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Wiper Blades
Boneless Wiper Blades
Importing Boneless Wiper Blades from China

There are extensive most suitable boneless wiper blader in Chinese local markets. Do you have plans on importing boneless wiper blader from any Chinese manufacturing departments? Then, Bansar can help you fulfill those desirable actions. With Bansar, you can easily transport the products that you really wanted all about. Whether small or large orders, you can ensure that you will be entertained in good and reputable ways.

Car Rubber Wiper Blades
Importing Car Rubber Wiper Blades from China

Car Rubber Wiper Blades is like a towel that absorbs liquid duster and water. In acquiring and dealing with the Chinese, your satisfaction will be truly provided. There is a lot of wiper blades choices that is appropriate to your perfectionists’ style and ideas. For a competitive yet best price, your business will be shown its high improvements.


Flat Wiper Blades
Importing Flat Wiper Blades from China

There is plenty of selection when it comes to wiper blades, a flat kind of wiper blade is one of the samples. A safe importing process through air freights, sea freights, door to door, or even rail freights are offered by the Bansar shipping company managements. It has its modernity in style and suitable for this new generation. Most manufacturers can be founded in Zhejiang which has 329 manufacturers o flat wiper blades.

GTR Wiper Blades
Importing GTR Wiper Blades from China

Impressive quality of GTR wiper blades has been offered by most of the Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. You can freely select any kind of design you wanted and suitable for your contentedness. It can also be attached in your car for a soundless drive and making better of your safeness in driving. Hurry on acquiring the best among the rest kind of GTR wiper blades only in China.

Hybrid Wiper Blades
Importing Hybrid Wiper Blades from China

Hybrid Wiper Blades were set in motion in the middle of noughties by most manufacturers as a replacement support blades. Its modern style and design help a lot of drivers to drive safely especially when they drive in a rainy season. A hybrid wiper blade is important to any driver driving the whole time. When it comes to competing with other competitors of these kinds of products, Chinese manufactory production is always the best.

Retrofit Flat
Importing Retrofit Flat from China

A Retrofit Flat wiper blade is very simple but very useful. It is giving you the authority to rapidly update your previous fluorescent lighting. Whether you need urgent action in importing large orders of retrofit flat wiper blades, Bansar is your perfect friend and partner for that process. Bansar will surely give you some brilliant ideas and help you realize the possible progress of your business.

Specific Fit
Importing Specific Fit from China

Having the desired on importing the specific fit wiper blade to your overseas location but don`t know how to start? Bansar can give you a faster solution to that. They can guide you until the shipping process will be successfully done. Chinese specific fit wiper blade productions are very unique in style and have the ability to give the security in shipping you needed the most.

Spoiler Wiper Blades
Importing Spoiler Wiper Blades from China

You have no worries in making sure that you will be given a supply of spoiler wiper blades because Chinese has thousand of these productions available. Between the Chinese and Bansar shipping companies, they already built unbreakable relationships and trusted each other for over 20 years in this industry. They recommend each other high-skilled abilities for you to success also.

Spoon Wiper Blades
Importing Spoon Wiper Blades from China

Chinese has plenty of stocks when it comes to spoon wiper blades productions. There is no trouble you must be worried about in the shipping procedures for Bansar is the shipping company trusted in the whole world. Finding the best and reliable spoon wiper blades? Chinese productions of spoon wiper blades are the only one you only be trusted about. China provinces suchlike Zhejiang is the largest count of the best manufacturers operating until this current time.

Stainless Steel
Importing Stainless Steel from China

A qualified purchase of stainless steel wiper blade is only can be acquired in China. Whether a heavy-duty of stainless steel, it is all up to you. Bansar has only the responsibility in meeting your desirable requirements completely. When selecting the best, make sure to pick only the Chinese manufacturers for the faster growth of your business succession.

Standard Universal
Importing Standard Universal from China

Standard Universal is for everyone and everything that has importance in attaching into it. This standard universal wiper blade is a product where you can freely attach into car, van, bus and any auto vehicles. When importing a standard universal wiper blade whether in large or small orders, it is important to be entertain and response quickly to any of your inquiries.

