Need Help On wholesale Souvenirs from China ? Bansar Recommend the Best Souvenirs Manufacturer for You

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Anniversary Souvenirs
Wholesale Anniversary Souvenirs from China

Popular and hot design of any anniversary souvenirs are available and can be acquired from the Chinese best manufacturers. Anytime, Bansar always recommended its own partner in business for they are very sure that it can be helpful for your own running business. you can bulk from many trusted suppliers located in many China`s provinces.

Baby Shower Souvenirs
Wholesale Baby Shower Souvenirs from China

In celebrating baby showers for your newborn baby must celebrate on a special day that makes it an unforgettable moment. In searching for the best selection yet available for just cheaper prices, you can easily acquire to the expert’s manufacturers that can only be founded in the place of Chinese. You can choose a baby shower souvenir with a cute picture of your lovely baby.

Birthday Souvenirs
Wholesale Birthday Souvenirs from China

Most people celebrated birthdays because it is the only chance to reminisce about the major event. It is the time where someone gives thankful speeches and also thanking for the life they enjoyed. Souvenirs from this special occasion are also the prior way to remember all the happy and joyful moments that happen that time. When buying birthday souvenirs in a wholesale way, China has many suppliers recorded especially in Guangdong.

Christening Souvenirs
Wholesale Christening Souvenirs from China

Personalized christening souvenirs are also available on many big and large suppliers from China. You can freely purchase mainly from them. For a safer dealing process of transporting, Bansar automatically offers its high productions of any kind of souvenirs just like this. China provinces such as Guangdong has popularity on having plenty of trusted manufacturers for all over 1,617.

Fridge magnet
Wholesale Fridge Magnet from China

A refrigerator magnet is a piece of bric-a-brac and useful to post electric bills, water bills and also shopping lists. A fridge magnet souvenir is commonly shown at the fridge door. You can actually choose what souvenir magnet you want whether its permanent type or not. By buying the exact kind and types of fridge magnet you wanted, it can achieve your contentment satisfactions.

Glass Souvenirs
Wholesale Glass Souvenirs from China

Glass Souvenirs is more attractive and very pleasant looking in the eye of many guests. Chinese suppliers offer wide diversification of any types of glass souvenirs. The one invented this kind of souvenir has a truthful high ambition and that is to catch and get your attention. Any production of glass souvenirs is a very special and impressional item.

Personalized Mugs
Wholesale Personalized Mugs from China

Personalizing a mug is harder than what we thought. There are many ways to make personalized mugs whether you add a beautiful picture of yours or even a picture of your special someone in your lifetime. Bansar offers fast shipping of your ordered packaged items and productions that originally came from China. When you want no trouble in the shipping procedures, then cooperate with those truly trusted.

Personalized Souvenirs
Wholesale Personalized Souvenirs from China

Personalized Souvenirs can be at christening events, birthdays, anniversaries or even in the wedding event. In super legit transactions, easy and fast, you can easily trust Bansar because of their expert and pleasant productions. These giveaways are very meaningful in our daily lives. By having a product like this, can give us the impact of having grateful happy life.

Personalized Water Bottles
Wholesale Personalized Water Bottles from China

In a hot season, water is very important, especially in our daily lives. So, when wanting special and personalized water bottles you need to acquire to the best suppliers. Most best suppliers are located in many provinces and cities in China. For the very best and unique form of personalized water bottles, acquiring to many Chinese is the best idea.

Personalized Wine Bottles 1
Wholesale Personalized Wine Bottles from China

For special occasions and events such as birthdays, wine bottles can`t ever be missed. It is a handmade piece. To enjoy more at the party, wine bottles are the main reason for the enjoyment. When having a low budget but wanting to buy these amazing personalized water bottles, Chinese can help you through. They can do a quick response action to the ultimatum problems.

Stuffed Toys
Wholesale Stuffed Toys from China

Stuffed Toys are good for your babies, kids and even teenagers all over the world. It is very cute in its appearance and more attractive. When wanting to bulk wholesale stuffed toys, the Chinese are very friendly and communicate to its engaged clients with no doubts. Excellent customized stuffed toys that are from China are very reliable in the creation and truly trusted.

Wedding Souvenirs
Wholesale Wedding Souvenirs from China

Weddings are a very special occasion and only happen once for each ladies existed all over the world. Souvenirs and giveaways for the guests from this occasion are very important because it is only the way they can reminisce how wonderful the occasion was. Provinces like Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong are recorded has many hardworking manufacturers recorded.

