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Wholesale Shoes from China
Ballet Shoes
Wholesale Ballet Shoes from China

China is the wholesale capital of the world business trade. They have thousands of shoes vendors that sells customers around the world. A lot of shoppers all over the world to come and visit in Yiwu. If you’re looking for a very affordable shoes, China has it all, and offers wholesale price.

Wholesale Boots from China

All kinds of boots and other shoes can be seen and found in China particularly in Yiwu which is the largest wholesale market in the country. If seeking a supplier is your concerns, a lot of supplier in the Yiwu market which is the largest wholesale market in China comes from different provinces in China such as Guangdong and all other places in the country.

Casual Shoes
Wholesale Casual Shoes from China

Looking for wholesale shoes? China is a good choice and has all kind of shoes that you may like. If you want to purchase some cheap stock shoes for your growing or upcoming business then you can to go to Yiwu market to have it and try.

Formal Shoes
Wholesale Formal Shoes from China

Wholesale market are the most popular in China to search and to discover professional and certified factories to look for licensed ship chandler in China. If you are a businessmen that looking for a trusted supplier for your shoe business, China is the qualified place to purchase different types of shoes that you may need to run your business.

Infant Shoes
Wholesale Infant Shoes from China

If you are looking for a genuine and high quality of wholesale shoes products in best price from certified Chinese shoes supplier, China is the excellent choice for you. A lot of manufacturers and suppliers in China manufacturing infant shoes in different fashion styles that may suit to your clients taste and preferences.

Rubber shoes
Wholesale Rubber Shoes from China

Are you running a shoe business or online shoe store perhaps but don’t know where to buy it in bulk? If you need to know more about wholesale shoe suppliers then you must go to China. Yiwu is one of the biggest shoes wholesale markets in China and most shoes are from Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

Running shoes
Wholesale Running Shoes from China

Looking for affordable wholesale shoes to supply your business demands to to gain good profits? You’ve come in the right place. In China a lot good supplier that manufactures branded running shoes, you can guarantee that its high class shoes and most of the particular market offers wholesale prices.

School shoes
Wholesale School Shoes from China

If you are a shoe business owner and looking for a wholesale market, Yiwu is the right place for you. You can find different wholesale shoes owner that sells hundreds of different kinds of shoes that you need for your shoe business. If wholesale products is your top priority and a lot of new trends of shoes are offered in manufacturers in China.

Shoees for men
Wholesale Shoes for Men from China

Most men wants to wear different kinds of shoes according to their likes. Most of shoe business owner want to purchase all kinds of shoes for their clients to meet their specific requirements. If purchasing shoes in bulk is your plan, I must suggest go for Yiwu where is the largest wholesale market is located. Majority of their supplier are from Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces in China which all of their shoes are high quality and durable.

Shoes for women
Wholesale Shoes for Women from China

Looking for shoes for women? Need to wear stilettos for get together parties or a new pair of rubber shoes for your morning work out routine. You can find them all here in China. A lot of supplier and manufacturers in the Chinese who are offering wholesale shoes are found in different provinces in China.

Sneaker Shoes
Wholesale Sneaker Shoes from China

All kinds of wholesale shoes can be found and seen in China. If you are planning in purchasing different kinds of branded shoes to supply your shoe business. Yiwu is an excellent choice for you. You can find hundreds of thousands of wholesaler that offers all sorts of products at rock bottom prices.

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Door to Door Shipping from China
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Resource to help you Wholesale Shoes from China:

Wholesale China Shoe

Yiwu Wholesale Market

Best 20 Wholesale Shoe Manufacturers in China

1 Gin Foxi

Gin Foxi is one of the professional manufacturers of luxury shoes and high-quality shoes in China. They are selling men’s shoes and women’s shoes for over 10 years. With rich experience in the footwear industry, Gin Foxi had good business relations with its customers abroad. Their main markets are Middle East, UK, the USA, Australia, Japan, and other countries. They supply OEM and ODM services.

2 Xiamen Itec Shoes Co., Ltd

Itec Shoes was established in 2002, built-in Jinjiang, Fujian Province. They are providing footwear solutions to American and European brands. This company owns 6 production lines with 1,200+ workers. They are producing footwear suits all ages and genders. Itec is dedicated to research, production, and development of footwear and apparel.

