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Bowl Vases
Wholesale Bowl Vases from China

If you are looking for wholesale vases such as bowl vases, you can find a lot of trusted wholesale markets in China. Most of them can be found in Shandong province. Wholesale from China has proven a successful tactic of global sourcing for many businesses so you can ensure you can support your business by selecting wholesale suppliers based in there.

Ceramic Vases
Wholesale Ceramic Vases from China

Are you are looking for a genuine and high-quality of wholesale ceramic vases in best price from certified Chinese wholesale vases supplier? China is an excellent choice for you. A lot of manufacturers and suppliers in China manufacturing ceramic vases in different designs that may suit to your client’s taste and preferences. Zhejiang province suppliers can meet the needs of your special requirements.

Clear Glass Vases
Wholesale Clear Glass Vases from China

If you wholesale for something and you probably want to save money especially when it comes of purchasing a wholesale clear glass vase for your business, you can find reliable manufacturers in China who are provided affordable yet high-quality wholesale vases. You can find a lot of professional wholesale vases markets in Jiangsu province.

Decorative Vases
Wholesale Decorative Vases from China

Choosing the right supplier could be hard but it is very important for your business. Don’t be so worry about finding the right wholesale supplier. Bansar has a good connection in every popular supplier in China. Leading suppliers are commonly based in Guangdong and Shandong provinces. They have the capability to provide all the information for your fast wholesale process.

Gold Vases
Wholesale Gold Vases from China

Gold vases are very popular in every homeowner who is loved in collecting elegant decorations. If you wholesale gold vases to support your business, you can find your ideal wholesale vases suppliers who provide durable and quality vases to meet your needs. China is one of the most important partners in many places for a long time. Wholesale suppliers can supply most of the necessities of the basic place.

Hanging Vases
Wholesale Hanging Vases from China

This type of vase is really good looking for home decorations or even for hotels and other special places. People might love visiting a place who have amazing decorations, staying at the hotel and taking pictures with hanging vases. Whether you need small or large wholesale for your hanging vases, Jiangsu province wholesale suppliers can always meet your needs.

Pedestal Vases
Wholesale Pedestal Vases from China

Pedestal vases are commonly used for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. For your wholesale pedestal vases, you can find different wholesale vases owner that sells hundreds of different kinds of vases that you need for your business. If wholesale products are your top priority, a lot of wholesale quality vases are offered by manufacturers in China.

Personalized Vases
Wholesale Personalized Vases from China

Personalized vases are good for giving gifts. Many people offer personalized vases for wedding gifts. If you want to know more about wholesale vases suppliers then you must go to China. China is a country with a high level of productivity. It can be a great source of all kinds of vases such as personalized vases according to the necessities present on a certain market.

Plating Vases
Wholesale Plating Vases from China

Find out some qualified wholesale vases factories and look for qualified distributors in China. China is the qualified place to purchase different types of vases such as plating vases that you may need to run your business. Shanghai province has a lot of wholesale supplier and manufacturer of plating vases who can support your growing business.

Porcelain Vases scaled
Wholesale Porcelain Vases from China

Porcelain vases wholesale supplier and manufacturer are most in Zhejiang province of China. Providing fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent and huge orders and giving a complete information process about wholesale products so you can order safely. China leading wholesale supplier and manufacturer can handle the whole process.

PVC Plastic Vases
Wholesale PVC Plastic Vases from China

This types of good looking vases are not fragile and easy to hold whether you want to be put in another place. Find your partner that can surely provide and satisfy your needs. The leading wholesale PVC plastic vases manufacturer can supply enough products to meet your needs.

White Vases
Wholesale White Vases from China

Find your ideal wholesale white vases from the leading manufacturers found in China. China manufacturers are supplying all types of wholesale vases to meet the needs of your special requirements and provide high-quality products at competitive prices. Wholesale manufacturers and factories of vases are commonly based in Guangdong province of China.

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Sea Freight from China 1
Shipping wholesale vases by sea is one the most hassle-free and one of the most efficient and timely freight shipping services.
Air Freight from China
Air deliveries can provide humidity control and dust protection. If you wholesale vases that you need to ship, then you are in the right place.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail freight is much faster and more reliable means of transporting goods, as it is least affected by weather conditions and traffic jams.
Door to Door Service China
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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Best 20 Wholesale Vases Manufacturers in China

1 Foshan Ciray Household Products Co., Ltd.

As a specialized in the manufacturing and exporting of glassware products, the company produces glass vases and more decoration home products. With a professional and experienced team, they obtain good reputations from their customers. They provide the best quality and services to make customers satisfied. Make an appointment now!

2 Xiamen Snowple Imp.&.Exp.Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Snowple Imp.&.Exp.Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of various ceramic and polyresin items such as a vase, cup, and more. On behalf of the innovative and professional team, they can create new samples that base on customer and market needs. You can order huge quantities of high-quality at a reasonable price.

3 Zibo Melory Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.

In 2011, Zibo Melory Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focused on a glass vase, garden ware, and more. You can guarantee the design and sourcing of glass vase due to their rich experience and professional knowledge. They accept OEM and ODM orders. 12,000,000 pieces are their production capacity. Orders now.

