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Wholesale Bikini from China

Bikini panties are made from flexible fabrics such as cotton, silk, and lace. You can choose what size of bikini panties you will surely love to wear for your own and to sell if you have your panties business. Most mommies like to have a bikini with a size of extra-large. Bikini panties are very comfortable to wear and not so lewd compared to other panties showed by this guide. You can have wholesale orders of these panties when you acquire from the provinces located in China.

Boy Shorts
Wholesale Boy Shorts from China

Boy shorts have frequently in a color of white, gray and black. You can choose from these different colors it has. Many costumers and clients would rather have boy shorts, especially to those of your teen’s costumers that you might come into contact with. You can select boy shorts with having printed designs and many more. For any sizes of the body, it will be so much agreeable to wear.

Butt Lifter
Wholesale Butt Lifter from China

Do you searching some comfy yet at the same time, can lift your butty? Do you have the desire of buying butt lifter in a wholesale way? Then, that could be a better idea. You can gain pretty much benefit in wearing this butt lifter and that is to intensify your sexy booty in an instant. Low-cost butt lifter is available at most Chinese manufacturers. Whether in the province of Guangdong, Fujian, and at the Jiangsu, you can find reliable suppliers.

C string
Wholesale C-string from China

Find out the lowest price of C-string that Chinese markets had been offered to abruptly grow your business. Wear C-string panties with full of confidence so you won`t feel weirdo experiences. It is made from flexible and durable laces. To have it as your beach outfit, that could be so much wonderful as you can see. Guangdong region in China had enough manufacturers that can surely provide your C-string panties needs.

G string
Wholesale G-string from China

An undergarment used by some ladies to show their sexy booty and body is called g-string panties or invisible panties a woman could be worn. A g-string panty is a strip. For having a beach vacation, wearing a g-string panty that paired for your sexy bras, would be so much awesome. Confidently wearing these might attract someone. For your panty business, it won`t improve as faster as what you expected if you do not have g-string panties.

Wholesale Hipster from China

Hipster panties are created from a soft cotton fabric. A comfy feeling when using this as undergarment will be achievable. It is very sporty in its outlooks and also, the latest kind of panty you could ever wear in your life. It is positioned in the hips of the one who wears this kind of panty. Women are the primary wearer of hipster panties or any kind of panties. To grab wholesale of hipster panties, Fujian has sufficient manufacturers that can supply your needs.

Wholesale Maternity from China

For those who will become mommies sooner, these maternity panties are good on you. These will give you so much comfy compassion anytime you are wearing these maternity panties. It is made for you to feel not-so-tight panties and gives you comfortable feeling. It is considered as the best-seller panty in nationwide selections. Jiangsu province in China has 82 manufacturers that willing to work with you.

Open Crotch
Wholesale Open Crotch from China

Try to go shopping in the Chinese markets. You can freely choose what you desired to buy. If you want urgent shipping transactions for your wholesale open crotch orders, then it will be able to be done if you are seriously guided with Bansar originated staff. Sexier hips and body will be proudly seen by everyone if you choose to have open crotch panties as your beach attire.

Wholesale Seamless from China

Seamless panties are one of the underdress that usually used by many women out there. By using Bansar as your great and amazing shipping partner, you will be provided with all of your shipping needs. A problem-free in the shipping procedures will bee anticipated. A wholesale of seamless panties can be obtained from popular manufacturers in China provinces. A comfy wearing of seamless panties will surely you can come across.

String Bikini
Wholesale String Bikini from China

The extremely important undergarment for ladies out there is the panties. The string bikini style of panties is absolutely the needs of the woman. String bikini panties are called from its essential quality formations. The strip of a string bikini are connected around the belly waist. Panties are informal garments that a woman could ever wear. It is ordinarily a woman`s two-piece. When using this kind of panty, your private part will be protected and privately covered.

