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3D wallpaper
Wholesale 3D Wallpaper from China

High-quality materials are being used by this kind of teapots. It is the kind of environmental materials that cannot give you a hard time and also makes you feel no hassle and stress at all. That is also the main reason why many businessmen and many clients depends and relying to their manufactory skills. With a friendly and lowest prices offered, your wholesale orders will delivered in a secure way.

Bamboo Wallpaper
Wholesale Bamboo Wallpaper from China

There are a lot of good productions offers to you by Chinese suppliers. You can search all the Chinese province or regions locations that are willing to be your long-life business partner. To have well-run business, you have to be more focused about most effective ways to gain profitability income. You have to worry no more for Bansar is having the obligation to deliver your orders through freights services.

Flock Wallpaper
Wholesale Flock Wallpaper from China

Having the desire of getting distributed and served by most hardworking Chinese workers over there? Then, that is no problem. When you loved to be served by them, then it is your choice. You can do whatever you want because you have the freedom to do that. But please be wise, choose those manufacturers that can really be a trustworthy one and cannot scam you.

Foil Wallpaper
Wholesale Foil Wallpaper from China

No more someone to run to ask about getting manufactured by most suppliers in China? Do you have plans to get supplied by them? The quality of their productions and distributions is truly awesome. You truly won`t regret. They have the high talented staffs that have each skills in providing what you need all about. Be with them and truly satisfied.

Liner Wallpaper
Wholesale Liner Wallpaper from China

If you want to reach big achievements for your business, thinking about getting manufactured by most manufacturers in China might truly helps. Shanghai is one of China`s province which also includes the province of Guangdong that has plenty of manufacturers. Guided by them might cause big improvement to your wallpaper business.

Mylar Wallpaper
Wholesale Mylar Wallpaper from China

To make the transporting process safely and as well finely, you must ask favor with Bansar to help you shipped your ordered wholesale products directly to your warehouses and even to your business locations or residential homes. You can expect whatever you always wanted and desired. You can be provided as soon as possible or with your scheduled time.

Plain Wallpaper
Wholesale Plain Wallpaper from China

If you wholesale wallpapers yet do not know what the process should be. You must rely on the experts and professionals that operate based in China. They have done with a promise to do their actual duties to your wallpaper production businesses. Shipping rates are offered at only affordable prices. Don`t feel hesitation and bothered in doing purchasing actions into them.

Plastic Brick Wallpaper
Wholesale Plastic Brick Wallpaper from China

Any sizes and colors of this type of wallpapers are easily obtainable in most marketers located in China. You can`t feel any disappointments. They are doing their best to serve you with their shipping services. Through rail, sea, rail, and even straightforwardly warehouse delivery are offered by their professional agents. Less efforts and not even tiring processes of the delivery procedures of your large and wholesale orders will be ultimately possible.

Printed Wallpaper
Wholesale Printed Wallpaper from China

You can benefits a lot in every ways when you order and purchase wallpapers in a wholesale ways to be in your business. When it is new for you to purchase in large orders, Bansar can help you through a not hassle and effectual way to transport your wholesale wallpapers. Bansar shipping company already certified as a helpful corporation to any clients and they were getting satisfied on it.

Self Adhesive
Wholesale Self-Adhesive Wallpaper from China

Through asking for a help and guidance from the top one freight forwarding organizer is a better and great idea you would ever made up ever. Getting a voluntary help from reliable shipping provider can really gain a big success impact to your business. You will be successful with the help they are provided just for you. Many provinces in China you can find a reliable one for your product manufacturing needs.

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper
Wholesale Vinyl Coated Wallpaper from China

Always put on your mind that asking for someone`s help isn`t bad. Though, it can be a comprehensive way to be a successful businessmen and women in the future. Bansar recommended and suggested their offered willingness to give you your higher satisfaction needs. Because of this, you can built unbreakable business relationships with Bansar.