3 Shenzhen Dancebeauty Clothing Co., Ltd

Founded in 2013, Shenzhen DanceBeauty Clothing Co., Ltd is engaged in manufacturing dancewear shoes. The company is operating 3 factories, 36 E-shops, and 15 franchise shops establish in different areas in the country. They have more than 300 employees. Their commodities include dance shoes, sportswear, dance tights, costumes, and more. All their products are primarily exported in France, Russia, Italy, America, and other countries.

4 Xiamen IDX Network Technology Co., Ltd

Specializing in custom-made shoes, bags, and clothing, Xiamen IDX Network Technology Co., Ltd became a top manufacturer in China of production. This company was founded in the year 2015 in Fujian, China. They are exporting products to the United States and Japan. Equipped with 100 employees, they are able to produce high-quality and fashionable products.

5 Sichuan Avatar Shoes Co., Ltd

Sichuan Avatar Shoes Co., Ltd was founded in 2017. Covering an area of 6,000 sq m, they have a series of production lines for all kinds of machinery. Their main products include knee-high boots, sandals, mid-calf boots, fur boots, pumps, and more. They are manufacturing and selling high-quality products in Northern Europe and Russia. This factory has a good reputation in the Women’ shoe industry and they have an annual output of 60 million.

6 Sijun (Hangzhou) Commerce Co., Ltd

Sijun Commerce Co., Ltd has developed 5 years ago. This company is exporting products to the United Kingdom, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, the United States, and many other countries. They have long-term customers including Jazz Star, Springfield, RYZ, Xebio, Pallas, and a lot more. This company is located in Hangzhou.

7 Taizhou Zhibo E-Commerce Co., Ltd 

Based in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, Taizhou Zhibo E-Commerce Co., Ltd is one of the largest shoe production enterprises in China. Specializing in supplying women, men, and children shoes, the company took its way to overseas countries. Their strongest products are children’s shoes, sports shoes, and women’s sandals. Their main markets are North America, South America, and Eastern Europe.

8 Jinjiang Shike Shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd

Jinjiang Shike Shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd was established in 2002. They are professional in designing sports shoes, casual shoes, and hiking shoes. With almost 20 years of manufacturing experience, they have a strong R&D team to developed a bag. This company’s main markets are Southeast Asia and European countries.

9 Quanzhou Luojiang District Baitao Trading Co., Ltd

Over 20 years of professional experience and specializing in production, development, sales, and services, this company earns popularity in the field. Quanzhou Yongsheng Shoes & Plastic Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. They are producing men’s and women’s casual shoes and men and women’s sport shoes. Quanzhou Baitao E-Commerce Co., Ltd has a large production line.

10 Guangdong Infinite Import & Export Co., Ltd

Founded in the year 2008, Guangdong Infinite Import and Export Co., Ltd has full experience in shoe manufacturing. The company is making different types of shoes for children, girls, men, and ladies. Boots, wedges, flats, and heels are some of their offers. Their product comes at most competitive prices. Their main products are North America, Central America, and Africa.

11 Quanzhou World-Win Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd

Located in Jinjiang City, Quanzhou World-Win Im&Exp Co., Ltd is offering various shoe products. Included in their products are canva shoes, casual shoes, children’s shoes, sports shoes, espadrille, and more. This company is supporting famous brands like KAPPA, WAKAI, JOY&MARIO, KOHA, etc. World-Win has its own factory well-equipped with the latest technology.

12 Quanzhou Hallelu Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Hallelu Co., Ltd is a professional footwear company in China. They are exporting sports shoes and shoe accessories for over 20 years. The company has a strong R&D team and an expert technical team to design shoes. Hallelu is exporting products to many countries. This company can help you find and wholesale products just as you wish.

13 Chengdu Aishanglili Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd

This company is a leading exporter of women’s shoes. About 10 years of experience, Chengdu AL Shinny Shoes Co., Ltd is providing solutions to international retailers. Their main products are leather shoes, high heels, boots, sandals, and customize shoes. Chengdu AL Shinny Shoes Co., Ltd has an annual production of over 1.2 million pairs of shoes.

