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wholesale sunglasses
wholesale cat eye sunglasses
Wholesale Cat Eye Sunglasses from China

Cat-eye sunglasses are among the trendiest women’s glasses. It is defined by upswept outer edges which looks classy to wear. In China, you can find the most manufacturer and supplier of cat-eye sunglass in the Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces. You can wholesale the mention products at a lower cost. Manufacturers implemented international standards when producing those eyewear products.


wholesale round sunglasses
Wholesale Round Sunglasses from China

Round sunglasses for men & women are sure to round out users’ look. If you want to wholesale round sunglasses for your business or personal project needs, China is your top choice. Tons of manufacturers and suppliers are based in different areas. But you can find the most in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. They provide you with truly high-quality eyewear at best prices.

wholesale wayfarer sunglass
Wholesale Wayfarer Sunglasses from China

Wholesale wayfarer sunglasses in China leading manufacturer is a great way to save your cost and time. These suppliers offered a wide collection of wayfarer sunglasses in many stunning colors, styles and sizes. The wholesale sunglasses are of great quality for the price. High-quality wayfarer sunglasses can make a lot of outfits look great. Start sourcing from Chinese eyewear manufacturer and let your business boost.

wholesale heart shape women sunglasses
Wholesale Heart Sunglasses from China

Find the best selection of affordable wholesale heart-shaped sunglasses in China. These heart-shaped sunglasses makes as great for gifts of love on any special occasion, party favors, music festivals and so on. In China, you can find a lot of suppliers and manufacturers based in Zhejiang province. These suppliers market wholesale heart sunglasses at wholesale prices, too.


wholesale metal frame sunglasses
Wholesale Metal Frame Sunglasses from China

Are you wanting the best deals on wholesale metal frame sunglasses? Leading China manufacturers offer cheaper priced metal frame sunglasses. They produce a variety of styles, colors, and sizes of the eyewear. Also, metal frame sunglasses come in all shapes mostly rounded, rectangular or square to suit every user’s personality and need. Whether you are looking for designer sunglasses or replicas, China manufacturers can supply you top quality eyewear which works the most for your business.


wholesale one piece clear lens sunglass
Wholesale One Piece Clear Lens Sunglasses from China

One-piece clear lens sunglass provides full protection to the eyes since there is no break in between the lenses. They effectively keep sunrays away from the eyes. China trusted one-piece clear lens sunglasses suppliers mostly based in  Zhejiang. You can select with a large variety of colors and styles to choose from. Moreover, you can get the best one-piece clear lens sunglasses at low and affordable wholesale prices with great services.

wholesale plastic frame sunglasses
Wholesale Plastic frame Sunglasses from China

If you sell sunglasses in a store or in an outdoor event, you can always find a reliable manufacturer in China. You can wholesale plastic frame sunglasses in a large selection of sunglass shapes, sizes, and colors that will supply the various needs of customers. Finding a trusted plastic frame sunglasses supplier and manufacturer in China will help you save a lot of money as you can get high quality and fashionable products.


wholesale cycling sunglasses
Wholesale Cycling Sunglasses from China

In China, you can find the best selection of wholesale cycling sunglasses in leading manufacturers. They are mostly based in Guangdong province. Manufacturers designed a wide variety of cycling glasses, anti-fog colorful sport sunglasses that’s perfect for every athlete’s and biker’s ride. They have been producing high-quality sunglasses at an affordable price.

wholesale women sunglass
Wholesale Woman Sunglasses from China

Wholesale women sunglasses fashionable and classy styles at affordable wholesale prices from top China eyewear specialists. Commonly these suppliers and manufacturers are based in Zhejiang province. They continuously develop and design the best quality and latest styles of sunglasses for women at competitive prices to ensure you find a great assortment to fit your needs.

