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Wimax from China
aircard wimax
Importing Aircard Wimax from China

Aircard WiMAX, mobile hotspot is a mobile router that could surf on the fastest network. Aircard WiMAX hotspot could support up to more than 10 wifi users while on the go, at home and easily share it with family, friends, and colleagues. these manufacturers have their unique characteristics. Most Air card Wimax suppliers are in China in Guangdong.

backhaul wimax
Importing Back-haul Wimax from China

China has become the largest consumer of Backhaul WiMAX market in the past years. These Backhaul WiMAX are used to indoor wireless  LAN market. WiMAX Backhaul technology is designed to bring outdoor wireless. These reliable marketers are in a different area in China.

Indoor Wimax
Importing Indoor Wimax from China

If are needing an Indoor Wimax for your self and for your business also, but you don’t know where to import from these type of Wimax. Best manufactures of WiMAX are based in China particularly in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. You don’t need to go to other places because all the products that you need can be found in one place and that is China.

dualband wimax
Importing Dual band Wimax from China

Dual band WiMAX with the past development of wireless communication technologies having a lightweight, low profile, superior performance and especially the global system for mobile communication. Find your affordable Dualband WiMAX products from China, manufactured in Zhejiang.

fixed wimax
Importing fixed wimax from China

Fixed WiMAX refers to a system built using a standard and they use as the air interface technology, and it can offer cost-effective. Fixed WiMAX manufacturers in China provide high quality. If you’re importing from China, you can find verified and experienced manufactured in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu province which can be produced a good product.

mobile wimax
Importing Mobile Wimax from China

Mobile WiMAX technology provides the equivalent of broadband speed that allows for data transfer speed. It is a wireless communication industry coalition to the advancement of standards. Mobile WiMAX reliable suppliers in China in a different area.

outdoor wimax
Importing Outdoor Wimax from China

The Outdoor WiMAX has gained great ground recently worldwide because of the equipment is very expensive and can be readily deployed for both fixed wireless Outdoor and Broadband application. Outdoor Wimax suppliers in China, mostly in Shandong and Jiangsu area.

panel wimax
Importing Panel Wimax from China

China has been the most important manufacturing base for Panel Wimax, thus manufacturing factories offer a good and unique product at a reasonable price and provides the best customer services. Most of the Panel Wimax suppliers in Shandong and Guangzhou.

portable wimax
Importing Portable Wimax from China

If your shopping for something and you probably to save money especially when it comes to purchasing a Portable WiMAX for your business, you can find reliable manufacturers in China that are affordable yet meet the quality.

rubber duck wimax
Importing Rubber Duck Wimax from China

Rubber Duck Wimax High gain Wireless wifi Antena. Its flexible rubber and also it easy to use. Rubber Duck Wimax reliable suppliers in China are in a different area. Founding these right manufacturers could help you to save your time and effort also.

wireless wimax
Importing Wireless Wimax from China

In practical terms, Wireless WiMAX would operate similarly to Wifi but at higher speeds, over greater distances and for a greater number of users. Sourcing high good quality, Wireless WiMAX products from these certified Chinese suppliers.

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Importing Wimax from China

If you are planning on importing wimax from China, you will definitely know the exact details involved.

This guide will offer you information about the process of importing goods from China.

So read on.

Best Wimax Manufacturers in China:

Arronna Telecom Co., Ltd

Started to operate in 2007, Arronna Telecom Co., Ltd is a great manufacturer of WiMAX for clients across different countries. The company owned a strong ability in selling, production, and R&D. This is one of the high-tech companies in China that now possess 3, 000 square meters of production area. Their products have been surpassed competitors from Asian Market, South-east Asia Market, and EU market.

Etenda Technology Limited

Etenda Technology Limited is one of the leading high-tech enterprises in China. They specialized in the development, research, service, sales, and manufacture of any wireless communication equipment. Committed to supplying a total solution for any business operating worldwide. Also, they are composed of experienced professors and specialists to ensure the stability of their products.

Lanbowan Technolgy Ltd

Established in the city of Foshan, Guangdong Province China, Lanbowan Technolgy Ltd is a professional WiMAX manufacturer and designing company. They used superior manufacturing technology and excellent technique in making Wimax, WiFi, antenna, LTE, wireless bridge, and so on.

Foshan Times Antenna Factory

Was incorporated in the year 2004 in Foshan City China. The company mainly produces Wimax, 3.5GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, wireless public telephone antenna, CDMA/GSM base station antenna, and other kinds of the antenna. Since the beginning, Foshan Times Antenna Factory has only focused on technique improvement on different types of WiMAX and antennas to satisfy clients.

Wolon Cloud Network Communication Technology Co., Ltd

Located in Optical Valley, Wuhan, China, Wohlon Cloud Network Communication Technology Co., Ltd now has 300 well-experienced staff and 3 total factories. Since then, the company concentrated on making high-quality WIMAX, indoor fiber optic cable,  SFP+ transceiver modules, Fiber optic distribution box, and so on. They export them to 80 countries including Russia, Europe, the United States, Asia, and more.

