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Closed Slippers
Wholesale Closed Slippers from China

Choose the best deals so you can enjoy wholesaling closed slippers in China. It will be safely quaranteed for you and most especially for your running business. The biggest number of wholesale supplier and factories commonly located at Guangdong region. In manufacturing, a lot of people in business trust their productions because they provide quality raw materials in every products. You can assure that your slippers will be quality and negotiable. Do your best on having a clear transactions with Bansar for the safety of your shipping operations.

High Heel Slippers
Wholesale High Heel Slippers from China

In a country with a great level of manufacturing of any kinds of quality products, you can benefit a lot when you are wholesaling based in there. It is China that has been trusted and has a strength on manufacturing the best quality slippers to make sure your business. If you’re not still familiar with the process needed, Bansar has the strength to provide all the details and can guide you who will be your wholesale suppliers. Bansar can make your process easy and fast.

Indoor Slippers
Wholesale Indoor Slippers from China

Indoor slippers has a big help to all people out there. It can keep your feet away from muddy. When you urgently needed to hold up your business and want to wholesale indoor slippers, the best selection is in China. Shandong and Jiangsu provinces can supply enough products to support your special requirements. But don’t forget to chose wisely. Being vigilant on finding wholesale market can lead your way to accomplishment.

Kids Indoor Slippers
Wholesale Kids Indoor Slippers from China

Slippers may protect kids from dirt. Without slippers, 90% of bacteria will be transfer when you stepping inside the house. Find a slippers for kids that can easy to put on. It is available in many wholesale markets in China with great quality materials that can’t never easy to pull apart. Zhejiang, shandong, Henan and many other provinces in China supplied a lot of designs and features of slippers to assist you.

Kids Outdoor Slippers
Wholesale Kids Outdoor Slippers from China

Certified wholesale supplier and manufacturer of kids outdoor slippers in China assuring the safest packaging of your orders. They have the capability to assure the flexible packaging of your wholesale orders so it can avoid damages. Will, Bansar knows a lot of wholesale markets with that kind of ability in China. Bansar has experience good relationship with leading wholesale suppliers based in there.

Kids Slippers
Wholesale Kids Slippers from China

Covering our feet can give comfortable and great environment and it can aid the pain. For kids and even in olders, it can help help maintain the better blood flow. If you look for wholesale manufacturer who manufactured extremely good slippers, China’s leading wholesale manufacturer and factories offered best in quality but reasonable prices to help you get the best profit.

Massage Indoor Slippers
Wholesale Massage Indoor Slippers from China

There are many benefits when wearing massage slippers. It can helps youor blood circulations, have the ability to relieve the pain from knees, back and other part of the body and also massage slippers can relieved your stress. Wholesaling is not an easy when it comes on selecting who will be your partner and where to find them. Let Bansar help you find the most in China. Plenty of Chinese slipper markets based in Guangdong will never missed you to select a reliable one.

Men Sandal Slippers
Wholesale Men Sandal Slippers from China

A loot of men have their own different taste on choosing what they desire on wearing slippers. Many love to wear open but mostly are not. It depends on their taste. When you wholesale slippers for men, you can wholesale in different designs and customazation from popular and professional wholesaale markets in China based in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. But there are also in many other provinces including Henan, Fujan.

Men Slippers
Wholesale Men Slippers from China

A wide range of men slippers are provided by reliable suppliers in China. If you wholesale on it and want your orders will be moved immediately to your warehouse, try to choose a wholesale manufacturer that points their attentions on manufacturing slippers. You can save your cash if you choose to find supplier based in China. Believing that high-quality supplies can surely be provided.

Office Slippers
Wholesale Office Slippers from China

You should select those wholesale supplier and manufacturer that can truly take care your orders and deliver it to your place on time. A lot of suppliers in China passed and recieved a lot of rewards by providing great production in the industry. That’s why many people from different places chooses them as their long term partner in handling a business. Let your business related with many of the certified Chinese factories in China.

