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Wooden Boat
Wooden Speed Boat
Importing Wooden Speed Boat from China

China suppliers manufacture the finest wooden speed boats, with modern hull designs and propulsion. Factory suppliers of wooden speed boats are commonly based in Guangdong and Shandong provinces. They have the largest collection of classic wooden speed boats in all varieties. Whether you need to buy wooden speed boats for your perfume business or other purposes, you can find a reliable supplier in China that satisfy your needs.

Luxury Wooden Boat
Importing Luxury Wooden Boat from China

China manufacturers have a carefully selected collection of high-quality models of a luxury wooden boat for you to choose from. Experience all the luxury and benefits of a custom designed wooden boats. Manufacturers are based in Guangdong province. Suppliers are providing luxury wooden boat models that can be completely customized to your desires or use them as inspiration for something completely new and original.

Modern Wooden Boat
Importing Modern Wooden Boat from China

China manufacturers supply modern wooden boats that both used thoroughly modern construction techniques using marine ply woods and epoxy in their construction. They offer modern designs and shapes which feature soft riding, deep vee designs. Manufacturers are based in Guangdong, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces. They also offer all kinds of engines in modern wooden boats.

Wooden Fishing Boat
Importing Wooden Fishing Boat from China

China suppliers provide a wide range of wooden fishing boats and customizations. They offer wooden fishing boats that used only the highest grade marine mahogany plywood, solid mahogany lumber, and vertical grain fir. Suppliers are based in Shandong province. They only used special woods, trim and colors complete your own unique craft. They will surely make personal choices for your boat on trim, seating, and other final touches.

Small Wooden Boat
Importing Small Wooden Boat from China

China manufacturers are the biggest suppliers of small wooden boats. They supply all manner of small boats for rowing and sailing. They provide custom boats depending on whatever you are looking for. Manufacturers and suppliers are based in Guangdong and Shandong provinces. China suppliers have the talent, expertise and reputation to build the perfect small wooden boat for you.

Wood Floor Inflatable Boat
Importing Wood Floor Inflatable Boat from China

Wood floor inflatable boat is perfect for sport, fishing, diving trips, river rafting, family adventures, and vacations. If you are looking for wood floor inflatable boat professional supplier in China, Shandong province is your choicer. There are lots of certified and experience manufacturer located in that area. Enjoy your time spending on the water alone or with friends using China’s wood floor inflatable boat.

Remote Control Wooden Fishing Boat
Importing Remote Control Wooden Fishing Boat from China

Remote control wooden fishing boat most supplier and manufacturer in China are located in Jiangsu province. Whether you need to buy a remote control wooden fishing boat for personal or business, you can find a reliable Chinese remote control wooden fishing boat supplier in China. Check suppliers range of remote control wooden fishing boat and it’s quality also. Get the best remote control wooden fishing boat that suits according to your needs.

Wooden Sailing Boat
Importing Wooden Sailing Boat from China

The most significant production suppliers and builders of wooden sailing boats are China manufacturers. China suppliers range of wooden sailing boats offers ultimate flexibility. Manufactures are commonly based in Guangdong province. They provide all wooden sailing boats customized to suit an owner’s criteria and are designed and built to order.

Classic Wooden Boat
Importing Classic Wooden Boat from China

China manufacturers provide premium quality and ranging in the superiority of classic wooden boats. They also provide authentic reproductions of a classic wooden boat to the highest standards. Factories that manufacture classic wooden boats in China are based in Guangdong and Shandong provinces. Check out and see the classic wooden boats of your dreams.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Using rail for shipping wooden boat is extremely cost-effective, better choice when your distance away from China and you have a huge wooden boat order.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 2
If you want more convenient way of transporting, then shipping door to door is best for you. Bansar will help you ship your goods in your warehouse or home.

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Best 20 Wooden Boat Manufacturers in China

1 Tongyao Healthy Body Equipment Co., Ltd

Tongyao Healthy Body Equipment Co., Ltd can design, manufacture, and supplies wooden boats based on your technical identifications. This is an executive wooden boat distributor located in Guangzhou, China, introduced assorted options. Commenced in the year 1992, the team`s goal is to gain reputation, provides quality products & services for customers.

2 Matchau Marine Equipment Co., Ltd

As exporter and manufacturer at the same time, Matchau Marine Equipment Co., Ltd specialized in any designs of wooden boats for marine applications. Afar from that, they now attained extreme sales production and wide sales expertise. The company has capacities from 0.25-50 tonnes. All the products are cost-effective, easy to use, and safer. Before the shipment, they rigorously test each boat`s quality.

3 Lianyungang BAIBO New Material Co., Ltd

The Lianyungang BAIBO New Material Co., Ltd was one of the premier wood-made boat factories. Most famous supplier and manufacturer based in China. All of the wooden boats they offer have the highest quality, durable, and long-lasting. As of right now, BAIBO`s version of wooden boats is spread to more than 95 countries. The USA and Europe are some of the countries.

4 Shandong Luyi Company

Instituted in 1998 at Heze City, Shandong Province, Mainland China. As a leader in exporting and processing of wooden products, they currently export products to different regions. Asia, America, and Europe are some of the countries included. Monthly, they distribute over 200 containers of wooden products such as wooden boat toys. Consist of 100 professional management team and 2,000+ of regular workers.