Standard Wiper Blades
Importing Windshield Wiper Blades from China

Windshield Wiper Blades can be also called as windscreen wiper is an automatic device to remove rainwater drops, snow, etc that can possibly cause damage to the vehicle’s front window. It has a rubber that adjoins to it that effectively removes any barriers that appear. For a faster way of transaction, Bansar voluntarily gives its efforts by delivering your product orders in faster and safest ways.

Winter Wiper Blades
Importing Winter Wiper Blades from China

Winter Wiper Blades was originally made for a snow and winter seasons. It is fundamentally a long-established summer wiper blade that swaddles in a defensive covering. Its frame depends on the working parts of the operating blade to comply with the windshield. When you find it very profitable and you finally thought it can be the reason for the big succession of your business, then don`t feel hesitation but yet do an urgent action.

Traditional Wiper Blades
Importing Traditional Wiper Blade from China

Traditional Wiper Blade defines the style of wipers prevailing in elderly kind of auto cars and vehicles. Bansar can ensure that you will experience the high quality of their performances in serving you truly. This traditional wiper is commonly and fully regard as a frame that holds into the flat wipers opposed to the windshields. You can always avail traditional wiper in the main and leading manufacturers in China.

Conventional Wiper Blades
Importing Conventional Wiper Blades from China

For more than a decade, Conventional Wiper Blades has been in a car attached and continuing on operating until now. It has its modernity and at the same time, the high-technology by using it still can be operated. It can bear onto a hard pressure to the windshield. If you have plans in importing these kinds of reliable productions originated from China then, no need to waste more time. Start your progressive beginning with Bansar shipping assistance.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wiper Blades Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China to
A cheaper rates are offered by forwarding your ordered wiper blades through sea freights. Your hughe and large orders can be successfully transported.
Sea Freight Shipping from China to
Efficient way of transporting your large orders are proven efective through air freight forwarding. A fast and easiest process can be assumed.
Air Freight Shipping from China 2
A stressful way of shipping your wiper blades can be prevented when you acquire through rail freight forwarding.
Door to Door Shipping from China
By door to door shipping of your wiper blades, no hassle you will ever be feel. Through shipping door to door, your lack knowledge about shipping procedures can`t be a big deal for Bansar offer their assistance.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Wiper Blades Shipping from China

  • Intimated with all reliable and certified Wiper Blades manufacturers in China
  • Have authorities in paperwork and customs clearance to all nationwide organizations
  • Offers affordable shipping rate for your wiper blades demads
  • Experts in complete importing process of your wiper blade orders from China

The Resource To Help you Find Wiper Blades from China:

Manufacturers of Wiper Blades

Best 20 Wiper Blades Manufacturers in China

1 Shenzhen Shengyuan New Materials Co., Ltd.

In 2014, Shenzhen Shengyuan Materials Co; Ltd was founded. It is a manufacturer of the wiper blade, wiper blade stripe, and more products. Their wiper blade is made of pure silicone material. They offer various products that meet the multifarious needs of customers. For more information, please visit them.

2 Dongguan City Shengda Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan City Shengda Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd was established in 1994. It is a professional manufacturer of the wiper blade, etc. Their products meet ISO9001: 2000, ISO14000, and more certifications. They have design and development abilities to manufacture rapidly. Contact them now.

3 Fujian Donglian Vehicle Fittings Co., Ltd.

In 1990, Fujian Donglian Vehicle Fittings Co., Ltd was established. They specialized in manufacturing wiper blades, etc. The company has the authorization to supply in domestic. Its products comply with TS-16949, CE, and ISO-9001 certifications. They accept OEM orders. Place your order now and expect excellent quality products.

4 Hebei Chang En Trading Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of auto parts for vehicle parts, the company produces a wiper blade and more products. Their company is stronger and bigger due to its excellence in production, etc. Its products exported to lots of countries. Expect excellent ideas, a superior team, and high-quality service from them.

5 Guangzhou Yongchangsheng Trade Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yongchangsheng Trade Co., Ltd. provides various products to meet every client’s demand. They prioritize the quality of the products. If you have any inquiries, please message them for more information.

