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aaa Tulle
Bridal Tulle
Wholesale Bridal Tulle from China

Bridal Tulle is came from the material of mesh net cloth. It is used in most wedding occasions and wore by the gorgeous bride at that time. Tulle can be made from nylon, silk, and other flexible cloth materials. You can mostly found a supplier of tulle fabrics to make a bridal tulle from the Chinese manufacturers like for example, the province of Guangdong which having 182 manufacturers operators.

Fine Illusion Tulle
Wholesale Fine Illusion Tulle from China

You have nothing to worry about because Bansar is all you wanted when it comes to manufacturing your orders wholesale fine illusion type of tulle. When you are focused on making a hard study for this kind of tulle, you can see how wondrous and amazing it is. A perfect creation of tulle defines as fine illusion tulle formations. For the shipments of your wholesale order, you can ask assistance and support from the management of Bansar.

Flocked Tulle
Wholesale Flocked Tulle from China

There are many different designs of flocked tulle that you can surely afford when you are being supplied by the manufacturers in China. They can surely think about you and make ways to provide your logistic needs. Chinese manufacturers offer their flocked tulle fabrications for just low-cost prices. It is very elegant to be used by the bride at a wedding and special occasions. Jiangsu has 142 tulle manufacturers that ready on serving you as their clients.

Flowery Tulle
Wholesale Floral Tulle from China

Floral tulle is a lace kind of fabric. It is unique yet very strange to be used in bridal events. Your money could not be wasted because of the quality of this tulle was very high. Scrutinize the custom design of floral tulle you might like to be on your business. You have the freedom to select those floral tulles that will be the starting point for your big success.

Glitter Tulle
Wholesale Glitter Tulle from China

Glitter Tulle is unusual and at the same time, graceful for any celebrations you wanted to have a glitter tulles. You can avail wholesaling of glitter tulle with Bansar and the efficient manufacturers working in China. There were plenty of certified clients that can testimony their own experiences in well-done shipping transactions in China. You can easily avail of the authentic manufacturers in China.

Iridescent Tulle
Wholesale Iridescent Tulle from China

Any colors of iridescent tulle are ready to be selected in most manufacturers in China. In most special events, this kind of elegant clothing is always can be seen and visible. It might be wore within someone`s dress or gown. However, parties possibly include grandious dress to be wear of some important invited person. If you are dressmakers or seamstress, having iridescent tulle fabrics is very helpful.

PLeated Tulle
Wholesale Pleated Tulle from China

Examine our pleated tulle designs in many design’s availabilities. You can pick any pleated tulle composition formations. A handmade pleated tulle creates from the very high consistent materials but as well, very reliable materials. For agreeable transporting of your large pleated tulle orders, contacting Bansar is the best and great ideal way. Surely, pleated tulle fabrics are very useful for your tulle business.

Rainbow Tulle
Wholesale Rainbow Tulle from China

You may like the rainbow skirt tulle production of most relying manufacturers in China. A glamorous appearance might be more glammed by wearing a rainbow skirt made from a flexible tulle clothing. Its lace addition design is making it more comfortable to wear. Yes indeed, you can be glam easily with the help of rainbow color of tulle. Purchase now from the trusted market suppliers from China.

Silk Tulle
Wholesale Silk Tulle from China

A silk tulle has been sold so fast in Chinese markets because of the first-class quality of this. It is worldwide certified products useful in most special events and occasions. For your dressmaking activities, having a silk tulle cloth could be very helpful especially in making gowns for weddings, debut gowns, and many more. You can surely be guided by the manufacturers in China for the producing process of your silk tulle orders.

Silky Tulle
Wholesale Bridal Silky Tulle

The 2 types of bridal silk tule are English silk tulle and the French silk tulles. It can be purchased from manufacturers based in China. Its elegance is very awesome that made the bride more look gorgeous with using these. It is very lightweight and dainty to use. All of these tulle types can be avail easily by asking for help from Bansar. They promised to never upset you.

Skirt Tulle
Wholesale Skirt Tulle from China

There are also a tulle types that can be attached into a skirt. It is very unusual compared to other skirts. It is more special and truly seen its elegance through its appearance. No doubt it is easy to resell. You can never be encountered such loving and concerned manufacturing assistance into others. Chinese manufacturers are able to show how they care for your own business growth.

