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Burlap Tablecloth
Wholesale Burlap Tablecloth from China

Burlap tablecloths look a lot more rustic than other kinds that you can buy and are perfect for everyday use or for a special occasion such as an outdoor wedding or other party. Include Burlap tablecloth on your tablecloth business. You can import wholesale burlap tablecloth from professional Chinese wholesale burlap tablecloth manufacturers. They offer high-quality product at the best price.

Cotton Tablecloth
Wholesale Cotton Tablecloth from China

These are some of the softest tablecloths that you can find and they tend to drape beautifully over the table. If you need to buy wholesale cotton tablecloth for your business, Chinese Wholesale Cotton Tablecloth supplier is a good choice. These suppliers are mostly found in Zhejiang, Gaungdong and Jiangsu.

Eclectic Tablecloth
Wholesale Eclectic Tablecloth from China

Eclectic Tablecloth is perfect for a space where you want to fill your home with interesting objects and art, eclectic tablecloths stand out and give you and your guests something to talk about. You can import wholesale eclectic tablecloth for your business. Chinese wholesale eclectic tablecloth manufacturers has a lot to offer. They provide high-quality products. Surely, you will be satisfied!

Embroidered Tablecloth
Wholesale Embroidered Tablecloth from China

Embroidered tablecloths are going to appear a little nicer and classier than your typical tablecloth and will instantly improve the appearance of your table.  Whether you need to import wholesale embroidered tablecloth for your business, Chinese market is the best choice. You can import wholesale embroidered tablecloth from Chinese Wholesale Embroidered Tablecloth market in a small or large amount at a reasonable price.

Lace Tablecloth
Wholesale Lace Tablecloth from China

Lace tablecloths are very pretty, tend to be more delicate than other material, and will instantly update the appearance of your table. Whether you need to buy wholesale lace tablecloth for your business, Chinese wholesale lace tablecloth market is a good choice. In China, there are over 62,000 wholesale lace tablecloth supplier and manufacturers. We will help you find the best wholesale lace tablecloth manufacturers and have experienced many years.

Linen Tablecloth
Wholesale Linen Tablecloth from China

If you are looking for an affordable and stylish decorative wholesale linen tablecloth, Bansar will always help you find your products. Import wholesale linen tablecloth now in China area, mostly in  Zhejiang, Hangzou and Shaoxing. Chinese wholesale linen tablecloth market can provide competitive price and can assure you a good quality at a reasonable price.

Plastic Tablecloth
Wholesale Plastic Tablecloth from China

If you want to buy wholesale plastic table cloth for your business, China wholesale plastic tablecloth manufacturers can offer a lot for you. These factories used high quality materials to satisfy your high-quality standard requirements. Bansar will help you with the shipping of your wholesale plastic tablecloth.

Polyester Tablecloth
Wholesale Polyester Tablecloth from China

If you searched for Wholesale Polyester Tablecloth, we know thousands of professional suppliers and manufacturers of Wholesale Polyester Tablecloth in China that perfectly fit in what you’re searching for. And one of them is in Zhejiang in China, an excellent choice for you to buy trendy and affordable Wholesale Polyester Tablecloth that are made in China.

Round Tablecloth
Wholesale Round Tablecloth from China

Round tablecloths only look good on round tables. It’s important that when shopping for a round tablecloth, you choose one that will be long enough to hang down on the sides. Lots of Wholesale Round Tablecloth in China that are fine quality materials, simple yet elegant round tablecloth that perfectly suit your taste. If you didn’t know, China is the source of high quality Wholesale Round Tablecloth supplied by verified and experienced manufacturers.

square tablecloth
Wholesale Square Tablecloth from China

Square tablecloths are the best option to use on square tables, they can also be used on circular tables as well. When it comes to high-end Wholesale Square Tablecloth, Zhejiang is the largest market for Wholesale Square Tablecloth goods in China and the undisputed leader of the entire industry of tablecloth, where you can find thousands of wholesale square tablecloth manufacturers.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wholesale Tablecloth Shipping?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
If your wholesale orders of tablecloth is not urgent, you can choose to ship your orders through sea freight. Sea freight shipping from China is less cost.
Air Freight from China
If you need your wholesale tablecloth orders urgent, then you can use air freight with high cost. It also provides high level of security for your shipments.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to your destination. Also best for your large volume wholesale tablecloth orders that traveled in long distances.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you are new to importing wholesale tablecloth from China or have no importing permit, Bansar can help you to your order, we will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Tablecloth Manufacturers in China

1 Zhejiang Yabao Non-Woven Fabrics Products Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yabao Non-woven Fabrics Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 which specialized in manufacturing non-woven fabric, etc. They accept OEM and ODM orders. Their products have been exported to some countries and all customer’s around the world. Message them now.

