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Wireless Charger Manufacturer
1 Wireless Charger for iPhone
Wireless Charger for iPhone

Wireless charger is very known in the market since it is hassle free when it comes to charging phones. China is popular for producing the widest variety of wireless chargers. If you look for a manufacturer for different kinds of wireless charger, you can always count in China. Great manufacturers usually located mostly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shenzhen provinces.

2 Dual or Triple Wireless Charging Pad
Dual/Triple Wireless Charging Pad

Using a wireless charger is one of the very convenient ways to charger your personal things like phones, smartwatches, and other devices. Finding trusted suppliers for a wireless charger is now easier to find. China is one of the largest producers of wireless chargers in the world.

3 Round Thin Wireless Charger
Round Thin Wireless Charger

Find those manufacturers who can cater all your needs in terms of wireless charger. Bansar can help you find great producers of different wireless charger that has fully equipped with high class quality of materials. You have no time to worry about the products that have been coming from China. Since Chinese manufacturers always ensure the quality of each product. Well tested performance before it came out to the market.

4 Retractable Design 3 in 1 Wireless Charger
Retractable Design 3 in 1 Wireless Charger

Importing wireless charger from China has a lot of advantages. You can get hundreds and thousands of products from China in a very affordable rate. All of the wireless charger that they offer are made from high quality of raw materials. Manufacturers in China has a great capacity in producing one of a kinds wireless charger using their high end machinery and equipments.

5 Wireless Car Charger with LED Indicator
Wireless Car Charger with LED Indicator

Choosing wireless charger for your customers is easiest when you are importing it from China. Suppliers and manufacturers of wireless charger are located in Guangdong provinces. If you are planning on importing wireless charger from China, you can ensure the quality and its performance is great.

6 Class Mirror Car Wireless Charger
Class Mirror Car Wireless Charger

If you are very interested in importing wireless charger, you should consider China. All kinds of wireless charger are can be found in China. If you are considering the branded one, you don’t have to worry since Chinese manufacturers produce only branded kind of wireless charger for their customers.

7 Wireless Power Bank Charger
Wireless Power Bank Charger

The most accessible kind of wireless charger is the wireless power bank charger. You can carry it where you want. Lightweight and conserve space. It offers great power compared to other chargers. In China, manufacturers of wireless charger always innovate their wireless charger to fabricate built-in batteries like wireless power bank charger.

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If you want to deliver your wireless charger directly to your place, choose door to door shipping.

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Best 20 Wireless Charger Manufacturers in China

1 Shenzhen Yiruike Technology Co., Limited

Shenzhen Yiruike Technology Co., Limited has a 2000 square meters factory area. They are HSE, ISO 9001, ISO, 14001, ISO, 14064, and ISO 9000 certified manufacturer and factory in China. They are one of the leading wireless charger producers in China that export in Southeast Asia, America, Middle East, Europe, and so on.

2 Shenzhen Bien Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2012, Shenzhen Bien Technology Co., Ltd was founded on fabricating computer accessories, gadgets, and so on. This company has the best customer feedback since they are producing quality wireless charger. They export satisfying quality wireless chargers in Europe, Middle East, America, and many more countries in the world.

3 Shenzhen Renjia Industries Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Rejia Industries Co., Ltd mainly manufactures gadgets like charger, power bank, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, and different types of car accessories. OEM and ODM services are provided and support with a great level of performance. This company will ensure you the lower cost yet outstanding function and quality wireless charger.

4 Shenzhen Avane Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Avane Industrial Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, exporter, factory, and a group corporation. They are a certified manufacturer which designs and deliver amazing wireless charger. This company is a SEDEX, BSCI, HSC, and ISO certified manufacturer and factory in China.

5 Shenzhen Jollysheen Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jollysheen Technology Co., Ltd founded in 2002 a joint venture with Taiwan. This company got the certifications ISO 9001 registration in 2000 and 2008. They also got ISO 14001, and QAIC/CN. This company product is truly trusted since it passed the CE, UL, RoHS, FCC, and a lot more audits. The best services and offers are provided.

6 Shenshen Baosen Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Baosen Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd mainly manufactures wireless chargers, earphones, and different electronics including audio. They specializing in cost-effective products that ensure the best functions, designs, and so on. Your business will great to rely on them. They are GMP certified producers in China that export overseas.

