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Embroidery Lace Ribbons
Wholesale Embroidery Lace Ribbons from China

Are you looking for a faster and reliable Wholesale Embroidery Lace Ribbons supplier? Zhejiang province of China has a lot of wholesale suppliers and its always ready to provide quality wholesale ribbons for your needs at an affordable price with an accurate to deal date. Find wholesale ribbon markets and get quality ribbons from them who make your orders safely packing with flexible wrapping.

Grosgrain Ribbons
Wholesale Grosgrain Ribbons from China

China is the qualified place to purchase different types of ribbons that you may need to run your business. There are hundreds of Grosgrain ribbons in the Chinese markets. Like others, are you to struggling where to find out trusted and low rate Wholesale supplier? Guangdong province is the best answer for you. They supply all of their customer’s needs for how many years ago.

Jacquard Ribbons
Wholesale Jacquard Ribbons from China

Jacquard Ribbons comes beautifully by how its made. The jacquard Ribbon is a fashionable and trendy ribbon weaving technology. China is one of the most important partners in many places for a long time. Wholesale suppliers can supply most of the necessities of the basic place. Guangdong province has the most wholesale manufacturer who supplies all types of jacquard ribbons such as color and design for you to choose.

Lace Ribbons
Wholesale Lace Ribbons from China

Ribbons are most in China. Any types such as lace ribbons are provided by their leading wholesale suppliers who have the capability to handle your whole urgent shipping process. If you wholesale lace ribbons, find most wholesale suppliers in Guangdong province. Guangdong is a province of China who has the most certified wholesale suppliers who have been trusted in many years of manufacturing ribbons and any more.

Organdy Ribbons
Wholesale Organdy Ribbons from China

Are you not familiar with any wholesale suppliers in China? If you are looking for a sustainable wholesale supplier, let Bansar help you find the best Wholesale ribbon markets. When looking for wholesale organdy ribbons, Henan provinces have the best wholesale manufacturer Organdy ribbons that fit for your needs.

Picot Edge Ribbons
Wholesale Picot Edge Ribbons from China

Picot edge ribbons are a type of elegant ribbon with unique edging. For your business need, whether you need small or large wholesale orders, you can check you ideal colors by selecting the most popular wholesale suppliers in China. Most of the relaible wholesale markets in China can be found in Zhejiang province.

Printed Ribbons
Wholesale Printed Ribbons from China

China is a country with a high level of productivity. It can be a great source of all kinds of ribbons such as printed ribbons according to the necessities present on a certain market. If you wholesale printed ribbons in urgent, better to find a trusted wholesale supplier in Shanghai and Shandong province who focuses on supplying ribbons.

Satin Ribbons
Wholesale Satin Ribbons from China

Satin ribbons commonly used for weddings. If you are aiming for an elegant look for special events. Satin ribbons are perfectly good for your choice. If you wholesale satin ribbons, ensure the safety by selecting most certified wholesale suppliers from Guangdong province in China. They can handle your whole process like the shipping process.

Seam Binding Ribbons
Wholesale Seam Binding Ribbons from China

China is a great producer of all kinds of ribbons such as seam binding ribbons and many others. For your business safety, selecting wholesale supplier who passed a lot of international certifications is a great idea. They can make your wholesale seam binding ribbons fast and efficient shipping process so it will deliver safely to your warehouse on time.

Twill Tape Ribbons
Wholesale Twill Ribbons from China

Look for a wholesale twill ribbon supplier who can support your growing business. Find your partner from Guangdong province that can surely provide and satisfy your needs. Their leading wholesale twill ribbon manufacturer can supply enough products to meet your needs. Find a better wholesale ribbon supplier and made a better relationship with them.

Velvet Ribbons
Wholesale Velvet Ribbons from China

Are you looking for unique and affordable wholesale velvet ribbons? Zhejiang province leading wholesale suppliers can always meet your needs. They can provide durable quality of velvet ribbons to support your business needs. Finding the right wholesale suppliers can help you save a lot of money and effort.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Ribbons Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China 1
If you have a large quantity wholesale orders of ribbons, Sea Freight Shipping is your best choice. Most specially if your away from China.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
Air Freight is the fastest shipping method when your wholesale ribbons need to be moved quickly. Also the best solution compared to sea freight or road transport.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 24
Ship by rail is much affordable than Air. Ship by rail can be beneficial for your larger volume wholesale ribbon orders over long distances.
Door to Door Shipping from China
It may look expensive, but totally helps you save money and effort. Commuting and unexpected treats is more expensive than waiting.

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Best 20 Wholesale Ribbons Manufacturer in China

1. Huzhou Beiheng Textile Co., Ltd

They are a professional wholesale ribbon manufacturer in China. Huzhou Beiheng Textile Co., Ltd is known for manufacturing high-quality satin ribbons. They manufacture all kinds of wholesale satin ribbons. They have ribbons with modern or traditional printing applied.

2. Xiamen Smith Ribbon & Bow

They focused on manufacturing decorative ribbons. Xiamen Smith Ribbon & Bow offers a one-stop solution to promote competitiveness. All their products have passed environmental certification. They also offer competitive price yet high-quality wholesale ribbons.

3. Huzhou Chang Sheng Label Material Co., Ltd

This company specializes in manufacturing a variety of wholesale ribbon products such as polyester satin ribbon roll, polyester taffeta ribbon, woven edge satin ribbon, and more. Their products are applicable to a wide range of uses. For more than 20 years, they offer stable-quality products and efficient services.

