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Abtract Mannequins
Wholesale Abstract Mannequins from China

Abstract Mannequins is highly conventionalized. A figure of a human is what it looks like with wig hair. An abstract mannequin usually is seen at the malls wearing a for sale dress. It defines as satisfactorily tall and having nice poses. There are manufacturers you can find out in the country of China that mainly operate in many provinces such as Guangdong province, Jiangsu, Shandong, and into the province of Zhejiang.

Black Mannequins
Wholesale Black Mannequins from China

In the wholesale world of mannequins, the black type of mannequins are the best selling ones and highly required. The black color of this mannequins represents less realistic. When this kind of mannequin got to wear a for-sale dress, it looks more attractive and eye-catching to the costumers passes by. Its color intentionally made because it magnifies more display clothes. To get wholesale orders of this too, you can acquire to those trusted manufacturers only at China.

Female Mannequins
Wholesale Female Mannequins from China

Female mannequins are mostly used by many artists, dressmakers, models, and many more. In any executive setting, you can search easily the custom types of mannequins. If you own a super mall and needed wholesale female mannequins, Chinese manufacturers can provide you different poses of female mannequins based on your ambitions. Also, when you are a seller of stylish clothes or dress, you have to purchase mannequins that are fitted on your desire.

Fiberglass Mannequins
Wholesale Fiberglass Mannequins from China

Mannequins are a doll useful in many artists and dressmakers everywhere around the globe. Fiberglass mannequins are effortlessly champion in its looks. In many department stores, fiberglass is commonly been the winner when it comes to its looks. Even it is a little bit pricey, its high standard of creativity is incomparable. By using mannequins, the clothes you are selling might be sold faster.

Half Body Mannequins
Wholesale Half Body Mannequins from China

Half Body Mannequins are unaffected by strikeout, scratching, and even from color fading. It is made from durable plastics. Most purchaser from Chinese manufacturers is buying base on the pose signified of the mannequins. The Chinese manufacturers offer a wide variation of Half body mannequins. For direct shipping to your warehouse, Bansar can immediately do actions for that.

Hanging Mannequins
Wholesale Hanging Mannequins from China

Mannequins are very important tools to sell your clothes in a faster way. It is an effective way to impress those costumers and convince them to buy the clothes. Hanging type of mannequins is the best way and the easiest way to sell your clothes. To have a reliable type of hanging mannequins, Chinese manufacturers can be with you and provides your hanging mannequins desired designs by messaging and pass them your sketch designs of hanging mannequins.

Head Mannequins
Wholesale Head Mannequins from China

It is made from long-lasting plastics. It is very suitable and fitted to let be wear a hat, wigs, and many more hair accessories. To acquire the cheapest head mannequins for your desires, the Chinese offers its affordable head mannequins. Preferring into wholesale orders of head mannequins can be better and very great for your business. You can save more money and also, less efforts.

Headless Mannequins
Wholesale Headless Mannequins from China

Attractive and eye-catching headless mannequins are available at any Chinese manufacturers actively in operation worldwide. Come upon and discover the best headless mannequins that are suitable for your business productivity. Getting headless mannequins in a wholesale way much be a better way. Secured shipping of your wholesale mannequins is the main responsibility of Bansar shipping company.

Infant Mannequins
Wholesale Infant Mannequins from China

In teaching first aid classes or in CPR activities, infant babies mannequins are very helpful. It is more lifelike and proven very effective to be used. In purchasing wholesale sets of infant mannequins, you can be successful in your teaching systematic methods. Buy large orders of infants mannequins from the top leading manufacturers’ place in China. They promise to never disappoint and hassle you to the distribution process of your wholesale orders.

Kids Mannequins
Wholesale Kids Mannequins from China

Do you have a collection of mannequins and needed something to add about? Kids mannequins can be the better additions to your collections. It is very cute and one of the nice-looking mannequins ever. To your store and mall solutions, it could be the best answer. Chinese manufacturers can be the source of your mannequins especially a type of kids mannequins. It is very popular in these current generations.

Male Mannequins
Wholesale Male Mannequins from China

Most store vendors used male mannequins as their tool to sell clothes in the easiest way. The cheapest price of male mannequins are available and freely chosen from any manufacturers operating in China. Chinese manufacturers are proven and guaranteed by most clients everywhere. There are huge different kinds of efficient male mannequins you might be like and might the cause to your big success.