6 Ningbo Maisheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

As focused on manufacturing automobile parts, the company assures to have good and durable products. They can offer high-quality at a competitive price. They can also export their products. Please message them for your inquiries.

7 Guangzhou C&L Auto Accessories Co., Ltd.

In 2006, Guangzhou C&L Auto Accessories Co., Limited was founded. It is a professional manufacturer of wiper blade in China. Their product is guaranteed a high-quality and reasonable price. Its products are sold to domestic and foreign markets since they offer the most famous wiper blade including a soft wiper blade, silicone wiper blade, etc. Send them your inquiries now.

8 Guangzhou Sincere Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Sincere Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of the wiper blade, car horn, and many more. They offer various products to meet every customer’s requirements and gain satisfaction. Their products can be import and export. OEM and ODM orders are welcome. Enquire now.

9 Ruian Friendship Automobile Wiper Blade Co., Ltd.

In 2002, Ruian Friendship Automobile Wiper Blade Co., Ltd was established. It is a professional manufacturer of wiper blade in China. They have the latest production equipment which provides various designs for every customer’s demand. Their products have been sold to domestic and foreign markets. Send your inquiry now.

10 Xiamen Meto Auto Parts Industry Co., Ltd.

Since the year 2004, Xiamen Meto Auto Parts Industry Co., Ltd. was manufacturing a wiper blade in China. They assure that their products have good durability and driving safety. They accept ODM and OEM orders. Due to their high-quality, excellent customer services and competitive price, they obtain a good reputation worldwide. Feel free to contact them for your inquiries.

11 Ningbo Head Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

As a professional producer of a wiper blade manufacturer, the company obtains some national patent. They are certified TS16949 and ISO9001: 2000. The company assures to have production safety and quality. They can import and export products. If you have any questions about the wiper blade, please do contact them.

12 Feipeng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

In 1989, Feipeng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. was founded. Their main products are wiper motor, windshield wiper assembly, and so on which passed ISO14001, ISO9001, etc. It assures to have high-quality products and services which been sold to more than 20 countries and regions. Order now and expect the outstanding quality to gain satisfaction.

13 Taizhou Haipai Import And Export Co., Ltd.

TAIZHOU HAIPAI IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD. is a supplier of various kinds of products including wiper blade, etc. The product is guaranteed a high-quality and competitive cost. They assure to meet every customer’s requirement. Please contact them for more information.

14 Xiamen Cobing Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

As a professional supplier of wiper blades in China, the company produces universal wiper blades, rear wiper blades, and many more. The company is an ISO9001: 2008 and IATF 16949 certified. ODM and OEM are welcome. Their products are exported to over 50 countries. Please message them now.

15 Ningbo Yuanhuan Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of the world-class wiper blade, the company focused on a wiper blade for over 8 years’ experience. Their main products are wiper blade universal, car wiper blade, and so on. They meet the ISO9001 standard. For more questions, please visit their website.

16 King Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

King Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wiper blade in China. Their products included a flat wiper blade, bus wiper blade, beam wiper blade, and so on. Most of the products are exported to some countries due to their high-quality and best services. Message them for more inquiries.

17 Triplus Wiper Blades Ltd.

As a prime manufacturer of a wiper blade for over 10 years, the company obtains an excellent reputation in lots of countries. Their main products are rear wiper blade, metal wiper blade, soft wiper blade, and many more. Please visit their website for more inquiries.

18 Weihua Automobile Accessories Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of the wiper blade, the company focused on manufacturing in various kinds of windshield wiper blades, etc. Their products have been exported to lots of countries and obtain a good reputation due to their superior quality product at a competitive price. Message them now.

19 Huahuayida Wiper Blade Factory

Huahuayida Wiper Blade Factory is a manufacturer of wiper blades in China for over 8 years. The product complies with JIS 0205, JIS K6259, JIS D0203, and JIS D0204 standards. They accept inquiries in email or phone. Contact them now for more inquiries.

20 Ruian Liancheng Auto Power Co., Ltd.

As specialized in manufacturing different kinds of the windshield wiper, the company offer outstanding quality to make customer’s satisfied. Their main products are wiper motor, windshield wiper system, and more. They are willing to assist with your business. Make an appointment now.


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