4 Gaomi Deyun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of different types of glassware, they combined development and production. Their main products are glass vase, glass jars, and so on. The company becomes excellent glassware manufacture with the effort of its entire staff. BSCI, ISO 9001, and more are their factory certification.  Place your order now.

5 Zibo Sherry Trading Co., Ltd.

Zibo Sherry Trading Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of a glass vase. With the professional staff in design, manufacture, and packing, they assure to all customers to have the right quality and high-level service. They have available processing such as print, hand drawing, decorating, and more. Choose the preferred design for your glass vase and they will achieve your required design.

6 Ahhui Xin Nian Hua International Trading Co., Ltd.

Ahhui Xin Nian Hua International Trading Co., Ltd. factory is the biggest glass production base in China. Their main products are glass vase, glass jar, and more. OEM and ODM design are accepted. Through their professional designer team, they can provide good quality, best services, and competitive prices. Contact them now.

7 Anhui Idea Technology Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Anhui Idea Technology Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporting glassware products including vases, storage jars, and more. Their products are guaranteed first-class. They can provide the best services to customers in the whole world. If you want to customize the design, please visit their website now.

8 Hangzhou Everpeak Industrial Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer of a glass dome, the company can provide you different sizes of a glass vase, glass bottle, etc. Their products are guaranteed made of recycled, eco-friendly, and high-quality materials. Your design and quality is their priority. If you have large quantities order, please message them now.

9 Chaozhou Fengxi Xinyifeng Ceramic Factory

Chaozhou Fengxi Xinyifeng Ceramic Factory focused on all types of glass fiber-reinforced, floor vases, ceramic vase, and many more. They have rich experience in producing vases. If you want to make an order now, please message them now. And have the best quality and services from them.

10 Qingdao Everlast Glass Products Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer of glass products, the company specialized in the production of a glass vase, candle jars, and so on. Their products have been sold to the local market. They assure all customers to get easily and quickly of their needs. Place your order now, and get the good quality at a reasonable cost.

11 Xuzhou Gabry Glassware Co., Ltd.

In 2012, Xuzhou Gabry Glassware Co., Ltd. was founded and manufacturer of glassware. Their products are glass vase, glass jar, glass bottle, and so on. They can assure all customers to have high-quality products. If you have an urgent order of any glassware products then this is your best choice.


MAVERIKE DESIGN is a manufacturer of flower vases, candelabras, wedding centerpiece, and more. Through their efficient and strong workforce, they will assure to have good quality products and excellent services. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all kinds of design and decoration, this is your right place.

13 Cangzhou Jinkai Glass Handicraft Co., Ltd.

Cangzhou Jinkai Glass Handicraft Co., Ltd. is a supplier of glass vase and glassware. Their products are sold to the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan. They provide favorable prices to their highly accurate products. Place your order now and get excellent quality at your desired requirement.

14 Wenxi Xinmin Glass Products Ltd.

As a manufacturing and trading company focused on a glass vase, glass plate, wine glass, etc., the company can provide excellent quality, competitive price, good service, and rapid delivery for your orders. Their products have been exported to more than 20 countries. If you have inquiries, please visit their website for more info.

15 Nantong Shengdong Import And Export Co., Ltd.

As specialized in manufacturing and exporting different kinds of glassware, the company offers high-quality products at a competitive cost. The products include glass vase, glass candle holder, and so on. Through their development, they obtain a good reputation between customers. If you have any inquiries with regards to a glass vase, please visit their website.

16 Yiwu Shuang Bei Glasswork Co., Ltd.

In 2006, Yiwu Shuang Bei Glasswork Co., Ltd. was established and focused on manufacturing, design, and processing glass. Their products are vases, glass plate, candlestick, and more which passed FDA, BV, LFGB, and SGS test. They always utilize first-class quality and good services to all customers. Contact them now.

17 Guangzhou Baina Home Decoration Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a luxury or simple style for your vase decoration for your home and other purposes, Guangzhou Baina Home Decoration Co., Ltd. is your best option. They can provide you a famous design and trusted quality vases. Please visit their website for more information.

18 Zibo Great Sailing Light Industrial Products Co., Ltd.

Since 2015, Zibo Great Sailing Light Industrial Products Co., Ltd. focused on a manufacturing glass vase and owned two factories. Their company is WAL-MART, TARGET, BSCI, IKEA, COCA-COLA, AVON, and DISNEY passed. They can provide you reliable quality, competitive cost, and rapid delivery time. Place your order now.

19 Shanxi Huasen Yuexuan Glassware Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer of a glass vase, the company offers the best quality and services. They have more than 6 departments that include a quality testing department, purchase department, design department, sales department, and more. Their products have been exported to some countries. You are very welcome to contact them for your inquiries.

20 Shenzhen Fengming Gift Co., Ltd.

Looking for the best and unique home decoration art and business gift times? Well, Shenzhen Fengming Gift Co., Ltd. is your best solution. They can offer you a high-quality yet affordable crystal vase, crystal perfume bottle, and more. They also accept large quantities of orders. Message them now for more information.

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