Soft Bridal Tulle
Wholesale Soft Bridal Tulle from China

Every woman and to those planning to be married soon likeably dreaming about having astonishing and amazing tulle`s clothing appearance to be attached on their wedding gowns. In most grandious wedding occasions, bride must have atleast tulle attached appropriately to her beautiful gown. Suppliers of this soft bridal tulle can be found at the China`s provinces. Quickly do have wholesale purchased of soft bridal tulle into your business.

Sparkling Tulle
Wholesale Sparkling Tulle from China

To achieve wonderful design of tulle to be on your gown for you to wear in a weddings and debut parties, having glittery and sparkling tulle must attract some other people attentions. To get wholesale orders of sparkling tulles, you can contact anytime the manufacturers in China. They will surely help you and sustain the closeness you have gain towards each other. For you to avail sparkling tulle in an affordable prices, contact them as early as you can.

Velo Cathedral Tulle
Wholesale Velo Cathedral Tulle from China

A women`s velo catedal tulle is now available at intervening suppliers located at Chinese towns and provinces marketings. Evolved technologies were represented there when producing velo catedral tulles. The manufactory department facilities are giving their best to sustain and provides your exact verification products. They won`t let it ignored. However, their attention will be focused on your services needs.

Wine Burgundy Tulle
Wholesale Wine Burgundy Tulle from China

High-rated production of wine burgundy tulle are originated from strict-standardized eclogical materials. The importance of availing wholesale of wine burgundy tulle is not easy to differentiate. Wine burgundy tulle can create ribbons, costumes, decorations, and many more. You won`t ever feel apologetic about purchasing wine burgundy tulle high-qualifications. Chinese manufacturers has many supply stocks of wine burgundy tulle. So feel free to get beneficial stock of this clothing fabrications.

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Wholesale Tulle from China

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Best 20 Tulle Manufacturer in China

1 Xiamen Onhave Trade Co., Ltd.

Established in 2018,  Xiamen Onhave Trade Co., Ltd. located in Xiamen, China.  This company offers various kinds of products to meet your multifarious demands. Their products include tulle, heat transfer vinyl, and other products. They have exported products to the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and South America. 

2 Shanghai Topas-Welt Industry & Trade Co., Ltd

It is an experienced exporter and manufacturer of fashion accessories in mainland China.  They produce a variety of machine-made fashion embroidery lace. With many years of experience in manufacturing, they offer products such as tulle lace, t/c lace, chemical lace, cotton lace, crochet lace, cotton yarn, rayon yarn, polyester yarn, allover embroidery lace,  and other products. 

3 Tokay (Guangzhou) Apparel Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2007,  Guangzhou Candlace Textile Company has more than 10 years′ experience in producing Aso Ebi Party Lace. Their products are tulle lace, Swiss voile lace, guipure lace,  French net lace, organza lace, cord lace,  and so on. They gained satisfying customers from Europe, North America,  and Africa. etc. 

4 Fuzhou Texstar Textile Co., Ltd.

It is a manufacturer of a wide range of various warp knit fabrics. They are producing products like tulle and nets, tricot and raschel mesh fabrics, brushed tricot, Powernet, jacquard fabrics, crinolines, stretch fabrics, and other related products. Their company also offers knitted products from a variety of nylon,  polyester, and spandex yarns. 

5 Fujian Sincare Lace Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fujian Sincare lace Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, located in Dongwu Industrial Zone, Wenling Town, Changle City, Fujian Province. They mainly engaged in manufacturing women′s underwear tulle lace, elastic lace, Elastic mesh fabric, garment lace fabric, sportswear fabric, etc. Their products are sold well to America, Europe,  Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia,  India, etc. 

6 DF Textile Co., Ltd

Since 1985, DF Textile Co., Ltd has been a professional manufacturer and exporter specializing in the production of tulle, knitted fabric, polyester fabric, organza, mesh, nylon fabric, tricot, and lace. Their company holds ISO-9002  authentication certificates that allow business for domestic and overseas markets. 

7 Wujiang First Textile Co., Ltd.

This company can be found in Shengze Town, City of Wujiang,  of Jiangsu Province China. Wujiang First Textile Co., Ltd. is one of the most top manufacturers with fabric weaving, yarn spinning,  and garment production.  They are dedicated to being a leading supplier and manufacturer of excellent quality textile services and products to satisfy their customers’ needs. 

