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Ballpoint Pens
Wholesale Ballpoint Pens from China

We can see a lot of types of ballpoint pens. It has a tiny point that is made of brass, steel, etc. There are many types of ballpoint pens. There are expensive and not so expensive ballpoint pens. If you need a pen that is good in quality in manufacturing, you can find it all available in China’s leading provider. Many of them can be found in Shandong and Guangdong provinces.

Black Pens
Wholesale Black Pens from China

Black pens is the common color of pens that usually uses in the offices, schools, and many other special and important documents. Because of China’s affordability in manufacturing, many people choose to deal their business based in there to gain more excellent profits. Shandong and Zhejiang provinces have their many suppliers if you want to wholesale pens. They manufactured pens with the best materials.

Blue Pens
Wholesale Blue Pens from China

Many students chooses on using this type of color even the other business people for their daily activities and plan. Blue color is a very eye-catching in doing some remarks and listing for something. In China, the best color can wholesaled from Jiangsu province with its good quality and affordable prices offer. They help clients with their business get some products of pens who can put some different volume of profits.

Character Pens
Wholesale Character Pens from China

This types of pen is the most negotiable in every children and to all parents who want to give their kids a lovely gifts. Many people choose this types of pens as their giveaways and many other events for kids. If you want to wholesale character pens, a lot of designs, features and customizations are most available in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces. They made an excellent character pens to give kids a true happiness in writing in their schools.

Colored Pens
Wholesale Colored Pens from China

Some of the wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in China manufacturing products most especially pens that could give customers reliable profits so they can also earn what they’ve desired. They’re not just think what is good for their companu but also they have think about what is best for their customers business. Select your ideal provider based in Zhejiang provinces and build your priceless connection with them.

Erasable Pens
Wholesale Erasable Pens from China

Find a kind of suppliers who can surely make you wholesale orders have their flexible packing for the safety. Fins a supplier and factories who have their accommodated staff. In China, you can find producers with professional staff who is hardworking and making sure all the customers order will be in good protection. They also assist customers to save their cash so they can have a great possibility to expand their business.

Felt tip Pens
Wholesale Felt-tip Pens from China

This is water-based type of pens that is commonly used in sketching and even writing on the cardboard. This is also a permanent markers that is good for making lesson plans for every teachers ouot there. When needed this type of pen badly for your business or for your own used, China has it all. Shanghai, Fujian, and Hebie belong to a provinces with a lot of  certified factories in China.

Fountain Pens
Wholesale Fountain Pens from China

Fountain pens needs a low pressure when you used this to write something. This is better that ballpoint pens because of its smoothness. The best solutions in wholesaling from China will be provided. Low cost and quality of service is one of the benefits if you chooe to deal with the most leading producer based in there. Just look for markets with plenty clients. For sure you can get your wholesale foutain pens in quality and friendly prices.

Gel Pens
Wholesale Gel Pens from China

So many people in business still don’t know on how and what will be their steps when they wholesale products. But many people find their way by dealing with Bansar. Because Bansar provide all what customers needs like informations. They also recommend the best wholesale markets that can be suits to your needs.

Luxury Pens
Wholesale Luxury Pens from China

Luxury pens regularly used by judges, managers, and many people who have a higher ranks. This types of pens also elegant especially if it is made of wood. There are many designs that you can select in China. If you want small or wholesale orders of luxury pens, Jiangsu and Hebie provinces including Fujian can supply all the features of pens you need.

Permanent Marker Pens
Wholesale Permanent Marker Pens from China

All people in business knows that China is the number one country with a high level of manufacturing of any types of products. Such as permanent marker pens, China’s leading wholesale suppliers and manufacturers manufactured top quality so that thei customers can get their desired profits in running their small or large business. They create their connection in Bansar so they can ship recieve their orders quickly with no other problems appear.