Open Heel Slippers
Wholesale Open Heel Slippers from China

When buying for something and you need to save a cash, better to depend on China. The best products especially for your slipper orders are available with a very friendly prices and acceptable. Bansar referring a wholesale suppliers and factory based in China who can supply enough for your needs in managing a business. Make a connection with Bansar and let them hold the rest of your worries.

Unisex Sandal Slippers
Wholesale Unisex Sandal Slippers from China

Do have any problem on making a good relationship with  suppliers in any process? Bansar can make it up for you. A supplier recommended by them can support the needs of your requirements and supply the best pair of unisex slippers. Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces has the bulk of slipper markets that can provide your demand for designs and features.

Wedge Heels Slippers
Wholesale Wedge Heels Slippers from China

Ladies in fashion wants a types of slippers that make them comfortable. Not just among the ladies but also in all sort of people. When you wholesale for something, it could be hard. But it is very important when you manage a business. You can discover some professional place in China if you do the research about them. But the best thing to do is dealing with Bansar. Bansar have their excellent connections with China’s leading and skilled wholesale manufacturers.

Women Slippers
Wholesale Women Slippers from China

A lot of wholesale slipper owners do their best on manufacturing slippers not only to sell and gain good profits but also to help people in business experienced what they’ve become. Their standard quality of products and also negotiable are all offers for you so you can expand your business in a fast and efficient way.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Slippers Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
The fully licensed sea freight shipping will be safe if you used to ship your wholesale slippers. Hazardous and dangerous good transported safely in every destinations internationally.
Air Freight from China to
This is the fastest and safest shipping procedure in the industry. The lower cost are always provided just for the customers needs. Air freight has the capability to give flexibility.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
In ground transportation, rail freight has the most elevated speed form. It lower the possibility of accident when you chooses rail freight for your wholesale slippers or even in heavy loads.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Door to door shipping method can be look so costly. But how about the additional bills when you used to commute and pick up your wholesale orders far away from your place.

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Wholesale Slippers from China: The Definitive Guide

An outstanding wholesale provider of different kinds of slippers from China will be recommended by Bansar.

A talented and well known Chinese slipper market in China offers longterm connection to all clients for their conducted business.

Keep studying this guide and don’t waste your time hesitating where to find your ideal slipper factories.

Read on.

The Resource to Help you Wholesale Slippers from China:

Wholesale Slippers, supplier and manufacturer in China

Top 20 Wholesale Slipper supplier and manufacturer in China

History of slippers

Best 30 Slipper Manufacturers in China

1 Jieyang Jinlaibao Plastic Company Limited

Jieuang Jinlaibao Plastic Company Limited is founded 15 years ago manufacturing footwear. This company factory has 100 people supporting all the processes ensuring the best functions of the machines. This company is certified by ISO 9001. They have stir machines, molding machines, crushing, and assembly lines.

2 Haimen Slipper Shoes Co., Ltd.

As a professional slipper manufacturer, Haimen Slipper Shoes Co., Ltd mainly manufactured slippers which passed the entire audits. They manufacture using tested quality raw materials. This company manufacturing slippers with 12,000 square meters. They produce 500,000 pairs of slippers every year and export in many countries.

3 Jieyang Jiayi Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Jieyang Jiayi Plastic Products Co., Ltd mainly manufactured slippers for kids, adults, and rain boots. They have 100 people in the factory since they founded in 2017and certified with ISO 9001. They have production lines of about 8. They have 10 injection machines in production. You can get an ideal slipper.

4 Jinjiang Kehui Sports Products Co., Ltd.

Jinjiang Kegui Sports Products Co., Ltd. is a dedicated and professional manufacturer of slippers and different footwear like shoes, sandals, casual shoes, sneakers, and many more. They export in Germany, France, UK, Australia, and the Netherlands, and more. They offered OEM services.

5 Yangzhou Hanjiang Shihe Slipper Factory

In 2010, Yangzhou Hanjiang Shihe Slipper Factory was established providing reasonable prices and different unique designs having an R&D center providing OEM and ODM services. This company product has done all the inspection before it delivers or moves outside the factory. This company has passed international standards.

