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Wood Chippers
Brush Chippers
Importing Brush Chippers from China

Quality brush Chippers can perfectly mulch all the branches from your yard and limbs. Wood chippers can quickly make your place clean at the same time. You don’t have to carry branches to make it wide. Whether you need to import wood chippers for your own good or even it is for your business, a lot of people need high graded products to support their special requirements. China, referring to reliable suppliers who can supply all you need in managing a business. Suppliers from different popular provinces like Zhejiang province will grip everything.

Desk Chippers
Importing Desk Chippers from China

Managing a business is not easy at all. First, you have to familiarize all the processes needed and most especially you have to know all the suppliers and manufacturers who can truly help you support your expanding business. Find a qualified place where you can purchase different types of wood chippers like desk chippers. China is a qualified place in so many years. In business, a successful strategy in global sourcing is completely proven in China.

Diesel Wood Chippers
Importing Diesel Wood Chippers from China

Being number one in production in the industry, many people import small even large orders from China is not only about the manufactured quality materials, but its all about the affordable product rates. A wide range of diesel wood chippers from leading manufacturers in Shandong, Guangdong, Shanghai, and many more provinces in China are offered.

Drum Chipper
Importing Drum Chipper from China

Manufacturers and suppliers who are always focusing on manufacturing one kind of product such as wood chippers can help you in your urgent order. They can focus the whole process so your drum chipper orders will be safely moved to your place. Finding your perfect partner in a business can provide you a lot of satisfaction.

Electric Wood Chippers
Importing Electric Wood Chippers from China

Electric wood chippers are the best chippers for you to use. It can avoid wasting your time buying gas to make it function or any type of chipper’s functions available in the market. When you are looking forward to the success of your business, China’s best suppliers and manufacturers have a lot of experience in helping customers making it come true. Henan and Shanghai provinces have counted suppliers and factories to trust for.

Mini Wood Chippers
Importing Mini Wood Chippers from China

Mini wood chippers are handheld wood chippers and easy to carry. You don’t have to waste your time to tow or to carry in one place to another. About selecting proficient producer, well-trained staff in many companies in China can offer you the best and fastest processing for your urgent orders. Founded in the province of Zhejiang and Shandong, a lot of factories based in there will help you get perfect financial gain.

Mulcher Wood Chipper
Importing Mulcher Wood Chipper from China

Importing for the first time might be very hard for you to decide which country or place you should choose to orders for your wood chippers. Well, research is one of the most secrets for your success. Choose a country with a great level of production. Bansar can help you find the best and certified one. For your mulcher wood chipper, Bansar can recommend a reliable wood chipper from most awarded factories in China.

Portable Wood Chippers
Importing Portable Wood Chippers from China

Are you looking for a wood chipper supplier and manufacturer? Shandong and Jiangsu provinces are one of the excellent provinces in China with so many trusted markets in a long time. Many of the people in business choosing China brand products because of the quality and most of all the friendly prices of the products.

PTO Wood Chippers
Importing PTO Wood Chippers from China

Wood chippers can help your farm or place clean up quickly. Chippers can help reducing woods into small pieces. In energy making, wood chippers are a sustainable source and beneficial to the environment. In choosing PTO wood chippers, a great quality made of materials is manufactured by popular and certified wood chippers manufacturers in China.

Rolling Electric Wood Chippers
Importing Rolling Electric Wood Chippers from China

When you are struggling about seeking for verified wood chipper products such as rolling electric wood chippers, let Bansar help you choose a skilled manufacturer with professional staff. Giving all the details in all the process can make you comfortable and satisfied. A manufacturer who is trusted and has potential in dealing with their clients is commonly be found in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. If you choose your partner in China, you have made a great choice.

Towable Hydraulic Wood Chippers
Importing Towable Hydraulic Wood Chippers from China

A towable wood chipper that is available in many markets in China is much more easy to attached and manufactured for a lot of reasons. Great production of towable hydraulic wood chippers are always provided by leading suppliers and manufacturers in China, ost especially in the province of Guangdong. They have the capability to create good connection to their customers and help them solve their all importing process.

