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Window Glass from China
Annealed Window Glass
Importing Annealed Window Glass from China

Annealed window glass is produced without internal stresses imparted by heat treatment. Have a glass business and looking for a supplier? Guess what? In China, particularly in Guangdong, they have a leading window glass manufacturer and supplier that provides safety glass for your running business.

Custom Stained Window Glass
Importing Custom Stained Window Glass from China

Whether you’re currently in the business or first time, and you don’t know where to import goods for your business? Well, China is very well recommended since all the glass products their producing are high class and last for how many decades. They made custom stained window glass that can be installed in homes, churches, mausoleums, businesses, hotel, courthouses, and state capitals, and many more. These custom stained glass fabrications are exquisite one-of-a-kind works of fine art to be enjoyed by all in homes and public places for many generations.

Float Window Glass
Importing Float Window Glass from China

Float glass is the most widely used form of glass today. Inorganic product with no bubbles, streaks or other imperfections and ideal for use in window and doors. If you and your friends come up with an idea to import glass, China is highly recommended in terms of fine and excellent quality of window glass. Hundreds of factories are located in China. They made different types of window glass for you to choose for your business.

Glass Block Window
Importing Glass Block Window from China

Do you have glass block windows? Are you considering in getting them? Manufacturers in China have really been getting into energy-efficient products. Through the glass block window, they are able to reduce the amount of heat lost through the window. It is a popular options for customers for their aesthetic appeal that other windows don’t offer. If your clients want privacy, glass block windows offering privacy and an additional layer of security for basement and ground floor windows.

Glass Car Window
Importing Glass Car Window from China

Glass car windows usually provide visibility whilst protecting occupants from the elements. If you’re running a car company or auto glass business and you need a supplier of glass car windows, then, Guangdong and Zhejiang is the best place of quality windows you need for your business and clients.

Heat Strengthened Window Glass
Importing Heat Strengthened Window Glass from China

Importing window glass for your home and for your business? I know a place where you can get a reliable supplier. Guangdong province in China has a lot of manufacturers of window glass that you need for your business. Heat strengthened glass is tougher than lower grades of glass, but it can still shatter and break into sharp pieces. It’s not often used for exterior windows until it has also been laminated. What are you waiting for, import now.

Insulated Window Glass
Importing Insulated Window Glass from China

Windows are a commodity. Window makers and other players in the glass supply chain want something new to differentiate their products and boost their slim margins. Importer prefers insulating glass because it is made to prevent significant heat transfer into or out of a home or building.

Low E Window Glass scaled
Importing Low-E Window Glass from China

Low emissivity glass or low-e is specially coated to reflect thermal radiation. The low-e coating keeps out infrared rays, while light still filters through. Why is this so beneficial for homes? During the summer, heat is directed away from your house, and in the winter, your indoor heat is reflected back in the house and won’t escape through the windows.

Obscure Window Glass
Importing Obscure Window Glass from China

Finally, for today, we’re talking about obscured glass. Obscured glass allows light to enter, no matter what environment you’re working with, be it in the middle of an urban metopolis or a rural farm. The bonus? It can’t be seen through. It may be frosted, it may be coated, it may be etched or designed in another way, but the bottom line is that those outsides and passing by, can’t see what’s inside your home or in your business establishments. What would they see? You may ask. They’d see vague shadows, making it a very popular type of glass for you to leverage in your home design, or even in your interior. In China, a lot of suppliers that manufacture obscure window glass not just an ordinary glass but high class window glass that surely your clients may love.

Reflective Window Glass
Importing Reflective Window Glass from China

When looking for new windows for your growing business? The reflective glass allows just the right amount of natural light into a building, while at the same time reduces glare and the need for window blinds. If you don’t want to get disturbed it offers privacy to maintain the confidentiality of work, which is not possible in case of a normal glass. For such purposes, reflective glass is used in facades. Reflective glass is a processed glass which reflects more amount of light and provides mirror-like finish.

Safety Laminated Window Glass
Importing Safety Laminated Window Glass from China

If you need glass to stay put in the frame if it’s broken, for safety or security reasons, this would be one of your best choices for your clients. After all, it’s laminated glass technology that you’ll find in your vehicle’s windshield, ensuring that an object colliding with the glass does not strike the occupant and spray glass shards inside. If you’re importing from China, Shandong province in China is the place where tons of window glass manufacturers are located.