7 Dongguan Baiyou Electronic Co., Ltd.

In 2012, Dongguan Baiyou Electronic Co., Ltd was founded covered with 1600 square meter area. They can export the wireless charger you ordered whether you are in North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and also domestic. This company is well-developed that able to custom your needs. Expand your business by partnering with them. They guarantee a long term partnership.

8 Super Global Electronics Co., Limited

Super Global Electronics Co., Limited supporting payment through T/T, Small-amount of payment, and Western Union. This company has 90 export percentages that you can trust for your wireless charger orders. They have 20 foreign trading staff and 20 in R&D staff and 10 production lines. They are located at building 3-4 in China at Guangdong province in Shenzhen city.


Zhongshan Vastfafa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd has founded in 2010 manufacturing power strip, wireless charger, and more. They have 186 people in the factory working and support from different processes. They have an excellent engineering team, designer, and watchful customer service. They are an ISO, BSCI, and QC certified that passed audits.

10 Shenzhen Junhaowei Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Junhaowei Technology Co., Ltd has 5 years of experience manufacturing plastic and electronic products. They have enough people in the factory with plenty of machines. This company product is certified those passed the standards and receive certificates. You can benefit from their excellent services.

11 Changzhou Yuanfa Electronic Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Yuanfa Electronic Lighting Technology Co., Ltd was established in October 2012. They were founded with 110 staff covered of 6000 square meter workshop area. They have great technicians and staff supporting different processes in making wireless chargers. In 2018, this company has a new factory build with 4000 square meters

12 Guangzhou Sungseng Import & Export Co., Ltd.

This company was established in 2013 and officially Guangzhou Sungseng Import & Export Co., Ltd in 2020. This company is responsible for fabricating electronic products especially your need, the wireless charger. They export wireless chargers and different manufactured products in North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and so on. This is an honest company ensures the best quality for you.

13 Shenzhen Lantaisi Technology Co., Ltd.

If you were looking for a wireless charger trusted manufacturer in China, if you are looking for a manufacturer who can custom your design, Shenzhen Lantasi Technology Co., Ltd has the capability to meet your demands. They have a comfortable factory or workshop area of about 1000 square meters in manufacturing.

14 Guangdong Bekey Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Bekey Technology Co., Ltd has a 1500 Square meter workshop. They are founded in 2018 with 349 staff and certified with ISO9001 in 2015. They have a strong production which you can trust. They will provide your wireless charger needs and provide flexible packaging. This company product passed the test of CE, RoHS, FCC, and a lot more.

15 Shenzhen Tongyinhai Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.

With 418 employees and a workshop area of about 30000 square meters, Shenzhen Tongyinhai Precision Electronics Co., Ltd has rich experience in this industry that makes them expert and popular. They mainly fabricate wireless chargers, power banks, and more with great feedbacks. They will ensure the safety payment through PayPal, Small amount, LC, T/T, and so on.


Shenzhen Haoyuhang Tech Co., Ltd is a popular manufacturer and exporter in China. They export wireless chargers in the Middle East, South America, Europe, Oceana, and a lot of countries worldwide. They have 90%  export since 2009 and 20 foreign trading staff. They are located at Shenzhen at F,73 Building at GongMing Town.

17 Sehnzhen Keeptop Electronic Co., Ltd.

This company is a rich experience in more than 15 years of manufacturing wireless chargers and any kinds of electronic products. They have excellent technicians and staff that make them popular. They passed the test and have the certificates of CE, FCC, and also RoHS standards. Get your ideal Wireless charger.

18 Shenzhen Teka Technology Co., Ltd.

In December 2004, Shenzhen Teka Technology Co., Ltd has founded manufacturing mainly power adaptor and also a wireless charger that you need. Their wireless charger passed the audits of GS, CCC, and UL. They are located in China at Guangdong province and certified with ISO 9001 and 14001. They manufacture with a complete machine making outstanding and quality functions of a wireless charger.

19 Guangdong Green Power Technology Co., Ltd.

If you are finding a certified wireless charger in China, Guangdong Green Power Technology Co., Ltd is a RoHS and CE certified many times. This company mainly fabricates products like adapter, USB charger, wireless charger, and more. If you look for a wireless charger, the best quality is offered from them. You can ensure on-time delivery.

20 Shenzhen Vina Electronics Company Ltd.

Shenzhen Vina Electronics Company Ltd. Has rich in the manufacturing experience. They are certified manufacturers and factories in china located in Guangdong province in China. They were established in 2009 which mainly fabricates different types of chargers. They manufacture a USB charger, Car charger, and wireless charger.

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