4. YAMA Ribbon

YAMA Ribbon is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of wholesale ribbons. Among their products are ribbon bows, printed ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, polyester satin ribbon, etc. They offer large stocks of ribbons. At YAMA Ribbon, you can save cost to maximize your benefits. They also offer fast delivery and high-quality wholesale ribbons that keep up with the latest fashion trend.

5. Shuen Fuh Enterprise Co., Ltd

Since their foundation, Shuen Fuh Enterprise Co., Ltd continuously manufacture top-quality and creative wholesale ribbons. All their products have gathered great satisfaction from customers worldwide. Throughout the years, they strive to offer competitive pricing, quality-driven, and innovative products.

Ningbo Fulei Lace & Ribbon Co., Ltd

They are a professional manufacturer of wholesale high-quality ribbons. Ningbo Fulei Lace & Ribbon Co., Ltd offers wholesale ribbons with affordable prices and fast delivery. Their products are intended for home decoration, textile, and craft and hobby. They support customers by providing your needs and helping your business.

7. Wenzhou Quangfeng Garment Accessories Co., Ltd

For more than 13 years, Quangfeng Garment Accessories became a professional manufacturer of wholesale ribbons. They offer a full range of wholesale ribbons such as velvet ribbons, decoration color ribbons, organza ribbon, and more. All their wholesale ribbons are manufactured with professional quality along with competitive prices, and fast delivery.

8. Weifang New Orient Colorful Ribbon Co., Ltd

Their main products are satin ribbon, organza ribbon, metallic ribbon, velvet ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, taffeta ribbon, wired ribbon, ribbon bow, etc. Since its establishment in 2002, the company offers top-quality ribbons at a reasonable cost. They have employed a strong R&D team who specialize in making innovative ribbon development and control.

9. Changle Yuxing Ribbon Co., Ltd

Changle Yuxing Ribbon Co., Ltd is a large-scale expert ribbon manufacturer in China. They have 50 staffs above who specialize in producing the highest quality polyester grosgrain ribbons, polyester satin ribbons, nylon organza ribbons, printed ribbons, and polyester woven edge ribbons. They have a good reputation by providing punctual delivery, reasonable prices, and quality wholesale ribbons.

10. Weifang Chenrui Textile Co., Ltd

From ribbon design to development, and production, Cherui Textile is an expert. They specialize in manufacturing a wide variety of ribbons such as polyester satin ribbon, organza ribbon, pull-up ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, and more. Their company is well-equipped with innovation, service, concept, and development.

11. Xiamen Lude Ribbons & Bows Co. Ltd

They are a leading manufacturer of wholesale ribbons in China. Among their wholesale high-quality ribbons are grosgrain ribbons, polyester ribbon, organza ribbons, satin ribbons, printed ribbons, velvet ribbons, and more. They specialize in manufacturing the newest ribbon design along with affordable prices, fast delivery, and great service. Their wholesale ribbon comes with different colors, styles, and sizes.

14. Qingdao Hileaders Co., Ltd

Qingdao Hileaders Co., Ltd has more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing wholesale ribbons. Their company is equipped with marketing processes and advanced facilities to produce integrated design ribbons. They also focus on providing wholesale ribbons with excellent quality, great services, and reasonable prices.

13. Qingdao Maxfitlabel Co., Ltd

If you are looking for a manufacturer who offers a complete branding concept that is image strengthening with brand identification emphasis, Qingdao Maxfitlabel si the best manufacturer! They aim to provide you superior pricing, great value, and fast turnaround.

14. Xiamen Meisida Decoration Co., Ltd

They have been manufacturing wholesale ribbons in China for more than 11 years. They specialize in manufacturing wholesale ribbons such as organza ribbons, burlap ribbon, ribbon bows, grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, and more. By providing excellent products and services, Meisida Decoration gained a very good reputation. They also received good feedbacks from thousands of satisfied customers.

15. Yiwu Dong Ding Ribbon Co., Ltd

Focusing on research, development, production, and marketing, Dong Ding Ribbon can manufacture the best quality wholesale ribbons for you. They have a talented production team to produce high-quality wholesale ribbons. They strive to make innovations and improvements to their products that will suit your needs!

16. Xiamen Okay Commodity Co., Ltd

They are an expert in wholesale ribbon manufacturing for over 8 years. Okay Commodity offers OEM services. They also have a professional R&D team to design wholesale ribbons. Okay commodity provides competitive prices, fast delivery, and excellent services.

17. Xiamen Gordon Ribbons & Trimmings Co., Ltd

They offer all kinds of wholesale ribbons including bows, laces, satin, and printed. Gordon Ribbons & Trimmings is a professional manufacturer of wholesale ribbons in China. They have been providing competitive prices, great services, and after-sales service.

18. Xiamen Midi Ribbons Craft Co., Ltd

Midi Ribbons Craft manufactures a broad range of wholesale ribbons to meet your changing market demands. They also accept customization of wholesale ribbons. Their company offers on-time delivery, reasonable price, and excellent services.

19. Guangzhou Q&N Fashion Accessory Co., Ltd

Q&N is a famous manufacturer of wholesale ribbons. They offer a wide variety of wholesale ribbons that are best for decorations. Q&N provides top-quality services from quality control, designs, samples, and production.

20. Xiamen Colourful Ribbon Co., Ltd

Colourful Ribbon is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of wholesale ribbons. Among their products are ribbon bows, printed ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, polyester satin ribbon, etc. They offer large stocks of wholesale ribbons. They specialize in manufacturing the newest ribbon design along with reasonable cost, timely delivery, and great service. Their wholesale ribbons are available with different colors, styles, and sizes.

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