14 Ningbo Jago E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Ningbo Jago E-Commerce Co., Ltd was established in 1988 in Zhejiang, China. Their showroom covers an area of 1500 sq m and had more than 300 employees. This company offers OEM and ODM services. Their primary products are ballerina shoes, sandals, PU boots, canvas shoes, and espadrille, and rubber boots. The company was able to produce 250,000,000 pairs of shoes per year.

15 Shenzhen Chenxuan Shoes Products Co., Ltd

As a professional manufacturer in the footwear industry, Chenxuan Shoes is dedicated to designing, developing, producing, sales, and service of shoes. They are offering men and women shoes. Located in Shenzhen, the company location is much accessible. With a dedicated and expert team, they always ensure to meet each customer’s satisfaction.

16 Quanzhou Zhongyu Footwear Co., Ltd

Having 10+ years in men’s handmade leather shoes, Quanzhou Zhongyu Footwear Co., Ltd become a professional manufacturer. They have a strong workforce to develop a range of shoes. Their product range includes driving shoes, boots, casual shoes, canva shoes, loafer shoes, and more others. The company has a professional customer service team to accommodate your request.

17 Taizhou Ustar Global Trading Co., Ltd

Ustar Global is specializing in sport’s shoes for a couple of years. The company is designing and producing high-quality shoes to meet the growing demand of the marketplace. They are offering colorful and unique footwear for all ages and genders. Combining design, sourcing, quality control, and marketing, Ustar Global has the capability to be your one-stop supplier.

18 Way Forward (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd

Way Forward Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of shoes and clothing. Having over 7 years in the industry, they are offering wholesale sport shoes, wholesale sports clothing, and wholesale yoga wear. The company is utilizing eco-friendly and comfortable materials to design fashionable products.

19 Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co., Ltd

Founded in 1997, located in Fujian Province, Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co., Ltd is offering high-quality shoes. The company has the latest production equipment and independent R&D team capabilities. Their main products are fashion shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, jogging shoes, and more. Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co., Ltd is exporting its products to the USA, EU, UAE, and Africa. The company has an annual production of 300,000 pairs.

20 Quanzhou Gaobo Trading Co., Ltd

Established in 2014, Quanzhou Gaobo Trading Co., Ltd has professional experience in the production and development of shoe products. Their primary products are outdoor shoes, safety shoes, boots, sports shoes, and wholesale fashion casual flat shoes. With a reliable quality control team, they are able to produce and export high-quality shoes all over the world. The company has more than 500+ skilled workers.

Wholesale Shoes from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Let me show you how to get high quality wholesale shoes from China at affordable prices.

It doesn’t matter the design of shoes you need, where to buy wholesale shoes from China, how to check quality, ways of shipping or choosing best materials – this guide has all information you need.

Keep reading to learn more.

Who are the Largest Wholesale Shoe Suppliers in China?

China is the place that you should go to when you intend to purchase any type and size of Wholesale shoes.

Whenever you make the decision to purchase wholesale shoes from China, there are specific areas you ought to visit.

Here are the main areas in China which you ought to visit when shopping for wholesale shoes.

· Chinabrands Wholesale Shoes Suppliers

In case you are looking for the latest fashion in wholesale shoes, Chinabrands is the most valid place for you.

You will get a wide variety of shoes at Chinabrands at very pocket friendly wholesale prices.

· AliExpress

You can also look at AliExpress which is an online platform which gathers all the wholesale shoe suppliers in China.

Here, you can simply log on to the website and choose different types of shoes from different suppliers at friendly prices.

· Orange Shine Wholesale Shoes Suppliers

No matter your location in the world, you can log on to Orange Shine website and source for wholesale shoes from China.

It is a form of online market which gives you the opportunity to shop the best quality of shoes at affordable prices.

· Dhgate Wholesale Shoe Suppliers

In case you are looking for the best discounts for bulk wholesale shoes, Dhgate is the best option for you.

At Dhgate, you have the opportunity of sourcing the any type, color, size and quality of shoes among others.

· Wholesale 7 Shoe Suppliers

With respect to designer shoes and different designs of shoes, you will get the best wholesale deals from wholesale 7.