Personalized Pens
Wholesale Personalized Pens from China

Personalized pen can be great in giving gifts for someone. You can choose plenty of pens from many markets owners that sells affordable and durable of personalized pens. You can also demand your own designs or you can let them design your pen orders. Fujian province suppliers can always find a way to give all your needs in wholesaling from them.

Red Pens
Wholesale Red Pens from China

Yes, red pens are frequently uses by teachers. There are other who used this for arts and other that can make them enjoy. But if you are looking for a supplier for your red pen orders in wholesale, you must be vigilant first. If you do, a success in managing a business is far from you. Then, let Bansar help yoou with your success. They helped many people in many years in shipping their goods from China and help them find their partners.

Rollerball Pens
Wholesale Rollerball Pens from China

Need to find wholesale pens supplier in China? Better to find in Guagdong and Zhejiang provinces. A lot of pen factories based in there made wide range of rollerball pens. But if you much more focus on the shipping process, don’t worry too much. Bansar can handle anything for your pen wholesale orders and packed it well to avoid any problems.

Whiteboard Marker Pens
Wholesale Whiteboard Marker Pens from China

Wholesaling only to the markets who only manufacture pens can help your urgent needed. They can focus only on your parcel pens so yoou can asure your wholesale orders are in good hands. They can deliver your wholesale pens orders to your warehouse on time with a great shipping rates so you can save your money. Even in different shipping methods, low rates for your shipping can be offered.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Pens Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China
Any quantity of your wholesale pens from China can be carried by the ocean with no hassle.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
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Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail freight shipping have a plenty experienced in shipping goods with cost and time required.
Door to Door Service China
Shipping by door for your pen can be very beneficial without any pick up time far from your place.

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Best 20 Wholesale Pen Manufacturers in China

1 Qingdao Changlong Stationery Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Changlong Stationery Co., Ltd was founded in 1988 and now with 1073 employees. This company is mainly making different types of quality pens. They are ISO 9001 certified in 2008 and ISO 14001 in 2004. They manufacture like a Marker pen, refilling pen, highlighter pen, and many more designs of pens. They have a complete machine such as molding machines, refilling machines, and so on.

2 Quanzhou Changyi Crafts Gifts Limited

Are you looking for a manufacturer and factory for your pen orders? Quanzhou Changyi Crafts Gifts Limited is one of the best producers in China. You can benefit a lot of quality services, products, deliveries, and packaging. There are lots of advantages when finding a reliable manufacturer. They ensure to save cost, time, and offer the best solutions.

3 Qingdao Maik Pen Making Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Maik Pen Making Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified in 2015.This company manufactures plenty types of pens like mechanical pen, fountain, gel, and so on. They welcome all the customers who visited their factory and ensure the best services. You can book for a visit. They have a friendly staff that will guide you.

4 Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co., Ltd has rich of experience in this industry in more than 20 years. They manufactured all plastic products, PPE, and all types of pens. There are different pens they manufactured: Ball pen, Spray pen, marker, promotional, gift, Gel pen, and different types of pens.

5 Cixi Super Strong Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

This company manufactures and produces different pens, alcohol inks, and water color or paints. They accept services like OEM with two factories and mainly fabricating products such as fineliner, color paints, brush pen, and so on. You can pay through Western Union, T/T, etc.

6 Jiaxing Usun Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Usun Imp & Exp Co., Ltd offers great variety of pens that you need for business. This company developed services since they were established and now certified manufacturer and factory. They are able to export different types of pens in many countries like Middle East, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Africa, and a lot more since 1998.

7 Excellentpromos Co., Ltd.

Excellentpromos Co., Ltd is manufacturing arts and crafts products including pens since they were established. This company is located in Ningbo City of China with main markets in North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and More. They have 90% export since 2007 and export through aagency.

8 Nanjing Frentec Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Frentec Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer that has over ten years of experience. As a CE and RoHS certified that can export pens in different countries, this company assured the best quality provided. Since 2008, they are ISO 9001 certified. They export since 2007 with a 90% average. You can pay easily through Western Union, LC, or T/T.