Whole Tree Chippers
Importing Whole Tree Chippers from China

Modern designs and different functions of wood chippers are available in many suppliers and factories in China. China is a country who is known as the greatest producer of quality yet friendly cost of many kinds of products. Find your desired Chinese wood chipper markets for your whole tree chippers and make your dream business come true. Shandong province suppliers and manufacturers can provide it all.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Wood Chipper Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China
When you ship your wood chipper orders from China, sea freight is the safest shipping method. When you're not urgent, it is good for you to choose for saving more money.
Air Freight from China to
If your wood chipper orders are urgent, you must choose air freight shipping to get fast processing. It is more expensive but the fastest shipping method could provide.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail freight shipping can help you reduced congestion and can provide you better safety for your wood chipper orders. It can give you environmental benefits and improved air quality.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you think shipping your wood chipper by the door is more expensive than other transportation, think about the hassle time and additional expenses by commuting than waiting at your place.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Wood Chipper Shipping from China

  • Has a professional team to guide you with the whole process
  • Offers fast shipping on time
  • Can handle the whole process to make it smoothly
  • Paper works and customs clearance to different countries

Best 20 Wood Chipper Manufacturers in China

1 HangTao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

HangTao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is more focused on providing a full range of garden machines including wood chipper shredders, log splitters, and spreaders for more than 10 years. Its headquarters` location is at Zhejiang Province, China with favorable transportation ingress. They can deliver each order timely as per customers` request.

2 Henan Kowloon Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Henan Kowloon Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is situated in Zhengzhou Town, Mainland China. This is one of the authorized manufacturers of various wood chippers and crushers. Instituted in 2006, holding more than 12 years of exporting experience. Got approvals by ISO, BV, CE, and SGS certifications. Export their products to over 30 different countries such as America, Costa Rica, Turkey, Italy, and so on.

3 Yancheng Foreign Trade Corp. Ltd

This is one of the most familiar manufacturers of industrial and agricultural machines. One of the companies specializing in exporting the highest quality machines from China. Their product range covers a wide variety of wood chippers, hydraulic backhoes, rotary cultivators, ditching machines, and many others. The company is under the standards of ISO9001: 2000.


GOOLER INTERNATIONAL GROUP is an authorized distributor and manufacturer of top-grade wood chippers. Not only wood chippers, but also a supplier of backhoe, tractors, irrigation system, mowers, and many more. This is a big group, the base of small to big size tractors and wood chippers in China. Their high-quality products are sold well to more than 24 regions and countries.

5 Henan Wisely Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

One of marketing and production enterprise, a trade & industry combination. This factory holds more than 2 decades of experience, has wide potential clients, and highly-precise products to offer. This company distributes its products to different countries such as South Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. It already gained a reputation from customers all over the world.

6 Bolida Machinery Co., Ltd.

Was founded in March 2017, Bolida Machinery Co., Ltd is situated in the geographical location at Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. It is well-known as the environmental protection machinery professional company. It is fully staffed with over 100 experienced employees, major in manufacturing sales, scientific research development, and worldwide trading.

7 Weifang Fred Machinery Co., Ltd

WFMC in short of Weifang Fred Machinery Co., Ltd is a factory incorporated in 2003. It is located in Weifang, Shandong, China that covers more than 15000 square meters. The company owns welding, polishing, milling, cutting, turning, powder painting, and profiling equipment. All of their wood chipper products are 100% guaranteed. ISO9001 and CE approved and certified.

8 Wuyi Qianheng Machinery Co., Ltd

Is one of the leading exporter and manufacturer in China, dedicated to the production, R&D, service, and market of wood chippers, log splitters, log saws, and many others. Started in the business since 2016, with more than 10 years of production and selling experiences. Yearly, they can produce over 30000 pieces of wood chipper products.