Guangkaixun Communication Technologies Co., Ltd

Guangkaixun Communication Technologies Co., Ltd is professional in the operation, production, and development of WIMAX, microwave specialists, microwave components, and RF. From founding until today, the company becomes more expert in the field of mobile communication devices and products. As result, they now become one of the known suppliers of WIMAX products in China.

Ecopower Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Begun in the year 2011, Ecopower Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was located in Shenzhen China and now included as one of most leading fabricators of WiMAX products, optical communication, security module, and high-end power supply. Additionally, Ecopower specialized in product manufacturing, research, technical support, and sales.

Wolves Team Limited

Wolves Team Limited is a specialist in WiFi jammer, wireless signal security, 4G Jammer, 3G Jammer, RF Jammer, Wireless Video Jammer, and so on. You can apply their products in various industries like security services, bomb disposal, military units, police, and prison. The company gained 10+ years of industry history makes them professionals you can rely on.

inYaTong Technology(China) Co., Ltd

This is a well-known manufacturer, reseller, and developer of different WIMAX products and signal jamming devices. Aside from that, they could also wireless signal communication products like backpack jammer, WiFi jammer, GPS tracker, vehicle jammer, etc for clients worldwide. You can trust in YaTong Technology since they have a good R & D team, strict quality control, and offer products for competitive prices.

FiberMania Technology Co., Ltd

FiberMania Technology Co., Ltd was established with a motto of providing the most cost-effective and the best fiber solutions to clients all over the world. In the factory, they stock over a hundred fiber cables to supply related businesses worldwide. They serve the highest quality Wimax and fiber cables to satisfy every customer.

SDaPo Communication Co., Ltd

SDaPo Communication Co., Ltd is a professional processing and production company of WiMAX, Poe module, POE injector, POE switch, POE extender full gigabit, and more. Also, this company occupied a scientific and complete quality management system. Therefore, they gained strength, quality, and integrity in the industry.

DYS Fiber Optic Technology (DYSFO)

Since its inception in 2008, DYS Fiber Optic Technology became a leading manufacturing and developing company of advanced fiber optic products including WiMAX. They always aim to serve the best service, accurate lead time, and super quality products to customers all around the world. However, the products they manufacture are all compliant of RoHS and certified ISO14001 and ISO9001.

Necom Telecommunication Technologies Co. Limited

The Necom Telecommunication Technologies Co. Limited was focus on the sales and manufacturing of personal privacy protection, security equipment, and telecom products. Was incorporated in 2010, and since then all of their products have been exported to different regions and countries worldwide.

Takfly Communications Co., Ltd

As a high-tech company, Takfly Communications Co., Ltd is a known specialist in sales, R&D, and manufacture of any fiber optic communications equipment. They offer products such as WiMAX, connector, fiber optic patch cord, optical coupler, optic splice closure, and more. These products are applicable to the broadband industry, telecommunications, CATV, network industry, and broadcast. The company also makes sure all the products are approved by CE standard, ISO9001, UL, and PRC.

HangZhou RisingSun Cable Co., Ltd

Located in the Western Suburb of China and started operating in 1996. Hangzhou RisingSun Cable Co., Ltd is specialized in selling and manufacturing WIMAX, LAN Network Cable, Patch cord, Cable accessories, and so on. This company possesses a comprehensive quality system and quality assurance program. All of the products they offer have passed through ISO9001, SGS, UL, ETL, and CE.


When you`re not sure where to purchase high-quality Wimax, Holight provides a solution for you. This company more concentrates on producing different fiber optic connector parts including WiMAX to clients from different countries. Through 12 years` experience in the industry, Highlight has been expanding to keep on following industry trends.

Henzhen AL ASAR TECH Co., Ltd

Henzhen AL ASAR TECH Co., Ltd is one of the excellent suppliers, manufacturing and designing company in China. They mainly offer products like Wireless Coverage Products and RF Jamming Equipment. All of the products have a proven record of performance and reliability in different environmental conditions and to different applications.

Guangfan Communications Technology Co., Ltd

As a proud member of G. F. Group, Guangfan Communications Technology Co., Ltd has been specializing in the field of communication since its inception in 2011. Set up in Jiaxing City, Eastern China, delivering high-quality WiMAX products to clients from across the world efficiently and economically.

G-Antetech Telecom Antenna Factory

Works as a high-tech enterprise in China, Guangfan Communications Technology Co., Ltd totally committed to designing, R&D, selling, and manufacturing of GPS global position products like WiMAX. The corporation`s products have been certified to ISO9001: 2000 and compliant with RoHS and CE. This is well-known as one of the professional fabricators of WiMAX and other high-frequency antennas.

Lightwit Photonics Co., Ltd

Begun in the year 2000, Lightwit Photonics Co., Ltd is a high-tech communication professional, manufacturer, and developer. The company`s fiber optic products can be widely used for a CATV system, big data-video transmission, local and long-distance network system. Until today, they continuously manufacture fiber optic products that provide perfect service to every user.

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