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Importing Aluminum Window Profile from China

Aluminum window profile is durability and provide low maintenance and also provide resistance to weathering under a range of harsh environmental conditions. Aluminum window profile is also inherently strong, which is you can fit in really big windows without the need for a bulky frame. If you are looking for a strong and durable window profile, China is the best place you can go to.

Importing UPVC Window Profile from China

UPVC  is a kind of window profile with non-conductive, its use in window frames does not transfer heat and therefore contributes to a more consistent internal temperature for a building.  Shandong province has the leading manufacturer and supplier in China, they offer the perfect window profile and other materials to be used for your windows.

upvc casement
Importing UPVC Casement Window Profile from China

UPVC  casement is one of the most energy-efficient windows. The sash creates an airtight seal against the window frame when closed making it hard to get through and it is kind of window profile with an excellent to ventilate due to the opening from the side. You can find in China for the best manufacturer that supplying with high-quality window profile.

square aluminum
Importing Suare Aluminum Window Profile from China

If you are planning to import a square aluminum window profile, Bansar can help you find a trusted window profile manufacturer who can provide the best quality product to support your business. Bansar has a good relationship with China manufacturer they have a capacity to help you to save time and efforts in finding good suppliers.

pvc sliding
Importing PVC Sliding Window Profile from China

You can find in China for the perfect supplier and manufacturer for PVC sliding window profile, especially in Guandong province. They have the ability and to provide window materials that you needed with ensuring extended product life. You can trust the quality and satisfying service of China manufacturer.

Importing Elegant gWindow Profile from China

Elegant window profile has a capacity to security features that keep your home safe. Elegant is design flexible to ensure the most configurations are achievable. China is the best solution for your window profile problems. You can find there the professional manufacturer with having enough experience and knowledge.

Importing Plastic Window Profile from China

If you want quality, durable but affordable plastic window profile Guangdong province in China has a lot of manufacturers that offer window profile and other materials you need. They have staff that can help you to find window profile that fit to use for your window frames. China manufacturers have over many years of experiences for manufacturing.

Importing Champagne Anodized Aluminum Window Profile from China

Mostly window profile manufacturers in China are found in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu province. These suppliers are known as providers of quality champagne anodized aluminum window profile for their costumes and also always there to help their customers to find the product needed.

stainless steel
Importing Stainless Steel Window Profile from China

Stainless steel window profile is incredible strength and security and has better thermal performance. Stainless steel window profile has the ability to resist weather and fire and also very durable that not easily damaged. If you are looking for the best supplier for stainless steel window profile China is the best place and best choice.

Importing Wooden Window Profile from China

The wooden window profile provides better window insulation. Out of all materials is in window production, wood has the smallest coefficient of expansion. In China, you can find trusted and reliable manufacturers. China manufacturers, supply best window profile and other window materials that give you a satisfying service of the products.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Window Profile Shipping from China?

sea freight shipping from China to 4
Shipping window profile by sea is a first choice for most importers for low prices and large volume options. Perfect for sending small and big quantities.
air freiht shipping from China to
Window profile air freight from China is considered a viable option for lighter weight shipments. Delivery by air is fast and pretty convenient if you’re importing in small quantities frequently. And as earlier mentioned, air freight charges are determined based on both the volume and weight of the shipment.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Window profile ship by via train is more environmentally friendly. Trains burn less fuel per ton mile than trucksvia train is more environmentally friendly. Trains burn less fuel per ton mile than trucks
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
Are you looking to ship more transparently from China? If you want a door-to-door service to China so you can avoid intermediaries and make your shipment easier to track.

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Importing Window Profile from China

If you are planning on importing from China, you will definitely know the details involved.

This guide will give you information about the process of importing goods from China.

So keep reading.

 Best 30 Window Profile Manufacturers in China

1 Shandong Hongming Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Since this company was established, they are ensuring quality first at all times. This company has 100 thousand tons of annual production and passed ISO9001, 14001, 18000 certifications, and also SGS certifications. This company can produce window profiles in over 20 countries in the world. They are able to custom and also attach the customer’s business logo to the product. They have 12 years of expertise in making aluminum window profiles.

2 Sichuan Zhongde Plastic-Steel Profiles Co., Ltd.

Since 1995, Sichuan Zhongde Plastic-Steel Profiles Co., Ltd was started in making window profiles and send them everywhere the places. This company is a top 5 and passed a lot of ISO certifications and also CE certifications. This company has received cordial reception in 2019 with pres. XI Jinping. They have covered about 40% construction market and started to export products in 40 countries.