wholesale kids sunglasses
Wholesale Kids Sunglasses from China

Kids Sunglasses are ideal for younger kids with smaller faces. If you’re starting up eyewear business and you want to wholesale kids sunglasses, China manufacturer can meet your needs. They supply a great range of whimsical, playful styles of sunglasses that fit for both boys and girls. Yet all priced at unbeatable wholesale pricing. They will surely serve as your reliable partner and will provide you quality products and services.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China
If you are a farther area from China, you can consider shipping your wholesale sunglasses orders by railway.
Door to Door Shipping from China
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Best 20 Wholesale Sunglasses Manufacturer in China

1 Yingchang Group Co.,Ltd(Taizhou Cramilo Glasses Co.,Ltd

Yingchang Group Co.,Ltd(Taizhou Cramilo Glasses Co.,Ltd was established in the year 1992, a secondary of Yingchang Group for worldwide trading. Over the years in the industry, the company became a leader in manufacturing, designing, supplying, and sales of outstanding polarized sunglasses. They manufactured different high-class sunglasses suitable for women, men, kids, and unisex. Globally, Yingchang is well-recognized as a reliable manufacturer and innovator not only sunglasses but also reading glasses, optical frames, designer sunglasses, and other related products.

2 NoteOptics

NoteOptics is a devoted company working as a professional B2nB intercontinental industry platform in China, focuses on manufacturing top-quality sunglasses. Not only sunglasses but also they offer related accessories such as frames, lenses, etc. Right there, you can avail of retail or even wholesale orders. As an integrated optical industry, NoteOptics also willing to help other world-class enterprises to make their business broader.

3 Eyezoom

In mainland China, you can find one of the most recommended manufacturing companies, which is the Eyezoom. They can be your key to success. Here, you can avail of high-quality, tailored sunglasses at competitive prices. Eyezoom is a family-owned enterprise with the main factory located in Fujian, China. The company built a high reputation in both domestic and foreign markets.

4 Kunming Junmi Trading Co., Ltd.

Kunming Junmi Trading Co., Ltd was born in October 2013, mainly operating in Kunming city, China. This company focally dedicated to the export & import of various sunglasses to different countries. They are professionals in scientific research, exhibitions, contract projects, and more. With their expertise, they can give international trade consultation, a great contribution to your business development.

5 Dongguan Hamwell Glasses Co., Ltd.

This company`s central attention is on ODM/OEM business. Started in the business since 1992, Dongguan Hamwell Glasses Co., Ltd has a total of 20 years of manufacturing experience in the manufacturing and design of sunglasses and other eyewear. As local optical professionals, their group provides each customer a cost-effective and highest-quality sunglasses. They create various sunglasses using its high technology and well-executed craftsmanship. Currently, they cooperate with the world`s top companies.

6 Wenzhou G & D Glasses Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou G & D Glasses Co., Ltd designed various kinds of eyewear since 1999-the year it was founded.  Some of their eyewear products include sunglasses, reading glasses, and many more. The company continues to grow with 150 trained staff. As a result, every year, with their joint force they can produce 700, 000+ pieces. Together with fast development, they gain high respect and satisfaction from their customers around the world.

7 Wenzhou Readsun Optical Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Readsun Optical Co., Ltd holds years of experience in the field of eyewear production. In many countries, 50% of their eyewear products are distributed, their products include sunglasses, optical frames, reading sunglasses, polarized lenses, and many more. The company`s reliability has caught the attention of international clients. They do OEM and ODM services to achieve your satisfaction.

8 Danyang Lingrui International Business Co., Ltd

Become official n 2014, Danyang Lingrui International Business Co., Ltd is a young company with well-experienced representatives. Registered a high growth rate and received a reputation in the global market. Along with other companies, Danyang Lingrui also accepting ODM and OEM depending on clients` demands of course. In their factory located in China, they have many stocks enough to supply your probable needs. Danyang Lingrui`s main products are swimming goggles, kid`s eyewear, metal frames, sunglasses, and many others.