With their presence online, you don’t have to travel to China but order for your shoes and wait at your destination.

· Fashion71 Wholesale Shoes Suppliers

Just from the name, you will definitely come to a conclusion that you can get the most fashionable trends of shoes.

Well, that is true because Fashion71 will satisfy your trendy needs when it comes to supplying wholesale shoe collections.

· Rosegal Wholesale Shoe Supplier

In case you want to major on women shoes, you should focus your attention on Rosegal wholesale shoe suppliers.

You are sure of getting the trendiest shoes at the most affordable prices in the greatest quantities at Rosegal.

Why Buy Wholesale Shoes in China?

Apart from the numerous wholesale shoes in China, there are plenty of benefits for shopping wholesale shoes in China.

Here are the main advantages that should compel you to look at China as your wholesale shoe shopping destination.

Wholesale shoes in China

Wholesale shoes in China

Marketable Wholesale Shoes

You should make sure that you purchase your wholesale shoes from China as they are highly marketable.

Wholesale shoes from China are unique, sustainable, and are on high demand thus assuring you of a great market.

Affordable Wholesale Shoes

Since you will be purchasing your shoes in bulk, you are sure of getting the best prices that will suit your budget.

You are also sure of benefiting from great discounts and after sales services such as free transport depending on the supplier.

Profitable Wholesale Shoe Business

In addition to the pocket friendly purchase prices, you should rest easy because it will provide a good profit margin.

Implying that, you can sell shoes at a friendly price to customers and still smile all the way to the bank.

Sellable Wholesale Shoes

You should also look at the demographic pattern that you intend to sell to and come up order the most fashionable trends.

When you shop from China, you are sure of getting the trendiest form of shoes that will fit unique demographic needs.

Unbeatable Quality Wholesale Shoes

You will have a flow of customers walking in and out of your outlets when you purchase high-quality wholesale shoes from China.

One of the most attractive benefits that your customers will enjoy is durability of the high-quality shoes from China.

Which is the Best Website to Buy Wholesale Shoes from China?

Wholesale shoes suppliers in China also have a great online presence where you can simply browse and shop.

Well, whenever you are looking for the trendiest shoes at the most affordable prices online, look at the following websites.

You should consider looking at as the number one online shop for shopping of different types of shoes.

At the comfort of your home or office, you can browse among the numerous wholesale shoes online and make purchases.

China brands shoes

China brands shoes

You should also consider one of the greatest online wholesale shoes suppliers in China for the best quality of shoes.

Here, you will have the opportunity to interact with numerous wholesale shoes supplier in China for better deals.

Wholesale shoes on Alibaba

Shoes on Alibaba

Well, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to trusted online wholesale shoes suppliers in China. is a great option where you will simply log on and choose any type of shoe from different suppliers.

Shoes on DHgate

Shoes on DHgate

You can also look at this platform and negotiate a lot of purchasing shoes in bulk at wholesale prices.

Here, you will find the best quality of shoes from verified suppliers thus keeping you away from scam artists.

Shoes on made in china

Shoes on made in china

You should also have a look at the offerings from the wholesale suppliers you will get through

There are numerous wholesale shoe suppliers enlisted on AliExpress who will give you great business deals.

Shoes on AliExpress

Shoes on AliExpress

You will benefit from the international e-commerce services that offer when shopping for wholesale shoes.

You can also take advantage of the shipping and international marketing advice that you can apply on your shoes business.

Shoes on Banggood

Shoes on Banggood

This is a website that deals will the most fashionable types of shoes in the market that come from Chinese suppliers.

You will get a credible supplier dealing with fashionable trends of shoes that will fit your demographic requirements.

Shoes on YAAKU

Shoes on YAAKU

How do you Check Quality of Wholesale Shoes Suppliers from China?

Well, you have all the information about the best suppliers for wholesale shoes in China.

In case you would like to find out more about the quality of the suppliers, there are tricks you have to follow.

Here are some of the tricks that you should have up your sleeve when inspecting quality suppliers.

Size Accuracy

You have to look at the size of the shoes as one of the key aspects of identifying the quality of shoes.

A quality supplier will ensure that you get the best quality of shoes that will fit you well.