9 Changzhou Kaideli machinery co Ltd

Instituted in 2010, Changzhou Kaideli machinery co Ltd is headquartered at Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Mainland China. In the factory, you can find different agriculture products, like wood chippers, backhoes, rotary tiller, loaders, snow blade, mowers, etc, all are with the highest standard. After many years of development, the company now gained designing and production experiences, very helpful to create amazing products.

10 Binzhou Hongxin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

This company, Binzhou Hongxin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Known for their perfected wood chipper products and made their customers highly satisfied. The factory has been authenticated by both ISO9001 and CE international quality standards. They offer wood chipper products in over 50 varieties.

11 Vangton Co., Ltd

Vangton Co., Ltd gathered many years in the development and production of wood chipper equipment. All are versatile, available in custom varieties you can select from. Headquartered in Qingdao City, China, deeply engaged, and a perfect partner for your business. Their products are widely applicable to biomass production and many other applications. Produces other equipment aside from wood chippers to meet client`s expectations.

12 Jinhua ACECOWBOY Co., Ltd

Was started in the business since 1994, Jinhua ACECOWBOY Co., Ltd specializes in producing any designs of wood chippers. All of the products they offer are already passed ISO9001 and CE standards. About 90% of their products are fast spread to North American, Europe, Australia, and so on. Also a trusted provider of ODM and OEM services.

13 Zouping Xingtai Machinery Co., Ltd

Established in 2010, the Zouping Xingtai Machinery Co., Ltd is included as a top professional manufacturer of wood processing machines in China. Their main products include wood chipper, wood pellet mill, flat die pellet mill, wood splitting machine, and so on. The company has decades of manufacturing experience, built machines according to international standards.

14 Jinan Bison Machine Co., Ltd

In Mainland China, Jinan Bison Machine Co., Ltd is considered as one of the authorized manufacturers of wood processing equipment. Wood chippers, hammer mill, pellet machine, packing machines, etc are some of the products they offer. Based in Jinan City, one of the comprehensive company which consolidating design, research development, production, and marketing.

15 Shandong Rotex Machinery., Co. Ltd

Shandong Rotex Machinery., Co. Ltd is based in the town of Jinan, Shandong Province, with hassle-free transportation and superior position in China. This is a contemporary equipment production company, highly major in development, manufacturing, and trading. Began in 2007, and now became one of high-tech enterprise all over the world.

16 Weifang Yishan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd

Born in the year of 2006, Weifang Yishan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is an authorized supplier and producer in wood processing equipment and agricultural types of equipment. Almost 70% of its products are assembled to be exported nationwide. Continuously offers various machines based on market demands and from clients`.

17 Changzhou Hongwei In-Tech Co., Ltd

Situated in Changzhou City, China, highly specialized in the production of wood chippers, from designing to after-sale services. Their products are already sold to different overseas markets including India, Thailand, Malaysia, Estonia, Vietnam, etc. This is a company with a group of senior engineers and staff to offer friendly customer service.


HEFEI JIAPENG IMPORT AND EXPORT Co., Ltd is an industrial and professional trade enterprise headquartered in Hefei City, China. With more than a decade of trading and production experiences for wood chippers, and other wood processing equipment. Moreover, the company can also provide OEM services at competitive prices.

19 Shandong Huaheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

One of the top reliable and responsible manufacturers started in the business in the year 2007. It is based in Laizhou City, China. This is an expert equipment manufacturer that can support you through manufacturing, designing, trading, and distributing wood chippers worldwide. They are glad to provide laser cutting services to achieve customer satisfaction. All equipment is modernized, available at competitive prices.

20 Sufoma Machinery Co., Ltd

Began in the industry since the 1960s, with over 50 years of knowledge history. All the products that are offered gained approval from ISO9000 quality management certifications. This is included in hundreds of top high-tech companies worldwide, a reliable manufacturer you can trust. Most of their high-quality products are distributed to Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Japan, etc.

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