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Boxer Briefs
Wholesale Boxer Briefs from China

Wholesaling boxer briefs underwear is your plan? Then, it can be good for you to choose your desired wholesale suppliers in China. Boxer briefs can support all the coverage of your body. Also, it can work even in many different clothes you want to wear. In regard to handling business including underwear products, China’s best wholesale underwear manufacturer provides the highest quality of materials so it can gain great profit.

Boxer Shorts
Wholesale Boxer Shorts from China

Boxer shorts are commonly used by men. But there are few women who are trying to use boxer shorts because of comfortable feeling. A lot of manufacturers are doing their best to make their responsibilities to provide good products for their customers. In terms of finding good wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for your boxer shorts underwear, China is a country of having the most certified and quality supplier and manufacturer.

Boy Kids Underwear
Wholesale Boy Kids Underwear from China

Whether you are looking for character briefs for boys kids, plain colored, or plain white, you can choose whatever you may like. If wholesale underwear for boys kids is your first choice, supplier and factory in Guangdong province can perfectly meet your needs. They can supply wholesale boy kids underwear with the most quality and friendly cost.

Bras Underwear
Wholesale Bras Underwear from China

Finding any type of bras underwear is not a problem. Underwear is most in China most commonly in Jiangsu and Shandong provinces. If you are searching for a baby bra, underwire, maternity or even bras that make breast lifting upward, friendly underwear factories can provide all that you need. The most affordable products from China can help you save plenty of money and also high-quality bras underwear will be provided by them.

Wholesale Briefs from China

Wearing briefs can be very careful about choosing your sizes. Wearing a tight size of briefs can low sperms to all men. If plain or printed briefs or any type of brief is your plan to wholesale from China, Guangdong is the better place for you to find. They have a lot of wholesale underwear suppliers who have the ability to handle anything.

Control Briefs
Wholesale Control Briefs from China

In terms of wholesaling for something for the first time the most hassle about managing a business. But don’t worry at all if it is your first time. Bansar can make all the process simply. Bansar is an expert in handling all the difficulties by having a fine relationship with leading Chinese wholesale underwear markets.

Girl Kids Underwear
Wholesale Girl Kids Underwear from China

Pretty looks for quality girl kids underwear such as ruffles, plain, printed and even lace underwear can help your business gain great earnings. If you are not familiar with any processes in shipping products, leave it to Bansar. They always support the customer’s shipping operations. Reducing your cost can provided by Bansar.

Hipster Underwear
Wholesale Hipster from China

Flexible wrappings for your wholesale hipster underwear orders will be manageable of leading Wholesale suppliers and factories from Zhejiang province. They help their clients by providing the best solutions and offering friendly shipping rates at the same time. Select your wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China and feel special.

Lace Panties Underwear
Wholesale Lace Panties from China

For your business, the best wholesale underwear supplier and factory will be referring from China to you. You will be successful in handling your business if you are an expert in all the Chinese underwear markets. Also knowing all the certified underwear factories in China can help all your processes easily and safely deliver.

Maternity Underwear
Wholesale Maternity Underwear from China

Most of the women who are pregnant want their tummy comfortable by wearing soft underwear. For the safety of your wholesale orders, better to find a trusted underwear wholesale suppliers that can handle everything. By ensuring safety, the most certified suppliers can be found in Guangdong province including Henan and Shanghai provinces.

Maxi Underwear
Wholesale Maxi Underwear from China

Building a good relationship with your underwear supplier can make it easy for you to purchase any other products. The right supplier and factory are the most important to find. Qualified provinces based in China such as Guangdong and Zhejiang have their numerous verified and talented wholesale suppliers. It can be easy for you to find the best quality and reasonable prices of maxi underwear.

Nursing Bras Underwear
Wholesale Nursing Bras from China

Having these types of bra to all pregnant mommies can be very comfortable. They don’t have to undress themselves just to feed their babies. There are many types of nursing bras to select from. Shandong is among the top provinces in China which has many guaranteed wholesale manufacturer that is capable on helping newbies on their wholesaling process.

