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Body Pillows
Wholesale Body Pillows from China

Body pillows gave our night a nice cuddle. For hip and back support, you can place body pillows between your legs. This is good for all women who got pregnant to save their back pains at night even in their naps. If you are planning to wholesale body pillows, you can select a lot of colors and designs. U shape, L-shaped and many more designs are available. There are body shaped pillows in China manufactured by leading wholesale markets.

Buckwheat Pillows
Wholesale Buckwheat Pillows from China

Buckwheat Pillows are natural and plant-based pillows that help older relieve their stresses. It can massage back-neck and can help many to sleep well. There are many manufacturers in China who made this type of pillow with quality materials to help you get negotiable products of buckwheat pillows. If you want to be an expert in managing a business, then you must go and deal with Bansar.

Character Pillows
Wholesale Character Pillows from China

For sure, kids would love to choose a character pillow when their parents are planning to give them a surprise. This time, a lot of characters are available in all markets worldwide. But the brightest images are the most eye-catching pillows to all buyers. Then have a wonderful shopping in China. Suppliers made it clear not just to have their customer’s attention but they are capable of giving them satisfaction in dealing with them.

Customized Pillows
Wholesale Customized Pillows from China

There are some that loved to give their gift at weddings, debut ad even on birthdays. Most especially in weddings, customized pillows are the most common and mostly used in these modern days. In China, Shandong and Jiangsu provinces have plenty of wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for your customized pillows. Generally, Guangdong is a province in China that has many providers of pillows and other products to another place.

Down Pillows
Wholesale Down Pillows from China

There are tons of people out there who choose soft and gentle pillows for their comfortable nights. This is a cozy pillow that many children would love to cuddle. If you need this pillow urgently, it is not a problem if you can find better suppliers who can deliver your wholesale orders quickly on time to your warehouse. Bansar can suggest an excellent producer for you who only focused on manufacturing pillows.

Emoji Pillows
Wholesale Emoji Pillows from China

If you are wholesaling pillows, China can refer to the best wholesale supplier for you for your pillow orders. Good quality in its types and designs can be provided that can be suited to your business so you can have your desired profits. Make your dream for your business do become true with the help of Bansar in finding an outstanding partner for your long term business. A better connection in every well-known supplier and factory in China can help your business in good hands.

Feather Pillows
Wholesale Feather Pillows from China

We all know that feathers are soft as always. That is why feather pillows are the best choice in finding good types. Feathers are usually used in quality pillows that are strong as carbon fibers. Some of the pillow market owners used feathers for long-lasting quality pillows but at a very affordable price. You can save your cash if you choose to wholesale your pillows based in China. Because China been a trusted provider in many business people in many years.

Infant Pillows
Wholesale Infant Pillows from China

There are many styles of pillows for infants that can be used so they can lay down on the bed in a comfortable way. Pillows can avoid flat heads for babies at a very young age. If you wholesale pillows and it is your first time choosing on your own, it better to have a deal with Bansar for the safe and faster process. They are able to handle any kind of shipping process and have the capability to suggest the best wholesale pillow supplier and factory from China.

Lumbar Pillows
Wholesale Lumbar Pillows from China

If you have back pains every time you lay down on your bed, it is better for you to use this type of pillow. A lumbar pillow is great for your needs in bed. In choosing the right provider, it is very important to be vigilant for the sake of your handled business. You can find those suppliers that can be packed your wholesale pillow orders inflexible and safe way so it allows you to receive your orders without any problems. You can have it all from China.

Memory Foam Pillows
Wholesale Memory Foam Pillows from China

Memory foam pillows can allow you to comfortably rest any parts of your body in a natural way. A variety of shapes and different designs and colors are perfectly available in many markets in China. All you have to do is to be careful about choosing the best one so you can insure the safety and also the success of your growing business. Let Bansar hold the rest of your processes especially in the shipping process.

Microbead Pillows
Wholesale Microbead Pillows from China

This is an EPS type of pillow that is made up of tiny beads. It has a hard support and the materials are usually used for travel pillows. Some of the qualified places in China are can be founded in Guangdong province including Shandong and Zhejiang provinces. You can purchase any types of microbead pillows based in there. Also, the have their capabilities in handling or running your business.

Neck Pillows
Wholesale Neck Pillows from China

These types of pillows are probably helped your vacation safe and comfortable. It can support your neck from a bouncy and long-distance trip. Also, easy to carry pillows in long week-end. Made your client’s day with a happy and satisfying journey with their special someone with your cozy and puffy pillows from China. Wholesaling in China has proven by others that they made a great choice. Even if it is not easy, Bansar can guide all the time.

Sleep Apnea Pillows
Wholesale Sleep Apnea Pillows from China

This type of pillow is commonly made of polyester fiber. It is soundly good in any machine. China is a great place where to find your quality sleep apnea pillows. They have their high level in manufacturing pillows and many more kinds of products in many years. But if you concerned about your shipping process, don’t hesitate to make a contact in Bansar. They definitely helped clients meet their needs all the way long.