3 Guang Ya Aluminum Industries Co., Ltd.

GuangYa Aluminum Industries Co., Ltd was established in 1996 as one of the popular aluminum manufacturers including window profiles. This company workshop is based in South China in Foshan City in the province of Guangdong. They have factory space has 260,000 sqm with 32 production lines. This company has a great facility that has 78 machines like molding, polishing, drilling, and more.

4 Guangdong Weiye-Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd.

In 1992, Guangdong Weiye-Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd was established located in Nanhai District. They are manufacturing popular brands and develop 20 years. Their production space occupied 600,000 square meters. You can order a lot of window profile types with the favorable cost offered. trust them since they prioritize management principles.

5 Shanghai Reliance Alu Co., Ltd.

If searching for window profiles stock and need it immediately, Shanghai Reliance Alu Co., Ltd company can meet your urgent needs. This company has ready to ship window profile stocks that are perfect for you. This company only manufactures aluminum construction parts and materials which suitable for your window profile needs. They are able to custom your window profile orders and you can always demand them.

6 Jiangmen T House Decroration Material Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen T House Decroration Material Co., Ltd has 15 years of experience making window profiles in aluminum materials and professionally provides one-stop solutions to all customers. They only fabricate aluminum window profiles and other building materials. This company export window profiles 90% with its own export license. They are located near Jiangmen, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen ports in China.

7 Yong Lian Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Yong Lian Aluminum Co., Ltd factory is built workshop in Dali town at Foshan City, Nanhai district at Guangdong province in China.  They established in 1993 and established a new company to expand the market. It is located in ZhaoQing city in China which they named it CHUANGYUE. Diversified services were offered by this company to help them reach their business goals.


This company has 20 years of experience in making window profiles and other aluminum building materials. They have 500 workers and a production line of about 22. They have terms of payment through D/p. LC, T/T, and more. They are located near Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Foshan port. They export window profiles and other materials through agency about 50% since 2015.


In over 15 years in the industry, they professionally manufactured building materials and export them all over the world. They have 1000 workers to help make production faster and easier. They have amazing quality control and develop product range and more. This company has reasonable rates to export everywhere including Europe, France, Dominica, Oceana, and more places.

10 Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd.

Find a manufacturer with plenty of years of experience. They can truly support your window profile needs especially. Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd is started in 1991 which is dedicated to manufacturing and designing aluminum profiles, especially for windows. They have an excellent management team, highly trained employees, technologies, and more which you attract more to them and let you choose as your partner.

11 Guangdong Guangyin Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd.

In 1991, Guangdong Guangyin Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd manufacturing aluminum products and many other types of building materials. They have window profiles to supply for your needs as well. They have various awards in manufacturing and develop more for the future. They are certified by CNAS in 2012 and the most powerful award in 2013. They are a joint venture in 2015 with Guangtou group.

12 Foshan Guaya Metal & Rubber Product Co., Ltd.

Are you searching window profile manufacturer in China? Foshan Guaya Metal & Rubber Product Co., Ltd is one of the trusted building material provider in China that exports around the world. They have an outstanding effort cooperating with their customers. The certified and develop more from the services they provide, sales, production, and the facilities they have.

13 Jiangsu Chenglong Aluminum Co., Ltd.

In East China, Jiangsu Chenglong Aluminum Co., Ltd is one of the important building material manufacturers including window profiles. They ensure the quality first and honesty management principles. You can assure to get your desired window profiles from them since they have amazing rates from customers and feedback online.

14 Foshan Yinghexing  Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Get a wide variety of window profiles at Foshan Yinghexing Metal Products Co., Ltd company. They will satisfy your need when needed window profiles for business. Quality first management principles and honesty are what they ensure to provide to the customers. They have window profiles in different features, sizes, polishes and finishes, and more to make them more productive and attractive in any application.


Qingdao Zehuajiaye Security Co., Ltd was established located in Shouguang city in China at Jingguang street. They have an export license that export window profiles and other related products 90% in America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and more places, countries, etc. they support terms of payment through Western Union, L/T, and LC.

16 GD Outstanding Aluminum Co., Ltd.

GD Outstanding Aluminum Co., Ltd is located in the Sihui town of Zhaoqing city. They have 31 years of experience with 20,0000 tons of annual production. They also have lots of existing staff and management staff of about 100 people. They have over 80 amazing technicians and another team in the production. For your business, this company completely gives its full support.


HUZHOU ZHENGBANG ALLOY CO., LTD is able to provide window profiles in 15 countries and welcome all the customers who want to visit their factory anytime. You can visit them at Huzhou in China at Nanxun. They welcome customers who take a tour of the factory. There are 10 production lines and 2 R&D staff at Huzhou Zhengbangn Alloy Co., Ltd Company.

