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Types of Knives
Boning Knife
Wholesale Boning Knife from China

There are many kinds and many forms of knife.China produce a boning kind of knife for a a various uses,whether for slicing,cutting,chopping and etc. China has the lowest wholesale price of this kind of knives .

Bread Knife
Wholesale Bread Knife from China

Wholesale of Bread knife that are use to cut and slice a bread can be also bought on china.China has plenty of manufacturer that deals a bread knife on a affordable price.

Chefs Knife
Wholesale Chef’s Knife from China

Chef’s and cook has a specific knife that they used on their kitchen work in able to have a good and productive performance.This kind of knife was largely produce by the China.

Wholesale Cleaver from China

Cutting and chopping a large piece of meat or a meat that has a bone?Cleaver  knife is the best knife for you.It is a heavy kind of knife with a wide blade that capable on cutting and chopping a hard and large meat.Avail the wholesale of cleaver knife from China for affordable price.


Kitchen Shears
Wholesale Kitchen Shears from China

Knife is not the only kitchen utensils that is use for slicing a meat. There is a kitchen shear that can be also use for slicing a smooth type of meat.It is available on many sizes. You can import this kind of utensils at Chinese Market.

Nakiri Bocho
Wholesale Nakiri Bocho from China

China offers a wholesale of Nakiri Bocho knife.It can be bought on a very low price.You can sell it retail at a higher price,because it has a high quality standard.

Paring Knife
Wholesale Paring Knife from China

Wholesale Paring Knife manufactured by expert Chinese wholesale Knife suppliers are developed through high-technology systems. That’s why, choosing them to be your knife business partner can guarantee your business success. Import wholesale Paring Knife from them!

Santoku Knife
Wholesale Santoku Knife from China

Santoku Knife are good for your business. If you want your Knife business to grow, import wholesale Santoku Knife from Chinese wholesale balloons suppliers. They will give you Santoku made from quality materials.

Steak Knife
Wholesale Steak Knife from China

Wholesale Steak Knife are always available in the Chinese markets. There are a lot of wholesale Steak Knife suppliers in China who aims to help you with your business. Bansar will help you to find the best wholesale Steak Knife suppliers.

Utility Knife
Wholesale Utility Knife from China

There are thousands of wholesale Utility Knife suppliers in China. You can assure that you will find the right supplier who will help you to be profitable. Import wholesale Utility Knife and Bansar will assure you a good service in terms of shipping.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wholesale Knives Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
If your orders are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight.
Air Freight from China
If you want a high value shipping and urgent deliveries, shipping by air is the best option.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
Ship by rail is best for your large volume of wholesale knives orders over greater distances from China
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you are new to importing from China or have no importing permit, you can contact Bansar to help your order, we will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Importing Wholesale Knives from China:

Importing Wholesale Knives from  China, do not miss this guide.

Reading this guide will help you become a professional for the Chinese wholesale knives market, also help your knives business grow.

In this guide:

You will know the process of importing from China,

Why you should buy wholesale knives from China,

Where to buy high-quality and affordable wholesale knives from China,

Types of wholesale knives to import from China,

Best 30 Wholesale Knives Manufacturers in China

1 Anhui Easton Trade Co., Ltd.

Anhui Easton Trade Co., Ltd was established in2009 and start to expand in 2014 and manufacturing stainless steel products like knives. In 2017 they renamed their company and expand manufacturing industrial use in 2018. This company has a total of 10 years of experience developing services for your satisfaction.

2 Guangzhou Long Prosper Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Long Prosper Industrial Co., Ltd mainly manufactures household products like what you need. They have the best quality and different materials for knives. They export in West Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and a lot of countries worldwide. This company is an ISO 9001 certified knives manufacturer and producer in China.


If you are looking for a tools manufacturer, factory, and producer in China, Fuzhou Winwin Industrial Co., Limited is one of the leading and trusted in China. They are capable to handle the whole of your needs for your orders. They strictly check all the quality and ensure safety in manufacturing. This company starts to export in 2009 with a 90% average and export through an agency. They have 10 production lines and R&D staff.