Quality of Shoe Materials

It is also important to look at the quality of the materials of the shoes that you intend to purchase.

Most of the Chinese wholesale shoes suppliers get the best type of shoes from formidable manufacturers using high-quality materials.

Outlook of the Shoes

In the modern world, the outlook of the shoes also plays a huge role when it comes to the quality of the shoes.

You have to consider the modern trends and fashion and ensure that the shoes follow every detail in the fashion sense.

Delivery Time

You can also look at the credibility of the wholesale shoe suppliers by looking at the delivery time of the supplier.

In this case, you will know that the supplier is true to his word by paying attention to important details.

What is the Best Time for Importing Wholesale Shoes from China?

There are periods when you should consider importing your wholesale shoes from China.

Such are the periods when importing from China is very easy and at the most affordable rates.

Here are the best periods when you should import your wholesale shoes according to the season.

Summer Time

In anticipation of the hot weather, you should stock your shop with summer shoes such as sandals and flip-flops.

With the shoes in stock, your customers will flock to your shop with demands for summer shoes hence more sales.

Winter Period

Just as the clock ticks towards the cold winter weather, you should import warm boots from China.

As soon as winter time sets in, you will have a great demand for warm shoes thus increasing your sales.

Trendy Fashion

Fashion is the most versatile thing that you have to pay very close attention to when it comes to shoes.

You should look at the latest release of shoes that people are constantly asking for and import them from China.

Which Types of Shoes Attract More Sales Around the Year?

You must also look at the trends of shoes according to the demographic demands.

Implying that, you have to know the market demands in terms of age and the most selling type.

Here are the most selling types and brands according to different ages, gender and fashion.

Men’s Athletic Shoes

You should consider investing in men’s athletics shoes in the current world as they take up 20% of market share.

Implying that men’s athletic shoes are the trendiest types of shoes such as sneakers that attract more customers.

Women’s Casual Shoes

You should also look at the casual shoes that women are accustomed to wearing as they account for 17% of the market.

Implying that women are also great shoe purchasers especially for the casual shoes for women working in offices.

Women Dress Shoes

It is also important to look at the women dress shoes as it accounts for 13% of the wholesale shoe markets.

You should also feed on the thirst for women’s fashion trends, especially for the women’s dress shoes.

Which Colors of Shoes Can I Get from Wholesale Shoes Suppliers in China?

The most common color of shoes that you should consider stacking on your shoe shop is black.

Black is the most common type of color that both men and women prefer to wear as it blends well.

Irrespective of age, black is a head of other colors such as white, brown, grey, blue, red, and tan among others.

Apart from color, you should also look at the sizes of the shoes that you should be stocking in bulk.

In this case, you should stock shoes between size 8 and12 which are in great demand.

How do you Get Best Prices for Wholesale Shoes from China?

There are quite a number of ways that you can follow when it comes getting the best shoe prices.

Here are some of the tricks that can help you get the best prices for different types of shoes.

Purchasing Shoes in Bulk

You will get a great discount when you decide to purchase your wholesale shoes in bulk.

According to most suppliers in China, the more shoes you purchase the greater the discount.

In other words, you will be benefiting from the economies of scale when it comes to purchasing shoes in bulk.

Purchasing from the Manufacturer

You should also consider purchasing your shoes straight from the manufacturer of the shoes.

The manufacturers often sell shoes at a lower price in comparison to the prices of other wholesale distributors.

Using an Agent

You should also consider hiring a sourcing agent who will help you in sourcing for the wholesale shoes from cheaper suppliers.

Most agents in China know almost all the wholesale suppliers in China who sell wholesale shoes at cheaper prices.

What is the MOQ for Wholesale Shoes in China?

You do not have to worry about the minimum order quantity when it comes to purchasing wholesale shoes in China.

In other words, we do not have a constant minimum order quantity that serves every wholesale shoes supplier.

There are suppliers who will sell any quantity of wholesale shoes according to your demands.

On the other hand, there are wholesale shoe suppliers who will have specific minimum order quantity requirements.

Is Drop Shipping Suitable for Wholesale Shoes from China?

Yes, drop shipping is one of the most suitable modes that you can use for wholesale shoe shopping from China.

