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Wood Pellet Machines
Automatic Wood Pellet Machines
Importing Automatic Wood Pellet Machines from China

Automatic Wood Pellet Machines is more high tech and modern in its design. It is long-lasting to use and good for all wood pellet factories operated nationwide. You can now easily transact with high professional manufacturers located in China. Chinese products are made by different reliable materials and are truly convincing. There are many provinces that supply automatic wood pellet machines same for example, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, and many more.

Bamboo Pellet Machines
Importing Bamboo Pellet Machines from China

Bamboo Pellet Machines made into fuel pellet compresses. It is very useful especially when wanting to have a faster pellet production. When planning to import bamboo pellet machines in small or large orders, then the best manufacturers you can find is only in China. Even Bansar, recommend it to be your trusted importer partners for your business enlargement success.

Biomass Wood Pellet Machines
Importing Biomass Wood Pellet Machines from China

Biomass Wood Pellet Machines offered for 100% factory prices. When working out for a decision to have this in your growing business, then that will the best idea and decision you ever made for. Chinese manufacturers have highly skilled agents and staff that voluntarily offers their guidance for you. So you have no worries in relying upon your trust in them. They are legitimate trusted and a business friend.

Diesel Wood Pellet Machines
Importing Diesel Wood Pellet Machines from China

Diesel Wood Pellet Machines is made from U.S.A quality level yet offered in a friendly and cheaper price. It is an effective solution to your pellet`s faster productions. For this is very a heavy kind of equipment, Bansar recommend their high potential in delivering it with no doubts and possible problems occurrence.

Eco Wood Pellet Machines
Importing Eco Wood Pellet Machines from China

Chinese manufacturers are legitimately certified and offering a cheaper factory price. The manufacturers and workers from the nation of China are very professional when doing their main jobs. They are engaged since this company is created and unitedly formed. When working out for the possible succession for your own company, Bansar can help and can be the perfect partner for you.

Electric Flat Die
Importing Electric Flat Die from China

When making your own feed pellets, electric flat die machine is the best thing for you. When you have livestock and poultry, using this modern machine can really be a big help for you. Chinese intentionally manufactured this high tech machine for the easiest processes of any pellets produces. Electric Flat Die Wood pellet mill is an appropriate small-scale in producing wood pellets.

Flat Die Cone Wheel
Importing Flat Die Cone Wheel from China

Its wheels are well suited to the gudgeon. The operation of its speeding wheels is protected and controlled before grinding. When using this kind of high tech machine, protective gear must wear on. When you notice it can be possibly a reason for the faster improvement of your business, then go for it! Don`t wait someone will approach and make you realized what opportunity you wasted.

Flat Die
Imported Flat Die from China

Flat Die wood pellet machine only operated and can be used through an electric source. You can use it in your warehouse or even at your exact home locations. Chinese packaging is truly reliable and safe for its long journeys when it will be delivered. Bansar shipping company has actively entertained those clients and costumers when you have some conscious inquiries.

Flat Die Platen
Importing Flat Die Platen from China

Flat Die Platen is a leveled policy that has diversification roles in producing this kind of product. China offered large variations of flat die platen based on your high expectations from it. All you have to do is acquire from them and ask all the questions that makes you conscious. There are many provinces primely located in China that can help you through the hardship process.

Ring Die Wood Pellet Machines
Importing Ring Die Wood Pellet Machines from China

China’s production of ring die wood pellet machines is ISO&CE guaranteed. When inquiring with Chinese manufacturers, they usually offered the best-rated prices and cheaper. Bansar always recommended Chinese suppliers and manufacturers because they are already known and popular having trusted finished jobs.

Roller Driven
Importing Roller Driven from China

For all the sectors nationwide, Chinese offers their wide range production of roller driven machines. Roller Driven mostly shaped cylindrically. It is originally made from an advance and high technologies. When you have the ambition to have roller driven in your business production sales, then quickly purchase from China only.