9 Qingdao Brother Rubber company

You can discover a reliable sunglass manufacturer in Qingdao, China- where the factory of Qingdao Brother Rubber is located. They are considered as top ODM/OEM manufacturer, centered on providing sunglasses solutions. The company is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified, covered with expert designers and staff. They also entertain international customers such as from Oceanica, Europe, America, etc.

10 Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory

Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory is one of pioneer manufacturers widely engaged in producing sunglasses and reading sunglasses. Coupled with 17 yrs of manufacturing history and 25 yrs of trading experience as well. The company`s production capacity can produce up to 1200 designs. As a leader in the eyewear industry, Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory also supports customers in all over the globe.

11 Xiamen Liuyi Glasses Co., Ltd

In China`s Southeast coast, you can locate Xiamen Liuyi Glasses Co., Ltd. Experts in the manufacture and development of ODM and OEM. With the help of their advanced equipment, they can execute strict and full product quality examinations. Their goal is to develop the latest sunglasses designs every season. The company`s annual production capacity is 1, 000, 000 pairs.

12 Zhaoliang glasses manufacturer co. Ltd

Zhaoliang glasses manufacturer co. Ltd is a trusted manufacturer of sunglasses, reading glasses, frames, and lenses, with a factory located in Wenzhou, China. They can custom sunglasses in various sizes, colors, and designs, as per customer request. From the time they were founded, the year 2010, they began to deliver lenses & glasses more than one hundred thousand per year.

13 Linhai Raymio Eyewear Co., Ltd

Fully engaged in producing and designing all designs of sunglasses, reading glasses, and many more. Linhai Raymio Eyewear Co., Ltd is famous as a leading exporter and manufacturer of different eyewear designs. In Taizhou, China, the company is based on 100 skilled staff and engineers. Their products are made for ladies, men, and unisex, great for sports, fashion, and other applications. With 10 years of manufacturing experience.


KD CRAFT LIMITED is one of the top companies coupled of trade and production. They are pioneers in customizing premium sunglasses. Since the year of establishment, they have the major principle of “Reliable Service, Factory Price”. Your satisfaction is one of their achievements.  When you`re willing to be one of their partners, they`ll do their best for you. They have well-trained personnel, give quality assurance to every customer.


YUEQING SHUNTONG IMP&EXP Co., Ltd only created premium quality products, especially sunglasses. All of their products were guaranteed and available for an affordable cost. As SHUNTONG ELECTRIC Co., Ltd subsidiary company, YUEQING SHUNTONG also centered their attention in the export and import business. They make perfect products and services using their high and advanced technologies.

16 YaoHui Holding Group

After many years in the service, YaoHui Holding Group successfully developed 6 business units now. The company is one of the unified high-tech company which focuses on the research, production sales, manufacture, and trade. Some of their main products are motocross goggles, snorkeling, ski goggles, injection molds, helmet visors, and many more. Founded in 2002, it became verified with CE, ISO9001, EN174, BSCI, SGS, FDA, and other international standards.

 17 Guangzhou Wolf Slaves Outdoor Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Wolf Slaves Outdoor Co., Ltd is a superior manufacturer of various sunglasses for almost 7 years. Locally located in Guangzhou, China, offering ODM, OEM services for favorable charges. Their high-quality sunglasses are sold well not only in local regions but also in outside countries such as the UK, South Africa, the USA, and so on.

18 Jinjiang Superstarer Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Jinjiang Superstarer Import & Export Co., Ltd has its own manufacturing factory in mainland China. They supply custom eyewear such as sunglasses for reasonable costs. Their main objective is to provide perfect services and products to meet your needs. Zero defects and high-quality products are expected with their full capabilities.

19 Sz Better Limited

Specializing in providing the latest designs of sunglasses products for more than 14 years. Along with rich experience, better quality products and services are surely provided. They are willing to help other clients to be successful in the market and enlarge their brands. And as a trusted factory, they offer top-quality products with competitive prices.