In the modern era, drop shipping is possible because of the numerous online shops that link buyers to suppliers.

In this case, drop shipping will link a third party with the supplier of the wholesale shoes.

As a buyer, you will get in touch with a third party who does not have the wholesale shoes in stock.

The third party will take your order and link you to a supplier who will ship the goods straight to you.

In other words, the supplier does not have much to do but ship the goods according to the order.

Do Wholesale Shoes Suppliers in China Provide Samples?

Yes, as a wholesale shoes supplier in China, you should be ready to send samples to the buyer.

As a buyer, you should consider requesting for the sample and paying for the shipment.

In other words, sending of samples from the supplier to the buyer is a common practice.

You will have the opportunity to view the sample and inspect it before you make an order.

After proper certification, you can proceed with the purchasing plans of the shoes.

Why Should You Hire Customs Agents When Importing Wholesale Shoes in China?

You should hire a customs agent when importing shoes from China because of a number of reasons.

Customs agents will help you in securing the wholesale shoes from the supplier and shipping to your destination.

He or she will help you handle the legal requirements such as documents that you need to import wholesale shoes.

Apart from that, the customs agent will help in clearing the goods and organizing for transport of the goods.

In addition to that, you will be sure that your wholesale shoes are safe on board with the right packaging.

Your customs agent will also help in maneuvering through the shipping logistics for the fastest mode of shipping.

How Can I Buy Directly from Wholesale Shoes Suppliers in China?

Men shoes

Men shoes

You should consider purchasing directly from the wholesale shoes supplier in China because of the low cost.

Well, you can purchase directly from the wholesale shoes suppliers in China by getting in touch with them.

Here are some of the modes that you can use to get in touch with the wholesale shoes suppliers in China.

Attending Chinese Trade Fairs

You can attend different Chinese trade fairs that happen in China and sometimes other places in the world.

Here, you will be in a position to meet different suppliers who will be willing to sell wholesale shoes directly.

In China, you will meet the wholesale shoes suppliers at Canton Import and Export Fair and Global Sources Trade Shows.

Buying from Numerous Wholesale Markets

Instead of relying on specific suppliers, you can easily go to the wholesale markets in China and buy from there.

There are numerous wholesale shoes suppliers in China who can comfortably sell shoes at wholesale prices.

Find the Wholesale Suppliers Online

You should also take advantage of the world wide web and get in touch with wholesale shoes suppliers.

The most trusted online platforms for wholesale shoes include Alibaba, Dhgate, AliExpress and Global Sources among others.

Which Documents Do I Need to Import Wholesale Shoes from China?

You will also need to be in a possession of import documents when importing wholesale shoes from China.

Here are the main documents that you should have when importing the wholesale shoes from China.

Commercial Invoice

This is a formal note that you will use for payment of products declaring that the goods can go beyond international borders.

Bill of Lading

You will have the bill of lading with all the details on the wholesale shoes and the destination port.

Air Way Bill (AWB)

You should have a receipt from the airline which will act as proof that the wholesale shoes were shipped.

Packing List

You should also have the packing list which will detail all the goods you are shipping and picking information.

Pro Forma Invoice

You will have this document with all the information about every detail and cost of shipping wholesale shoes.

Certificate of Origin

You will have this document which will prove that the wholesale shoes you are importing are from China.

Export or Import Declaration

You will also have the export or import declaration document which will act as the declaration for the list of shoes.

Which are the Transport Options for Wholesale Shoes from China?

There are different forms of transport that you can decide to use when importing wholesale shoes from China.

The mode of transport that you will use will depend on the speed, budget, quantity of goods and distance from China.

Here are the Main Means of Transport that you can use.

Road Transport

You can decide to use road transport as the cheapest mode of transport within a short distance.

It will carry considerable amount of goods from the supplier to a closer destination such as port or warehouse.

Rail Transport

You can also load the cargo on the cargo train cars for transportation within countries with proper rail networks.

It is a faster and cheaper mode of transport for transporting wholesale shoes to the neighboring countries from China.

Air Transport

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport that you will use to transport wholesale shoes all over the world.

Due to the fast nature, you will have to pay higher fees for the cargo thus making it very expensive.