8 Fujian Province Changle City Huawei Knitting Co., Ltd.

Changle Huawei knitting was founded in 1997, located in Changle of China. This company mainly manufactured two series of products namely printed fabrics and base mesh fabrics.  They are now doing business with foreign clients from southeast Asia, the USA, India, Arab Gulf states. 

9 Hangzhou Chi Cheng Knit Fabric Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Chi Cheng Knit Fabric Co., Ltd. is located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province. It is a leading manufacturer of cashmere shawl and knitted rib. Their main products include tulle and nets, Powernet, crinolines, tricot and raschel mesh fabrics, jacquard fabrics,  brushed tricots, stretch fabrics, and other related products.

10 Guangzhou Incfon Garment Accessory Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, Guangzhou Incfon Garment accessory Co., Ltd have their own 50 sets of working machines in their manufacturing facilities. Incfon Garment supplies various kinds of high-quality products. Their products are 100% checked before shipping. 

11 Lampshade Silks

 Lampshade Silks was established in 1981. This company is a silk manufacturer including silk tulle, dyed and printed silk fabrics in b / o, pure silk fabric, silk twill, silk CDC,  tussah silk fabric-Honan pongee, silk satin, silk tapestry, silk page, silk jersey, rayon satin, rayon brocade, silk/rayon velvet, silk scarves, custom made silk neckties, silk quilt, etc. 

12 Tiger Embroidery Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1995, Qingdao Tiger Trading & EMB. Service Co., Ltd. has always been focused on innovation and progress to gain titles as creative, flexible, and consistently top-quality manufacturers of embroidery laces.  It is a supplier of multi-head computerized embroidery machines and schiffli embroidery machines in Qingdao, China. 

13 Fujian Province Changle City Fuan Knit Co., Ltd.

This company is a leading manufacturer established in 1998. Specializes in the design and production of tulle, nylon fabric, knitted fabric, organza, mesh, polyester fabric, tricot, and lace. Their factory is ISO-9002 international quality system certified. 

14 Guangzhou Yanzi Textile Co., Ltd.

This company is an independent manufacturer designing and developing embroidery lace. They offer products like Tulle,  Eyelash lace, Jacquard fabrics, and French Lace fabric as well as accessories.  With their skillful workers, they are able to provide and supply customers with full service. 


SHAOXING CITY ASHLEE TEXTILE CO., LTD. offers various products to meet your multifarious demands. Quality first, customer first, and credit-based are the management principles they adhere to.  Their company is willing to do business with foreign and local enterprises.

16 Ningbo J&Y Lace Co., Ltd.

Ningbo J&Y Lace Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, China. It is an old lace producer for more than 15 years. They render satisfying quality products at reasonable prices to ensure their customers are happy to work with them. If you are looking for tulle suppliers, you are welcome here to create a nice and bright future.

17 Changle Joffan Textile Co., Ltd.

CHANGLE JOFFAN TEXTILE Co., Ltd. is located in Changle City, Fujian Province. They manufactured all kinds of  LACE FABRIC and LACE TRIM. Their main products include tulle lace, non-stretch lace, stretch lace, jacquard lace fabric, cotton lace, chemical lace, raschel lace fabric,  embroidery lace, etc. 

18 O-Yes Textile (Gz) Co., Ltd.

O-YES textile (GZ)., Ltd is committed to the development and designing the tulle lace and warp knitting lace. This company has its own development team and designers team to produce quality and stylish products. Their main products are lace, trim lace, eyelash lace,  galloon lace,  garment lace, allover lace, fashion lace,  lace fabric, textile lace, stretch lace, and other related products. 

19 Hangzhou Zhuoying Lace & Embroidery Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Zhuoying Lace & Embroidery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, located in Xiaoshan Zone, Hangzhou City. It is an independent manufacturer of decoration fabric and home textile. Specializes in design, embroidery, production, weaving, and sewing. Their tulle fabrics are 150cm or 300cm, which can be cut or changed according to your requirements. 

20 Huaxing Fashion Industry Co., Limited

This company is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of lace fabric and lace trim in mainland China.  They exported products to America, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. With more than 10 years of business experience, strong quality checks, professional service, and competitive prices make them recognized in the industry. 

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