20 Putian Baililai Sports Goods Trade Co., Ltd.

Putian Baililai Sports Goods Trade Co., Ltd manufactures different kinds of sunglasses products for affordable prices. Most of their products are delivered all over the world such as Europe, the USA, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. When finding nice service & products with the fast shipment, Putian Baililai Sports Goods Trade Co., Ltd is willing to support you. Customer satisfaction is one of their ultimate missions.

Wholesale Sunglasses from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import wholesale sunglasses from China, read this guide.

It has all information that will help you acquire high quality, durable and modern sunglasses from China.

Let’s dive right in to learn more.

What is Sunglass?

It is a form of eyewear designed for preventing bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from discomforting or damaging your eyes.

Also known as sunnies or shades, you can as well use them as a visual aid.

Sunglasses come in a broad range of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors depending on your choice and need preference.

Moreover, you can use it as a fashion accessory in many instances.



What are the Types of Sunglasses available?

They are quite a number of types of sunglasses based on a host of designs.

Some of the common ones include the following;

  • Aviator – Has a relatively dark metal frame and reflective of smoke lenses
  • Brownline – This design features a thick top frame running across your brows and extra thin rims around the bottom half of the lens.
  • Retro Square – Designed with a boxy shape and somewhat super-thick frames giving a classic style.
  • Round – Features round lenses with large or small, thick or thin, and metal or plastic frames.
  • Sport – Quite common with athletes, and it is characterized by thin, sleek lenses tapering at the temples. May come with special polarized lenses, and it is made to prevent glare and improve visibility.
  • Cat-eye – Features upswept angles and retro frames with feline prints and somehow feminine vibes.
  • Square – More or less similar to retro shape, only that it features square or rectangular lenses with an updated feel.
  • Keyhole Bridge – A perfect design if you have a low nose bridge and you require sunglasses with a subtle vintage feel.
  • Colored lenses – Feature tinted lenses with the right amount of color, giving your face a bright look.
  • Butterfly – Large and in charge with a unique butterfly inspired design, often a bit large hence covering much of the face.
  • Shield – Perfect choice for outdoor activities and covers your face accordingly.
  • Wayfarer – Timeless and versatile design featuring a signature thick frame and trapezoidal shape. It fits many face shapes and outfits.
  • Clubmaster – Features a master classic look and thicker frame, making it an ideal fit for almost any facial shape.

How can you find Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

There are numerous techniques you can explore to find wholesale sunglasses from China.

Some of the common methods you may want to consider include the following;

Sunglasses on Alibaba

Sunglasses on Alibaba

Manufacturers’ Websites

Most reputable sunglasses manufacturers have websites and other online platforms, which you can visit to make your order.

These websites are often integrated with other systems such as payment and shipping to enhance efficiency and convenience.

B2B Websites

You may also want to consider the major Chinese business to business websites for sunglasses.

Platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress are commonly used by different suppliers, including those for sunglasses.

Thus, you can browse and filter information depending on features that suit your needs to make an order.

Using Sourcing Agents

It is another ideal option you may want to consider, especially if you’re a newbie or not willing to travel to China.

You can contract a sourcing agent to handle different aspects of buying these merchandise from Chinese manufacturers.

How do Sunglasses Work?

Sunglass block UV rays

Sunglasses blocking UV

Technically, the premier function of sunglasses is to block harmful UV rays from attacking your eyes.

Ultraviolet rays come in two forms; UVA and UVB.

UVA is responsible for causing premature aging and skin cancer. UVB, on the other hand, is responsible for causing sunburn.

However, both types of UV rays tend to have higher frequencies than visible lights your eyes can perceive.

Ideally, they similarly damage eyes to the way they damage the skin.

But sunglasses have lenses made from different materials such as plastic, glass, polycarbonate, etc.

These lenses have a special UV-absorbing coating element. Thus they block over 99% of ultraviolet radiation from getting into your eyes.

Sunglass lenses have tints and mirrors relieving you from squinting by absorbing and reflecting intense light in the visible part of spectrum.