Wedge Pillows
Wholesale Wedge Pillows from China

As a newbie, there’s always many difficulties when having a wholesale process if you handle a business. But its more easier if you depend on Bansar that guides client with all the operations may take. Let your process easy by their help and let your wishes truely come with a lot of benefits. Find it in Zhejiang and Shandong provinces wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for your wedge pillow orders.

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Wholesale Pillows in China: The Definitive Guide

Keep on dealing with Bansar for interesting wholesaling from China. If you need a help on finding more certified suppliers, Bansar can help you find the best one.

Keep reading this guide and let them help you to be an expert in knowing all the verified Chinese markets.

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Best 30 Pillow Manufacturers in China

1 Shanghai Homax Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Homax Co., Ltd is a verified manufacturer and trading company that produce different sizes, designs, decors, and colors of pillows. This company is a home textile producer in China that will be perfect for your needs. They have certified products with SGS and BPI since they established in 2014. They have 50 people in the factory.

2 Shenzhen Hnos Healthy Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2012, Shenzhen Hnos Healthy Technology Co., Ltd is started to fabricate pillows, foam, cushion, and different mother care products. This company ensured complete machines and convenient facilities. They trained about 100 people and received SGS certificates many times. This company has complete machines like CNC machines, Sewing, Vertical and horizontal cutting, and packing machines.

3 Hangzhou Xinsili Decorative Fabric Weaving Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Xinsili Decorative Fabric Weaving Co., Ltd was established in 2006 with several production lines. This company rich experienced and working over 14 years that passed all the difficulties. They are SGS certified and manufacturing knitted fabrics and durable pillows.

4 Zhejiang Moncanol Home Textile Co., Ltd.

If you have a hotel project and need to find the best quality pillows, Zhejiang Moncanol Home Textile Co., Ltd is one of the best producers that you can depend on. This company has 10 years of manufacturing pillow experience with 200 people in the factory area. They specialized in manufacturing comforter manufacturing, Pillow, mattress, and many more.

5 Foshan Golden Furniture Co., Ltd.

Foshan Golden Furniture Co., Ltd is a professional pillow manufacturer based in Yuanan 2 Road, in Guangdong province of China. They have several productions of about 10 and 5 R&D staff. You can trust the exportation since they have their own export license. They export since they founded and now export pillows about 90% overseas.

6 Dongguan Merry Toys Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Merry Toys Co., Ltd was established in 2002 manufacturing different pillows, stuffed toys, character pillows, and different kid’s pillow products. They provide the best services through over 100 highly trained workers. Their factory has occupied about 500 square meters of plant area.

7 Qingdao Rosa Home & Decor Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Rosa Home & Decor Co., Ltd is SEDEX and BSCI certified also ISO 9001. This company manufactured products mainly: pillows, cover, bedding, pillow protector, case, and many more. Search your ideal pillow and send your designs and prints so you can ensure your satisfaction and provide what is best for your business.

8 Hangzhou Aidaozhe Import & Export Co., Ltd.

In no.33 of Yuexin Road was HAnghou Aidaozhe Import & Export Co., Ltd was located and established in 2014 with 3,000 square meters of factory area. This company offers the fastest delivery for your needs in the business. Whether you need pillows for wholesale purposes, retail, hotel needs, hospital, and many other purposes, let them help you.

9 Hangzhou Aimo Textile Co., Ltd

Having 3500 square meters of the plant area is very convenient and comfortable for any processes. They have enough area for their workshops, sales, production, and so on. Their main markets are in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and many more. They have a strong team holding excellent operations. They will safely deliver your pillow orders.

10 Dongguan Mayachi Gifts & Toys Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Mayachi Gifts & Toys Co., Ltd is manufacturing pillows, stuff toys, dolls, baby toys, and so on. This company material has passed the quality test. You can truly trust them. They are exporting products with 90% rates since 2015 and located near Shenzhen and Guangzhou port.


If you are looking for a one-stop solution for producing fabric crafts, YANGZHOU SCS HOMETEXTILE CO., LTD. is your best manufacturer for pillows, cushions, and so on. They have an excellent R&D center and a team of designers. Aside from that, they offer ODM and OEM services to provide the most valuable and creative textile products.

12 Hangzhou Debang Home Textile Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Debang Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of pillows, pillow covers, and other bed appliances. They have their factories for their various products. Through their high-quality talents and specialized workers, they can provide a reliable quality product, competitive price, and prompt delivery. OEM orders are welcome.

13 Fujian Sweet Home Co., Ltd.

For over 10 years of experience in manufacturing health care and massage products, Fujian Sweet Home Co., Ltd. can export massage pillow, massage cushion, and so on. Their products comply with CE, RoHS, and more certificates. Due to their professional after service, their products obtained a high reputation from their customers.

