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Bridal Robes
Wholesale Bridal Robes from China

Bridal Robes is a useful and very important clothes a bride will be wearing before the wedding ceremony. It is one part of the wedding preparation. Before the event, the bride might be wearing this at the wedding pictorials. When wanting wholesale of bridal robes, you must acquire to any professional manufacturers and to the Bansar, international importers. Your wish in its design is the Chinese responsibility.

Character robes
Wholesale Character robes from China

Most kids love to have character robes, especially when they want specific and their favorite character they are shown in televisions. When your kids love this, then do a quick response to their requests. They really enjoy and happy to wear this kind of robes. It also might help them to sleep deeply and hard to be disturbed. If you ever want to have assistance the transporting of your wholesale character robes, then ask to the one and only Bansar trusted shipping company.

Cotton robes
Wholesale Cotton robes from China

Wearing cotton robes is very comfortable and having custom styles and forms based on your likable taste. Bansar is the topmost shipping company that only operated in the country of China. The authorities from this company are having excellent mindsets that able to decide the very best of how they can deliver your ordered products from China in a safe way. They also offer their efforts in the delivery process for the fairest price yet comparable to other rates.

Hooded robes for kids
Wholesale Hooded robes for kids from China

It is important that kiddo have robes with a hood attached to it because it can help the kids to be protected from the direct sunlight and from the light rains. If you decide it will be useful for the kids you have or for the growth of your own business, then do a purchase procedures from most of the industrious Chinese workers and suppliers in a wholesale ways and large orders.

Hooded robes
Wholesale Hooded robes from China

When wearing a robe which having hooded attached into it is very advantageous for it can add heat into the body and even into the head in cold seasons. A robe having hood is very popular for it is wondrous in its design. If planning to purchase wholesale of hooded robes, Chinese offers its outstanding services in manufacturing the robe design you do have ambition.

Lace Robes
Wholesale Lace Robes from China

Lace Robes are commonly bridal wearing garments or even in the home only. It is invented and created intentionally to figure out the sexy body of yours. It can be used for you to take a bath and also to be a robe you can be used in the nighttime. You can choose any designs, sizes, colors, and more. Chinese suppliers and manufacturers give you insurance that they will provide you depending on your requests.

Night robes
Wholesale Night robes from China

Any custom design of night robes is available in any Chinese operated manufacturers. You can pick up easily what you want and surely it transported and delivered to your location whenever you are in an on-time. It is 100% made of fabric cloth materials and also from Faux Silk, Polyester. You can get a sexy style of night robes suchlike lace, satin, and also silk.

Printed robes
Wholesale Printed robes from China

For the printed robes you always dreamt of, you can freely check the quality and the suggested price of printed robes sale productions. You can order to the Chinese manufacturers in a wholesale, large orders, or even small orders. To your warehouse direct and faster delivery, Bansar has the highly skilled drivers of trucks, shipping vessels, and others that make that possible.

Robes for infants
Wholesale Robes for infants from China

Infants or babies must feel they have guided by their lovely parents and be feel comfortable. By letting them wear robes that accurate for them can be so much helpful. When buying from the most trusted suppliers, Chinese is the ultimate solution. They have the high talented manufacturers and also hardworking ones, that can be able to provide you your exact needs in the design and the quality of the product produced.

Robes for kids
Wholesale Robes for kids from China

Robes for kids are very cute in its personal styles. It is much colorful that can make the kids attracted to it. It is created with that an eye-catching mission. Do have trust with the Chinese manufacturers operating in China. They won`t ever do such thing that makes you disappoint though, your satisfaction from the required products will be possible become come true.

Robes for men
Wholesale Robes for men from China

Men around the world also need to wear a robe for a comfortable feeling. But different from the other robes, it very elegant and suitable for men only. In taking a bath, they also need this one. So without further ado, do wholesale purchase procedures through connecting with Chinese and you can be surely entertained. Most robes manufacturers mainly found in Guangdong and to be followed by Zhejiang.