Small Granulator
Importing Small Granulator from China

A small granulator is an automatic grinder fit in this modern world. It is good for those people wants a hassle-free feeling. Chinese productions of it can endure any struggle problems. This product can automatically produce food pellets for your livestock and poultry business. You can easily get this high graded item by contacting and communicating with those assigned staff of Bansar corporation.

Small Wood Pellet Machines
Importing Small Wood Pellet Machines from China

When wanted to import small wood pellet machines that manufactured fro China, Bansar can give you guidance on how to do it successfully and no troubles may occur. Chinese workers are proven dedicated to their professionalism to their allotted jobs. When you want faster yet safe transactions of your shipments, Bansar is experts when doing that.

Vertical Ring Die
Importing Vertical Ring Die from China

There is vertical and horizontal shape of the ring die pellet machine. It is made of many light-weight materials. In any factories you built and operated, you must have the product that create more profits to your business. Most provinces in China such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, etc are offering the high-quality of services you truly desserve.

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Sea Freight Shipping from China
If you having difficulties about shipping your wood pellet machines, sea freight is the best for you to choose from. If you're not really in urgent and want your order welfare, make it possible in the ocean.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
Air shipping offers a extraordinary security to make certain wholesale wood pellet machines safely arrive at your place. For fastest and safest shipping method can be provided in air freight.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Shipping your wood pellet machines by rail freight can be very beneficial. Cost-effectiveness, speed, and reliability will be yours including air quality if you take to transport by rail.
Door to Door Service China
Door to Door wood pellet machines shipping process can save time and effort. It is simpler but can help you avoid hassle commuting moments. If worrying with the shipping process, Bansar can handle from start up to the end.

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Best Wood Pellet Machine Manufacturers in China

 Along New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd

Founded in the Changsha City, province of Hunan, China, which is a noted as cultural and national historical place. Along with New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd is strongly backed with engineering and researching strength. As known as joint-venture company, they are totally experts in the making industry. The company`s services and products are exported to over 30 countries including South America, Asia, etc.

Changsha Xinkang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd

Changsha Xinkang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd started making high-quality wood pellets and other products in 2014. This was located in the Liuyang high tech Zone, having a comprehensive profession in the design and development, manufacturing, and processing of wood pellet products. The company passed the certification of ISO14001: 2015 and ISO9001: 2015.

SKY WIN Technology Co., Ltd

SKY WIN Technology Co., Ltd in China is one of the joint-stock company that combines sales, research, and fabrication of wood-plastic composites profiles and machines. Since beginning in the operation in the past 10 years, the company now considered as one of the earliest factories and wood pellet providers.

Wuxi ShredWell Recycling Technology Co., Ltd

Being an integrated company, Wuxi ShredWell Recycling Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to designing, developing, selling, commissioning, manufacturing, and installing of wood pellet machines and ding recycling machinery. This company highly relies on advanced American/European technology and self-owned intellectual property. The company gathers more than 15 years of experience in this industry.

Lvyuan Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd

Lvyuan Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd is known in China as one of the leading fabricators in China. This company specialized in supplying wood pellet products and filter ball products for around 15 years. Since before, the company and its well-experienced staff provide professional service and good quality services to every customer they have.

Lianyungang Longyi Industry Co., Ltd

The company is more dedicated to international logistics, manufacture, and international trade of wood pellets, plywood, and phosphate products. Lianyungang Longyi Industry Co., Ltd currently has 2 production factories and can serve all-around services in logistics, trade, and production. They also got certification from HALA and KOSHER and recorded 8000t of yearly production capability.

Jiangxi chuangrui carbon Co., Ltd

Started its journey in the manufacturing industry ever since January 2006, Jiangxi Chuang Rui carbon Co., Ltd was integrated into the marketing, production, and scientific research. This is one of the large wood pellet manufacturers in China owned supporting facilities and 40018 square meters of the production plant.