2 Shaoxing Dayi Textile Co., Ltd.

For over 20 years, Shaoxing Dayi Textile Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacturing fashion fabric to home textile, poly satin, and more products. Through their flexible service team, they can meet or service all customers in all demand. Quality and customer first are their priority. For more inquiries, please message them.

3 Hangzhou Qiaona Textile Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer of microfiber cloth in China, the company offers various types of microfiber cloth that will suit every customer’s requirement. Most of their products sold to some countries including Italy, France, Japan, and more. Expect good quality products and the best services from them. Place your order now.

4 Fuzhou Heng Hua New Material Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Heng Hua New Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven fabric products in China for over 15 years. Through the latest production equipment, they can provide customers a high-quality and famous nonwoven fabrics all-round the world. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

5 Foshan Homely Furniture Co., Ltd.

In 2008, Foshan Homely Furniture Co., Ltd. was established. It is a manufacturer of table cloth, chair cover, and many more. Most of their products are been popular in Europe, Australia, and more countries. They can provide excellent quality at a competitive cost which obtains a good reputation. Kindly message them for more info.

6 Foshan City Lorero Hotel Supplies Factory

Since 2009, Foshan City Lorero Hotel Supplies Factory is a manufacturer of table cloth in China. Through their professional staff members, they can assure to meet customer’s requirements and make satisfied. The company complies with I S O 9 0 0 1: 2 0 0 5 and more certificates. OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

7 Sunshine Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd.

As focused on manufacturing nonwoven fabric, the company can offer various kinds of nonwoven fabric products. They obtain  SGS, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and more standards. The company assures meeting the client’s requirements. If you have inquiries, please do message them.


ZiBo Dayang Flame Retardant Textile Co., Ltd focused on manufacturing table cloths in China for over 20 years. They gained international standards including ISO9001 and ISO14001. They are glad to produce base on customer’s design and expect satisfaction with their products.

9 Linan Lungsun Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

In 2015, Linan Longsun Packaging Material Co., Ltd. was founded and specialized in the production of table cloth, etc. They offer the latest design to meet every customer’s requirements. Expect the best products from them. Message them for your inquiries.

10 Hebei Shuangsheng Textile Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of various kinds of fabrics, the company produces table cloth, shirt fabrics, and many more. They obtain a long relationship with customers in Japan, South Korea, and more countries. They assure customers to have a high-quality and reasonable price. Send them your inquiry.

11 Foshan Shi Xinhongmei Decoration Materials Company LTD

In 2016, Foshan Xinhongmei Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., was established. It manufactures table cloth, PVC table cloth, and more products in China. Their products are sold to Japan, Europe, and the other 70 countries. Local and foreign customers are welcome. Kindly send them your inquiries now.

12 Ningbo Furniture Decoration Textiles Factory

Ningbo Fortune Decoration Textiles Factory is producing table cloth, chair covers, and more products. Their products are available in various kinds of materials which suits your requirement. Also, they sold their products to some countries. OEM orders are welcome. Contact them now.

13 Ningbo Shinejoy Dailyuse Co., Ltd.

As focused on manufacturing home textiles, the company produces table cloth, window curtains, and more products for over 20 years. They assure you to have good quality and services. Also, they serve OEM. For more information, please message them now.

14 Dongguan IUIU Household Products Co., Ltd.

Since 1994, Dongguan IUIU Household Products Co., Ltd. was founded and manufactures table cloth in China. They offer various designs that will fit a customer’s demand. They also obtain certification including ISO9001: 2000 and more. Its products exported to lots of countries. Contact them for more information.


Shaoxing Shengjingyi Textile Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of a table cloth and other home textile products in China. They assure to offer customers good quality and low price that will meet every customer’s requirement. They are willing to assist with your business. Send your inquiries now.

16 Dongguan Tengjia Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Tengjia Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd. is a table cloth manufacturer in China. They offer various kinds of tablecloths that will meet customer’s demands. The company complies with SGS and more standards. Its products exported to lots of countries. Please visit their website for more info.

17 Zibo Excel Textile Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of table cloth for over 10 years, the company assures the quality of the products. They meet Reach, SGS, and more standards. They utilized the latest machine and professional team to meet customer’s requirement and make satisfied. Message them now.


SHAOXING GOLD SUN TEXTILE CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of table cloth in China since the year 2004. They assure us to provide the highest quality to customers. Their products exported to the UK, the USA, and more countries. Looking for the best table cloth supplier? Well, this is your best choice.

19 Shaoxing City Xinfan Embroidery Fabric & Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd.

ShaoXing Hualai Embroidery & Home textile Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of table cloth in China since the year 2000. Their products are guaranteed good quality, excellent services, and low price which gained a good reputation. For more info, kindly message them.

20 Nantong Huaqin Textile Decoration Co., Ltd.

Nantong Huaqin Textile Decoration Co., Ltd. is a table cloth manufacturer in China. They assure to provide customer’s a high-quality, good service, rapid delivery, and reasonable price. If you want to have satisfaction table cloth products, then this will be the right place.

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