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Wide Format Paper from China
Colored Wide Format Papers
Importing Colored Wide Format Papers from China

Suppliers and factory of wide format paper are found in Guangdong province and there are some in Shanghai province. Suppliers in China established themselves with dedication, quality, and patience in making wide format papers to meet your business needs. High-quality supplies are supplied by their factories with great services.

Engineering Wide Format Paper
Importing Engineering Wide Format Paper from China

Wide format papers are great used for architecture are engineers for their projects. China offers quality materials of wide format papers that can be imported into almost any many countries. The reason why many people prefer Chinese products is not only based on its high quality but also on its affordable price.

Fabric Rolls
Importing Fabric Rolls from China

Be one of the importers of most popular supplier and factory of Jiangsu and Shandong provinces in China. You can select your ideal supplier who has the capability to ensure your products safety by providing all the information you need when importing from them. Finding a sustainable supplier and manufacturer can help you find high-quality products for your business.

Flourescent Wide Format Paper
Importing Fluorescent Wide Format Paper from China

China’s leading suppliers and factories offer the best wide format papers and provide the widest selections of fluorescent wide format papers. People in business can find a lot of options to explore in China. To be successful, you need to identify the best products that will bring you profit and help you develop your business in the long run.

In Line Coated
Importing In Line Coated from China

China is one of the most important partners in many places for a long time. China suppliers can supply most of the necessities of the basic place. There are plenty of profitable products to import from China and as time goes by new opportunities appear. In Zhejiang province, you can find a lot of professional supplier and manufacturer who have been trusted in many years of manufacturing.

Latex Satin
Importing Latex Satin from China

China is a country with a high level of productivity. It can be a great source of all kinds of wide format papers according to the necessities present on a certain market. You can find most suppliers who can make your process smoothly and efficiently from Shanghai province in China.

Matte Canvas
Importing Matte Canvas from China

Importing products to support your business is not an easy task. You need to be patient about selecting a supplier if it is your first time of importing. Bansar can recommend to you a sustainable supplier and factory to find your ideal products. Importing from China has proven a successful tactic of global sourcing for many businesses. Products made in China such as matte canvas wide format papers and many more are popular worldwide.

Polyester Thick Canvas
Importing Polyester Thick Canvas from China

Are you looking for the best polyester thick canvas wide format papers? China suppliers got you covered. With working experience of more than a century in the coffee industry, Most of their suppliers rendered consultation for taking their products to the next level. Manufacturers of wide format papers in China can be found in Guangdong province. They provide the real value of your money and products for your business.

Polyvinyl Widde Format Papers
Importing Polyvinyl Wide Format Papers from China

Ensure your polyvinyl wide format papers safety by choosing certified suppliers and factories that have passed a lot of international certification. Find the best selection from the leading suppliers and factories found in China. China has a lot of sustainable supplier and manufacturer who supply all types of affordable wide format papers based in Jiangsu province.

Removable Self Adhesive Paper
Importing Removable Self Adhesive Paper from China

Whether you need to import small or large orders of wide format papers, Bansar can always meet your needs. Bansar has a very good connection in all popular and leading suppliers and factories who supply all types of wide format papers and have the capability to ensure the safety of your orders. Find most suppliers who can make your process smoothly and efficiently.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wide Format Papers Shipping from China?

sea freight shipping from China to 4
Shipping Wide Format Papers by sea is one of the most efficient and timely freight shipping services, well effective to ensure hassle-free from importing from China.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
Shipping Wide Format Papers by air is one of the reliable access to space in a capacity constrained. Can resolve all your emergencies, reduce inventory.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to the destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
If you are new to importing from China or have no importing permit, you can contact Bansar to help your order, we will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Wide Format Papers Shipping from China

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Best Wide Format Paper Manufacturer in China

  • Imatec Digital Co., Ltd

Established in 2008, Imatec Digital Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in the large format printing industry. Their products range on banner media, inks solution, digital Inkjet Photo media, art canvas, inkjet film, proofing media, wide format paper, warm lamination film, photographic paper roll, and technical support for large format printers. Your trusted integrated large-format solution in China.

  • Shanghai Der new material co. Ltd

ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001 certified manufacturer with profound experience in making wide format paper, digital printing media, sign material, PVC flex banner, inkjet media, photo paper, and so on. They are located in Shanghai, China. As an experienced manufacturer, they strive to follow a strict and perfect quality control system that ensures high-quality products and also achieves the trust of global customers.

  • Million Ton New Material (Suzhou)Co, Ltd.,

Million Ton New Material (Suzhou)Co, Ltd., is one of the excellent high-tech enterprises with unique R&D and sales of sticky sublimation coating, sublimation transfer paper, fast-dry transfer paper, etc. Since the inception in 2016, they maintained a good reputation and stable product quality supply to customers. All clients are very satisfied with products and have a long-term cooperation.

