manufacturing and exporting system.

6 Artigifts

Artigifts is specializing in engraved corporate gifts and printed corporate gifts as well as branded computer peripherals. It includes the key chains, souvenirs, lapel pins, medals, and more. This company offers superior quality products and fast delivery. They are ISO 9001 certified and a member of sourcing platforms like Alibaba.

7 Shenzhen Leaderkin Gifts Manufactory Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Leaderkin Gifts Manufactory Co., Ltd was established in 2010. Their main products are key rings and key chains and related promoting items. Occupying 2,000+ sq m and 50+ workers and staff, the company has a strong workforce to design products. This company is exporting products to more than 30 countries and regions.

8 A Best Promotions Ltd

Located in Dongguan, A Best Promotions is focused on promotional gifts and metal jewelry products. The company has over 10+ years of experience in the business. Along with their products are metal souvenirs, wine charms, fridge magnet, and more. A Best Promotions customers are famous international brands including Hongkong Ocean Park, Ecco, Victoria’s Secret, and more.

9 Artimetals

Artimetals Gifts & Premiums MFY Co., Ltd is manufacturing and supplying keychain products for more than 15 years. Since established in 1998, they are providing high-quality keychain in various materials.  Other than that, they are offering wine accessories, coaster and gift sets, letter openers, and more. Artimetals is providing new items every month.

10 Dongguan Best Gifts Co., Ltd

Established in 1994 in Xiegang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Dongguan Best Gift Co., Ltd occupies an area of 10, 000m2. Specializing in the metal promotion and advertising and business gifts, they became a leading manufacturers. This company has 300+ employees and monthly output reaches 5,000,000 pieces.

11 China Keychain Factory

Located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China Keychain Factory offers a huge range of keychain products. It includes 3-D key chains, acrylic keychain, cable keychain, bottle opener keychain, crystal keychain, flashlight keychain, game keychain, and so on. The manufacturing factory covers an area of 20,000 sq m and 500 workers. China Keychain Factory has a monthly production capacity of 1.0 million – 1.3 million pieces.

12 Best-Keychain Factory

Best-Keychain Factory is situated in Zhongshan, China. It has over 10 years of experience in giftware to the corporate market. This company covers over 50,000 sq m of land with 1000+ skilled workers. Specializing in research and development, the company is able to produce superb products.

13 Huishi Gift Co., Ltd

Located in Dongguan, Guangdong in China, Huishi Gift Co., Ltd is focused on a keychain and other souvenir products. Their factory is completely passed ISO9001 and SA2008. Their primary products are offered at favorable prices. Included in their products are lanyard, pendants, necklaces, sterling, silver pendant, etc.

14 Waltt Products Co., Ltd

Waltt Products Co., Ltd’s main products are promotions keychain products such as keyring and key holders. Also, they are offering related promotional gifts like leather styles, metal styles, PVC key chains, and more. With the help of experienced workers, the company is able to complete all the manufacturing processes.

15 Kunshan Noble Co., Ltd

Kunshan Noble Co., Ltd is located in Kunshan City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Their main product series are key chains, badges, lapel pins, and related promotional gifts. They are exporting products to U.S and European markets. The company is very professional in every step of the process. They had the capability to solve any issues that might happen during the production stage.

16 Ibest Jewelry Co., Limited

Ibest Jewelry Co., Limited is involved in metal souvenirs and promotional gifts. They are located in Yiwu City and cooperating with several customers from different countries. Offered products include key chain, fridge magnet, table bell, mirror, and other souvenirs and promotional gifts. Ibest Jewelry Co., Ltd is cooperating with famous brands such as Hello Kitty, Mattel, Disney, and more.

17 Topwin

Topwin Crafts Manufacture Co., Ltd is involved in custom promotional car key chain, medal, coin, and badge since 2003. Their customers are from the UK, USA, Japan, Denmark, Australia, UAE, and more. The manufacturing factory of Topwin occupies 5,200 m2 area and they have over 160 staff. This company’s advantages are better quality products, short lead time, and competitive price.


Established in 2000, Ever Rich Gift Ltd is specializing in key rings, pins, medals, coins, tie clips, hat clips, and more. It is located in Zhongshan City. They are equipped with experienced staff and a full production line. Ever Rich Gift Ltd is exporting its products to 100+ countries in different countries and regions.


KD CRAFT LIMITED is specializing in gifts and premium products for over 10 years. They are supplying a wide range of products including PVC key chain, key chain, lanyard, lapel pin, badge, medal, silicone wristband, and more. With trained workers, you can guarantee good quality products and fast lead time.

20 Lion Promotions

Lion Promotions focused on providing an excellent solutions for promotional advertising gifts. Their main products include premium business gifts, giveaways, corporate executive gifts, and promotional advertising gifts. The company is providing the best quality products at cheaper prices. For branding and marketing needs, Lion Promotions can give the service you’re looking for.

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