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Couple Watches
Wholesale Couple Watches from China

Couple watches are common to all couple who love to wear watches. It is good to start your business with fancy watches who people love to wear. If you need to wholesale couple watches and you’re still finding a reliable supplier who can support your business, Bansar can recommend the best wholesale supplier from Guangdong province. They can supply any types of wholesale watches at a very affordable cost.

Digital LED Watches
Wholesale Digital LED Watches from China

Digital LED watches are good for those who love hiking, biking and other types of a fun outing. Choosing the right supplier could be hard but it is very important for your business. Find out some qualified factories and look for qualified distributors in Zhejiang province who has the most certified wholesale suppliers.

Gold Watches
Wholesale Gold Watches from China

Gold watches are most common to use while they can give a lot of benefits. It strengthens the heart by preventing heart attacks and enhances stamina and other good benefits by wearing on it. If you wholesale gold watches for your watches business, find the most supplier in Shandong province who can give you complete details for your wholesale process especially shipping process.

Kids Watches
Wholesale Kids Watches from China

If you are looking for genuine and high quality of wholesale kids watches products at the best price from certified Chinese watches supplier, China is an excellent choice for you. A lot of manufacturers and suppliers in China manufacture kids watches in different fashion styles that may suit to your client’s taste and preferences.

Leather Watches
Wholesale Leather Watches from China

You can find different wholesale leather watches that sells hundreds of different kinds of shoes that you need for your shoe business. If wholesale products are your top priority and a lot of new trends of leather watches are offered by leading wholesale manufacturers from provinces in China like Jiangxi and Shanghai provinces.

Mens Watches
Wholesale Men Watches from China

If you wholesale for something and you probably want to save money especially when it comes of purchasing men watches for your business, you can find reliable manufacturers in China who are provided affordable yet high-quality wholesale men watches. You can find a lot of them from Zhejiang province.

Personalized Watches
Wholesale Personalized Watches from China

Wholesale for something is not an easy task, especially for the newbies. The wholesale process can be extremely complex, confusing and costly. Expected gains can often be erased by long transit time, rising or fluctuating delivery costs, regulatory fees, and unexpected delays. If you need help on finding wholesale watches markets, let Bansar help you find suppliers in China.

Silicone Watches
Wholesale Silicone Watches from China

China is one of the most important partners in many places for a long time. Leading suppliers can supply most of the necessities of the basic place. There are plenty of profitable products to wholesale from China and as time goes by new opportunities appear. Find the best suppliers and save a lot of money and fewer efforts.

Stainless Steel Watches
Wholesale Stainless Steel Watches from China

People in business can find a lot of options to explore in China. To be successful, you need to identify the best products that will bring you profit and help you develop your business in the long run. You should look for the best supplier and manufacturer who can ensure your orders will be delivered safely to your warehouse.

Women Watches
Wholesale Women Watches from China

China is a country with a high level of productivity. It can be a great source of all kinds of watches according to the necessities present on a certain market. The reason why many people in business prefer Chinese apparel is not only based on its high quality but also on its affordable price.

Wood Watches
Wholesale Wood Watches from China

Find great wholesale suppliers of wood watches who supply all types of durable and affordable with quality packaging for your wholesale safety travel. If you wholesale wood watches urgent, find a supplier who always provides fast shipping process so you can sure your wholesale watches arrive on time to your warehouse.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Watches Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
Shipping by sea is a first choice for most wholesale for low prices and large volume options. Perfect for sending small quantities of personal effects such as your watches.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
Air deliveries can provide humidity control and dust protection. If you wholesale watches that you need to ship, then you are in the right place.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to the destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Door to Door Service China
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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Wholesale Watches from China

When you wholesale watches from China and want to find a better supplier,

You can’t miss this guide.

You can get benefits by reading this guide, and become an expert in the wholesale watches market.

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Best 20 Wholesale Watches Manufacturer in China

1 Shenzhen Shichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. offers a variety of watch products to meet your multifarious demands. They adhere to principles of “quality first, customer first, and credit-based” to the management. The company always does its best to satisfy the potential needs of its customers. 

2 Shenzhen Jinyu Watch Co., Ltd.

Jinyu Watch Co. is located in Shenzhen. It is an independent manufacturer that sets designs, sales, and productions of nurse watches, gift watches, military form watches, and other promotional class watches. Jinyu Watch focuses on low-cost but high-quality products that fully meet consumers’ demand.

3 Guangzhou YATSSO Technology Co., Ltd

YaTSSO Technology Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou China. With 18 years of experience in specializing in design,  production, and sales of dual display sport style watches. Their products are exported to the United States, South America, Europe,  and the Middle East. 

