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Aprovecho Stove
Wholesale Aprovecho Stoves from China

Stoves are most in China. You can find your ideal wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China, commonly based in Jiangsu province. Aprovecho stoves were originally used by people so they could cook using some pieces of wood these were the stoves in ancient times. You can assure that the product is safe in hand by selecting from certified suppliers in China. You can choose a lot of qualified suppliers that can help you find a better quality of wholesale stoves.

Bamboo Stove
Wholesale Bamboo Stoves from China

Bamboo stoves are small compared to other stoves but it is great to use to heat water for family only or a few visitors. You can choose a reliable wholesale supplier and manufacturer of wholesale stoves that can help you save a lot of money and also helps you get high quality and durable products to support your business. If you are looking for affordable wholesale stoves, you can find a lot of suppliers in Zhejiang province.

BioLite Campstove
Wholesale BioLites Campstove from China

BioLite campstoves are for adventurers. You will not find it difficult to carry because it is easy to carry it is lightweight. This is what adventurers use because it can be charged using mobile phones, avoiding hassle for them. China has a lot of wholesale stoves that can help you ship your wholesale orders safely and perfectly packed for safe delivery. Find the best suppliers and build a better relationship with them.

Combined Stove
Wholesale Combined Stoves from China

A portable two-class stove, one part uses fuel and the other is electricity to provide heat for cooking. It is a great way to cook a variety of foods that need the right heat for the food to be cooked. Guangdong and Shandong provinces in China have a good wholesale supplier for these types of stoves. They can help you ship your wholesale orders safely delivered to your warehouse.

Electric Stoves
Wholesale Electric Stoves from China

An electric stove or electric range used for heating a cold meal or for baking a cake. Browse a wide selection of stoves markets in China. Wholesale stoves supplier and manufacturer are most in Zhejiang province. Providing fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent and huge wholesale orders. China leading supplier and manufacturer will handle the whole process.

Gas stoves
Wholesale Gas Stoves from China

Gas stoves are commonly used because they are common and easy to use in cooking, they can reduce electricity run because it only uses gas. The nice thing about the gas stove is that even if you cook a lot of food the surface of the stove is still cold as if it were not burning. You should look for the best wholesaler of stove factory in China and if you are looking for a trusted wholesale supplier and factory who can support your growing business, China is a great choice.

Hot Plate Stove
Wholesale Hot Plate Stoves from China

A hot plate is a small electric device and can be carried when we travel elsewhere. Hot plate stove is one of the easiest way to cook your food. Hot plate stoves are manufactured using good quality materials. You can find a lot of certified wholesale suppliers who have been trusted in manufacturing durable and affordable wholesale stoves. Select your ideal hot plate stoves and make your business grow bigger than you’ve expected.

Induction Stove
Wholesale Induction Stoves from China

Induction stoves heat the pans or cookware immediately through magnetic induction. This stove heats the water up to 50% faster than other stoves like electric and gas stoves. It maintains a consistent temperature. Providing fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent and huge orders of the wholesale stove and giving a complete information process about wholesale products are provided by their leading wholesale suppliers.

Tea Stove
Wholesale Tea Stoves from China

We all know that tea has a lot of benefits to our body that we have many benefits to improve our health. Tea stove is a small thing that is just right for making tea. It’s easy to use and its quality is good too. In China, Guangdong province has a lot of supplier for your wholesale stoves. They provide high-quality products of stoves at competitive prices. Find most suppliers who can make your process smoothly and efficiently.

Portable Stove
Wholesale Portable Stove from China

The portable stove is also one of those used by hikers for quick-cooking fire for cooking. There are people who don’t know how to make a campfire so the portable stove comes in to clear it. Zhejiang province provides a good supplier for this good quality product. You can find better and cheaper wholesale stoves in their supplier.

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Sea Freight Shipping from China
Shipping wholesale for your stoves by sea is a first choice for most wholesale for low prices and large volume options.
Air Freight from China
Shipping wholesale stoves by air is an efficient way for immediate transportation. High level of security and time saving means of transportation.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail can be beneficial for your wholesale stoves over long distances. It is also the much affordable means of transporting shipments.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If unfamiliar with all the wholesale shipping process, Door to door shipping is good for your wholesale stove orders. You can save time and inconveniences.

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Best 20 Wholesale Stoves Manufacturers in China

1 Adorefires Stove 

The Jinhua Adorefires Stove Co., Ltd developed more than 20 years of experience in the industry of stoves productions and wholesaling. They have wide expertise in designing, manufacturing, researching, growing, and marketing all kinds of stoves.  Several stove molds are offered for you to pick from. This enterprise is popular for having rich experiences, personalized, and reliable services.

2 Wuyi Besse Electric Appliance

Was started in the industry since 2012, Wuyi Besse Electric Appliance Co. Ltd was integrated with production, research, development, and market of high-quality wholesale stoves. This company offers a number of wholesale stove designs for competitive prices. Along with excellent sales employees, well-experienced technicians that ensure to meet customer demands. Provide practical advice and precise products as well.

3 Homesun Industry and Enterprise

Jiangmen Homesun Industry and Enterprise Co Ltd are one of pioneer gas stove manufacturing enterprises in China. They enumerate stove designing, research, and production while following the ISO9001 international quality control system. Most of their wholesale stoves products are sold particularly to South America, Middle East, Hong Kong, Europe, and many others.

4 Jiangmen Mengnadi Electric Appliance 

Solely begun in the industry of wholesale stoves production in 2002. One of the integrated company focuses on the development, research, production, and marketing of high-quality wholesale stoves worldwide. The company has several numbers of trained technicians, also a trusted sales staff that can contribute to meeting each customer request. They additionally provide appropriate items and helpful advice for their customers.