Wholesale Lace Panties from China

You can shop with different kinds of laces panties in many apparels that Chinese suppliers been offering for a long time. These lace panties are tightly fitting that is why you can wear it even your shirts are too tight also. Lace panties are better when wearing tight pants or any tight clothing garments. There are plenty of manufacturers that are very famous and known not only just in their local country but also anywhere around the globe.

aaaaa Caged Panties
Wholesale Caged from China

Top caged type of panties can be purchasable at the manufacturers in China. If your inspiration in fashion is having a two-piece of caged type of panties, then, surely you will like the qualities of caged panties that most Chinese manufacturers have been currently offered. Force out delivery of your wholesale orders will be surely encountered from the reliable shipping activity efforts of Bansar.

aaaaa Control Panties
Wholesale Control Panties from China

One set of control panties might be offered at just at the lowest price. You will never felt uneasy in the shipping process if you pick up wholesale orders of it. You can be a reseller of this kind of productive items. Just in case you think it will be too hard for you to acquire wholesale of control panties because it is just your first time, Bansar can help you and surely shows their concerns for your up growing business.

aaaaa Garter Panties
Wholesale Garter Panties from China

Get pretentious display of your sexy legs and hips when you are wearing a garter kind of panties. If you totally get large orders of garter panties from the following manufacturers and suppliers in China, you might have to get a free-shipping fee. Bansar might offer you that special proposal. Panties are the number 1 significant personal needs of a woman. To procure wholesale orders of garter panties, that will be so much amazing.

aaaaa Tap Pantsl Panties
Wholesale Tap Pants Panties from China

If you are wholesale shoppers, wholesaling of tap pants will be an excellent proposition. Having these as one of your products might cause profitability income faster. It is a short that is design for all girl`s comfortability. There are so many tap pants categories that you will love for sure. Chinese manufacturers are the top suppliers preferred by everybody because they won`t ever do something that might discourage each client.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Panties Shipping from China?

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Rail Freight Shipping from China
A trouble-free in the shipping activity will be avoided if your preference transports the ship via rail freight.
Door to Door Service China
Through the systematic door-to-door plan to send your panties in bulk, you will be more relax and free from problematic shipping occurences.

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Wholesale Panties in China: The Definitive Guide

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The Resource to Help you Wholesale Panties from China:

Wholesale Panties, Suppliers in China


Best Wholesale Panties Manufacturer in China

  • Shantou HuiCheng Garment Co., Ltd

Shantou HuiCheng Garment Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. The company is focusing on the production of panties, ladies’ bra, shapewear, underwear set, seamless styles, sexy lingerie, and many more. After many years of efforts, they won customer satisfaction and appreciation. The reasonable price, fashion designs, great quality, and well-equipped facilities also help to attain customer`s trust.

  • Jiangmen Amxingda Technology Co., Limited

The Jiangmen Amxingda Technology Co., Limited is well-known lingerie, wholesale panties, and shapewear China Golden manufacturer and supplier. Headquartered in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, Amxingda provides panties that give the wearer a smooth body curve and helps to have a better figure when wearing a dress.  We welcome customized and OEM orders.

  • Putian GM Industry Co., Ltd

The company only concentrates to produce any series of underwear or panties. They develop, sell, produce, export, and import wholesale panties as well. So as a top provider for over a decade, they have grown into a company that sells more than 3, 000, 000 pieces of panties for other brands and start-up businesses. They maintained a design that exudes the shades of fashion, sexiness, and romance.

  • Hengzhiyi Clothing Co., Ltd

As one of the leading manufacturer and professional supplier in China, Hengzhiyi Clothing Co., Ltd produces different styles of panties. They started business in 2012 with a head office located in Shenzhen. Throughout the many years in the industry, they now have owned 2 branches in China and a producing base which particularly located in Hebei.

  • Amazing Daily Necessities

Founded in 2015, Amazing Daily Necessities is known as the leading professional enterprise for underwear or undergarments. They are fully dedicated to developing, research, and market all types of fashion products for ladies including panties. Since established until today, the company and its staff continue to give their best to supply best-personalized service and good quality wholesale panties.

  •  Fondeer Import & Export Company

Fondeer Import & Export Company began in 1998 and has gained more than 15 years of manufacturing and export experience. Has head office located in Jinjiang China and 5 total manufacturing departments that offer ODM and OEM services and create the latest product designs day by day.  Most of the products are exported in the international market and has win reputation from valued clients.

  • Jasprit accessories Co., Ltd

Jasprit accessories Co., Ltd has a wide ability to produce ladies fashion products such as wholesale panties, lingerie, and other undergarments that can meet your right needs.  Since the establishment, the company has always done its best to meet each customer`s expectation through its products and services. Not only panties for ladies, but they also offer a wide range of undergarments for kids and men.