Moreover, the premium grade of sunglasses incorporates a polarizing film, which helps in combating glare from reflective horizontal surfaces such as water.

There is a mish-mash of horizontal and vertical elements to these vibrations.

Even so, when light waves strike a uniform horizontal sunglass surface, they are affected by a strong horizontal polarization.

The glare you experience is the jam of light waves vibrating exactly in the same plane.

Sunglasses fitted with a polarization film often eliminate this type of glare by enabling vertically polarized light to pass through.

What Materials are used to Manufacture Sunglasses?

Sunglasses have two major components; lens and frame.

Typically, lenses are made of the following types of materials;

  • Polycarbonate
  • Tempered Glass
  • Nylon
  • Organic Plastic

On the other hand, frame can be made from a variety of materials such as the following;

  • Stainless steel
  • Memory metal
  • Propionate
  • Zyl
  • Berylium
  • Nylon
  • Monel
  • Wood

What do you Need to Know when Buying Sunglasses?

An ideal sunglass is one, which makes it easier and comfortable to see on a sunny day.

However, there are numerous factors you must always have in mind when purchasing sunglasses, such as the following;

Different colors of sunglasses

Different colors of sunglasses

Bigger is Better

The more facial coverage from sunglasses, the less sun damage is inflicted on the eyes.

Thus always consider purchasing reasonably oversized sunglasses, which can help in cutting down on UV getting in from the eyes side.

Color shouldn’t be a Major Concern

Sunglasses come in different colors, such as amber, green, or grey among others.

They don’t necessarily block more sun but can enhance contrast, which is useful, especially for athletes in different sports.

Polarized Lens is ideal for Glare and not UV

Polarization minimizes glare coming off reflective surfaces such as water or pavement.

However, this does not provide more protection from sun but can make activities like driving somewhat enjoyable.

Make it 100%

Always ensure the sunglasses you are purchasing can fully block UV rays.

It the primary essence of wearing these accessories.

Darker Lenses are not More Effective

Of course, relatively dark sunglass lenses tend to look stylish and attractive.

However, it is not a guarantee that they offer better UV protection.

Cost can be Deceptive

Usually, sunglasses are priced differently depending on a wide range of factors.

Even so, they don’t have to be costly to work effectively.

Less expensive sunglasses marked 100% UV-blocking can work just fine as the relatively priced designs.

Which are the Best Sunglasses Coating Technologies?

They are quite a number, and the specific one is dependent mainly on the particular application of the sunglass.

Photochromic Coating

This technology makes the lenses adapt to the respective spaces where the sunglasses are used.

For instance, lenses tend to look like regular clear when indoors and automatically darkens when you move to brighter spaces.

Ideally, UV rays from sun affect molecules in photochromic lenses leading to a change of color.

Anti-glare Coating

Also known as anti-reflective coating, this technology involves an extremely thin layer placed on the lens.

The essence is to eliminate reflections that may appear on the surface of sunglasses lenses.

Anti-fog Coating

Anti-fogging coating involves using agents and treatment chemicals that prevent coating on the sunglass lens surface.

This coating technology helps in inhibiting the condensation of moisture on the lens surface.

Anti-scratch Coating

It is a coating technology, which involves the use of anti-abrasive agents to prevent the lens’s surface from minor scratches.

Minor scratches in most instances tend to damage sunglasses lens and hence impairing vision.

Is there Color Limitation for Sunglasses?


You can always find and wear sunglasses of any type of color.

Additionally, sunglasses are also available in multicolor, especially customized pieces.

In essence, it makes it possible for you to determine the right lens color, which suits your demands.

How do you Pay for Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

Sunglasses from China

Sunglasses from China

The particular mode of payment when buying wholesale sunglasses from China depends on the manufacturer.