5 DongHai YuKang Quartz Material Co., Ltd

DongHai YuKang Quartz Material Co., Ltd is involved in the production and development of high-quality wooden boats. Raw wood materials are used to create boats according to customers` specific demands. Working mainly in Donghai City, Jiangsu, China, with the highest wooden made products applied to the marine industry. They customize based on your needs.

6 Changsha Bin Hong Import & Export Co., Ltd

After all the years of industry experience, they now expert providers of honest service for customers` wooden boats’ orders. With the help of advanced equipment and excellent skills, Changsha Bin Hong Import & Export Co., Ltd now become the largest manufacturers & exporters in central China. The team makes sure the product condition and its quality can fully satisfy you.

7 Lian Ya Boat Co., Ltd

Aside from wood made boats, the Lian Ya Boat Co., Ltd is also a manufacturer & supplier of inflatable boats, fiberglass fishing boats, and RIB boats. All of these were certified by CE certification. Operating in the middle of China, Qingdao City. Most of their products are sold well to America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and many other countries. And received great comments from customers there.

8 YI Bamboo

YI Bamboo is one of the Chinese factories, with prior skills in producing the highest quality bamboo and wooden-made boats.  They offer a wide range of products to clients around the globe. They have more than 10 years of experience in selling, developing, and producing various boat designs. They control the materials` quality before started the whole process.

9 Hangzhou Winner Kayak Manufacturing Co., Ltd

With over 2 decades in the industry, Hangzhou Winner Kayak Manufacturing Co., Ltd now developed into the world`s popular company as of now. They are well operating in Ningbo City, China, in cooperation with full-time employees. All staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality wooden boats, checks its quality before delivered.

10 Deson Marine

The Deson Marine has years of experience within the marine business. The prices and quality are well approved by lots of suppliers, manufacturers as well as boat owner. The company shares a good market in Europe, North American, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and much more. Aside from wooden boats, most of their products include marine hardware, docking & mooring, safety equipment, and boat decking.

11 Huadong Entertainment Equipment Co., Ltd

Huadong Entertainment Equipment Co., Ltd is situated on the rich and wonderful Oujiang river with favorable traffic and a great environment. It is the integrated company of development sales and production of wood boats. There are over 300+ professional employees currently working in the factory, provides friendly customer services and quality products. All thanks to worldwide customers, rapid development and great awards are obtained by the team.

12 Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd

The Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd was owned by USA Happy Island Group Company. Born in 1991, concerned about the production, R & D, and sales of wooden boats. They can also design or customized wooden boats based on your requirements. Their products are well sold nationwide, and as a result, they get good feedback from customers.

13 Xuzhou Hongtu Wood Industry Co., Ltd

Was incorporated in China in the year 1993. Xuzhou Hongtu Wood Industry Co., Ltd was concentrated in manufacturing and innovations of various decorative wood products. They strictly follow the national green building material standards in choosing the right material used in the production process. As of today, the company successfully won customers` trust both abroad and domestic.

14 Online Industrial Limited

The factory, Online Industrial Limited was registered officially in 2005. Their team only focuses on R & D, designing, manufacturing, and selling various decorations and accessories, including wooden boats. Operating mainly in Hubei Province, warmly welcome customers from any countries & regions. They can custom your product orders, all you need to do is send your specifications via email.

15 Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd

Was founded in 1986, one of the authorized manufacturers of high-quality wood-made boats. Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd is one of the eldest companies awarded by the Latest NSCC certificate and well-approved by international ISO standards. Let their team makes customization to your wooden boat orders. Only at lower costs to fit your team budget.

16 Fuzhou Green Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd

Fuzhou Green Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd has convenient traffic access to the land, sea, and air transportations. Established in 1989, major in wooden products and bamboo-made items. A recipient of FSSC22000, ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2015, FSC certification, etc. All the products are broadly market to Taiwan, American, Japan, Europe, and any other areas.


Headquartered in YIWU City Zhejiang Province, China Mainland. The factory occupies areas of more than 30, 00 square meters. Employed with 500 industrious workers, who are assigned to provide high-quality wooden toys designs, such as wooden boats. And exported these products to Europe, the US, Southeast, Northern Asia, and other countries.

18 Gospel Boat Co., Ltd

Incorporated in 2012, Gospel Boat Co., Ltd is an expert manufacturer and distributor of high-quality wooden boats, all are high-valued and with complete accessories for a family boating desires. With lots of years` experiences in the development of wooden boats, they`re now become one of the most popular boat producers, reliable and truly trusted.

19 East Foreign Trade I/E Corp.

East Foreign Trade I/E Corp covered the entire production and exporting of high valued wooden boats to different countries. This is an international company,   a combination of export, production, design, and sales. Set up extreme services, also owned unique, cost, and quality benefits. Usually, their products are international quality standards compliance. Capable to custom your orders according to your specific demands.

20 Jiaxing Davy Arts & Crafts Company

Jiaxing Davy Arts & Crafts Company is a Chinese manufactory as well as an exporter instituted in 2007. It is located between Hangzhou and Shanghai, China Mainland. Gained praise from worldwide customers due to high-quality packing, services, price, and products. It is sold excellently across the country. Wooden boats for decorations are perfect in offices and homes. Welcomed new and old customers, introducing the best efforts they can offer.

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