Wooden Souvenirs
Wholesale Wooden Souvenirs from China

For custom efforts of handmade wooden souvenirs, the Chinese highly offer eligible products like that and such. Chinese has a common main shop where you can pick up intermediately your desired items. It is made with a purist intention of becoming a token of remembering or even a special thing must be keeped.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Souvenirs Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China 1
Shipping your wholesale souvenirs through sea freights can achieve a lot of advantages when your orders isn`t in urgencies.
Air Freight Shipping from China 2
When shipping your souvenirs orders thorugh air freights are proven very effective and might contributes security of your orders.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail freight forwarding of your order souvenirs in a large and heavy packaging level is the safest and fastest way of transactions.
Door to Door Shipping from China
When transacting your shipments through door to door transportations, no hassle will be occured. Bansar promised to help you through when your having a hard time in availing wholesale processes.

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How to import souvenirs from China?

There is no doubt that you can easily find dozens of souvenir suppliers in China because the same products are produced by hundreds of factories. However, not every transaction is satisfactory. So, how do choose a high-quality Chinese souvenir supplier?

Based on 15+ years of production experience in the souvenir and gift industry, TALMUD has roughly summarized the following points for your reference.

  1. More than fifteen years of work experience in the souvenir gifts industry. In any industry, it takes more than fifteen years for us to truly enter this industry. Sufficient industry experience can enable enterprises to complete the transformation and transformation from industry novices to experts.
  2. Perfect supply chain management. The future competition is not low price competition, but supply chain management competition, service competition, and brand competition. Efficient supply chain management can not only create value for customers and bring experiential services but also build your own brand.
  3. Product quality awareness and service awareness. A high-quality product is the best advertisement. An excellent supplier needs to have high-quality product awareness and service awareness, and consider issues from the customer’s point of view. Such quality can make excellent factories stand out from the low-price and inferior groups.
  4. Good communication skills and channels. English is the number one language in the world. Although English has been widely used in China, good English communication skills can add points to suppliers.

E-mail, telephone, Skype, these traditional business communication methods that are indispensable. If you want to make customers more satisfied or even dependent, suppliers need to innovate and better communication channels to meet customer needs.

Good business English skills are a prerequisite for an excellent souvenir supplier.

  1. Global logistics support. According to some studies, logistics costs account for 10-20% of commodity pricing. High-quality suppliers should be supported by efficient and inexpensive logistics systems to minimize customer logistics costs. For example, large discounts express cooperation relationship, high-quality sea, and air service provider-Bansar.
  2. The concept of growing together with customers. Orderly and healthy competition is not a zero-sum game. Through candid communication and mutually beneficial cooperation, we can establish a long-term win-win or multi-win cooperation relationship. A high-quality supplier needs to realize that only if the customer succeeds, the supplier can make a profit. Reasonable customers should also understand that this kind of benign cooperative relationship can only last when the supplier is profitable.
  3. TALMUD continues to explore the blue ocean market for souvenirs, adhering to the innovative spirit of art and culture, applying it to the development and production of souvenirs, and constantly adding new profit growth points for souvenirs.

Based on the above seven points, we understand how to inspect a Chinese souvenirs supplier, through preliminary trial order cooperation, continue to accumulate experience, eliminate conflicts, and establish strategic partnerships finally.

  1. TALMUD has more than 15 years of experience in the production of gifts and souvenirs. Advanced machinery and equipment, efficient production team, to ensure the quality of your souvenirs.
  2. Charles ZHAO, one of the founders, has overseas study experience and has in-depth research on Western culture and art knowledge. Add some artistic style to your souvenirs and leave a good memory for your trip. Souvenirs need to integrate history, culture, art, humanities, and nature. This is what it means.
  3. Ann KING, one of the founders of TALMUD, has an MBA degree and 6 years of working experience in the strategic department of listed companies. He is good at building the company’s business model and strategic planning and ensuring the sustainable profitability of the company’s development.
  4. Professional sales team. TALMUD’s sales team members all have university degrees, fluent English, and more than 3 years of international business experience. The company’s management has 2 MBA degree founders, who are familiar with modern business concepts and actually apply them to the company’s daily management.
  5. TALMUD is committed to creating a souvenir ecosystem that is beneficial to all parties, which is very helpful for souvenir wholesalers to find long-term business customers in their country.
  6. A complete souvenir catalog. Our products include customized gifts, souvenirs, cheering products, especially souvenirs. TALMUD has accumulated a complete catalog of souvenirs. Many countries in the world provide high-end souvenirs.
  7. Professional purchasing team. Cooperating with TALMUD, you can perfectly undertake the manufacturing capacity of entire China and provide manufacturing support for your souvenir business. Our efficient team can help you with procurement, order tracking, logistics, and transportation support services anywhere in China.
  8. Forward-looking ability with an international perspective. Whether it is robber quality and service, or the establishment of a souvenir ecosystem, the TALMUD management team has always been at the forefront of the industry. We pay more attention to quality than our customers and use company life to define brand reputation. Choose us, your business will be less troublesome and more secure.
  9. TALMUD combines China’s production advantages with customers’ design aesthetics, art, and brands to provide high-quality souvenirs to help customers succeed and realize their mission of starting a business.