5 JGY Limited

JGY Limited has various professional and expert technicians to produce high-quality wholesale stoves for the worldwide market. The team gains more than 26 years of experience, committed to providing one-stop wholesale stove solutions for customers. They can custom in accordance with your given designs and layout. Customization is its power. All types of stove productions are here to meet your necessary requirements.


JINHUA HI-RISING IMP. &EXP. Co., Ltd is special and has several years’ experience in manufacturing gas stoves as well as supplying them anywhere across the country. Since the year 2007 of establishment, the team deals with stoves productions and other related products. As well, they cling to the principle that highlights providing high-quality products, services, and special innovations.

7 Shanghai Yudo Kitchen Equipment 

In Mainland China, you can find the factory of Shanghai Yudo Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd solely working to provide top-notch services. As one of the domestic leading manufacturers, they provide any type of kitchen equipment including wholesale stoves, gas stoves, and so on. They combine stove industry development & research, production, technology, and services to meet the client`s specifications.


Operating since 2007, MANNA HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES LIMITED built their factory mainly in Zhongshan City, Guangdong province, China. It is one of pioneer manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of any gas appliances such as gas stoves, gas boiler, water heater, and many more. For over 10 years in this industry, they gain experience when it comes to exporting and manufacturing services. It also ranked as a leading innovator for your wholesale stove orders.


FOSHAN GANDA ELEC&GAS TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd applies its exceptional expertise in the field of the kitchen or household appliances. Together with their comprehensive engineering capabilities and deep manufacturing, they able to help their customers by developing and designing imaginative products. Up to this time, they try to be a professional and satisfactory company in this industry. The team has the highest and newest production technology, ready to deal with any kitchen appliances manufacturing including wholesale stoves.

10 Guangzhou Dinsal Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Dinsal Co., Ltd, or Dinsal in short, is famous in the industry of creating unique, superb quality household appliances same as gas stoves, rice cookers, important parts for gas stoves, and so on. And also, their products are widely exported to different regions, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Rwanda, and many others. For many years in service, the team is more concentrated on product & services quality, package security, on-time delivery, and after service as well.

11 Zhejiang Huiwenmei Stove Company

Founded in 1979, Huiwenmei Stove Company is a leading rocket stove brand manufacturer and supplier specialized in producing any types of stoves such as briquette stoves, wood stoves, charcoal stoves, biomass pellet stoves, etc. SSM has the capability to produce more than 50 models of stoves that suit your styles. Located in Shengzhou City, China covering an area of 18,000 square meters with experienced employees.

12 Xunda Science& technology group Co., LTD.

Founded in 1992, Xunda Science& technology group is a high-tech private enterprise headquartered in Xiangtan which provide rigorous, trustworthy, efficient and innovative management process. Employs 2000+ employees with rich-knowledge in creating high-tech, and sophisticated products. After 20+ years of improvement, they developed good relations to customers from around the world.

13 AT Cooker

One of the leading manufacturers of cooking equipment which provide reliable, unique product and excellence customer service. Many suppliers, distributors, or end-user in restaurants, hotels from 30+ countries choose China AT Industrial Limited to be their partner. Strive to make a difference in a cleaner cooking, safer cooking, and a lower cost cooking.

14 Miji Electronics and Appliances (Shanghai) Ltd

Specialized in developing and manufacturing trusted products such as stoves that are designed for the modern kitchen with international standard attainment. The company offers the most convenient solutions for a joyful and healthy cooking environment for high efficiency at a very competitive price.

15 Super Star Kitchenware Co., Ltd.

Located in Guangzhou, Super Star Kitchenware Co., Ltd. engaged in stainless kitchenware and refrigeration equipment manufacturing, exporting, and selling with much experience in the field. All products presented to markets have high-reputation, high-quality, and high-character. Built confidence, best management to give 100% satisfaction to clients with 130+ skilled employees. Even for your large wholesale stoves orders, you can count on Superstar.

16 Guangdong Qinxin Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 2003, with the brand name Lestov Induction Cooktop recognized as one of the most trustworthy and expert commercial induction cooker provider in China with strong R&D capabilities and rich market experience. They have supply lots of custom commercial induction finishes for various restaurant chain enterprises to achieve standardization of cooking, create new profit grows, and kitchen higher productivity.

17 Dong Yu Industrial

Established in 1996, Dongyu Industrial China Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer and wholesaler of home appliances such as stoves, built-in gas hobs, range hoods, and other appliances. They have a famous brand name called “POWER” that well-recognized in the Chinese home appliance marker. With more than 20 years of experience, expect quality and innovative products with CCC, CE, CB compliance from their company.

18 Shandong Boxing Wangquan Commercial Kitchenware Co., Ltd.

As an ISO9001, ISO2000, ISO14001 management system certified, Wangquan produces the advanced stainless steel kitchen equipment like stove, office appliance, food machinery, and coating plastic products at a favorable rate. Possess the most advanced CNC bending machine, stainless steel welding machine, and cutting machine for the fast and precise production line. A professional manufacturer you can rely on!

19 FMA International Industries Limited

Established in 2005, FMA Industries provide a wide variety of high-standard kitchen and catering equipment products such as Gas Stove, Chicken Roaster, Toaster, etc. with high-quality service. Excellent value integration ability and strict quality control ability allow their business to flourish day by day. Also, offer custom-made stainless steel products with great design and styles that suit customers’ applications.

20 Sunbird Technology Development

With 10+ years of efforts, we understand every customers home appliance and outdoor products needs. Recognized as one of the professional manufacturer and exporter of various types of kitchen and home equipment like wholesale stove, oven, juicer, etc. An ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, BSCI authenticated, with top-ranking logistic and good reputation to foreign and domestic marlets.


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