Robes for women
Wholesale Robes for women from China

A feminine look of the robe can be also called women robes. When you possibly searching home-like clothing garments to be used in taking a bath or even in sleeping in the nighttime, the Chinese can provide you such different kinds of that. It is made from textile terry cloth and waffle weave fabric materials. If you already made a decision to have large and big purchasing of women robes then, the Chinese must be your perfect partner for that.

Winter robes
Wholesale Winter robes from China

In winter and cold seasons, you also have to wear a robe that fitted for the season. Winter robes can help you feel warm in the cold weather or season. It can be the best and useful sleeping robe you can ever wear. By using this, you cannot catch or get any symptoms of sickness such as colds or coughs from the winter season. Go get your desired style of a robe in the trusted manufacturers in China.

Silk robes
Wholesale Silk robes from China

Silk robes are a kind of robe that you can gain comfortability in using this. Having this is one of the unregretful feelings anymore. It can make you feel you are at the hotel even you are just in your house. It can be also be used at the wedding by letting the bride use it and also for the bride`s maid. It can add elegance in the prenup pictorials that giving large impact to your wedding occasion. How to purchase wholesale silk robes? Let Bansar guide you.

Wool robes
Wholesale Wool robes from China

When you choose on selecting handmade pieces of wool robes, then it is up to your desirable wants.  This is an opportunity given for you to avail wholesale of wool robes, so do grab it. Bansar also helps you to make realizations and the possibility of the big success of your operating business. You can be with manufacturers that are located in some regions of China such as Hebei, Shanghai, Guangdong, and also from Zhejiang.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Robes Shipping from China?

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Compared to the other freight forwarders operations, your wholesale robes shipping through sea freights can be easily transacted.
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By an effective way of shipping your wholesale robes, air freights is the best way at all. Fastest and secured way of transaporting will be surely predicted.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Utilizing your wholesale shipments through rail freight can be the best idea you have ever thought.
Door to Door Service China
For a favorable way of the shipping processes, you can ask Bansar by shipping it through direct door to door shipping.

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The Resource To Help You Find Robes From China:

Robes Manufacturer`s Regions

Wholesale Robes in Customs Design

Best 20 Robe Manufacturers in China


Zibo Apparel Garments Co., Ltd is manufacturing and export products in more than 15 years. They have a lot of experience in producing products in different countries which you can trust. They manufacture mainly longer, robes, sleepwear, and many more. They have for men, women, kids, etc.

 2 Shenzhen Huilyee Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huilyee Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 and ISO 9000 certified manufacturer and factory in China since 2008 which produces plenty of designs, colors, and types of robes, and many hotel supplies such as towels, linen, beddings, and a lot more. They are trusted and offer an effective suggestion for your business.

3 Shenzhen Funny Party Costume Co., Ltd.

You can get unique raw materials and designs that is certified internationally through connecting and purchasing in Shenzhen Funny Party Costume Co., Ltd. Their factory has 3082 area and 50 staff which manufacturing with 64 designs and different high-tech machines. They can export in Europe, Western, Oceana, and South America, etc.

 4 Huaian Beling Textile Co., Ltd.

Huaian Beling Textile Co., Ltd focused on manufacturing hotel needs such as linen, towels, robes, beddings, and many more. They focus on manufacturing these products in more than 20 years now providing excellent customer service, quality, and smooth processes, etc.

 5 Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd.

Since 2001, Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd was founded covered with 5000 square meters and 150 staff that export 70% around the world since 2011. If you are interested, they can build an excellent connection with you. This company is honest and adhering to quality first, excellent services, and so on. You can trust since they are ISO certified, SGS, BSCI, etc.

6 Huai’an Ouhang Towel Co., Ltd.

Whether you need retail or wholesale robes, Hua’ian Auhang Towel Co., Ltd has a lot to offer. They specialize in designing, producing, and export in Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and many other countries and regions in the world. This company is one of the most active in China supporting 24/7.

7 Hebei Songsie International Tradinig Co., Ltd.

Send your inquiries to Hebei Songsie International Trading Co., Ltd since they provide the best and quick response and services. This company mainly fabricates your ideal need for your business such as robes. They have Arab robe, Qatar, Lybia, Morocco, and Saudi robes. You select different designs or send your own offering competitive rates.