After more than 15 years of development, TALMUD has established a complete souvenir system and supply chain and ensures 100% good quality at your souvenirs shops’ retails. We will select strategic partners around the world to jointly develop the souvenir market, including but not limited to souvenir wholesalers (online or offline), brand company souvenir customization, museums, exhibition halls, influencer, Internet celebrities, and social media, personal studios, etc.

TALMUD is your best partner to purchase souvenirs from China. TALMUD initially produced customized gifts for brand promotion and advertising. Because we are located in Wenzhou, the printing capital of China, we have rich printing experience, a professional printing team, and equipment. The promotional items we produce are widely recognized by customers and have a good brand advantage.

After accumulating a wealth of production experience, we have gradually developed in the direction of the brand, entered the field of souvenirs, upgraded ordinary gift products, and developed in the direction of brand, art, and fashion.

The Resource to help You Wholesale Souvenirs From China:

Wholesale Souvenirs

Custom Designs of Souvenirs

Best 20 Wholesale Souvenir Manufacturers in China

1 ArtiGifts

ArtiGifts is located in Zhongshan, Dong Sheng, China. This company is providing souvenirs made from different materials including embroidered patches, lanyards, and zinc alloy or pewter. Also, they are providing products such as key chains, coins, lapel pins, and belt buckles. ArtiGifts has advanced production lines to produce broad collection of promotional and incentive gifts.

2 A Best Promotions Ltd

A Best Promotions Ltd has more than 10 years of experience in the promotional gift and metal jewelry designing. It is situated in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. This company offers full service for developing products. Included in their products are fridge magnet, wine charms, metal souvenir, metal keychain, metal pin badge, jewelry, and more. A Best Promotion customer includes Corona, Ecco, Victoria’s Secret, etc.

3 Logoson Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

Logoson can be found in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. This company is specializing in ceramic souvenirs, polyresin souvenirs, key chains, plates, fridge magnets, key chains, dinner bells, nail clippers, photo frames, and many more. Logoson has over 15+ years of experience in tourist souvenirs and promotional items production. It is certificated by SGS and BSCI.

4 Well Gift Co., Ltd

Well Gift Co., Ltd started in business since 1999. They mainly supply various types of seasonal gifts, novelty gifts, promotional gifts, and souvenir gifts. Also, Well Gift Co., Ltd is providing coffee cups, silicone straw, stainless steel straw, water bottles, wine tumblers, enamel mugs, and so on. This company has 2,000 sq m in-house manufacturing factory for silicone and neoprene-made products.

5 PapaChina

PapaChina is engaged in promotional products since ’14. They are a wholesale supplier that is located in Shenzhen, China. Their products are key chains, t-shirts, cups, caps, and other promotional items. PapaChina recognized as one of the biggest wholesale suppliers and exporter of promotional items in China. They are working with retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and other companies around the world.


Yiwu Ruiyuan Event Gift Co., Ltd was established Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province in 2009. They are specializing in sports fan series including team scarf, football bags, wigs, keyrings, stickers, fans hat, and more. Ruiyuan Corporation passes the standards including ISO9001, CE, and other certifications. The company is exporting products to 70+ countries around the world.

7 Zhongshan Saiya Souvenirs & Gifts

Established in 2008, Zhongshan Saiya Souvenirs & Gifts is engaged in designing, producing, and selling metal souvenir gifts. That includes the shot glass, photo frame, bottle opener, metal plate, fridge magnet, lapel pins, souvenir coin, and so on. With 12 years in the industry, Zhongshan Saiya Souvenirs & Gifts proven their capability as their product accepted by 57 markets around the world.

