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Character Stickers
Wholesale Character Stickers from China

There was thousand of character sticker stock that is purchasable for the faster improvement of your sticker business. In addition to your business, it makes you have wealthier profits also. Guangdong has 920 manufacturers that surely produce your aspired Chinese products. It will be possibly produced and shipped in no time when you have Bansar on your side.

Emoji Stickers
Wholesale Emoji Stickers from China

The high success rate of emoji stickers can be found quickly at the suppliers in China. Chinese suppliers are the number 1 suggested suppliers by Bansar shipping establishment. All funny stickers are available in any custom design. By having emoji stickers, you`ll be inspired each day. Furthermore, you can keep it as one of your collections.

Fluorescent Paper stickers
Wholesale Fluorescent Paper stickers from China

To have it as an addition to your collection, just look for the suppliers that is able to supply you wholesale orders of that fluorescent paper stickers. Gorgeous styles and formations of fluorescent paper stickers will be surely picked up by you when doing urgent actions for your specific orders of fluorescent paper stickers. Stickers manufacturers can be perceived in a lot of suppliers that keep on doing their operations in China.

Foil Paper stickers
Wholesale Foil Paper stickers from China

Most clients that relying upon the suppliers in Chinese would rather choose foil paper stickers in any sticker’s most needed situations. The affordable or cheaper price of foil paper can be obtained rapidly with the offered guidance of some manufacturers in China. It is used for those who own company name, brand name, etc. To grab wholesale orders of foil paper stickers, Bansar has the capability to help and let you be with the partnership of Chinese manufacturers.

Glass Stickers
Wholesale Glass Stickers from China

For your sticker business, glass stickers must be one that is obtainable in your store. Custom layouts of glass stickers are also available in there. You can freely suggest and ask for a favor to have an inspirational quotes design on it or having a personal photo of you. All of these will be possible if you and the suppliers in China have a good cooperation team.

Mobile Stickers
Wholesale Mobile Stickers from China

For your personally owned mobile phone, mobile stickers will add attraction to your phone device. It will also keep the back of your phone be protected from all damages occurred when it will fall into the ground or to the floor. There were many dissimilar designs of mobile stickers and it is up to you when you wanted it to be thin or thick. You can be supplied by most manufacturers in China same for example, Henan province, Guangdong, Shandong, and also in the Sichuan province of China.

Motorcycle stickers
Wholesale Motorcycle stickers from China

Pick up your most wanted design of motorcycle stickers. To those who are having motorcycles right now, stickers can help to have the most attractive motorcycle ever. Wherever you are located, Bansar can still help you in shipping your large orders of motorcycle stickers. They can easily reach out to you at any time you need a shipping provider who can depend on.

Polyester stickers
Wholesale Polyester stickers from China

Each size you want to have on your polyester stickers will be given as a condition if you do contact first and still have great communication with all the trusted manufacturers in China. Not just stickers, they can provide you whatever flexible Chinese products you always wanted. Perfect stickers and label for your running company is a perfect pair ever.

Polypropylene stickers
Wholesale Polypropylene stickers from China

There was a hidden reason why most clients acquire in Chinese markets and prefer to choose polypropylene stickers to be as one of their collections in their business development. All Chinese always show impressive shipping actions and at the same time manufacturing your sticker’s orders in a faster way they can do.  You can seek the most trustworthy suppliers in Hunan province, Beijing, Shaanxi, and other provinces of China.

Pvc stickers
Wholesale Pvc stickers from China

Seeking out for the best Pvc stickers that also afforded on your budgeted cash? Bansar better advises you to recognize Chinese suppliers as your partners in your expanding sticker business. Pvc stickers are UV proof and created from a durable plastic-type of materials.  It is also thicker as you ever thought and powerful to be attached to any materials you wanted for.

Recycled Stickers
Wholesale Recycled Stickers from China

High-excellency and durability of recycled stickers can be buyable in any operating Chinese suppliers. Chinese manufacturers have been known for a long time because of its reliable producing services. All kind of recycled stickers is completely made from recycled plastics. It is easy to attach in any place you wanted it to paste. You must realize now that the Chinese manufacturers only can give you a well-satisfied act of assistance.