Sea Transport

You can also opt for sea transport which is the most common mode of transport for bulk transportation of cargo.

It is the slowest means of transport which will take a longer period especially in distant regions of the world.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Wholesale Shoes in China?

Well, when importing wholesale shoes from China, you need to understand who will pay for every service.

In most cases, you will pay for most services but that might change depending on the incoterm you choose.

Here are the main factors that you need to have when importing wholesale shoes from China.

Cost of Transport

Here, you will look at the mode of transport which include rail, road, air, or sea modes of transport.

The fastest mode of transport is indeed the most expensive option that you may decide to use.

Inspection, Warehouse and Port Entry Fee

You should also look at the cost of staring the goods within the China warehouses, cost of inspection and customs fees.

These may vary according to the quantity of goods you intend to import as well the destination country.

Customs Broker Fees

In case you are using a customs broker, you must factor the cost of hiring a custom broker on the overall cost.

This is an optional cost which you will pay only when you have the services of the customs broker.

Agent Fees

You will also pay for the cost of inspecting the goods which the agents at the destination country perform.

Import Duties

Your destination country will also require taxes on the cargo that you import while entering the country.

It is important to factor in all the above details plus the cost of the goods to get the right amount of money.

How much Duty will you Pay for Wholesale Shoes from China?

The cost of duty that you will pay for the wholesale shoes will vary accordingly.

One of the factors that impact on the cost of duty on the wholesale shoes is the value of the goods.

With the help of a HS Code, you will be in a position to calculate the rate of duty you ought to pay.

In the case of VAT payment, you will have to calculate the rate depending on the total value of the cargo.

Which Incoterms Do You Use to Import Wholesale Shoes from China?

There are quite a number of incoterms that you can use when importing wholesale shoes from China.

The incoterms will help in dictating the different types of responsibilities on you and the supplier.

Here are the main incoterms that you can choose from during the importation process of cargo.

Incoterms 2020

Incoterms 2020

Incoterms 2020

Incoterms 2020

EXW Ex Works

Here you will take responsibility for the goods after receiving them from the seller at your premises.

You will take care of loading and clearing of the goods for export among other charges.

FCA Free Carrier

Here, the seller will deliver the wholesale shoes at the carrier who will carry on with the process of exporting goods.

CPT Carriage Paid To

You will take responsibility for the goods after the seller delivers at the carrier and pays part of the insurance fee.

CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid To

In this case, the seller will take the goods to the carrier and pay for the insurance thus leaving responsibility to buyer.

DAT Delivered at Terminal

You will assume very responsibility for the goods as soon as it arrives at the destination port and offloaded.

Delivered at Place (DAP)

In this case, you will deliver the goods all the way to warehouse of the buyer thus giving you more responsibility.

Do You Need Permits When Importing Wholesale Shoes from China?

Yes, you will need permits as one of the requirements for importing wholesale shoes from China.

You will need the permits especially when the country you are exporting to requires such permits.

In other words, different countries have different rules and may include the permit requirements.

How Do You Pay for the Wholesale Shoes from China?

You can pay for the wholesale goods that come from China through a number of different ways.

One of the most common modes of payment is cash especially when you are shopping in person.

Apart from that, you can use the bank transfers especially when dealing with very large amounts.

In case you are having an agent on the ground, the most suitable payment mode is bank transfers.

You can also explore other avenues such as PayPal when shopping via the online shopping platforms.

Which are the Leading China Wholesale Shoes Market?

You can import wholesale shoes from China and sell to different places or markets all over the world.

The leading Chinese markets for wholesale shoes are:

  • Xinhaopan Wholesale Shoe Market
  • Guangzhou Wholesale Shoe Market
  • Wanhao Wholesale Shoe Market
  • Jiahao Wholesale Shoe Market
  • Yaotai Wholesale Shoe Market
  • Zhanxi Wholesale Shoe Market

Here is more information about China shoes market.

How Big is China Wholesale Shoes Market?

China wholesale shoe market is one of the biggest markets there is in the world.

You can get a wide variety of shoes from China with different qualities thus making them a very big market.

Apart from that, it has different wholesale markets that are big enough to accommodate different demands.

