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Classic Notebooks
Wholesale Classic Notebooks from China

Classic notebooks are particularly used by professional artists and writers. It is reliable notebooks you could find ever. It can be your ideal partner in any of your travel destinations. You can write the ideas you wanted to keep in mind and never be forgotten. You can order a classic notebook in China in substantial and wholesale ways. Guangdong province of China has a lot of manufacturers for around 699.

Composition Notebooks
Wholesale Composition Notebooks from China

A notebook where you can write all of your ideas, messages for your loved ones, and even important details into your running business. It can also be useful to any school student in any part of the world. Also, in business meetings, a composition notebook is very useful and important, you can easily write down the important pieces of information you wanted to keep all about. To have large orders of composition notebooks, the Chinese offers their reliable manufactured composition notebooks.

Dynamic Notebooks
Wholesale Dynamic Notebooks from China

A high class and unique dynamic notebook can be only purchased in Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. They distribute high-graded dynamic notebooks suitable for your likable tastes. Self-sufficient artists exists around the globe usually use this kind of notebooks. For your orders, you can be with the Chinese provided assistance. They promise to be the main responsible for the damages of the products when there is something occurs.

Hardbound notebooks
Wholesale Hardbound notebooks from China

Your ambition to the design of your hardbound notebooks will the responsibility of Chinese manufacturers. They will provide you depending on what type you really like. A high-rated and best-selling designs of hardbound notebooks can also be offered by Chinese manufacturers operating. Bansar also in the authority in the faster shipping of your wholesale orders.

Journal Notebooks
Wholesale Journal Notebooks from China

Through journal notebooks, you can reveal and demonstrates your true personality and feelings. It can help to make you feel better especially when you don`t have a true friend to talk about it. Stylish and colorful journal notebooks might bring enjoyment and happiness into your lives. To have large collections of journal notebooks, you can rely upon and ask help to Chinese manufacturers that operate in any provinces there suchlike Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Fujian.

Leather Notebooks
Wholesale Leather Notebooks from China

A notebook where you can be with you all the time or wherever you go might be the leather notebooks. Its reliability fabrications are unregretful although it can bring joy to your life. You can freely express your feelings in a piece of a leather notebook. It can be handmade and high-quality reliable production. To have more collection of a leather notebook, avail this on wholesale ways.

Math Notebook
Wholesale Math Notebooks from China

Math notebooks are very important in a Math subject. This type of notebooks usually used by a teacher or even a secondary students or college students. Students used this to keep their notes well-arranged. It helps them when they do a serious study of math. Inside of these notes, you can commonly found smart solutions to math problems, homework, and summarize math lessons. Most manufacturers of these notebooks can be only found in the Chinese regions.

Personalized Notebooks
Wholesale Personalized Notebooks from China

Chinese manufacturers produced high-quality made personalized notebooks. The detailed and proper specifications you provide will be considered. Bansar is the guaranteed shipping assistant of Chinese manufactury departments. Customization designs are available by the manufacturers located in China. Shipping processes fee offers as very available rates.

Pocket notebooks
Wholesale Pocket Notebooks from China

Pocket Notebooks are considered as on-the-go notebooks you could easily handle especially in the travel moments. Handling and carrying a pocket-sized notebook is very known and popular these days. Chinese manufacturers offer the best pocket notebook they could ever produce and distributed. You could have it in a leather covers and more. For the quick delivery process, Bansar is the shipping partner you could ever find.

School Notebooks
Wholesale School Notebooks from China

In the back-to-school seasons, your kids and students might have school notebooks. It is important for them to take down notes and summarized information and pieces of knowledge from their subjects. The best school notebooks can be only found at the largest market located in China. What you can say about from these all productions will be considered.

Special Notebooks
Wholesale Special Notebooks from China

Your talent in creating new ideas and drawing some wondrous creativity designs can be express through a special notebook. In keeping a notebook, you will never forget that important knowledge you have to keep all about. Many manufacturers in China provide efficient finished products of special notebooks. You have no worries when it comes to the stocks because they have thousand of stocks that able to provide you how much you needed to.

Spiral Notebooks
Wholesale Spiral Notebooks from China

Spiral Notebook is a type of important piece of equipment that is very useful especially in the offices. To jot down the important ideas and pieces of information, using spiral notebooks is very obliging and helpful to you. It is the top choice of some teachers to write down their upcoming lessons, students in doing their homework, and mommies to list down their grocery list.

Steno Notebooks
Wholesale Steno Notebooks from China

To list down your grocery needs in an organized way, you need that notebook that can be useful for that. Steno notebook is an easy-to-handle type of notebook. It also made in many different sizes and designs. Steno notebooks can help to jot down your notes easily and at the same, in a very quick way. A bigger size of steno notebooks offers at the lowest rates compared to others.

Top spiral Notebooks
Wholesale Top-spiral Notebooks from China

Top-spiral notebooks are the best-selling notebooks in all the Chinese market operations. A durable and water-resistant top-spiral notebook can be freely availed at the trusted manufacturers in China. You can select custom designs covers of top-spiral notebooks from them. However, these all ideal-types of top-spiral notebooks offer at competitive prices.

Writing Notebooks
Wholesale Writing Notebooks from China

You can write whatever you want to a type of writing notebooks. You can list your favorite food, places you wanted to have a vacation with, books you wanted to be read, or your favorite movies you wanted to watch. You can feel the enjoyment of using writing notebook for you can also draw your favorite person into it. For more details on shipping your wholesale orders and demands, Bansar willingly gives assistance.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
A very guaranteed and certified way to ship your wholesale notebooks is on the rail freights. They promise to took a lot of care to the moving order products.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Don`t feel so hopeless when you are not even know the safest process of your ordered shipments. Through door to door direct shipping, you will be feel more safe.