8 Happy Souvenirs

Dongguan Happy Souvenirs Co., Ltd was established in 2007.  They are involved in designing, developing, and manufacturing tourist souvenirs, business gifts, and presents. Also, they are producing all kinds of resin water ball, material fridge magnets, music crystal ball, decorative crafts ornaments, and key rings. Happy Souvenirs is working with famous brands in America, Japan, and Europe.

9 Star Lapel Pin Co., Ltd

Star Lapel Pin Co., Ltd has over 40 years in the business of providing the metal promotional personalized gifts. It covers metal coins, metal key chains, metal medals, metal lapel pins, metal dog tags, lanyards, and more. Since 1984, this company is providing custom gifts and premium quality promotional gifts and souvenirs.

10 QCS

Since 1991, QCS is manufacturing and exporting specialized gifts and souvenirs. It is located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong, China. With international standard, rich logistic experience, and low labor cost, QCS offer the best gifts and souvenirs. They are leading producers and exporter in China of the mentioned product.

11 Pujiang HBL Handicraft Co., Ltd

Specializing in manufacturing and supplying crystal and glass handicrafts, Pujiang HBL Handicraft Co., Ltd has become premier in business. Since 2001, they are producing all kinds of crystal pieces. Their primary products are crystal hotfix rhinestones, crystal gifts, crystal parts, crystal Chaton, and fancy crystal stones. Adhering to ISO9001:2000 quality management system, they are able to make better products.

12 Zhongshan Guanrui Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Guinrui Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd was established in 2011. They are manufacturing and exporting metal crafts and promotional gifts. With 10 years in the business, they are exporting 95% of their products worldwide. Their manufacturing facility is based in Zhongshan, with over 150 employees. They had an annual sales figure of USD 10,000,000.

13 Quanzhou Hogao Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd

Quanzhou Hogao Arts & Crafts was founded in 2001. Integrating R&D and sales, they become professionals in providing promotional crafts. They had an annual production capacity of 5,000,000 pieces. North America and Europe are their main markets. Quanzhou Hogao Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd’s expertise enabled them to provide products to meet every specification.

14 Zhongshan Artilanyard Industrial Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Artilanyard Industrial Co., Ltd specializes in providing metal gifts and lanyard. Along with their offers are luggage belts, shoelace, sports medal, webbing strap, wristband, pin badge, ribbon, and many more. Since established in 2007, the company create an annual capacity of $10, 000,000. Zhongshan Artilanyard Industrial Co., Ltd production facility covered 20,000 sq m.

15 Chuangle Product Creation Factory

Chuangle Product Creation Factory was established in 1993 under the name Shenzhen Chuangle Product Designing Company. Their main business is plastic and resin, toys, and crafts. Along with their products are movie and sports stars, guitar heroes, figurines and sculptures, and Disney characters. This company built a unique manufacturing and control system.

16 Zhongshan Niya Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd

Established in 2008, Zhongshan Niya Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd became a leading provider of metal gifts. Their factory measured about 10,000 sq m in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Specializing in gifts and medals products, they offer a comprehensive range of products like leather keychains, metal keychains, PVC keyrings, acrylic keyrings, dinner bells, gift sets, etc. Zhongshan Niya is exporting products all over the world.

17 Shanghai Linkand Co., Ltd

Shanghai Linkand Co., Ltd is a fully owned factory that started in 2006. Their main products are ceramic mugs, glassware, and related products. This company has 2 factories with 300 employees. They are exporting products to 100+ countries and regions such as South America, North USA, South Korea, and Japan.

18 Dongguan Yuefeng Display Product Co., Ltd

Established in 2000, Dongguan Yuefeng Display Product Co., LTD is engaged in providing acrylic and wooden products. This company is specializing in products with the help of a strong workforce and advanced production equipment. Yuefeng also offers customized design products based on buyer’s details.

19 Fujian Quanzhou Zhenyue Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

Fujian Quanzhou Zhenyue Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd is dedicated to arts and crafts production since 2007. Their main products are souvenirs, gifts, holiday ornaments, adornment, promotional products, home decoration, and other industries. This company has a strong technical team and advanced equipment to make it true. Under ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, the company has strict management of quality.

20 Weihai Shineway Trading Co., Ltd

Weihai Shineway Trading Co., Ltd is located in Weihai City, Shandong Province. Their top products are polyresin souvenir, toys, knitted hat, mug, and cap. They are exporting and selling products to the United States, Japan, Finland, and other countries and regions. Weihai Shineway Trading Co., Ltd is proven by many customers for providing the best service.

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