Spaghetti Underwear
Wholesale Spaghetti Underwear from China

For your spaghetti underwear orders, select from verified wholesale suppliers in China. They can guarantee the best offer to help you with your business. A wide variety of spaghetti underwear will be provided by popular Chinese wholesale underwear markets from Shanghai province.

Underwear Shorts
Wholesale Underwear Shorts from China

Finding a great place to find wholesale underwear shorts manufacturer? Bansar can recommend the best underwear factory for you. A complete process and providing all the details for the shipping method will be provided by them. Jiangsu supplier and manufacturer for your wholesale underwear shorts can suit your needs.

Women Underwear
Wholesale Women Underwear from China

Shanghai province best wholesale supplier and manufacturer offered wholesale products such as women underwear with the most friendly prices. Amazing and quality materials are always supplied by the manufacturer in China in many years in the industry. They’re being trusted for a long time because of their quality service.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Underwear Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China
The most hassle-free freight forwarder is sea freight. The most efficient for your wholesale underwear and can provide a safety process for your wholesale orders.
Air Freight Shipping from China 2
Consider air freight service for your urgent wholesale underwear orders. They can offer a perfect packaging and high value shipping for your underwear orders.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
If you ship your wholesale underwear by rail, it is much affordable than air freight. Rail freight can deliver your cargo whether it is small or huge quantity products.
Door to Door Service China
Many people think about shipping door to door can be very expensive because of the additional charges. But think about picking up your orders by commuting.

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Wholesale Underwear from China

If you wholesale underwear for the first time and want to find a perfect business partner who can help you with the whole process,

If you want to be a skilled wholesaler from Chinese underwear markets,

This guide is fit for you to follow.

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Best 20 Underwear Manufacturer in China

1 Shenzhen Huya Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huya Garment Manufacturing co., Ltd is trading company specializing in underwear manufacturing and exporting. They established January 2020 with a 70 square meter plant area. They are located in Guangdong Province of China and their nearest port at Guangzhou port. They export products via an agency.

2 Shantou Huichen Fashions Co., Ltd.

Shantou Huichen Fashions Co., Ltd was established since 1998 specializing in lingerie and different underwear fashions. The average lead time of peak seasons is 1 to 3 months the same as off-seasons. They have 500 skilled workers and proudly present the 300 sewing machines. If you’re interested, you can visit their website and factory located at Nanyan Town of Guangdong Province of China.


UBUY is a manufacturer and trading company with 100 to 500 square meter area. They are located in Zhejiang Province. You can benefit a lot when choosing UBUY. First is Top quality underwear, you can get your own design, you get in your orders on time, and last but many more are professional OEM services.

4 Fujian Quanzhou Jindalai Technology Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Jindalai Clothing Co., Ltd is a QC 080000 and BSCI certified which is located at Quanzhou, known as the beautiful coastal city in China. Quanzhou Jindalai Clothing Co., Ltd was established since 2000 with over 30000 square meter area in production and development with over 200 watchful staff.

5 Xiamen Pop Gloria International Trade Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Pop Gloria International Trade Co., Ltd was established since 2015 with 35 square meters of production area. Adhering quality first and satisfy the customer’s needs for many purposes. We support through quick payment solutions through Paypal and Western Union.

6 Yiwu Wisdom Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Wisdom Import & Export Co., Ltd established since 2008 specializing outdoor products like uniforms including underwear. Their main market was located at North America and Europe with their own license for export. They have 90% of exportation since 2008. They export underwear anywhere in the world providing strong and competitive rates.

7 Quanzhou Kaiwei Garments Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Kaiwei Garments Co., Ltd is an SA8000 certified underwear manufacturer. They have been providing a service since 2004 with 158 employees for full support. They have their own export license and 90% of export percentage in production. You can locate their factory in China at Fujian province of Quanzhou City.