Vinyl wallpaper
Wholesale Vinyl wallpaper from China

Are you ready to be a successful business owner that also having faithful and close networking relationships with Bansar? Then, you should have to be ready and prepared about. Usually, those who are having successful business now are having a close networking with Bansar and to its manufacturer partners. They are having powerful combinations with a mission of creating ideal business productions with you. So get ready.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wallpaper Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
To handle your wholesale wallpapers in more convenient ways, reach for a sea freights forwarding activities.
Air Freight from China to
Air freight forwarding is more capable to be use as your shipping partners. You can be insured to transport it safely.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
To be honest, rail freight forwarding is the finest way to transport your wholesale wallpapers.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
The best among the three is the door to door way of shipping of your wholesale wallpaper orders. Stress-free will be surely felt at this moment.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Wallpaper Shipping from China

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The Resource to Help you Wholesale Wallpaper from China:

Wholesale Suppliers of Wallpaper

Best Wholesale Wallpaper Manufacturers and Suppliers in China


  • Zhejiang Ever-Power Decoration Co., Ltd.

You can trust Zhejiang Ever-Power Decoration Co., Ltd. for your wholesale wallpaper sourcing. This company is one of the largest wallpaper manufacturers in China. They produce more than 300 high-quality Vinyl wallpaper collections and exported them to many countries. It is located in East China, Zhejiang Province and currently enjoying good relationships among clients worldwide.


HUNAN SUNYE IMP.&EXP.CO.LTD is one of the leading wallpaper manufacturers and suppliers located in Wuyi Road, Changsha, China with a factory area of 26,000 square meters. This company has a professional designer team, a strong workforce, and advanced production lines. They ensure to meet customers’ specifications and requirements at a reasonable price.

  • LANCA Wallcovering Co., Ltd

Founded in 2008, Lanca Wallcovering Co., Ltd is a professional wallpaper manufacturer with more than 8 years of experience in exporting wallpaper products to different countries. Your one-stop-shop provider of Vinyl wallpaper, Non-woven wallpaper, Deeply Embossed Wallpaper, Metallic Wallpaper, Rotary screen-printing wallpaper, etc. They are located in East China, Shandong Province. All products are offered at a reasonable rate.

  •  MAX Wallpaper

 Established in 2002, MAX Wallpaper is specialized in producing 3D Wallpapers, PVC Wallpaper, Non-woven Wallpaper, and other related products for more than a decade. All products are manufactured with high standards of quality at a competitive price. They owned 6 advanced production lines, in a 90,000 square meters warehouse.

  •  Zhejiang Wall-life Decoration Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Wall-life Decoration Co., Ltd is an ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 certified wallpaper manufacturer located in Shaoxing city, Zhejiang province. Specialized in the R&D, production, and sales of great quality wallpapers. The company has an excellent design team and sales team, strong and innovative product lines that guarantee beautiful, durable, and affordable wallpapers.

  • Yangzhou Eastshow Decorative Material Co. Ltd

One of the major wallpaper suppliers in China, Yangzhou Eastshow Decorative Material Co. Ltd produced a full range of wallpaper that meets your requirements. They produce fashionable 3D wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, kid`s wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, and more. All wallpaper products they supply are well-recognized in the global market for the best quality and competitive price.

  • Guangzhou MyWow Decor Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou MyWow Decor Co., Ltd. is one of the reputable wholesale wallpaper manufacturers in Southern China. With more than 13 years of exporting experience, they are well-known and popular among client worldwide. Their factory covering an area of 25,000 square meters and has 4 full sets of wallpaper production line. They obtained ISO 20000 certification.

  • Shanghai Snoeen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing wallpapers, Shanghai Snoeen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. develop a strong capabilities in producing wholesale wallpaper that can exceed your requirements. All products such as 3D Foam Wall sticker, 3D Wallpaper, PVC Wallpaper, Non-Woven Wallpaper are manufactured under ISO 9001 compliance. It was headquartered in Anhui province, with an area of 40,000 square meters.

  • Huizhou Heshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Heshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is your trusted wholesale wallpaper provider located in Shiwan Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. Their company has 4, 700 square meters factory area and employs more than 100 workers. This company gained good feedbacks because of its stable quality, fast production, and affordable products.