Plastic Mannequins
Wholesale Plastic Mannequins from China

Plastic Mannequins are good at calling the attention of the costumers you wanted to target. It is insubstantial and easily to be carried that can be displayed anywhere you wanted to. Plastic mannequins are available in many different colors, sizes, and many features. To have more of plastic mannequins stocks, the Chinese manufacturers offer and persuaded you to avail wholesale ways to order plastic mannequins.

Plus Size Mannequins
Wholesale Plus Size Mannequins from China

All of the body figures including plus-size mannequins can be purchased from the expert’s suppliers doin its activity from China. Normal bodies of a woman and a man can be possibly featured through plus-size mannequins. Clothes that are fitted to the plus-size mannequins can be also fitted to those that have plus-size bodies in real life. In acquiring wholesale of plus-size mannequins, Chinese that are mostly operated in the area of many provinces in China suchlike Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong.

Realistic Mannequins
Wholesale Realistic Mannequins from China

A male and female realistic mannequins are very helpful in impressing the quality of the clothes that were worn by realistic mannequins. To show the characteristic of the clothes you wanted to sell, realistic mannequins might help a lot, especially to the privately-owned boutiques and store. With the lifelike poses and faces of this mannequins, it can be more noticeable with the costumers.

Silicone Mannequins
Wholesale Silicone Mannequins from China

Plenty of creative and wondrous design of silicone mannequins are always available and can be easily purchased from Chinese manufacturers. How to buy in wholesale ways? Bansar can give you an answer to that automatically. They offer their efforts and services in a competitive yet at a cheaper rate. Its skin appearance is very realistic. It is available in many different parts of the body. To have faster and quick shipping transactions, Bansar is the perfect partner.

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The Resource to Help you Wholesale Mannequins from China:

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Best 20 Wholesale Mannequin Manufacturers in China


As one of the largest export-oriented manufacturers of high-quality professional dress forms and industrial 3D Virtual fit mannequins in China, Figureforms is trusted by countless global brands worldwide. They have rich-experienced for more than 30 years. They offer affordable products for a great number of independent designers, smaller fashion businesses, fashion schools, and students.

Meyshow Mannequin

Meyshow Mannequin and Display Co., Ltd is an excellent manufacturer of fiberglass mannequins and display artwork in China. Their products include female and male mannequins, Male Torso, Kids Torso, head & leg mannequin, artificial animals, etc. Expect the high-quality, competitive price, fast delivery, considerate service of this company. With their advanced technology and modern production lines, they can always supply high-quality samples & mass products at economical prices in short leading time of wholesale mannequins.


Finehope is China’s most professional manufacturer of PU wholesale mannequins. They have a professional R & D staff, innovative PU production machinery, excellent quality management system, and professional testing equipment. Established in 2002, its products are mainly exported to US and European markets. They obtained many certifications like SGS ISO9001-2008, in accordance with TS16949 system for quality control. Many customers choose Finehope Group because of their broad R & D capabilities that ensure long-term experience.

 Fumye Display

Guangzhou Fumye Display Co., Ltd is located in Zhongshan. They manufacture a vast range for wholesale mannequins, store display furniture and table, store fixture, shop display showcase, cabinet, stand, etc. For more than 23 years, they focus on design, production & standard safety export packing of quality products.


A dedicated manufacturer that provides quality mannequins, torsos, mannequin heads, dress forms, ghost mannequins, and other related store fixtures at low competitive prices. They exported to many countries like Australia, Italy, North America, and some other European countries. Also, they always regard every customer to be their most important and valuable customer.

Haian Tianyi Home Product Co., Ltd.

Haian Tianyi Home Product Co., Ltd., is established in 2007 which located in Jiangsu province. As an ISO, UL, CSA, ETL, CE approved, they aim to be one of the best manufacturers and suppliers all over the world that provide all kinds of items, high-quality products, and services. They try their best to satisfy customers with highly efficient productions. From accepting the order to supplying the goods they promise delivering in time.

Pujiang Xufeng Hanger Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1995 with more than 20 years of ′ history in mannequins and hangers manufacturing. They have many production machinery to create different types of products to meet customers′ various needs. Their products have been exported in more than 40 countries and districts in Asia, Africa, Middle East Europe, North America, and South America.

