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Need Bansar to Handle Your Wholesale Sweatshirt Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to
If you have wholesale sweatshirt orders and is not urgent, you can choose to deliver your orders through sea freight shipping.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
If you want to secure your wholesale sweatshirt orders, you can choose air freight shipping. It is more efficient and delivers your order faster.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
Rail freight is the best choice when your distant from China. The cost of rail freight shipping is between the cost of air freight and sea freight.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you want to save time, money and effort, you can choose door to door shipping to deliver your wholesale sweatshirt orders.

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Best 20 Sweatshirt Manufacturers in China

1 Guangzhou Leader Show Garment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Leader Show Garment Co., Ltd manufactures different clothing for women. Their products and raw materials are certified with SGS. Their factory space is about 1500 square meters that present the complete high tech machines like sewing machines, embroidery, and so on. They have plenty of professional staff from different areas like designing, engineering, customer services, and more.

2 Dongguan Ruili Fashion Co., Ltd.

Since 2008, Dongguan Ruili Fashion Co., Ltd was founded located in China at Guangdong Province. This company has enough factory area and complete facility and modern machines in manufacturing. They ensure the quality provided the reason this company received a lot of certifications. This company has over 100 staff when they established. They ensure a quick response for your urgent inquiries.

3 Guangzhou Stock Garment Co., Ltd.

If you are finding a verified manufacturer, Guangzhou Stock Garment Co., Ltd is one of the best in China. They are located in Guangdong China manufacturing excellent quality of sweatshirts. This company products have passed the standards and receive certificates.

4 Dongguan Qiandao Industry Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Qiandao Industry Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trading company that able to export manufactured products in North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and more. This company is an SGS certified and established in the year 2012 with people about 200 and above.

5 Weifang Yippee Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for the best manufacturer for your sweatshirt orders, Weifang Yippee Textile Technology Co., Ltd is able to meet your needs. This company is trusted apparel, light industry, accessories, and textile manufacturer in China. For your sweatshirt needs, they are ensuring quality first principles.

6 Zhejiang  Pan-Am Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Pan-Am Co., Ltd has 20 years is a certified manufacturer with ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, and more. This factory is covered with 10280.4 square meter area ensuring the best quality from services, manufactured sweatshirts, and more. It assures you to get what you need.

7 Foo Brothers Global Group Co., Ltd.

Foo Brothers Global Group Co., Ltd is a certified manufacturer international. They produce different sportswear and also sweatshirts in different colors, sizes, and designs. This company is BSCI certified and established in 2012. This company has a complete machine supporting the manufacturing processes, also ensuring the best services.

8 Sancool Garment Limited

Sancool Garment Limited mainly produces products such as sweatshirts, tank tops, Dress, Men’s shirts, and many more. This company has amazing pattern makers and different machines like embroidery, sewing, and more. There are 1000 square meters factory they have and plenty of employees. They specialize in apparel and accessories which export in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and more.

9 Guangzhou Sunshiny Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Sunshiny Co., Ltd has founded on manufacturing products mainly Sweatshirts, outwear, dress, and so on. They already have 10 years in the industry with rich experienced that make them one of the expert producers in China. This company has a skilled inspector, designers, etc. to support production. Your business will surely receive an amazing sweatshirt quality and a great cost offer.

10 Hangzhou Hongxeizi Trading Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hongxeizi Trading Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified. They founded in 2012 located in Honghe Town in China at Zheijiang province.  This company is offering the best services for OEM and ODM clients like you. They export in America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and different countries, with 90 percentages. You can pay easily through PayPal, Money Gram, T/T, etc.

11 Qingdao Robroad Textile Co., Ltd.

There are plenty of employees who help the whole process in this company. Qingdao Robroad Textile Co., Ltd has over 100 highly skilled employees that strictly check the quality of sweatshirts manufactured. The raw materials have passed the audits and certified. This company is covered of 1000 square meter factory certified with GMP, BSCI, and ISO.

12 Foshan Chancheng Aoli Beibei Clothing Manufacturing Factory

In 2011, FoshanChancheng Aoli Beibei Clothing Manufacturing Factory was founded adhering the best quality first. They ensure an outstanding service to provide. They have complete equipment in manufacturing sweatshirts. They were able to export large sweatshirt orders in Europe, Domestic, North America, and so on.

13 Guangdong Urbaradeomar Garment Co., Ltd.

This company is an ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in China of Sweatshirts. They also passed QC 080000 standards. They were founded 9 years ago which locates at Shigang Village in China at Guangzhou Baiyun District. They provide services OEM and ODM. The nearest port is Guangzhou and Huangpu port.

14 Dongguan Ruifei Garment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Ruifei Garment Co., Ltd specializing in jacket, hoodie, and much more clothing. This company is located at Dongguan with more than 2000 square meters of factory. As a leading sweatshirt manufacturer and exporter in China, this company ensures always quality first, great services, and provides satisfying products. They have ISO and BSCI certificates that you ensure your sweatshirts are qualified for the test.

15 Dongguan City Juifa Textile Co., Ltd.

Dongguan City Juifa Textile Co., Ltd was established wand covered of 500 square meters of factory area. They have excellent designers, complete sewing machines, knowledgeable staff from customer service, quick response, and more offers. This company is a professional exporter supporting terms of payment through PayPal, LC, small amount payment, and so on.

16 Guangzhou Qisong Apparel Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Qisong Apparel Co., Ltd. has rich experience in this industry. They have 400 square meter factory and certified with BSCI and ISO 9001 producers in China. They export products and sweatshirts in South Korea, Europe, North America, East Asia, America, and so on. They have 3 production Lines and 1 R&D staff and export 90% since 2013.

17 Guangzhou Xinxin Garment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Xinxin Garment Co., Ltd has 200 people and produces products in more than 50000 pcs a month. You can order your ideal sweatshirt designs and colors and sizes. This company is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Their sweatshirts have passed the standards that you can trust the quality. They are located in the third floor of no.12 industry building in Guangzhou province in China.

18 Jiangxi Greenland Import & Export Co., Ltd.

In 10 years of manufacturing experience, Jiangxi Greenland Import & Export Co., Ltd has 90% sweatshirt repeated orders. This company manufactures hats, hoodies, different jacket designs, t-shirts, and different kinds of clothing. This company produced in America, Japan, Germany, UK, and etc. They have a small amount of payment, Western Union, PayPal, and many more terms of payment.

19 Nanchang Longhai Clothing Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Longhai Clothing Co., Ltd is manufacturing sweatshirts following principles like a quality first, outstanding services, and trustworthiness. They export since 2003 mainly produce sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts, polo shirts, dresses, trousers, and a lot more. They export to Middle East, Europe, America, and many more countries.

20 Jiangxi Hangsheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Hangsheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd has 10 years of experience in manufacturing sweatshirts and different jackets designs, colors, etc. They have different machines like embroidery machines, printing, machines, sewing machines, and so on.

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