4 Plenty Harvest Manufacturing Limited

In 1988, Plenty Harvest Manufacturing Limited was founded which is located in China at building #5 Bulong Road, Guangdong Province of Shenzhen City. They export products from the day they were founded. They export the best quality products, services, packaging, and a lot more in Western Europe, Oceana, North America, and more countries.

5 Wuxi FeFo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a manufacturer who only focuses on manufacturing what you need, Wuxi FeFo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is one of the professional providers in China. They specialize in Cutting blades, Machinery, knives, and more. They will ensure safety and fast delivery since they only focus on that product.

6 Xiamen Renda Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Look for a certified manufacturer. You can ensure safety since they passed the standards and their products as well. Xiamen Renda Industry and Trade Co., Ltd raw materials passed the certifications and the company. They have plenty of engineers, designers, customer service staff, and delivery staff to ensure all the processes well. This company also has 10 production lines and 50 R&D staff.


In 2003, Bettermag Tech Group Co., Limited was established. They manufacture sharp and most durable knives in different sizes and designs. They export since 2003 in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Western Europe, Oceana, Eastern Europe, and more countries around the world. This company offered OEM and ODM services.

8 East Machine Knives Co., Ltd.

For your urgent needs, East Machine Knives Co., Ltd. can provide all you need. They are covering over 1000 square meter factory area which is convenient for all the processes. They have all the machines for cutting, molding, and more. This company has a lot of supporting staff from production, sales, customer service, and so on.


Yangjiang Suplink Ind. Co., Ltd was established with 90 staff and covered of 2700 square meters. They provide a one-stop solution. Since they offer OEM and ODM services, this company exploring and develop products and design the most functional knives. Their products like knives are quality tested that you could trust for your business.

10 Yangjiang Baideli Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd.

In 2002, Yangjiang Baideli Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. was founded. It focused on manufacturing different knives including a kitchen knife and more. They are providing top-grade quality and most competitive cost products. The company passed ISO9001: 2008, SGS, LFGB, and more certificates. Order now and expect outstanding quality, competitive price, and nice service from this company.

11 Yangjiang Gelaiya Trading Co., Ltd.

Yangjiang Gelaiya Trading Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of a kitchen knife for more than 10 years. They provide a good quality kitchen knife product at nice services. They welcomed OEM and ODM services. They obtain LFGB, FDA, and more certificates. They also got customers from lots of countries. Send your inquiries now.


If you are looking for various high-quality knife products, CHEESENICE CO., LTD. can provide your demand. They produced a steak knife, cheese knife, handmade hunting knife, survival knife, and more kitchen accessories. This company assures you to meet your demand which makes you satisfied. Also, they provide classical or creative products for you. Message them now.

13 Nanjing Tiby Import & Export Co., Ltd.

As focused on supplying all types of knives, the company accept OEM and ODM. Their products are fixed blade knives, fantasy knives, kitchen knives, and more. You can send to them your samples or drawings since they offer a full solution for that and also their staffs have rich experience with regards to it. Place your order now.

14 Chaoda Kitchen Knife Factory

Looking for a manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of a knife? Chaoda Kitchen Knife Factory provides you various knife products to meet your requirement. It produced outdoor knives, kitchen knives, etc. This company welcomed ODM and OEM orders from you. For more info, kindly message them.


MAANSHAN KING KNIFE MACHINERY CO., LTD. offers various knife products for your special requirement. Their main products are multi knife blocks, top dish knives, bottom knives, top knife holders, and so on. They assure the quality and services to all their customers. Kindly contact them for your inquiries.

16 Yangjiang Selectedhardware Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Since 2004, Yangjiang Selectedhardware Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of different knives in China. It included a bread knife, boning knife, slicing knife, carving knife, sashimi knife, vegetable knife, and so on. They accept ODM and OEM orders. Since 2007, they began exporting knives worldwide. Enquire now and get the top grade quality and reasonable price.

17 Seer Hardware Industry&Trade Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a professional manufacturer of knives, Seer Hardware Industry&Trade Co., Ltd. has 10 years of experience in manufacturing knives in China. 200 developed projects each year. They guarantee absolute quality and satisfaction. Importers and wholesalers are welcome.