  • Richer Paper Co., Limited

Richer Paper Co., Limited is a reputable wide format paper manufacturer and supplier situated in Guangxi province, China covering an area 100, 000 square meters. They have passed ISO 9001 certification and own many advanced manufacturing lines focused on high and midrange. You can ensure quality products because they obtained superior equipment and manufacturing process, perfect testing system.

  • Unisign Industrial Material

Shanghai Unisign Industrial Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and factory which have been specialized in Solvent and Eco-Solvent PVC including front lit flex, backlit flex, PVC mesh, one-way vision, PVC foam board, tarpaulin, etc. ISO 9001, ISO 20000 certified supplier who aims to satisfy customers with high quality and good service.

  • Suntek Print Company Limited

Suntek Print Company Limited is one of the leading high-tech enterprises integrated into R&D, manufacture, and trade on different printing equipment & consumables. Located in Shenzhen, China, and enjoying convenient transportation. With high quality and competitive price, their products enjoy highly praised among customers worldwide.

  • Shanghai MOREINK Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

ISO 9001 authenticated, Shanghai MOREINK Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional digital printing machine supplier in China with vast history and development in this industry. They are a reliable and trustworthy one-stop application plan supplier you can depend on. Since the foundation, they committed to innovate and share the business philosophy to supply the stable and reliable quality of digital printing machines and other related products.

  • Shenzhen QOP Technology

Shenzhen QOP Technology Co., Limited is a leading Chinese manufacturer with state-of-the-art and advanced automatic and multifunctional wide format coating production lines. Dedicated to providing products and services that meet the expectations of customers throughout the world. Their coating technology is unique and has achieved international advanced standards.

  • Guangzhou Huahe Adhesive Products Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Huahe Adhesive Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer focusing on researching inkjet outputting technology and related products including cold laminating film, high glossy photo paper, self-adhesive vinyl, wide format paper, etc. Throughout the years of reliable and rich history, they established a good relationship with the worldwide major digital image equipment and accessories manufacturers.

  • Hymn Digital Image

Established in 1996, Hymn Digital Image is a premier company in the field of digital imaging in China. They are devoted to supply high-quality products with low cost, high accuracy, personalize but pollution-free. This manufacturing workshop possesses almost every type of product testing equipment and manufacturing lines, including the latest printers of worldwide major brands.


Eco SIGN SUPPLIES Co., Ltd is a reliable manufacturer and factory located in Dongguan, China. With state-of-the-art production facilities and highly-trained workers, they ensure prompt delivering high-quality products that achieved customers′ satisfaction. They also accept OEM/ODM orders with a talented R&D team plus high-efficient member staff.

  • Xinwu paper

Xinwu paper is a trusted wide format paper manufacturer you will ever have. They provide standard and custom-made products for customers. Whether you`re a supplier or company who wants to expand your market for the import company and buy an office Xinwu is the best choice. You can find and get the most suitable and realistic products here.

  • FeiYue Paper

Located in Suzhou China, FeiYue Paper Factory is specialized in fabricating all types of papers in China like wide format paper, sublimation paper, inkjet printer, sublimation ink, etc. This company has passed ISO 9001, ISO 9000 management system certification and offers you a one-stop sublimation printing service. Established in 2009,  you can always count on FeiYue Paper!

  • Teide Inkjet Material

Started in 2010, Suzhou Teide Inkjet Material Ltd produced quality products including wide format paper, Inkjet Canvas , Solvent Canvas , Digital Printing Canvas , Inkjet Media , Inkjet Wallpaper , and so on. They are supported by highly-qualified academic background & strong team-work spirit to ensure trusted pre-sale and after-sale services. For your satisfaction, they also offer OEM products based on customers′ requests.

  • ZST Group

Established in 2004, ZST Group is a reliable photo paper, inkjet paper, wide format paper manufacturer and provider located in China. They own an advanced coating factory in China with more than 300, 000 square feet with over millions of square meters of monthly production capacity. Since the establishment, they are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Colorido digital company

One of the best manufacturers and factories that specialized in providing customers with excellent quality printing solutions. Throughout the years, this company focus on providing customers with the highest quality products and reliable services at a competitive price. They offer good performance, stability, modularity, and rest assured high productivity to support your business.

  • NanJing Getwin Industrial

ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14000 authenticated company engaged in the production of sublimation paper, sublimation printer, sublimation ink, heat transfer vinyl, heat press, etc. Your one-stop provider of all kinds of thermal transfer paper and print media in China. With 10 years of experience in this industry, they know-how to stably provide enough supply of goods with high-quality at a very competitive rate to every customer.

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