Dongguan Yongzhao Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993, which is a professional manufacturer that produced brand hangers, mannequins, and display fitting for over 20 years. They have a production area of 15000 square meters. Yongzhao has gained popularity among the clients worldwide because of its timely delivery, top product quality, competitive price, as well as excellent after-sales service.

Ownway Display Equipment

Ownway Display Equipment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is an expert manufacturer of mannequins and has been exported to Canada, Middle East, Russia, and Southeast Asian countries. They promise to make continuous efforts to progress of their expanding range of services and products, committed to supplying customers with the most authentic and reliable services. So, purchasing with them will be your most perfect choice.

Guangzhou MR Display Company Limited

A factory located in Zhongshan city, China with an area of nearly 3000sqm. They have a professional and experienced team with about 80 people. Incorporated with advanced equipment, they are able to produce jewelry display mannequins, polyurethane mannequin, soft mannequin, mannequin head/hands/legs/torso, tailoring mannequin and so on with functional, durable, and advance design.

LUOLUO Display

Was found in February 2012. Luoluo is a large-scale manufacturer of fashion display high-class mannequin in China. They focus in design and develop innovative concepts to suit our customer′s needs. Also, they offer to customize attractive styles and high-standard mannequin production based on pictures and requirements of customers.

Asterism Mannequin

Shanghai Asterism Store Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 1993 in China. With distinctive product development and production capabilities, the company offers bespoke development services to fashion brands. In order to exceed the trend of environmental protection, Asterism has produced PP- plastic mannequin, that lightweight, dependable & unbreakable.

Hua Dong Mannequins Hangers Factory

As an ISO 9001 authenticated company, Hua Dong Mannequins Hangers Factory delivers high-quality products, well-pleasing service, and a good reputation such as a mannequin, hanger, shelf, molding, display mannequin, display model, etc. This company located at Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. They provide excellent products, reliable service to meet our customer’s requirements.

Chuanfa Mannequins

Shanghai Chuanfa Mannequin is established in 1999, a successful premier mannequin manufacturer focusing on high-grade design and motivating sales. Also, they have 200 experienced staff and occupy a space of about 7,000 sqm. Because of their advanced equipment and skilled work-force, they are now producing 800 varieties of mannequins. Their capacity is currently 4,000 pcs per month.

Changshu Beiyang Craft Product Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Changshu Beiyang Craft Product Co., Ltd. has abundant experience in putting out all types of mannequins. Own high-technology manufacturing equipment can produce mannequins more than 6000 pieces per month. Plus, they can produce both standard and special products based on clients’ requirements. There are varieties of models in the company which mainly sent to Germany, Africa, Arab, Middle East, Europe, Madrid, and many other regions and countries.

Guangzhou Xinji

Guangzhou Xinji Trading Co., Ltd is a manufacturer with 10 years of experience. With high-level technique and advanced production equipment in their company, they can produce thousands of mannequins, hangers, display racks even for peak seasons. They can also customize your order to meet your demands. They are located in Xinbaijia Shatai Road Guangzhou Guangdong 510515 China.


Sunrise mannequin display is a powerful and large-scale enterprise that specializes in the production, designing, making, and selling o high-grade fashion mannequins for over 20 years of experience. Guangzhou Sunrise Mannequin factory was founded in 1996. They become a partner of some foreign and domestic apparel brands. It is an independent manufacturing and development company.


Founded in 2006, Xingou is one of the premier manufacturers and exporters of mannequins in China. They have complete capabilities to offer new products and great services to the customer. Xingou design mannequin is hard-wearing, durable, and have multi-purpose features. They also try to pay forward their success by being involved in different charities to assist those people in need, aside from their serious business engagements.


Loutoff Display is established in 2006 in China that covers 3, 000square-meter of area. Their products have gained a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, especially in the EU and Germany markets. Loutoff Display has an advanced strategic management team, expert-level R&D team, and efficient client service team. They release more than 50 new models annually in accordance with the latest fashion trends in the market. All offered finishes are 100% tested to meet international standards.


A company that offers you the best rates of large numbers of gentlemen, ladies, kid mannequins that are widely used by retail outlets and showrooms. Since 1998, Woodfortune has been a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality mannequins. All of their mannequins, accessories, forms, furniture, fixtures, and custom-made in their factories and workshops. Shanghai woodfortune display manufacturer co., ltd is ISO9002:2008 and SGS certified.

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