8 Ningbo Huayi Garments Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Huayi Garments Co., Ltd was founded 23 years ago covered about 120,000 square meters of factory area and more than 2000 staff. This company is specializing in fashion wear and sleepwear including different types of robes. They are ISO9001 certified in the year 2000, BSCI, and WRAP, and ISO14001 in the year 2004, and CQC certified.

9 Jiangyin Saiya Home Textile Co., Ltd.

To support your business, Jiangyin Saiya Home Textile Co., Ltd is the best partner in many years. You can design your robe orders and demand your ideal color and sizes as well. They provide 100% quality from production, sales, services, and satisfaction. They will respond quickly.

10 Huaian Jinsanhuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a convenient and reliable manufacturer in China, Huaian Jinsanhuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd has a convenient factory space, complete facilities, and machines such as Embroider, dye machines, sewing, and so on. They offer superior services to satisfy your needs. You can locate them at Xingang road in China at Huai’an City.

11 Huaian Jinmian Textile Co., Ltd.

In 2012 of establishment, Huaian Jinmian Textile Co., Ltd mainly manufactured wholesale products of robes, different types of towels, Textiles, and so on. They are capable to produce in different facilities like SPA, GYM, Hotels, and more. They are one of the famous manufacturers which is trusted by many big-time and newbie customers.

12 Xi’an Hongshang Textile Technology CO., Ltd.

If you are searching for great quality robes Xi’an Hongshang Textile Technology Co., Ltd is your great choice. They manufacture bathrobes and many more and produce internationally. They are located at Building 3 Gaoxin District at Shaanxi province of China. You can benefit from their competitive rate offers, outstanding services, and safe deliveries.


Ningbo Peter Pan Apparel Co., Ltd was established in 2005. In 15 years in this industry, this company has rich experience in different difficulties and successes. In all the difficulties, this company had been an expert to solve problems. You can also ensure to get the amazing quality robes you need.

14 Jiangsu Mofisi Weaving Co., Ltd.

In 2004, Ningbo Mofisi Weaving Co., Ltd was established ensuring quality sales, production, development, and so on. They are specializing towels and bathrobes that you can trust for your urgent needs. They can focus on your orders as well. This company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified in 2015. They have embroidery machines, sewing machines, and different modern machines for any processes.

15 Ningbo Artisan Import & Export Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for robe manufacturers who can meet your demands, Ningbo Artisan Import & Export Co., Ltd has a lot of beneficial offers. You can order different types of robes for kids, women, men, sleepwear, and a lot more. They develop their facility and quality products for your business.

16 Zhejiang Mingzhu Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Mingzhu Enterprises Co., Ltd was founded in 1980 mainly manufactures bathrobes, bed sets, pillow and case, beddings, and so on. This company is located at Zhongda plaza in China manufacturing about 5 million pieces of products every year. They amazingly build connections with customers and to you as well.

17 Wuji Textile(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Wuji Textile(Shuzhou) Co., Ltd engaging certified raw materials like microfiber. They manufacture robes, pillow, cushions, towels, and more. They manufactured products and produce in different countries like Middle East, Germany, Canada, America, France, and many more countries.

18 Shenzhen Man Lee Fat Industrial Co., Ltd.

For your visit plan in their factory, Shenzhen Man Lee Fat Industrial Co., Ltd is located at #88 commercial building, at Guangdong Province in China. This company was founded in 1995 that specializing in products like robes, sleepwear, pajamas, and many more. They focus on production, company and quality development, and sales.

19 Hangzhou Tingmei Hometextile Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tingmei Hometextile Co., Ltd is fabricating different types and materials of robes. They have microfiber raw materials, silk, cotton, satin bathrobe, for ladies, for men, for children, and so on. The factory building is a cover of 5000m2 with 120 staff. They have about 10 acres which are very convenient.

20 Shaoxing County Bole Textile Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing County Bole Textile Co., Ltd is manufacturing Bathrobes, Different types of robes, and any kinds of nightwear. This company was established in 2004 located at Xiaozuo Road, Keqiao, in the Province of Zhejiang in China. This company most welcomes customers to visit their factory. You will be satisfied to connect with them.

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