6 EO Plastic Household Chemicals Co., Ltd. of Yangzhou

EO Plastic Household Chemicals Co., Ltd. of Yangzhou is ensuring customer’s enjoyment and satisfaction. This company reaches export rates of about 90% since 2010 with its own license. They are able to export in Europe, America, Oceana, Africa, Middle East, and many more. They can reach your location.

7 Yangzhou Lansun Hospitality Co., Ltd.

Yangzou Lansun Hospitality Co., Ltd is a slipper manufacturer in China which one of the reliable slipper producers and trusted designers in more than 11 years in this industry. This company manufactured a lot of slipper designs, colors, and sizes in which your customers catch the attention. They have 2 foreign trading staff and export since 2009. This company is near Shanghai Port having its export license.

8 Fujian Yifeng Industry Co., Limited

In 1989, Fujian Yifeng Industry Co., Limited was established and build the factory located in Fujian province in China at Quanzhou city. They occupied the plant area of about 10,000 square meters and export over 5 million pairs every year. This company product exported in many countries making slippers in different designs, sizes, and styles.

9 Greenshoe Industrial Co., Ltd.

Since the year 1994, Greenshoe Industrial Co., Ltd started to manufacture slippers and many types of footwear. This company is one of the best slipper manufacturers and factory in China that plenty of their customers trust and make them a reliable long term partner. They are a certified slipper manufacturer with ISO 9001 and BSCI.

10 Shanghai Easun Group Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Easun Group Imp & Exp Co., Ltd was founded in 2002 which is one of the largest producers of textiles from China. They can move slippers in different countries and regions like Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Russia, and so on. Shanghai Easun Group is located in Shanghai China.

11 Fuzhou Zing Brilliance Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd.

This company is making any kind of footwear for kids, men, women, adults, and any fashion footwear. They passed factory audits of BSCI. They adhere to the quality first, customer first, etc. They support through easy payment with PayPal, T/T, and LC. They have up to 10 Foreign Trading staff and about 10 production lines and R&D staff. They are located in Rm 1705 at Building A13 of Cangshan District, Fujian Province in China.

12 Hefei Top Max Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Hefei Top Max Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd is the top slipper manufacturer in China offering a lot of designs and types of materials. This is perfect for business since they offer negotiable and eye-catching slipper designs and styles. They offer small-amount terms of payment, LC, PayPal, and Western Union which you can easily and securely pay your orders.

13 Letsgo Shoes and Plastic Company Limited

In China, there are many slipper manufacturers that you can choose from. They produce slippers since 1995 and making attractive slipper designs. This company has rich experience in providing cost-effective slippers and offers fast delivery. They ensure quality checks and packaging to prevent damages.

14 Yangzhou Jianhua Guest & Daily Supply Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Jianhua Guest & Daily Supply Co., Ltd is an ISO, OHSAS, HSE, IATF16949 certified that passed the entire test. They mainly manufactured personal needs or hygiene like slippers, toothbrush, Razor, and many more. Their factory has enough and convenient areas which able to provide complete equipment like machines.

15 Yangzhou Aplus Amenities International Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Aplus Amenities International Co., Ltd has occupied a plant area of about 2,000 square meters. They are founded in 1999 engaging slipper production and processes. They mainly manufactured hotel amenities, Slippers, and different hotel needs. This company truly ensures your satisfaction.

16 Yangzhou Welcome Chemical Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for suitable slipper rates, Yangzhou Welcome Chemical Co., Ltd has offered perfect services, quality products, and most especially affordable and suitable prices offer. This company is an ISO 9001, GMP, and also BSCI certified slipper manufacturer in China. You can get your ideal slippers. This company has a great cooperation team.


Quanzhou Qirun Trading Co., Ltd passed the standards of QC 080000, ISO 9001, ISO 14064, ISO 14000, and many more certifications. They founded in 2004 and build a factory located in Quanzhou City at Fujian Province in China. They are making shoes for kids, slippers, shoes for skating, and so on.