Satin stickers
Wholesale Satin stickers from China

For the best result to paste your satin stickers, you must have to ask guidance from Bansar or directly ask your sticker suppliers how to attach it and paste it easily. Its affordability is very helpful to get more of these items or even wholesale orders of it. It is used in shoes for brand labeling. Bansar customer service is available all the time and having friendly, well-oriented agents and staff.

transparent stickers
Wholesale Transparent stickers from China

Wanting to decorate your personal computer, mobile phones, and windows with transparent and clear stickers? No problem at all. You can have transparent stickers in any designs you want. It is your personal decision if you wanted your personal name to be on it or the company name that you currently operated in over the years. When you have it, nicer design of the sticker will still remain.

Tumblr Stickers
Wholesale Tumblr Stickers from China

Chinese distributors and suppliers are selling and allowing you to bulk orders of Tumblr stickers from their operating markets. Any colorful design, relatable quotes and aesthetic design for your stickers can be requested from their high-authorized manufacturers and also a producer of Tumblr stickers in China. It can be paste immediately in your personal laptop computers, water bottles, and to any others.

Wall stickers
Wholesale Wall stickers from China

Buy the newest created design of wall stickers in Chinese shopping markets. Inflexible requirements of each client in producing wall stickers are surely permitted and allowable. In buying wholesale of wall stickers, you can encounter the safeness because they are guaranteed for a long period of time. Wondrous reviews from those who experience being served by them are expected.

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The undamaged shipping of your wholesale orders is only with the help of the door-to-door instant shipping provider.

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The Resource to Help you Wholesale Stickers from China:

Wholesale Stickers, Trusted Suppliers in China

Best Wholesale Stickers Manufacturers and Factory in China

  • Soontomax

Founded in 1994, Soontomax (Taishan) Label Material Co., Ltd. is a professional wholesale sticker manufacturer and supplier in China. Through 25 years of continuous progression, they have been devoted to the research and development, production, and sales of Soontomax pressure-sensitive adhesive label series. Soontomax is located in Taishan City, Guangdong Province with the highest quality products and modern industry trend sensibility.

  • Weifang Xinxing label Products Co., Ltd.,

Launched in 2003, Weifang Xinxing label Products Co., Ltd., engaged in the production of stickers, labels, ribbons, and other equipment. All products are guaranteed high-class and widely used in Digital print-on-demand, Beverage, Brand protection & Security, Logistics & Supply chain offices, etc. This company has excellent printing, label optimal design, and reliable quality inspection system.

  • Labels China

For more than 10 years engaged in the field of self-adhesive labels & stickers, Labels China became trusted by many customers around the world. They are a reputable manufacturer of high-quality custom Sticker Printing, Custom Printed Labels including all kinds of self-adhesive labels such as Tamper Proof Labels, Warranty VOID Labels, Cosmetic Labels, Barcode Labels, Fluorescent Labels, Tyvek Labels, Ultra-destructible labels, Destructible Vinyl Labels, etc. They own advanced and all set of Label Printing Machines that ensures great production.

  • Shenzhen Gasser Co., Ltd.

With more than 20 years of experience and history in producing all kinds of advertising products worldwide such as stickers, banners, light box, display banner stand, Board sign & cut-out standee, flags, Shenzhen Gasser Co., Ltd. gained a good reputation and now become progressive in the field. They offer cutting edge equipment, unmatched expertise, and a wide selection of both printing materials and display hardware.

  • StickerFox

A brand name of Sunseapark Printing, Stickerfox specialized in producing custom sheet labels & stickers, blank labels, and custom roll labels in China. They are headquartered in Panyu District, Guangzhou, China with the latest equipment, strong and skilled personnel, experience to handle your most complex projects.

  • Newmax Stickers

Since 1998, Newmax Stickers devoted itself to manufacturing world-class quality products to customers around the world. Newmax Stickers is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, and a leading supplier of self-adhesive sticker products at a very affordable price. They promise to provide qualified quality with moderate price products, efficient communication service, and good after-sale service.

  • Crystal Code Packaging Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certified manufacturer established in 2011. A high technology enterprise engaged in strong R&D, design and production, and marketing for special sticker labels and packaging materials. All products have passed the SGS, UL, and ROHS certificate and widely appreciated by many clients worldwide. Shanghai, China-based with 20,000 square meter factory area and supported by more than 100 staff.