4 Shenzhen Jin Laiyi Watch Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2006, Jin Laiyi Watch is a manufacturer of high-quality timepieces located in Shenzhen, China. Their company has experienced watch engineers who are excellent at OEM and ODM services and projects. They are striving to meet the customer′s expectation in quality, price, and lead time. 

5 Shenzhen Focus Industries Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Focus Industries Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of watches that owns many brands like MINI FOCUS. They are experienced at OEM and ODM  projects with their standard management and professional team. Focus Industries is also designing personalized and simple wristwatches for men and exquisite watches for women and some trendy and fashion sports watches for teenagers.

6 Guangzhou Weiya Watch Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Weiya Watch Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou, China. It is an experienced manufacturer of watches specializing in production, design, development, and selling of different kinds of watches. Their products are well-known in both national and international markets.

7 AQ Pins & Gifts Co., Ltd.

AQ Pins & Gifts Co., Ltd was founded in 2009.  With over 12 years of experience in manufacturing promotional gifts and other custom-made metal craft.  In 2015 their factory was relocated to Zhongshan City. They achieve faster production of watches at more competitive prices. 


Since 1999, JP Time has been located in ShenZhen city Guangdong Province. It is a leading manufacturer of various kinds of watches and all watch parts. Their products are quality made as they have built a very strict QC system. They produce high quality,  economical and environmental things as purpose. 

9 Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2006, Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch Co. Ltd is a factory producing all kinds of watches. Their products include stainless steel watches, silicone watches, alloy watches, wood, and bamboo watches. The company has been audited and passed Alibaba assessed supplier and Sedex. 

10 Dongguan Rainmin Intelligent Technology Limited   

Rainmin has 5 years of experience in designing and producing smartwatches, bracelets, and other wearable medical hardware. They own a 3000 square meter production center and strong R & D team.  Rainmin is the primary solution provider of standard and customized models and functions in China.

11 Guangdong Donghua Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Donghua Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd offers a variety of watch products to meet your multifarious demands. They adhere to principles of “quality first, customer first, and credit-based” to the management. The company always does its best to satisfy the potential needs of its customers. 


SUNBOW IND COMPANY LIMITED’s factory is located in Shenzhen.  They have cooperators from Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom,  Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc. Their products offer functions that are powerful, easy to use, quality safe, and practical, and make them be cooperators’ first choice. 

13 Shenzhen Wings Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Wings Technology Co., Ltd, was established in 2012, located in Shenzhen City, China. It is a professional manufacturer of electronic digital fashion gift watches. Through continuous hard work and innovation, their company has accumulated an abundance of experience in various products and with leading levels in the industry. 

14 Zhongshan JDL Metal Crafts Co., Ltd.It

It is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. JDL Metal Crafts is one of the most leading promotional gifts and souvenirs manufacturers in China. They have experienced designers who are good at fulfilling personalized specifications for customers.  

15 Shenzhen OMNIA Watch Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen OMNIA Watch Co., Ltd. offers a variety of watch products to meet your multifarious demands. They adhere to principles of “quality first, customer first, and credit-based” to the management. The company always does its best to satisfy the potential needs of its customers. 

16 Shenzhen San He Xing Ye Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen San He Xing Ye Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2009. It is a professional manufacturer of customized watches and watches parts. Their products include quartz watches and automatic watches. With more than 8 years of development, Their products are exported to South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, The United States,  Europe, and more than 20 areas around the world. 

17 Wecent Technology Co., Ltd.

Wecent Technology Co., Ltd. offers a variety of watch products to meet your multifarious demands. They adhere to principles of “quality first, customer first, and credit-based” to the management. The company always does its best to satisfy the potential needs of its customers. 

18 Guangzhou Soyouth Wristwatch Co., Ltd.

Soyouth is a professional manufacturer with a wide range, reasonable prices,  good quality, and stylish designs of products.  Their products are extensively used in human life and other industries. Their factory is well-equipped with strong technical force and with testing facilities. 

19 Shenzhen Coban Electronics Co., Ltd.

Since 1999, Shenzhen Coban Electronics Co., Ltd has specialized in research, development, production of automotive electronics, wireless communications terminal equipment, security products, and other fields. Their company has obtained CE, CCC, FCC, and UL ISO 9001 authentication. 

20 Shenzhen Baisihua Technology Co., Ltd.

Found in 2012, Shenzhen Baisihua Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of smart wearable products in China. They provide OEM and ODM service with their excellent wearable products like luxury brand stainless steel watches to people. Their customers are from different countries like the US, Australia, Canada, India, and Spain.

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