18 Shenzhen Funny Costume Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Funny Costume Co., Ltd is making sleepwear, slippers, onesie, and many more. They manufactured slippers with 11 years of experience. They have 50 staff and machines for sewing and designs about 60. They are making a lot of styles of slippers which are unique designs and attractive nowadays. Expect a fast and on-time delivery.


This company is located in no.122 of the Hanjiang district of Yangzhou city in China. It is located on East Shugang Road. This company has 8 R&D staff and 10 production lines and ODM and OEM R&D capacity. This company factory is near Shanghai port and export overseas in Southeast Asia, Middle East, East Asia in South Korea and Japan, and many more countries and regions.

20 Yangzhou Yanda International Trade Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Yanda International Trade Co., Ltd is a BSCI certified manufacturer of slipper which is perfect for your business needs. If you are looking for affordable yet affordable quantity, this company is great that you can choose. They can produce great quality slippers and offer long term partnership. They have terms of payment through PayPal, Money Gram, and Small-amount of payment.

21 Jinjiang Tongcheng Trading Co., Ltd.

Jinjiang Tongxheng Trading Co., Ltd is a professional and one of the best slipper manufacturers in China that offers a lot of advantages. You can get negotiable and profitable slippers in many styles and materials. For exportation, they ensure safety since they have their license and offer 15 workdays of peak season lead time and also 15 for off-season lead time.

22 Wuhan H-Sun Resources Co., Ltd.

Since 2001, Wuhan H-Sun Resources Co., Ltd has founded located in Guanggu Third Road in Hubei Province of Wuhan City in China. They have 5 production lines and 3 R&D staff. If you are located in America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceana, and anywhere, this company can export your slipper orders.

23 Yangzhou Eso Nature Hotel Supply Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Eso Nature Hotel Supply Co., Ltd passed the test for ISO 9001, GMP, FSC, and so on. They have 240 sqm plant areas. This company offered a wide range of slippers in many designs, styles, and sizes. They have 10 years of experience manufacturing, producing, and processing slippers, and many other products they manufacture.


Ningbo Peter Pan Apparel Co., Ltd has 15 years in the industry manufacturing high-quality slippers and develops the production more. They have 2 workshops which mainly manufactured fabrics, sleepwear, slippers, and many more. You can get slipper in ideal designs, styles, colors, and sizes.

25 Wenzhou Clogs Shoes Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Clogs Shoes Co., Ltd. is certified and passed the BSCI audits and receive certificates. They ensure to provide slippers based on your ideal designs, and styles. You can order slippers for kids, adults, men, women, and so on. This company handles manufacturing covering over 2,000 square meters of plant area.

26 Zhenjiang Wonder Shoes Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Wonder Shoes Co., Ltd was founded in 1985 and manufactures footwear especially slippers. They have an amazing staff in the different processes supporting designs, manufacturing, sales, and so on. They have a 10,000 square meters of plant area for a convenient process. They have sold 800,000 pairs every year.

27 Fuzhou Enyilai Shoes Import&Export Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Enyilai Shoes Import&Export Co., Ltd mainly manufactures and focuses on making slippers. This is perfect for your urgent needs in supporting a business. They established in 2010 and passed the test. It surely makes your business safety successful. You can also save plenty of money and lessen your efforts.

28 Jiangsu Mengxian Household Products Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Mengxian Household Products Co., Ltd mainly manufactures slippers and eye mask. They established in 2013 with over 100 people supporting 24/7 working online for a quick response. You can visit them in the province of Jiangsu Jiulong Road, no.58 near shanghai port. They offer very convenient transportation.

29 Jinjiang Minika Shoes CO., Ltd.

In 2010, Jinjiang Minika Shoes Co. Ltd. is started making slippers and different footwear products. They are trusted since they sold over 1 million pairs every year. In 2016, they are started making these products and helped with 100 people and located in Fujian and provide 97% quick response 24/7.

30 Yangzhou SCS Hometextile Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou SCS Hometextile Co., Ltd. founded in 2016 with 50 people supporting the factory processes. This company always ensures the rates affordable and friendly so you can save plenty of budgets and also effort. They have laser cutting machines, sewing, and cotton filling machines.

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