Are there Quality Standards for Wholesale Shoes from China?

Yes, there are quality standards for wholesale shoes from China.

You must have quality standards for the wholesale shoe manufacturers in order to make the highest quality shoes.

Here are the main quality standards that you must have for the wholesale shoes from China.

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Certification
  • IQNET Quality Certifications

Why do you need China Sourcing Agent to Import Wholesale Shoes from China?

You need China sourcing agents to help in sourcing for the shoes from different suppliers.

Since most of the customers are foreigners, you might experience great language barrier.

In this case, you will need a sourcing agent to help in negotiations as they know the language.

They also know credible suppliers who will supply you with the highest quality of goods at good prices.

In addition to that, China sourcing agents know the rules better and will guide you through the process faster.

Which Material is Shoes from China made of?

The main materials that Chinese shoe manufacturers use to make their shoes are leather and rubber.

You will note that the outer part of the shoe is leather while the sole of the shoes is rubber.

Other materials include textile, synthetic material and foam.

Does Cheap Shoes from China mean they are Low Quality?

No, cheap shoes from China does not mean that they are of low quality.

You should understand that there are numerous manufacturers of shoes in China.

Apart from that, they have the best raw materials from different suppliers within China.

With all these aspects at their disposal, Chinese manufacturers make high quality shoes.

You are bound to get low prices because of good business moderation environment.

Apart from that, you may also get low prices due to plenty of supply and low demand.

Can you get Designer Shoes from China?

Yes, you can get designer shoes from China.

Most of the designers in the world have their factories in China.

Implying that you will get the best brands and designer shoes coming from China.

Which are the Leading China Shoes Brands?

There are numerous shoe brands in China that come from different manufacturers around the country.

You can choose from the different brands of shoe suppliers in China who have very high-quality shoes.

Here are the main or leading China shoe brands.

  • Belle International Brands
  • Daphne International Brands
  • Red Dragonfly Brands
  • Yue Yuen Shoe Brands
  • Zhejiang Aokang Shoe Brands
  • Spider King Shoe Brands
  • Anta Shoe Brands
  • Yearcon Shoe Brands
  • Li-Ning Shoe Brands
  • Camel Apparel Shoe Brands

Where are Shoes made in China?

In China, there are specific places where most of the shoe manufacturers are located.

Here are the main areas in China where the main shoe manufacturers are.

  • Dongguan Area
  • JinJiang Area
  • Wenzhou Area
  • Chengdu Area

These are the most strategic locations where all the main manufacturers for shoes are.

Apart from that, these locations are in positions where you can have access to the main raw materials.

Should you Buy Directly from China Shoes Factory or Wholesale Shoes Supplier on Alibaba?

Most of the suppliers on Alibaba are shoe manufacturers from different factories in China.

In other words, you can purchase from the shoe factory suppliers who pose as wholesale suppliers on Alibaba.

Apart from that, most of the wholesale shoe suppliers in China often purchase directly from the factory.

You may not get the opportunity to purchase from the factory but from the wholesale shoes suppliers.

Either way, you will get very good deals from both even though the manufacturers will offer you lower prices.

How do you Import Wholesale Shoes from China to Amazon FBA?

Importing wholesale shoes from China to Amazon FBA involves online shopping via the amazon website.

You will purchase the products from China and then store them within the amazon warehouses.

The procedure of purchasing the warehouse shoes to Amazon FBA involves logging into online platform.

You can either purchase through Alibaba or AliExpress depending on the accredited shopping website of choice.

After that, you will identify the shoes that you want and negotiate the terms of payment with the supplier.

Within your profile, you will address the goods to an Amazon FBA outlet.

After checking out, and paying for the warehouse shoes, your supplier will ship the goods to Amazon FBA.

Once in the Amazon warehouse, you can simply sell them where Amazon staff will package and sell the products.

Is Door to Door Shipping Wholesale Shoes from China Affordable?

Yes, it is one of the modes that you can use in shipping warehouse goods from China.

It is, however, quite costly because it uses air mode of transport to move the goods at a faster rate.

You can also opt for shipping via sea transport which is very affordable and will cost you less.

At BanSar, we help you import wholesale shoes from China by handling all logistics work for you.

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