In other words, different manufacturers have varied payment preferences, but the most popular ones include the following;

  • Use of credit/Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank to Bank transfer
  • Cash payment
  • Letter of Credit

What Quality Standards should Sunglasses Manufacturing Comply with?

All sunglasses, whether for fashion or other purposes, must meet the requirements of particular standards.

Different markets have set different standards for sunglasses revolving around UV protection, impact resistance, and visible light protection.

The commons ones include the following;

AS/NZS 1067:1:2016

This is an Australian/New Zealand standard that specifies minimum requirements for sunglasses and fashion spectacles.

It provides protection to a higher wavelength of 400nm.

AS/NZS 1067:1:2016 filters for eye protectors filters for protection against UV radiation.

ISO 12312-1:2013

ISO 12312-1:2013 is prepared by ISO technical committee to establish the specific minimum requirements that sunglasses should meet.

In the European market, it is referred to as EN 12312-1.

It provides protection against harmful UVR to a maximum of 380nm.

This part is applicable to all official sunglasses and clip-ons for general use, such as road use and driving.

ANSI Z80.3-2018

It is a quality standard for sunglasses for the American market written by Vision Council, ANSI-accredited standards developing institution.

Ideally, this standard establishes standard guidelines for non-corrective lenses intended for light attenuation and fashion eyewear.

ANSI Z80.3-2018 details compliance information for durability, flammability, refractive, cosmetic, and transmittance properties of sunglasses.

The manufacturer should determine all these aspects using correct statistically significant sample procedure at the right manufacturing stage.

Can you get Factory Samples for Wholesale Sunglasses from China?


Many reputable manufacturers of wholesale sunglasses from China usually provide samples to the buyers upon request.

However, you have to take care of all the costs revolving around shipping and returning the sample sunglasses.

Moreover, where you are requesting samples of relatively expensive sunglasses, you’ll always have to pay the cost before shipping.

How do you Clean and Maintain Sunglasses?

Proper care and cleaning of sunglass enhance and prolong its usefulness as well as protecting it.

Typically, sunglasses are coated on the lens’s backside with AR coating, which is vital in eliminating glare.

However, this item can be subjected to numerous elements such as scratches, high temperatures, salty water, and chemicals.

Nevertheless, some of the best care and cleaning practices include the following;

  • Rinse with clean water but never wipe the lens with a cloth while dry.
  • Store correctly when not in use to prevent unnecessary damage to the sunglasses.
  • Ensure you keep it away from excessive heat
  • Refrain from adjusting through the nose piece.

Is there MOQ for Wholesale Sunglasses from China?


When making your order for wholesale sunglasses from China, most manufacturers always set a particular MOQ.

Essentially, manufacturing customized sunglasses is usually on order since they involve quite a thorough and labor-intensive process.

Therefore, there is a minimum order quantity, which must be set.

Even so, you can always negotiate with the manufacturer regarding MOQ and arrive at a suitable number.

Can you Find Customized Sunglasses from China?


Wholesale sunglasses manufacturers usually have skilled in-house designers specializing in creating various patterns.

All you need is to present your proposed design, and the designers will recommend and create the appropriately customized sunglasses.

What is the Best Size of Sunglasses?

The ideal size of sunglasses varies depending on the dimensions of the face.

Face size is determined by measuring the lengths of the following elements;

  • Cheekbone to cheekbone
  • Jawline
  • Face length (from beginning of hairline down to bottom of your chin)
  • Width of forehead

Ordinarily, the frame dimensions are often written on the surface as three numbers in millimeters.

These three numbers describe the eye size, bridge size, and temple size.

Therefore, the most suitable sunglass size will depend on the individual’s dimensions of the above facial elements.

Are Sunglasses from China Expensive?

Dimensions of sunglasses

Dimension of sunglasses

Not really.

The price for wholesale sunglasses from China varies based on a wide range of factors.

One is whether you are going for standard or customized designs. Ordinarily, custom-made pieces are often relatively pricier than standard sunglasses.

Another element manufacturers often consider is the quantity you’re purchasing.