9 Tonglu Jeixi Import&Export Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a certified pen manufacturer, Tonglu Jeixi Import&Export Co., Ltd is the best to rely on for your business. This company manufactured a lot of pen related products which you can choose from. They have over 16 years of experience in manufacturing pens, gift boxes, and many more. They value the best quality pens for you.

10 Wuyi Sting 3D Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuyi Sting 3D technology Co., Ltd was specializing in 3D pens and printers since 2013. Their products are TUV, SGS, and RoHS certified which you can trust. You can build your business relationship with them since they are of the best long term partners in China. This company has over 96% response rates which supports 24/7.

11 Tonglu Huanchuan Pen Factory

In 2000, Tonglu Huanchuan Pen Factory was certified with ISO 9001. This company manufactured mainly Ball Pens. This company is located in China at Zhejiang. They specialize promotional pens, ball pens, and many more including gel ink pens. They ensure on time and secured deliveries and produce non-damage products to avoid returns.

12 Hangzhou Xinfu Stationery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

In 2002, Hangzhou Xinfu Stationery Manufacture CO., Ltd was founded. They mainly manufacture Ballpoint Pens and certified with SGS twice. This company passed ISO 9001 standards in manufacturing. This company offers 24 to 48 hours quick response. They manufacture 3D pens, promotional, gifts, and different colors.

13 Tonglu Guanghua Stationery Co., Ltd.

Looking for reliable Pen manufacture is not as easy as they know. You have to be vigilant. Find a manufacturer who passed standards for your business well. Tonglu Guanghua Stationery Co., Ltd pen are CE certified. The used raw materials are qualified and passed the audits. They founded in 1999 and now they are the top 3 best manufacturers in China.

14 Tonglu Rongsheng Pen Co., Ltd.

Since 2004, Tonglu Rongsheng Pen Co., Ltd started manufacturing and provides great services. They received twice CE certificates because of their product quality. A lot of customers trusted since they have 90 percent repeated orders now. You will be satisfied since they offered a quick response.

15 Nanchang Xinghaopen Company Limited

Pens manufacturers in China have plenty to choose from and search for. Ensure the best services and only focuses on your ordered pens if you have urgent needs. Nanchang Xinghaopen Company Limited pens are CE certified. They used qualified raw materials. In 1995, this company was founded covered with a comfortable factory area and complete machines. Find the best manufacture that can provide a safety exportation process.

16Nanchang Kailong Stationery & Gift Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Kailong Stationery & Gifts Co., Ltd is fabricating ball pens since they were established in 2007. Their ball pens passed the standards or audits and received SGS certificates. If you look for plenty of designs and types of ball pens, you can on them any time. You can contact directly their friendly customer service staff for further information.

17 Ningbo Praise Stationery Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Praise Stationery Co., Ltd is a pen manufacturer and trading company. This company manufactures school supplies, office supplies, and many more. Since 2003 were founded, this company adhere to quality first and many more advantages that you can benefit from. They are located in Zhejiang province in China ensuring quality services if you need a tour. They will respond quickly to your inquiries.

18 Jinxian Tian Tian Xing Pens Manufactory

Jinxian Tian Tian Xing Pens Manufactory was established in 2001 with over 200 staff that assigned based on their experience. They are manufacturing different functions of ball pens and qualified raw materials. They mainly manufactured different types of pens like metal fountain pens, promotional, carbon fiber, USB pens, and so on.

19 Jinxian Huahao Writing Instrument Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for the best quality pens for supporting your business, Jinxian Huahao writing Instrument Co., Ltd is the best manufacturer in China. They could offer reasonable pen rates and designs that you may like. They were founded in 1995 located at Jiangxi in China. You can trust their pen quality since it is CE certified.

20 Hangzhou Langchi Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Langchi Imp & Exp Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and a trading company producing different designs and colors of pens. They were established and rich in experience and certified with ISO 9001 in the year 2000. The reasonable cost and the best pen quality is offered. This company will help you get the pens you want.

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