Kingoro Machinery Co., Ltd

Kingoro Machinery Co., Ltd highly offers a wide range of wood pellets and biomass pellets production lines. Not just that, they also manufacture high-class machines including rubberwood pellet machine, animal feed pellet machine, organic fertilizer granulator, and more. As wood pellets becoming in-demand in the market, they have thousand of stocks ready for shipment worldwide.

Dese Industrial Co., Ltd

Dese Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the professional wood pellet grill providers and manufacturers in China. The company has its own professional R&D team and factory. After 7 years of business involvement in the pellet grill, they can now ensure product lead time and quality since they have advanced production machines and well-experienced engineers.


Operating as a professional manufacturer in China, FAYGO UNION GROUP now owns a total of 3 branch factories, 8 patent utility models, and 5 patents of invention. They could also make the most energy-efficient and fastest design of pellet griller machines. You can rely on them for reliable and good quality services.

Fiber Biotech Co. Ltd

As a professional company engaging in the production of wood pellet products, Fiber Biotech Co. Ltd in China do their best in the entire process. They are operating with their comprehensive machines in fulfilling their mission, which is to make every customer satisfy with the services and products they serve.

Huachuang Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd

Company located at Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, Mainland China. Huachuang Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd occupies an area of 1, 580 Square Meters. The company and its staff are professional in making development and research for wood pellet production since 2006. Not just wood pellets, they can also manufacture PA66 thermal barrier strips and PA66 granules.

Yulong Machine Co., Ltd

Originated in the Jinan, China, Yulong Machine Co., Ltd are a nation-appointed expert manufacturer of standard machines for the forest, agriculture, fishery, and pasturage for several years.  This is now one of the technology enterprises that integrates manufacture, exploitation, and scientific research. All of their products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and more.

Zouping Xingtai Machinery Co., Ltd

Zouping Xingtai Machinery Co., Ltd started in the business in the year 2010. This is a manufacturing company that focuses on wood chipper, wood pellet mill, wood processing equipment, wood peeling machine, and wood splitting machine. All the products and equipment the company provided are built by specialized groups with many years of manufacturing experience.

Shandong Bison Machine Co., Ltd

You can find the company Bison Machine Co., Ltd in Shandong, China. The company has over 12 years of industry experience, professionally supplies different kinds of pellet mill, pellet machine, packing machine, and so on. However, they are continually aiming to serve you quality services. They have business partners all over Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and more regions.

Azeus Machinery Co., Ltd

Azeus Machinery Co., Ltd provides wood pellet mills that is power saving, efficient, and low-maintenance. They can provide and developed a wide range of pellet mills that can help your business grow. From the inception up to the moment, they have the ability to meet client`s requirements at a reasonable cost yet high quality.

Gongyi Xiaoyi Mingyang Machinery Plant

Gongyi Xiaoyi Mingyang Machinery Plant built its factory in the city of Zhengzhou. This is one of the largest and earliest manufacturers of wood pellet and renewable fuel & energy equipment. Throughout the 15 years of progress, now the company becomes successful and integrated with the trading, science, and engineering department.

 Baiyun Carbon Co., Ltd

As a professional and well-experienced manufacturer, Baiyun Carbon Co., Ltd specialized in making chemical products including wood pellets. Their main products include anthracite filter, activated carbon, silicon carbide, carburant, and so on. Anyways, the company`s production capacity reaches up to 10, 000 tons of chemical products yearly.

Vangton Co., Ltd

Vangton Co., Ltd was stationed in the City of Qingdao. The company mainly works on wood pellet facilities with excellent integration service. They also have versatile machines that can produce a wide range of wood pellet products. To really supply good services to clients, they have a very experienced and multi-function team to assist you exclusively.

Heze Sunshine International Trade Co., Ltd

Since 1995, Heze Sunshine International Trade Co., Ltd has been dealing with export and import business. Their main products include agriculture products, chemical industry, pine, textile, and paulownias products. These products are sold well to different foreign countries like U.S, South Korea, Japan, etc. They are willing to cooperate with customers from all over the world.

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