The higher quantity you buy, the better the discount you are likely to receive and vice versa.

And most importantly, the specific manufacturer you are purchasing from also determines the cost of these items.

Every manufacturer has a pricing model for their sunglasses.

Thus the need for window shopping to determine the ideal one for your budget.

How do you Determine the Best Sunglasses for your needs?

When buying sunglasses for your needs, here are some of the factors you need to figure-out;


Find out the actual use of the sunglasses before purchasing one.

Determine whether you want to use it as a fashion accessory, for outdoor activities, or general-purpose for preventing UV rays.

This way, you’ll make an informed choice and buy sunglasses befitting your needs.


Size is a vital element you must look into when choosing suitable sunglasses.

You must know the dimensions and shape of your face to enable you to obtain the appropriate pair for your needs.

Mark of Quality

It is fundamental to ensure you purchase sunglasses with quality certification.

Essentially, this guarantees the product is authentic and meets the minimum quality requirements.


Sunglasses are made of different lenses coated with various materials such as anti-scratch, anti-UV, and antireflective substances.

You must buy one with lenses coated using the ideal material you deem fit for your needs.


When choosing a suitable sunglass for your needs, you need to look into the particular material is made with.

Different materials such as plastic, metals, and glasses can be used to manufacture this component.

Therefore, the choice shall be based on the respective material of your preference.

Can Manufacturers of Wholesale Sunglasses from China help in Shipping Process?


If you are buying wholesale sunglasses from China, you can always negotiate with the manufacturer to organize shipping of the merchandise.

Most manufacturers have contacts with different courier service providers shipping goods to different parts of the world.

It makes it easy for you to determine the right and affordable shipper for your needs.

What is the Best Shipping Method for Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

It is reliant on your preference as the importer.

Moreover, the quantity of sunglasses you import from China also determines the best shipping method to consider.

Also, the urgency of delivering the items should be a primary concern when choosing ideal shipping method.

Technically, you can use a variety of shipping methods, but the best one ought to airfreight. It offers safety, convenience, and faster delivery time.

You may also consider express shipping, especially if you need the goods urgently.

How do you Determine Authenticity of Sunglasses?

The essence of sunglasses is to protect you from dangers of ultraviolet rays through your eyes.

Therefore, it would be vital to ensure you obtain the right quality, which is authentic.

In determining the authenticity of sunglasses, it would be important to look into some aspects such as the following;

Most sunglasses nowadays tend to have UV protection embedded in the lens instead of coating it.

Additionally, reputable sunglasses brands list ultraviolet protection on their respective labels.

Always look for a label indicating 100% protection against both UVA and UVB.

However, if you are uncertain about sunglasses’ authenticity, especially those you buy from online vendors, check with an optician.

At the optical shop, they can be tested in a photometer to determine their authenticity, a process that takes about 30 seconds.

What is the Turnaround Time for Manufacturing Sunglasses from China?

Many factors determine the actual turnaround time for manufacturing wholesale sunglasses from China.

One is the quantity of these items that you are purchasing. The larger the volume, the longer it takes to produce.

Another factor is the type or design of sunglasses you are ordering.

Customized designs can take longer than standard types since they involve numerous undertakings to produce.

Also, the particular manufacturer you are purchasing sunglasses from determines the exact turnaround manufacturing time.

Simply put, there is no precise turnaround time for manufacturing sunglasses.

However, you can always negotiate with the manufacturer regarding apt turnaround time since most are usually flexible.

How can you Find Best Prices when Shopping for Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

Finding best prices when looking for wholesale sunglasses from China requires strategy.

One of the tricks you can always use is making sure you purchase these items in bulk.

Many manufacturers always offer better rates for large volume purchases compared to small-volume purchases.

Another trick is using a sourcing agent to obtain wholesale sunglasses from China on your behalf.

In China, sourcing for different types of sunglasses at affordable rates can be an overwhelming experience if you are a newbie.