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The Resources of To Wholesale Notebooks from China:

Wholesale Notebooks in China

High-Quality Notebooks

Best 20 Notebook Manufacturers in China

1 Hangzhou Imee Trading Co., Ltd.

In 1996, Hangzhou Imee Trading Co., Ltd. was founded and specialized in supplying high-quality printing including notebooks and more products. The company offers perfect quality, excellent service, and rapid delivery which can make satisfaction with the products. Also, they can produce large quantities of customer’s orders. Contact them for your inquiries.

2 Changzhou Stand Wide Trade Co., Ltd.

As focused on producing a notebook, the company offers lots of types of traditional albums and photo albums. They have the latest quality testing systems, color printing production lines, professional classified warehouses, and many more which assure the quality and supply of all customers’ requirements. Enquire now and get the high-quality service from them.

3 Hefei Colorfly Stationery Co., Ltd.

Since the year 2013, Hefei Colorfly Stationery Co., Ltd manufactures stationery notebook and more office and school paper products. Their company was awarded a “Famous Brand Enterprise”. They offer high-quality products, good services, competitive costs, and rapid delivery. For more info, kindly visit their company.

4 Guangzhou Weish Leatherware Co., Ltd.

In 1992, Guangzhou Weish Leatherware Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a manufacturer of notebook cover and other accessories products. OEM and ODM orders are welcome. Their products can be import and export. Message them now and they will glad to assist with your business and make them your reliable partner.

5 I-Share Technology Co., Ltd.

Since the year 2007, I-Share Technology Co., Ltd. produced a notebook, mini PC, laptops, and more products. They will provide the best quality products to all which obtain a good reputation in the industry. They also offer OEM and ODM services. For more questions, please do message them.


YIWU FOREVER PRINT PAPER PRODUCTS CO., LTD. offers different products to meet every customer’s demand. Their products are booklets, coloring books, and more products. They assure to have a quality first and customer first in their production and obtain satisfaction of customers. Place your order now.

7 Ningbo Rainma Stationery Co., Limited.

As specialized in a manufacturing notebook, the company can produce all types of stationery for office, school, etc. Their products are supplied to well-known customers all-round the world. Novel designs and the most fashionable product is their priority which can meet every customer’s requirement. Get in touch with them now and expect the best service from them.

8 Guangzhou Weiye Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Since the year 2003, Guangzhou Weiye Color Printing Co., Ltd. manufactures books, picture album, and more products that specialized in the fanciful design, planning, copy, printing, and more. Their company complies with ISO14001, ISO 9001, and more qualifications. They supply their products to local and foreign customers. Contact them now.

9 Dongguan Li Yuan Handbag Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer which specialized in school and office products, the company produces plenty of products which can be suitable for any customer’s demand. Its main products are a notebook, bags, pencil case, and so on. Their company meets FSC, FCCA, FAMA, and more certifications. Expect professional service, excellent products, rapid feedback, and prompt delivery from them.

10 Winko Industry Co., Ltd.

In 2001, Winko Industry Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a professional manufacturer of notebook and other stationery products in China. Through their rich-experienced in manufacturing, they gained high honor in this field. They assure you to provide every customer with expert design, high-quality and competitive cost products, and good services.

11 Xiamen Pakstar Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Pakstar Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of notebook and other printing services in China. Since the year 2000, they have their manufacturing factory. They have engineering and sales staff with rich experiences. Their company obtains ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. For your inquiries, please message them.

12 Dongguan Fengze Stationery Ltd.

Dongguan Fengze Stationery Ltd. was founded for over 25 years and specialized in producing notebook and other printed paper products in China. Their products have been tested in their test equipment to assure safety and make a customer’s satisfied with the products. Please visit their company for more updates on their latest products.

13 Xiamen Le Young Industry Co., Limited.

As a professional manufacturer of a leather notebook, the company offers a world-class quality of the products. Their products have been exported to Australia, Europe, and more countries which obtain a good reputation due to their quality and service. For your next project business, they can provide you the best solution for that.

14 Ningbo Joyway Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Joyway Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of notebook and other stationary or promotional gift products in China. They accept ODM and OEM orders which can meet your desire design for the products. The company has strict quality control which gained a good reputation for the market. Purchase now.

15 Shenzhen Plaro Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Plaro Industrial Co., Ltd. supplies various types of products including a notebook and more products. It is guaranteed a high-quality and reasonable price. They also assure us to meet every client’s demand. Their products have been imported and exported. For more inquiries, kindly message them.


NINGBO HIGH-SUNWAY IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of notebooks and other products. They offer OEM and ODM services. If you want to have unique designs, high-quality, and excellent services, then this is your right place. Enquire now.


NINGBO LOOKING IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of notebook and other stationery products. They provide various kinds of products which meet the various demands of customers. Their company gained ISO9001:2015 certificate. Please visit their company for more information.

18 Wenzhou Qingyu Craft and Gift Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Qingyu Craft and Gift Co., Ltd. is a producer of notebook and other promotional gifts or stationery products in China. Their company obtains OHSAS/ OHSMS 18001, ISO 14000, and more certifications. They assure to provide customer’s high-quality product. Get in touch with them now.

19 Donggua Tongkai Office Supplies Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Tongkai Office Supplies Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of notebook and other stationery products for over 6 years. They have an R&D team for product development. If you have any OEM and ODM inquiries, they can provide you a better solution for that.

20 Wenzhou Success Group Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Success Group Co., Ltd. is a prime supplier of notebook and other promotional gift products in China. Through their expert design capability, they can produce every year new products in the markets. Order now and expect the highest quality products, competitive cost, and best service from them.

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