  • Rongmei Clothing Manufacture Co., Ltd

This is one of the China-based enterprises that produces all kinds of fashion items including wholesale panties. So if you`re a wholesaler or new to the business, adding their good quality products can help your business expand. The company was born on the year 1993 and is set up in Shenzhou China. Here, you will find all kinds of knitted wear for children, lady or men at an affordable price.

  •  Haomin Import & Export Co., Ltd

Haomin Import & Export Co., Ltd is located in South-east China, mainly in Fujian. This is one of the popular manufacturers in China that specialize the production of different clothing, bags, lingerie, and swimwear. They are not only known as the best manufacturer but also provide the best service and methods to help you boom your business.

  •  Zonse Garment Co., Ltd

Was founded in 2000 in Quanzhou City, Zonse Garment is known a processing factory that makes orders from trading enterprises and other brands. The company is composed of professional designers, designed underwear clothing in accordance to customer`s specification. The products are available for ladies, babies, men, and children.


UBUY IMP & EXP CO., LTD was set up in Haining City China. This is an international enterprise specializing and devoted to the production and design of high-quality panties and socks. For many years of development, Ubuy has turned into one of the biggest underwear and socks manufacturer in China. Along with the sample designing systems and advanced technology equipment, they can personalize products according to customer`s needs.

  •  BKD Kids wear Co., Ltd

BKD Kids wear Co., Ltd is working as Bestgo International`s subsidiary enterprise since founded in 2001. The factory has occupied a workshop area of more than 1000 square meters, with around 50 well-trained workers. Their main products include underwear, bathrobes, children’s clothes, jackets, dresses, beanies, etc. Export products to many countries in the world.

  • Shenzhen Dayixin Technology Co., Ltd

Initially established in the year 2007, Shenzhen Dayixin Technology Co., Ltd focused on manufacturing and developing various kinds of panties. As a wholesale company, Dayixin has several advanced testing equipments and modern production lines for fast processing. They can also customize your product orders according to your samples, pictures, or drawings.

  • Wisefit International Ltd

Wisefit International Ltd is a famous foreign-controlled trading enterprise. They are dedicated to supplying reliable, high-quality undergarments products. One of the China-based factories started in 1976 with over 30 years of ODM and OEM export experience. This also owned over 12, 000 employees, including professional designers to designed high-elasticity fabrics for underwear, lingerie, shapewear, etc.

  • Twinkle Star Development Co., Ltd

As a joint-venture company, Twinkle Star Development Co., Ltd specializing in the production, design, export, and development of fashion garments such as lingerie and panties. Founded in the year 2010, has a head office located in Dongguan China. In Twinkle Star, they welcome their own customer`s ideas and designs. They have professional quality control and a friendly customer service team to assist you all the way.

  • Riway Daily Commodity Co., Ltd

Riway Daily Commodity Co., Ltd is an expert exporter and well-experienced manufacturer of undergarments and other fashion apparel. They are one-stop clothing provider, have distinguished certifications and approvals from ISO9001, MSDS, SGS, and GMP certifications. With many years of manufacturing experience, they now profound knowledge-producing high-quality clothing products.

  • Jiaxing Group Co. Ltd

Officially established in 1990 and since then, Jiaxing Group Co. Ltd is always looking forward to cooperating with customers abroad and domestics. They can help customers create a bright future for their business. After 20 years` development, the company has become the largest exporters and manufacturers in China. We also offer ODM and OEM services to any interested clients.

  • Maia Industry Limited

Maia Industry Limited specialized in manufacturing top-quality ladies undergarments such as underpants, bras, bikinis, sleepwear, sexy lingerie, and so on. Plus they can provide ODM and OEM services with thousands of designs in order to exceed customers` assorted needs. However, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Eastern Asia are their main markets.

  • Guangzhou Sunshiny

Guangzhou Sunshiny is a professional manufacturer of all types of ladies` underwear including wholesale panties. The company actually has gained more than 10 years of experience in the women`s wear business. The factory is consists of 400 total employees that use the automatic cutting machine for fast product processing.

  • Chengdu Light of China Apparel Co., Ltd

Chengdu Light of China Apparel Co., Ltd is happy to introduce themselves as a popular supplier and manufacturer of wholesale panties and sexy lingerie in China. They are one of the largest manufacturers, where you can find your ideal products for your own clothing business. Per year, the company`s production output reaches over 1, 500, 000 pieces of wholesale panties.

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