Tasking the sourcing agents can enable you to get these items at cost-effective rates.

They know different manufacturers offering sunglasses at best rates and can easily access them.

What is the Return Policy for Sunglasses from China?

Many manufacturers usually offer between 30-90 days period for returning sunglasses, depending on the manufacturer.

Sunglasses returned within the stipulated period are usually accepted without any charges as long as they are in mint factory condition.

Additionally, you need to contact the manufacturer within 24-48 hours upon receiving sunglasses with any manufacturing defects.

The essence is for prompt arrangement on returns and exchange of the item.

Terms and conditions surrounding returns also vary on a case by case basis.

For refunds, your money is reimbursed to your account for the purchase after 7-14 days, depending on prevailing factors.

Return sunglasses must be unused, unworn, and in factory condition to warrant the refund or exchange.

Why should you Buy Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

Several reasons are attributed to purchasing wholesale sunglasses from China, such as the following;

Buying wholesale sunglasses in China

Buying wholesale glasses from China


In China, you’ll always get different types of sunglasses at cost-effective rates as long as you know the tricks to find the right manufacturer.

Ideally, several Chinese companies are producing these items making competition stiff and favorable to the buyer.


You can always find any type or design of sunglasses you need in China.

China provides a wide variety, and this is important since it allows you to get the specific designs, which meet your requirements.


Manufacturers of wholesale sunglasses from China also produce items that meet the minimum quality standards.

Fast Turnaround Time

This is another advantageous reason you need to buy wholesale sunglasses from China.

Your order can always be processed within the shortest time possible, thus enhancing convenience.

Flexible MOQ

Also, you can get a flexible MOQ when you buy wholesale sunglasses from China.

The essence here is it enables you to obtain the quantity, which fits within your budget.

What Factors do you Consider when Selecting Best Manufacturer for Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

You must look into the following elements in a sunglass manufacturer;

a) Product Quality

The quality of sunglasses a manufacturer produces is a fundamental aspect you must consider when choosing an ideal one.

The products should also match the quality certifications of your respective market.

b) Production Consistency

It is also important to find a manufacturer that can produce many pairs of sunglasses repeatedly over time and maintain similar consistency.

Essentially, this makes your procurement process faster and more convenient since you’ll only need to use the earlier details.

c) Accreditation

When looking for an ideal sunglasses manufacturer, ensure they have relevant manufacturing certifications from respective bodies.

It is an indication you are dealing with a reputable company; you can always trace its whereabouts in case an issue arises.

d) Experience

Ideally, you need to select a sunglasses manufacturer in China with relative experience in this industry.

Numerous benefits often come with dealing with experienced manufacturers.

Importantly, it enhances reliability and convenience in the whole process.

e) Cost

The price for purchasing wholesale sunglasses from China should be a considerable concern when choosing an ideal manufacturer.

Technically, for a better profit margin, you need to buy these items from a relatively affordable manufacturer.

In the long run, it makes the business feasible since you’ll generate enough amount to cater for stock and logistics.

What Ways can You Use to Source for Wholesale Sunglasses from China?

There are several ways you can use to explore when purchasing wholesale sunglasses from China.

However, the common ones, which tend to be comparatively effective, include the following;

Sourcing from B2B Websites

Business to business online platforms are the major places you can source sunglasses in wholesale.

Different manufacturers have sellers’ accounts on such websites, making it easy to source these items directly through the platforms.

AliExpress, Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China are among the common B2B sites where you can source these products.

Using Sourcing Companies

It is an ideal alternative to use to explore when sourcing wholesale sunglasses, particularly if you are new in this business.

You can also opt for this method if you do not trust the manufacturers you find online on B2b websites.

In this case, the sourcing company will look for the particular sunglasses, which meet your respective demands.

Once you identify wholesale sunglasses from China, BanSar will help you ship to your local country.

We handle all the warehousing, inspection, loading, booking spaces in ship to custom clearance.

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