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Window Film from China
3D Window Film
Importing 3D Window Film from China

3D window films are best to look great your window. It is highly recommended for those who need privacy, easy to use, allow more light and covered the glass panes with this film. If you really like this window film for your home especially for your booming business, then don’t wait too long. China is home to a different manufacturer of window films that suit your needs.

Anti Glare Film
Importing Anti-Glare Film from China

Do you have a business but you don’t know where to import window films? Well, China is the place where you can find thousands of suppliers and manufacturers for your window film business.  You can definitely guarantee that all the goods that you’re importing from China are not fake and they only used materials with high quality.

Anti Graffiti Window Film
Importing Anti-Graffiti Window Film from China

If you have an automotive business and have an establishment, anti-graffiti window films are good at it to help prevent and limit the exposure to vandals and graffiti taggers and other smooth surfaces from damages caused from paint, acid etching, scratching and carving damages. Thinking about importing amazing window film for your awesome business? China has different best manufacturers located in Guangdong.

Ceramic Window Film
Importing Ceramic Window Film from China

Choosing the right window film for your business is a personal thing. And you will know if you’re choosing the right one if it matches your customer’s needs and preferences down to a tee. A ceramic film consists of an adhesive layer, merged with a thin ceramic layer and a protective top coat. If you like a window film that has the ability to block 50 percent to 70 percent of UV light and can also block up to 70 percent of solar heat and 97 percent of infrared heat. Badly need this type of window film? Then, what are you waiting for! Shandong China has a ceramic film that you want for your business.

Decorative Window Film
Importing Decorative Window Film from China

Whether applied to the windows of an automobile or other vehicles, a home, or a business, window film is an inexpensive, attractive, and convenient way to improve the quality of interior space. Manufacturers in China have the ability to custom make and create anything you can dream up. So go ahead and let you imagination run wild.

Dyed Window Film
Importing Dyed Window Film from China

This type of film derives its color and solar blocking capabilities from a dye.  This type of film was the first type of window film made. The films can have virtually any color you can imagine due to the ability to choose any color dye. If you’re importing window film, China has the best supplier of different window film you need for your business.

Frosted Window Film
Importing Frosted Window Film from China

Nowadays, its hard to find a reliable window film factories that manufacture high class quality products. But if you need a frosted window film that is self-adhesive vinyl ideal for privacy in a home or business, with minimal loss of natural light. It is one of popular that suitable for most uses, whether as an alternative to net curtains, for enhanced privacy, to obscure an unsightly view or just to update an interior. When you import goods from China, Guangdong and Shandong is the best place.

High Heat Proof Window Film
Importing High Heat Proof Window Film from China

In China, there is a wide variety of window films option are available to you and to your business. If you’re planning on importing window films, China is highly recommended for high quality of window films that provide an excellent way to maintain high visibility, while protecting your home and your establishments from heat and preventing faded furnishings.

Metallic Window Film
Importing Metallic Window Film from China

Metallic window film is another type of tinting that adds class and sophistication to your windows. There are a bunch of different types of different window films, and they are designed for different purposes. It offers a very high level of everything you can ask for from a window film. Each type of film is different, and if you aren’t sure what to get, China has a lot of manufacturers of different window films and you can choose what type of window film you need that are intended for your business.

One way Mirror Film
Importing One way Mirror Film from China

Window film can be used to create a one way mirror effect. Typically most people see this on the police shows where they have someone in an interrogation room and others standing outside the room looking through a window that is a mirror from the interrogation room side. If you’re worrying about where you can import mirror film, worry no more! China has many window film factories particularly in Guangdong and Shandong.

Privacy Window Film
Importing Privacy Window Film from China

There are many types of privacy films available. If you are not concerned with the light coming through and you want an even higher level of privacy then there are complete block out films available to make the glass white or black depending on your preference. Or Maybe you are considering a frost film to block the view but allow light in or perhaps you are considering something more like a textured glass look to completely distort the view but allow the light to come through. Whatever your liking is, China is the place where thousands of factories of window films are being located. And if you’re planning on importing window films, you know where it is.

Safety and Security Window Film
Importing Safety and Security Window Film from China

If you’re looking for window films, Guangdong province in China has a lot of manufacturers that makes a high class films. Safety and security films are available in a variety of thicknesses to meet various levels of need. These films will be capable of adding safety to help protect people from broken glass shards and to help hold the glass in the window frame in the event it gets broken. You need this at home and to your business.

UV Blocking Window Film
Importing UV Blocking Window Film from China

Typical window films will be capable of blocking from 95 to 99.9% of the UV radiation. This is very recommended to eliminated from penetrating your windows with window film installed. Usually, typical glass is not capable of stopping UV Radiation from penetrating more than about 25%. Its very useful for business owners but especially for individual at home. This type of window films has UV blocking benefits you by providing health benefits and fading reduction. Gladly, China manufacturing all types of high quality window films suitable for your unique business.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 29
Shipping window film by rail is much faster and more reliable and least affected by traffic jams.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
Door to door helps to saves time, effort and money. We ensure that shipment arrive at destinations in time and safe.

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20 Best Window Film Manufacturer in China

1 Shanghai Hanker

Since its establishment, Hanker becomes a professional manufacturer of window films in China. They have more than 14 years of experience in producing the best quality window films. With their advance manufacturing tools and machines, Hanker can provide total solutions for your needs!