8 Foshan Casland Garments Co., Ltd.

Since 2013 was Foshan Casland Garments Co., Ltd was established, they manufacture all kinds of underwear and export overseas. As an ISO 9001, ISO 9000, and ISO 20000 certified underwear Supplier and manufacturer, high-quality products assured to supply and export smoothly. If you look for a long term relationship, you can contact their expert directly.

9 Jiaxing Wensang Knitted Garment Factory

Jiaxing Wenseng Knitted Garment Factory was established since 1998 which manufacture and supply high-quality products and offer reasonable prices. They are located near Shanghai port. Their factory address was located in Zhejiang province in China. They have TUV certification and Audited Supplier Certificates.

10 Anhui Heye Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Heye Network Technology Co., Ltd was established since 2016 with 154 square meters of area. They offer a wide variety of underwear products suited to your demands. Adhering the quality first, they passed certifications. They support quick processes by offering easier payment methods. You can pay through PayPal, Western Union, D/P, LC, and so on.

11 Shantou Huichen Fashions Co., Ltd.

Shantou Huichen Fashions Co., Ltd was established since 2010 certified with BSCI and WRAP. Now they have 500 employees for full support. They develop and have 300 machines for sewing processes. You don’t have to worry about the exportations since they have their own license and experience in 20 years and manage 90% exportations.

12 Fuzhou ITB Promo Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou ITB Promo Co., Ltd is a certified manufacturer in China which is certified with IATF16949, OHSAS/OHSMS 18001, and so on. They are located in the North East which is the most popular export trading in China. It is located at the provincial capital of Fujian. They have more than 50 people or staff of R&D.

13 Dongguan Zhongxiang Garment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Zhongxiang Garment Co., Ltd is an international certified manufacturer and supplier in China. Their underwear passed quality standards that ensure your business safety and your money. They start export in 2008 with 70 to 90 export percentages. If you want to visit, they are located in Guangdong Province, Huaide Po Industrial Area in China.

14 Shenzhen Fuhuizhi E-Commerce Trade Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Fuhuizhi E-Commerce Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2016 with a plant area of about 50 square meters. They are one of the licensed exporters in China adhering to high-quality underwear to supply worldwide. They only receive payments through T/T as an easy payment method.

15 Fuzhou Kplus International Trading Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for an underwear supplier and manufacturer in China, Fuzhou Kplus International Trading Co., Ltd is an expert manufacturer and advertising company that specializing in ideal products like underwear. They are working for more than 10 years now and experienced a lot of difficulties. They passed all the struggles and make them popular since we’re established and passed plenty certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 9000, and BSCI.

16 Shenzhen Huya Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huya Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established this 2020, January 09. They prioritize the quality first principles and satisfy all the needs. They allow receiving payments through Western Union, LC, D/P, and even Small-amount payment. You can locate the factory at Shantou City in China in Guangdong Province.

17 Shantou Trendy Wind Garment Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Since Shantou Trendy Wind Garment Manufacture Co., Ltd was established, they assure the best product to supply and the cost. Underwear fabrication was established since 1995 keeping the best connection or contact between customers. As they provide OEM service, they also able to custom your designs.

18 Quanzhou Zonse Garment Co., Ltd.

As a certified manufacturer and factory, ensure the machines are tested and in good condition. Quanzhou Zonse Garment Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 and BSCI certified. They start providing OEM services from 2004 up to now. They can let you design your orders, they ensure the secured packaging and ensure the quality before they deliver orders.

19 Qingdao Ruian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Since 2010, Qingdao Ruian Industry and Trade Co., Ltd was established. Having excellent designers, modern and high technology machines, skilled workers, production, and many more is a great advantage. You can truly trust that your expandable business will grow smoothly. You can trust them since they are certified for you to know with QHSE and ISO 9001.

20 Shantou Sandianhong Underwear Industrial Co., Ltd.

If you need underwear in urgent, you need to look for a manufacturer and provider who only focus on it. You’re free to visit their factory located at Gurao Town at Guangdong Province of China. They provide ODM and OEM Services that you surely trust. Expand your business by building a great connection with them. They have the largest area about 1000 to 2000 square meters.

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