Located in Fengtai District, Beijing, China, MADEBYNEO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD supports all your customized stickers, customized paper bags, packaging boxes, label printing, brochure printing, card printing, to promotional products, and trade show giveaways needs. They owned modern printing factories located in Guangzhou and Beijing which can handle your requirements.

  • China Seven Color Group Co. Ltd.

China Seven Color Group Co. Ltd. is a premier manufacturer and supplier of various kinds of printing and packaging products, including stickers or labels, paper bags, color paper boxes, instructional manuals, packaging boxes, cards, catalogs printing, book printing, etc. It was established in 1994 and currently owns 200+ employees in an 8,000 square meters manufacturing area.

  • Chinastickerprinting

Founded in 1998, Chinastickerprinting focused on custom printing, including processing stickers or label printing with high-definition printing for fantastic quality and color. This manufacturing company has more than 20 years of expertise in supplying quality products located at Zhongshan City Guangdong China. You can trust their reliable process and strict quality control management.

  • Hunan Colorway Technology Co., Ltd

Hunan Colorway Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company combining UV offset printing, anti-counterfeiting, gold foil embossing, 3D lenticular printing, and screen printing. Since founded in 2008, Colorway Technology has implemented the modern equipment to manufacture stickers. These equipment were introduced by advanced regions such as Taiwan, Japan, and Germany.

  • Hongying garment accessories Co., Ltd

As a professional exporter & manufacturer, Hongying garment accessories proudly produced almost all types of stickers, available in a wholesale set. In the factory, there is a professional technical group which works in guaranteeing product`s quality. The company has gained more than 10 years of experience, now has cooperation with popular companies nationwide.

  • Glitz Art Craft Co., Ltd

Established in Xuzhou City, Glitz Art Craft has occupied 1, 000 sq. Meters for factory area. The company used complete machines to create high-quality stickers. Their machines include die-cutting machines, glitter manufacturing machines, etching machines, injection machines, and laser cutting machines. Based in China, with strict quality control system help Glitz get positive comments from customers.

  • Image Laser Technology

Image Laser Technology is one of high-tech companies which officially founded in 2001. The company mainly integrated with R&D, sales, production, and design of sticker and hologram products. After many years, Image Laser Technology has been concentrating on the research and design of wholesale stickers. The company has gained dozens of patents, helps the company provide quality products and technical services.

  • Jiaxing Linda Crafts Co., Ltd

Jiaxing Linda Crafts Co., Ltd has obtained more than 6 years of rich experience in the R&D, manufacture, design, and marketing of different kinds of mirror stickers and wall stickers. These stickers have non-fading and anti-mildew features make the manufacturer get good feedbacks from clients in the world. Most of their products are sold well to Singapore, France, Australia, the USA, and more.

  • Rich-Terry Packaging Material Co., Ltd

Began officially in the business in the 2007 year. Rich-Terry Packaging Material Co., Ltd has gained nearly 10 years` experience in manufacturing package boxes and label sticker printing. This is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer with products widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, security industry, supermarket logistics industry, and electronic industry.

  • Yinzhou Guda Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

At Yinzhou Guda Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd, stickers are high-quality which available in small ones, big ones, serious ones, or funny ones. Customized stickers are also available for fair costs. With more than 20 years of professional experience, they have a wide ability to create the sticker you need for business.  Besides, there are well-trained salespersons assigned to assist you with your orders.

  • San Zheng Xing Ye Industry & Trade Co., Ltd

The company is professionally specialized in producing all designs of stickers which used as bar codes label. There is also self-adhesive sticker, self-motion sticker label rolls, cosmetic sticker, bronzing labels, cloth labels, electronic labels, etc, available for reasonable prices. And as a result of premium service and providing quality products, they have won loyalty and praise from domestic customers.

  • Best Seller Trade Co., Ltd

In China, Best Seller Trade Co., Ltd is known as one of the trade integration and professional producing company. This company has a professional sales team, complete management system, development team, production team, and quality control team. However, their products are sold well and exported to Asia, America, and the European market. As of today, the company provides the most qualified and the newest product to satisfy customers.

  • Heshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Heshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a professional supplier and manufacturer for 3D stickers and wallpaper. The company is set up in the Huizhou City of China and has convenient transportation. Covering an area of 4, 700 square meters, most of their products are sold well to all provinces and cities all over China. Also export to clients based in North America, Middle East, Asia, and so on.


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