2 Guangdong New Vision Film Co., Ltd

New Vision is a trusted Chinese manufacturer of high-quality window films. Their main products include car cover film and explosion-proof tint. Their extensive range of window films are mainly used for residential glass window, commercial glass windows, and vehicle windows. With their excellent technical force and well-equipped testing facilities, New Vision can provide you high-quality products at an affordable price with stylish designs.

3 ZEO Window Films

ZEO Films is a leading manufacturer specializes in producing top-quality solar control window films. They offer window films with varieties of colors, qualities, and materials. ZEO Films produces window films that are great for safety/security, architectural, automotive, and industrial applications. ZEO Film is recognized as a qualified professional OEM service provider for many window film product brands.

4 Dongguan KSB Film Technology Co., Ltd

KSB Film focuses on manufacturing superior quality nano-window films. With their talented engineers and designers, KSB is able to manufacture the best quality nano-window films and tints that are sold worldwide. As the leading manufacturer, they provide customers with highest quality, economical, environmentally-friendly, and more reliable nano-window films.

5 Shanghai Nanolink Materials Co., Ltd

Nanolink produces the broadest selection of window films in China. Among their extensive range of products are PET window film, Car window film, Solar control window film, nano ceramic window film, UV protection window film, construction window film, and more. Through their strict quality control team and advance technology, Nanolink can provide the best quality window films that suits your needs.

6 Sino Group Co., Ltd

Sino Group is a professional manufacturer that also dedicated to make research, innovation, development, production, and sales of window films. All their products are certified and complied international quality standards to ensure high-quality. They also offer OEM services for your brand.

7 Solis

Solis is working with skillful engineers to manufacture premium quality window film. Based on their technologies and production facilities, they are able to manufacture window film with stable quality. All their products are guaranteed to have 10 years lifetime.

8 Jiangmen City Mr. Film Plastic Industry Co., Ltd

Mr. Film is committed to providing the highest quality window film that will suit your requirements. To meet market demands, they produce window films with wide variety of colors, quality, materials, and sizes. They welcome customers from around the world.

9 Guangzhou Maile Auto Supplies Co., Ltd

Miale Auto Supplies is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of window films in China. They specialize in manufacturing top-quality solar window films. Maile Auto Supplies also produce window tint film, privacy window film, and more. Through their advanced manufacturing equipment, they can provide your orders even in peak seasons.

10 Zhejiang Shichuang Optics Film Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Shichuang Optics Films is an experienced manufacturer of window films in China. Their factory is equipped with first-class testing equipment and advanced production tools from Japan and Germany. Their main products include car window film, residential and commercial window films, security and safety window films, etc. Shichuang Optics Films offers high-quality products at a reasonable cost. They look forward to be your business partner.

11 Yancheng Shining Windoware Co., Ltd

Since its establishments, Shining Windoware maintained its image as a professional manufacturer of window films and various window coverings. They produce the broades range of window films and coverings in China. Their products are also certified with various international and domestic quality standards to provide you high-quality products at a competitive price.

12 Guangzhou Xusheng Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd

Xusheng Film Technology is an expert manufacturer of explosion-proof tint film and TPU PPF car paint protection film. They offer quality-guaranteed products, fast delivery, excellent services, and affordable prices.

13 Shanghai HOHO Industry Co., Ltd

HOHO is a well-equipped manufacturing company that produces mainly window tint films for cars and vehicles. Their products have wide variety of colors, sizes, and materials. HOHO offers high-quality products at a competitive price. For many years, HOHO became the most trusted manufacturer in China.

14 Guangzhou Ailinkco New Materials Technology Co., Ltd

Ailinkco is a manufacturer not only of window films but also car wrap vinyl, car light film, and more. They are dedicated to provide premium quality products, affordable price, and excellent services. All of Ailinkco’s products are high-performance and top-quality in the market.

15 Homewell New-tech Decoration Co., Ltd

For more than 10 years, Homewell is a company that has its own professional R&D team, production and sales team, and well-equipped production facilities. They specialize in manufacturing plastic window film that is quality-guaranteed. Homewell complied REACH, BSCI, SGS, ISO14000, and ISO9001 certifications to ensure the quality of every product.

16 Baysoom Industry & Trading Co., Ltd

Baysoom industry is a manufacturer of affordable, classic, and beautiful window films. All their products have gained good feedbacks in the market. They focus on integrating designs, production, and sales of window films. All products are made from high-quality materials to assure durability at a saving cost.

  1. Suzhou Vis Film Technology Co., Ltd

Their company owns a laminating thermal film that offers a full range of window tinting products for home, commerce, and car applications. All their products are certified and passed various international industry standards. Vis Films is a rich-experienced manufacturer that offers high-quality products, competitive price, and excellent services.

18 Wenzhou Feituo Auto Accessories Co., Ltd

Feituo is a certified Chinese Manufacturer of automobile beautification and decorations. Among their products are window tint film, reflective window film, and more. For many years, Feituo never ceased on providing high-quality products at an affordable price.

19 Hunan Sunye Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

Sunye specializes in manufacturing decorative films for windows. They promote high-quality products and services to customers. They also offer ODM and OEM services. Sunye always seeks innovation and technology to provide stylish yet cost-saving window films.

20 Guangzhou ZhongTaiHuaXing Window Film technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou ZhongTaiHuaXing Window Film technology Co., Ltd is an expert manufacturer that is engaged in producing automobile solar window film. They focus on research, development, design innovation, manufacture, sales, and service. They offer high-quality and cost-effective products.

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