18 Guangzhou Bairui Houseware Co., Ltd.

As focused on producing knives and stainless steel kitchen knives, the company offers ODE and ODM services. They guarantee the top quality, nice design, and competitive cost products which are attracted by most customers and exported to more than 60 countries and regions. For any design progression requirement, this is your best place.


In 1978, Anhui YAFEI Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established. They are located at very convenient transportation and excellent geographical location. . It is a manufacturer of industry knife and more products. Their products are sold to local and abroad which are praised by most customers. Send your inquiry now.

20 Wenzhou Meters Int’l Trade Co., Ltd.

Since the year 2012, Wenzhou Meters Int’l Trade Co., Ltd. is a utility knife manufacturer in China. They have been work with 100 professional manufacturers in China including Denmark, Spain, Italy, Turkey, etc. They’re hoping to work with you in the future. For your orders, please contact them.

21 Yongjian Huangtian Fengli Craft Factory

In 1995, Wenzhou Joint Swords Co., Ltd. was founded. The factory building has 1000 square meters with over 200 workers. It specialized in producing knife including a pocket knife, hunting knife, folding knife, and more products. For your order, kindly contact them.

22 Yangjiang Homeful Industrial Co., Ltd.

Yangjiang Homeful Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. has professional in the manufacture, R&D, and sales. They produce all kinds of hardware products including Camping Knife, Dive Knife, Rescue Knife, Pocket Knife Series, Survival Knife, and more. To provide excellent products with excellent designs and strong quality is their goal. Contact them now.

23 Yangdong Homesen Kitchenware Products Factory

Looking for various kinds of ceramic knife products? Well, Yangdong Homesen Kitchenware Products Factory can provide you that which they specialized in ceramic knives manufacturing in China. All of their products comply with FDA and LFGB qualifications. They welcomed ODM and OEM orders. Best services to their business friends are their goals.

24 Yangjiang Homeyee Hardware Industrial Factory

Since 2008, Yangjiang Homeyee Industry & Trade Co., Ltd is a professional multifunction knife manufacturer in China. They have their product packaging designer which provides a direct factory price. Expect high-quality, inexpensive products, and excellent services to all customers worldwide. Get in touch with them now.


In 1985, SHAHID MEHMOOD CUTLERY was founded. This company has great experience in producing knives. Its products included pocket knives, kitchen knives, Damascus knives, and so on. You can send your sample since they offer custom knives. Their priority is to have quality products and honesty for all customers.

26 Dongguan Sguangxin Industry Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Shuangxin Industry Co., Ltd. has 6,000 square meters of factory area and has 150 employees. Aside from that, they have a production department including CNC milling, CNC turning, and more. This company meets ISO9001: TS16949 and ISO9001: 2015 qualifications. For your orders, please message them.

27 Hatchen Industry Co., Ltd.

Since 1988, Hatchen Industry Co., Ltd. manufactures kitchen knife sets, chef knife, and clever knife in China. They have exporting departments since 2011. This company complies with the ISO9001:2008 certificate. For more info, please visit their company.

28 Yangjiang Vast State Industrial &Trade Co., Ltd.

Yangjiang Vast State Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd. focused on all types of outdoor tools in China. Their main products are pocket knives, hunting knives, survival knives, etc. It has been exported worldwide. They provide good quality, competitive cost, and on-time delivery.

29 Dongguan Fung Hing Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Feng Xing Hardware Products CO., LTD is a manufacturer of the outdoor multi-tool and more products in China. They have their plating factory and have over 10 shops in China. OEM and ODM orders are welcome. A small or large quantity of orders is also welcome.

30 Yangjiang Yangdong District Dongcheng Yipeng Hardware Factory

If you are searching for various types of knives, Yangjiang Yangdong District Dongcheng Yipeng Hardware Factory focuses on manufacturing outdoor knives, fixed blade knives, folding knives, and so on. They offer competitive quality and price to all customers. For your inquiry, just contact them anytime you want.

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