14 Anhui Xinjiuyi Textile Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a professional manufacturer of faux fur pillows in China, well Anhui Xinjiuyi Textile Co., Ltd. is your best choice in which they have a factory for various artificial fur and has 15 years of history in textile export. This company offers extremely competitive costing, professional quality, and honest service to win the market in the most critical factors.

15 Hunan Wanghua Health Technology Co., Ltd.

Hunan Wanghua Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of natural latex pillow and other products in China. They meet ISO 14000, BSCI, and ISO 9001 certifications. They provide various products to meet the various needs of customers. They adhered to quality first and customer first. Contact them now.

16 Shanghai Zuorong Industrial Co., Ltd.

In 1992, Shanghai Zuorong Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a fair accessories production of waist pillow, beads embroidered pillow, and so on. They are located at a professional on large scale, the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River delta. For your inquiry, kindly message them.

17 Yiwu Mingyou Home Textile Co., Ltd.

Since 2008, Yiwu Mingyou Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of travel pillows in China. Their products included travel neck pillows, massage pillows, and more. They have 10 years of experience in the OEM, skilled R&D team. To learn more, kindly contact them.

18 Foshan U-Micco Smart Home Co., Ltd.

In 2017, Foshan U-Micco Smart Home Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a manufacturer of pillows, cushions, and so on. Their plant covers an area of 2000 square meters and 16 employees. They offer OEM and ODM services. This company gives its best to make customers satisfied.

19 Foshan kai Fei Di Home Textile Products Co., Ltd.

Foshan kai Fei Di Home Textile Products Co., Ltd. is located at a convenient to meet the Shenzhen or Guangzhou port, the Lecong, Shunde, Foshan Guangdong China. They manufacture pillows and other home or hotel textiles. Through their steady quality and rapid delivery, they obtain a good reputation from their customers. They offer ODM and OEM services.

20 Hangzhou Baosiyi Textiles Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Baosiyi Textile Co., Ltd. is focused on manufacturing home textiles and bedding in China. Their main products are pillow, mattress, and so on. They are located in the Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, China, which is a very convenient transportation. They have advanced technology and equipment, and a whole set of workshops.

21 Yourmoon Holdings Limited

In 1995, Yourmoon Holdings Limited was founded. It is one of the largest home textile manufacturers in China such as pillow and many more. They operate over 200 stores in China in the year 2019. There are 5 billion RMB of their sales volume. For your orders, kindly message them.

22 Zhejiang Prosper Hometex Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of many kinds of textile fabrics including pillows, cushions, and more. Their products are guaranteed complete, high-quality, and low price. For your inquiry, kindly contact their marketing department to have the latest and quickest market info.

23 Shanghai Easun Group Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Since 2002, Shanghai Easun Group Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. is a large-scale group that has its factories for a manufacturing travel pillow, towels, and many more. Their annual production is nearly 20 million per unit and exported 100% of its products. Worldwide customers are very welcome by them.


If you are looking for a professional supplier of knot pillow, DONGYANG YIJIA HOME TEXTILE CO., LTD. is your best manufacturer in which they have over 10 years of experience in knot pillow. They offer all kinds of ODM/OEM services. Their company set up a stable, long-term, and good business relationship with lots of manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide.

25 The Sea Feather Limited Company of Luan

Since 2000, The Sea Feather Limited Company of Luan is a manufacturer of microfiber pillow, feather pillow, sleep pillow, and many more. They offer trustworthy, consistent, and individually tailored service to make customers satisfied. For your orders, kindly message them.

26 Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd.

In 2001, Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a professional manufacturer of home textiles including pillow, comforter, and so on. Through their excellent quality control and well-equipped facilities, they ensure total customer satisfaction. You are welcome to visit their company for more info.

27 Anhui Sunshine Home Textile Co., Ltd.

Anhui Sunshine Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pillow mattress topper and so on. In 2011, they gained import and export rights, etc. They have a professional feather products production line 5, over 300 employees, and so on. For more information, kindly visit their company.

28 Yangzhou Home Ka Crafts Co., Ltd.

In 2015, Yangzhou Home Ka Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a manufacturer of a pillow, blankets, and so on. Their plant covers an area of 4000 square meters and 77 employees. They stick to quality first and customer first. They will make their best to satisfy customers. Place your order now.


Since 1997, NINGBO Y.F IMP&EXP CO., Ltd. is a manufacturer of a pillow, cushion, and so on. Through their expertise, they provide first-class service and quality to worldwide customers. For more info, kindly visit their website.

30 Hangzhou Paradise Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Hang Zhou Paradise Import & Export Co., Ltd is a prime supplier of a pillow, mattress, and so on. They have regular customers from more than 50 countries and regions. Expect the highest quality products, lowest price, and prompt delivery from them.

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