18 Yingde Conch Profiles Co., Ltd.

This company, Yingde Conch Profiles Co., Ltd was established in the year 1995 with their skilled 50,000 workers. In the top 500 companies in China in the record of 2017, this company is top 63rd. They built a workshop located in Yingde city in China in the conch industrial zone. They have a very competitive window profile supplied in different countries and regions. You can expect your window profile order quality and budget saved as well.


You can book your planned tour at FUJIAN SUNSHINE SANYUAN ALUMINUM CO., LTD factory. They are located in Shidong Road at # 1555 at Fujian province in Putian City of China. They have 8 production lines and also about 10 R&D people. They have main markets in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, America, and etc.

20 Guangdong Dang Yong Li Jian Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Dang Yong Li Jian Aluminum Co., Ltd factory covered 200,000 square meters of space. They founded in 1986 located in Foshan city in China with a large construction company. This company has professional designers in terms of making different building materials such as window profiles. It is easier to install and easy to maintain when installed.

21 Jiangxi Jinpeng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

In China, you can see a lot of excellent manufacturers of your research. Jiangxi Jinpeng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd is one of the manufacturers in China. They are certified window profile manufacturers and other building materials needed. Find ISO9001 quality window profile and get from Jiangxi Jinpeng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd factory. They can send it to Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, and more places.

22 Shanghai Common Metal Products Co., Ltd.

There are always a lot of ways on how to handle your business successfully. First, you have to be wise and vigilant in choosing a partner that can support you. You have to check their capabilities. In China, Shanghai Common Metal Products Co., Ltd is among the top window profile manufacturers. They are certified and certified internationally.

23 Fujian Fen’an Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Get wide variety of window profile selection at Fujian Fen’an Aluminum Co., Ltd factory. There are lots of window profile in quality features, specifications, and more. You can get window profiles in your ideal pieces of orders. This company will ensure quality window profile packaging and smooth delivery as well.

24 Jiangyin East Technology Aluminum Co., Ltd.

The Jiangyin East Technology Aluminum Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers in China that specialized in manufacturing Window Profile, Aluminum Profile, Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Aluminum Composite Panel, and so on. They are available for OEM and ODM orders. The manufacturing workshop is located in the Province of Jiangsu, China.

25 Guangdong Zhonglian Aluminum Profiles CO., Ltd.

Guangdong Zhonglian Aluminum Profiles Co., Ltd. is a reliable company that manufactures high-quality and affordable Furniture and Industrial Equipment & Components, such as Aluminium Profile In 2005, they start exporting these products in many domestic markets. They are available for OEM and ODM orders. Their manufacturing workshop is located in the City of Foshan, Guangdong, China.


Galuminium Marketing Co., Ltd was initially established in 2010. A comprehensive enterprise which specialized in manufacturing Aluminium Profile, Alu-wood Door, Alu-wood Window, Aluminum Window, Aluminium Window, and so on. These were distributed in many different countries with excellent quality and affordable price. The manufacturing workshop passed ISO 9001: 2015 certification, and it is located in Guangdong Province, China.


Changsha Saicoo Industrial Limited  Is located in Changsa City, Hunan Province. They are manufacturing products such as Aluminium Profiles, Other Windowdoors, Retractable Awnings, Window Profile. They have great advantages in quality and price because of their unremitting efforts. Their products are widely sold to the domestic countries and have been well received by customers.

28 Anhui Sinofrates Composites Co., Ltd.

Anhui Sinogrates Composites Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional manufacturer, they specialized in the research and producing various products, including FRP Round Tube, FRP Grating, FRP Handrails Tube, FRP Pultruded Profiles, Window Profile, and so on. They passed ISO9001 standard quality management certification, and their manufacturing workshop is located in the City of Tianchang, Anhui, China.

29 Tungwille Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Established in 2008, located in HK and the factory can be found in Shenzhen, Tungwille Industry Development Co., Ltd specializes in producing LED Profiles, Window Profile, Aluminium Extrusion Profile, Plastic Extrusion, PC Cover, and so on. Through their great work, they passed ISO 9001 certification. They are exporting these products all over the world, and they assured the quality.

30 Hunan Lang Le Technology Co., Ltd.

Hunan Langle Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. A professional and reliable manufacturer of excellent quality products such as Aluminum Extrusion, T Slot, V Slot, SIM Racing, Aluminium Profile, Workbench, Window Profile, etc., in China. The company offers OEM/ODM service. They passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14064 certification. The manufacturing workshop is located in the City of Changsha, Hunan Province, China.

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