Tempered Window Glass
Importing Tempered Window Glass from China

Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and in the event of breakage, it will produce dull cubes as opposed to sharp, jagged pieces. Many businessmen import tempered glass because it’s not only applied in the window but also in passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables, refrigerator trays, mobile screen protectors, as a component of bulletproof glass, for diving masks, and various types of plates and cookware. China is the place where you can find this kind of glass since China has a lot of top manufacturers of tempered window glass.

Tinted Window Glass
Importing Tinted Window Glass from China

Importing window glass that is tinted? Qingdao, Shandong in China where you can find high quality of tinted glass for your business. Is it worth getting tinted windows instead of clear glass if your client has a new house it often hear 15% tinted but does this reflect heat only from direct sun light.

Wired Window Glass
Importing Wired Window Glass from China

Wire glass is most often used as a fire resistant glass because the wire holds the glass in place if it shatters due to high heat. In addition, the wire holds the broken glass in place under pressure from a fire hose. Under high temperatures, the wire holds the glass in place better than the PVB films used in laminated glass. If you’re planning on importing window glass for your running business, China is the best where you can import good quality of window glass.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 29
Shipping window glass by rail is the most dependable mode of transport, as it is least affected by weather conditions such as rains, fogs, etc.
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Less legwork for recipients overseas and shipping goods are completely safe, secure, and customs cleared.

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Best 20 Window Glass Manufacturers in China

1 China Glass Holdings Limited

China Glass Holdings Limited (CNG) is China’s leading float glass and one of the major reflective glass manufacturers. This company was founded in 2004, it was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code:03300) in 2005. CNG has a wide variety of products ranging from float glass, reflective glass, energy-saving glass, PV product to deep processed glass, and many more. Since established, the company is exporting its products to 100+ countries and regions. Most of their glasses are used for domestic and foreign landmark buildings.

2 Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited

Founded in 1988, originated in Hong Kong, China, Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited is one of the world’s most leading integrated glass manufacturers. The company is committed to manufacturing high-quality float glass, automobile glass, and energy-saving architectural glass. They are covering a sales network for over 130+ countries and regions all over the world. Over 30 years of development, the company has established nine domestic manufacturing, and all was the basis in China.

3 Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co., Ltd was established in 1993. They are one of the leading enterprises in value-added processing and wholesaling of furniture glass and architectural glass in China. This company mainly involved in providing a range of glasses, aside from main products. Jimy Glass is exporting products in more than 100 countries.

4 Rexi Industries

Established in 2005, Rexi Industries is providing glass and aluminum solutions in China. They are supplying a range of glass products including aluminum windows and doors, laminated glass, curtain wall, and so on. Rexi Industries got certifications from different countries such as CE, SGCC, BSI, CSI, and more others.

5 Beijing Northglass Technologies Co., Ltd.

Since 1987, Beijing North Glass Technologies Co., Ltd took the lead in the Glass Industry. They are engaged in Research and Development of glass products. They produced range including laminated safety glass, tempered safety glass, low e insulated glass, reflective glass, hot curved glass, many more. By years in the field, they have USD50 million assets. Additionally, their headquarters is in Hong Kong and they have 3 fabrications in China having more than 1000+ employees.

6 KunXing Glass Company

KXG KUNXING Glass Company is having the most reputable glass in deep-processing Corporation in China. Since the beginning of the ’90s, they are the forefront of the Chinese glass product processing industry in items of research and development of glass products processing, manufacture, marketing, and services. KXG Company has many kinds of glass products. With many years of professional experience, they provide the clients with reasonable glass plans, quality glass products, and technical services like glass installation. Their main products are Architectural glass, float glass, Glass application, Special glass, and many more.

7 Ginde Glass

GINDE Glass Co., LTD is originated in Shahe City in Northern China. Their company was established in 2009 specializing in decorative glass, architectural glass, door glass, mirror glass, tempered glass, and CNC cutting glass products. In the year 2015, GINDE Glass has developed its own production line and now they have the facility producing custom decorative panels for window, door, and cabinet.


QINGDAO MIGO GLASS CO., LTD was founded in the year 2004. This integrated enterprise specialized in production and sales of building glass and solar glass. They have their own factory to produce processed glass, which is measured as 30,000 sq m consisting of more than 200 workers. Furthermore, the company operated more than 8 raw material and processed glass branch factories around China. MIGO GLASS supplied all types of solar glass and greenhouse glass; patterned glass-clear and colored; processed glass like tempered glass, bending glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, and many more.