  • Hunan Changsha Lanfeng Decoration Co., Ltd

Set up in the year 2013, Hunan Changsha Lanfeng Decoration Co., Ltd is a professional wallpaper manufacturer and supplier in China. They produced self-adhesive wallpaper, non-woven wallpapers, and other decorative materials. They possess advanced manufacturing lines and an excellent design team & skilled QC & high-trained employees.

  • Beijing Lanhaitong Trading Co. Ltd

Since 2008, Beijing Lanhaitong Trading Co. Ltd dedicated itself to providing high-quality wall decoration products such as wallpapers to customers. Specialized in unique research and development, production and marketing of wall panel & wall decoration materials, 3D BOARD, etc. Located in Beijing China with an advanced facility area and strong workforce.

  •  Haining Guangyu Warp Knitting Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003, Haining Guangyu Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer based in South Haichang road, Haining city, Zhejiang Pro., China. This company focused on providing the best quality products for how many years and now continuously supplying the right products at a reasonable price to the market.

  • Wallplus Decor Limited

Wallplus Decor Limited is a leading wallpaper manufacturer and supplier since 2009. They produced Kid’s wallpaper, PVC (vinyl) wallpaper, Non-woven wallpaper, Natural materials wallpaper, Wallpaper adhesive and accessories, and more. They have experienced and professional people on production and sales that guarantee unique, stunning, and high-quality wholesale wallpapers.

  • Shaoxing Vigour Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Vigour Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is a trusted wallpaper manufacturer headquartered in Jiangsu Taixing, China. Focused on design, environmental concept, manufacturing, and sales of high-standard wallpapers with ISO9001, FSC certification. They produced all kinds of wall decorations for your non-stop buying.

  • Quanzhou Xinhong Eco-friendly material Co., Ltd

Started in 2000, Quanzhou Xinhong Eco-friendly material Co., Ltd is a respectable manufacturer and supplier located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Their company covers an area of 15,000 square meters. Mainly produce Wallpaper, Nylon-Fabric, Polyester Fabric, Printing Fabric, Oxford Fabric, etc.

  • Dezhou Art Star Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, Dezhou Art Star Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a company belonging to DZAS Group Co., Ltd. You can obtain high-quality Non-Woven/PVC Wallpaper, 3D/5D/6D Mural, Filament Non-Woven Geotextile, etc. here in Dezhou Art Star Import & Export Co., Ltd. All products are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide and gained good feedbacks from clients.

  • Zibo Piton Industry Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003, Zibo Piton Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in making decorative materials for walls and floors, like SPC flooring, PVC vinyl flooring, PVC wallpaper, PVC roll flooring, Carpet tile, Laminate flooring, etc. Zibo Piton Industry Co., Ltd. has passed ISO14001 environmental protection system certificate, ISO9001 quality system certificate, SGS testing certification, and CE certificate.


SHAOXING WIJIA DECORATION Co., Ltd. is one of the most trusted and professional wallpaper manufacturers with ISO 9001 management certification and CE certificate. They supply all types of wallpapers that can meet your requirements such as PVC wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, metallic wallpaper, pure paper wallpaper, and natural material wallpaper at a reasonable price.

  • China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM)

With more than 10 years of wallpaper manufacturing experience, CNBM is now popular and a professional wallpaper factory in China. They manufacture not only products for clients but also supply complete advanced technology solutions in order to provide guaranteed consistency, purity, and absolute performance quality. They have a professional and reliable customer service that you can contact 24/7.

  • HANMERO Wallpaper

Specialized in unique R&D, design, production, and sales of various types of wallpaper such as Mica wallpaper, Yarn wallpaper, Beads wallpaper, PVC wallpaper (Vinyl wallpaper), Non-woven wallpaper, Paper wallpaper, and so on. Hanmero Wallpaper is located in Wuhan City with a 20,000 square meters factory area. This company employs a professional designer team along with advanced manufacturing lines to ensure stable quality wallpapers.






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