9 Blue Star Glass Co., Ltd

BLUE STAR GLASS Co., Ltd is a highly professional and integrative building glass manufacturer and supplier. Their factory has been in the deep processing glass for over 17 years. They exported and processed glass more than 100 countries on 6 continents. Blue Star Glass became the leader in China’s Glass Industry. Their main products are glass roof window, Skylight window, float glass, processing glass, and more.

10 Yongyu Glass

YONGYU GLASS., Ltd was founded by Gavin Pan. He worked in the glass industry since 2006 and had more than 10 year’s export experience. YOUGYU Glass vision is to share the comparative advantages of China’s architectural glass industry with customers. They engaged in the building glass industry and served their customer’s demands. Their primary products are profile glass, Curtainwall glass, safety glass, shower room safety glass.

11 Qinhuangdao Yaojia Glass Co. ltd

As a subsidiary of China YAOHUA Glass Group Corporation, Qinhuangdao Glass Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd is an enterprise that combines integrated technology, facilities, and human resources. They are rich in experience in the whole design, construction, engineering, and technical service of the glass production line. At the same time, the company focused on the fabrication of all kinds of equipment apply to the glass production line. Now, the company produced its product such as float glass, reflective glass, borosilicate glass, and more.

12 Apex Auto Glass

Ever since establishment in 2003, Apex Auto Glass has been the preferred manufacturing partner for dealers in the windshield repair and replacement market all over the world. Because of their relentless focus in mutually beneficial dealings, they continue to surprise and surpass client expectations. Also, due to their strong product developmental capabilities, they made everything possible.

13 Huichi Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 2007 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. In 2010, they are able to establish a branch company covering an area of 8,000+ square meters. Introducing advanced production equipment and professionally trained employees, the company is engaged in producing smart privacy glasses, EVA film, and PLDC film.

14 Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in Fuzhou, China, this large multi-national company is specializing in the manufacturing of automobile safety glass and industrial technical glass. This high tech company is committed to manufacturing quality glasses for more than 3 decades. Fuyao Group continues to skyrocket as it has several production bases in over 16 provinces and cities in mainland China. And they had 11 other productions in foreign countries. In all, it has 27,000 employees.

15 Shahe City Fanyuan Glass Co., Ltd

Shahe City Fanyuan Glass Co., Ltd is exporting products for more than 10 years. They offer a wide variety of products that can meet different demands. Their main products are decorative glass, safety glass, laminated glass, mirror, acid-etched glass, and tempered glass. The company principles are “Quality first, Customers first and Credit-based”. Since established, Fanyuan Glass always did their best to develop high-quality glasses.

16 HHG

HHG was established in 1995 in Shahe City, Hebei Province. It is 450km distance away from Beijing, near Tianjin Port or Qingdao Port. This company is near to Tianjin and Qingdao port. The company has over 25 years in the business. They had 2 product lines of pattern glass, float glass, and restoration glass. HHG is sending 80% of its products to overseas countries.


QINGDAO NEO GLASS CO., LTD is located in Huangdao, Qingdao. They are providing glass solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Their range of products includes a mirror, painted glass, polished glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and more. Neo Glass product range delivered their containers to their customers. Besides, they can make custom-design products as per demand.

18 Qingdao Honor Glass Co., Ltd

Qingdao Honor Glass is a company committed to supplying quality glass and windows. Their manufacturing facility is located in Qingdao City. The product range of the company includes insulated glass, silver mirror, tempered glass, and window glass products like UPVC and aluminum. The company executes a strict quality control system in the facilities. With an expert research team and innovative technology, they are delivering the best products.

19 Foshan Xingang Glass Co., Ltd.

Foshan Xingang Glass Co., Ltd is specializing in providing high-quality glass. Along with their products are ceramic glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, mirror glass, decorative glass, and many more. They are supplying products for residential and commercial projects. The company is exporting raw and processed glass around the world.

 20 Shandong Jingcheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jingcheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 in Linqu Economic Development Zone. This company is specializing in building glass for over 10 years. Their leading products are fireproof glass, bullet glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, and more. The company is well-equipped with advanced technology and equipment to developed innovative glasses. Jingcheng Glass has a manufacturing base in the international market.

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