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Work Boots from China
Steel Toe Work Boots
Steel Toe Work Boots Importing from China

A steel-toe boot is a durable boot or shoe that has a protective reinforcement in the toe which protects the foot from falling objects or compression, usually combined with a mid sole plate to protect against punctures from below. Whether you are looking for a steel toe or other types of work boots, China factories supply the boots to take on the toughest job sites. There’s a lot of suppliers in China, mainly in Zhejiang province. They offer different types for men and women.

Composite Toe Work Boots
Importing Composite Toe Work Boots from China

Guard your feet on the job with the lightweight yet ultra-durable protection of composite toe work boots. China factories manufacture the highest quality composite toe work boots. Their manufacturers are based in Shandong and Zhejiang province. Composite toe work boots are made from a tough, nonmetal material, composite toes can be made from Kevlar, plastic or carbon fiber. High durability works boots for toughest jobs but also provide all day comfort.

Alloy Toe Work Boots
Importing Alloy Toe Work Boots from China

Like most people, you’re no doubt looking for some of the most reliable personal protective equipment such as work boots that the industry has to offer. China factories manufacture alloy toe work boots that fit in any of your tough jobs. Their alloy toe work boots feature roomy toe caps made from military-grade aluminum alloy and feature left and right designated toe boxes. There are only few suppliers of alloy toe work boots that can be found in China, mostly in Shandong and Guangdong province.

Soft Toe Work Boots
Importing Soft Toe Work Boots from China

China suppliers have a huge selection of soft toe boots at unbeatable prices. Their soft toe work boots come in lace-up and pull-on styles, the ultimate in durable and comfortable work boots, that you can wear all day long. China manufacturers are found in Zhejiang and Fujian province. China suppliers have a wide collection of soft toe work boots that you need. They offer different types of soft toe boots, different sizes, colors and styles.

Aluminum Toe Work Boots
Importing Aluminum Toe Work Boots from China

Aluminum toe work boots keep your feet protected and comfortable during long days on the job. If you’re looking for a hard toe safety boot or shoe but want it comfortable, try aluminum toes. China suppliers has been the most reliable manufacturer of aluminum toe work boots for decades. Their are only few manufacturers that can be found in China, commonly based in Guangdong province. This work boots will surely fit to your needs, in work or in business.

Metatarsal Work Boots
Importing Metatarsal Work Boot from China

China suppliers developed metatarsal boots which offer the highest protection for your feet especially the metatarsal bones. These durable NFPA certified boots have metatarsal plates that provide a protective layer for the delicate metatarsal bones that attach to the bones of the toe and form the arch of your foot. China suppliers offer all kinds of metatarsal work boots for affordable prices. Their are only three suppliers of metatarsal work boots that can be found in China, they are in Shandong and Hebei province.

Waterproof Soft Toe Work Boots
Importing Waterproof Soft Toe Work Boots from China

Waterproof soft toe work boots are the best boots to keep your feet dry. If your job requires you to work through wet and slippery surfaces, places where it can get muddy, or even through the rain or snow, waterproof soft toe boots are the most ideal for you. China manufactures the most durable and quality tested waterproof soft toe work boots. They manufacture all kinds of work boots that will protect your feet at all cost. Manufacturers in China are based in Shandong and Zhejiang province.

Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots
Importing Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots from China

Find durable waterproof steel toe work boots in China suppliers. They provides work boots with superior comfort an performance with advanced technology. China suppliers developed waterproof steel toe boots built for performance. Zhejiang and Shandong province, suppliers of waterproof steel toe work boots are commonly based. Their work boots and work shoes come in lace-up boot and sneaker styles. Whether you work in construction, ranching, forestry, agriculture, or another on-your-feet-all-day job, they have the shoes to meet tough working demands.

Steel Toe Metatarsal Work Boots
Importing Steel Toe Metatarsal Work Boots from China

China manufacturers supply metatarsal work boots come in multiple styles, including steel toe boots for the ultimate in protection and composite toe boots for lighter weight protection. There are only few supplier of steel toe work boots that can be found in China. Mainly at Shandong and Hebei province. They manufacture work boots that offer metatarsal protection to ASTM standards with footwear that feels, flexes, and performs like an athletic shoe.

Safety Boots from China
Importing Safety Toe Work Boots from China

Looking for the best safety toe work boots that will fit to your job or business? China manufacturers supply durable safety boots in a variety of toe types for outdoor work with premium construction and the latest technologies. Whatever your job or businees requires, shop at China suppliers for the best men’s work boots, work shoes, and safety shoes for men. There are so many manufacturers that can be found in China but mostly in Zhejiang and Fujian province.

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Best 20 Work Boots Manufacturers in China

1 SEODA Labor Protection Products Co., Ltd

SEODA Labor Protection Products Co., Ltd provides and manufactured work boots products to protect user`s feet from danger. The company was set up in Qingdao, China- a scenic, pleasant and hospitable city. They could provide more than 150 different boots and shoe styles. It has been in this industry for over 7 years, continuously giving a professional service & product solutions to all customers.

2 Longyun tengda protective products Co., Ltd

Known as an experienced and professional manufacturer of PPE including work boots products. Longyun tengda protective products Co., Ltd has been in the business and dedicated since the year 2009. Except for work boots, they can also provide safety shoes, work gloves, safety helmets, PVC rain boots, and other related products. It is very useful to any workspace and available at competitive prices.


The SHIELD SAFETY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is focusing on manufacturing high-quality safety shoes and work boots. All products from them are designed to fit perfectly, outstanding in appearance, and performances. The company is super devoted to producing a wide variety of boots to exceed customers` expectations. And usually, their products are needed by various industries like automobile manufacturing, electricity, etc.

4 HeHe Plastic Co., Ltd

Was devoted since 2004, HeHe Plastic Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise focused on EVA, PVC boots development. It is headquartered in JinHua industrial park, China, covering an area of 30,000 square meters. Their work boots products are mostly exported to overseas markets such as America, Korea, Europe, Japan, etc.

5 Asienen export and import Co., Ltd

Asienen export and import Co., Ltd was started ever since in 2010. As of right now, they are finally grown as a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality work boots. The group is well-recognized by a lot of clients all over the world. What`s more, they strictly control each product`s quality, ensuring its performance and quality for customers` satisfaction.

6 Kaifeng Shoes Manufacture Co., Ltd

Kaifeng`s shoes and boots products are broadly exported to North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, etc. Several customers who come from different countries have been satisfied with their products` quality and guaranteed services. As a professional footwear factory in China, they can provide new boots designs for customers’ selection.

7 Nano-Metre Industrial Limited

Nano-Metre Industrial Limited started in the business since 1998. It was headquartered in Shanghai, currently owning a total of 3 factories. Now Nano-Metre has become one of the manufacturing leaders fabricates safety work boots. Today they employ more than 800 workers, operated 1000+ knitting machines, and 16 production lines for safety boots, shoes, and gloves.

8 LuSafe Protective Tech. Co., Ltd

Began in the 2007 year as a protective footwear business provider. LuSafe Protective Tech. Co., Ltd centrally did OEM services for lots of world-renowned brands. With rich experience and development in the manufacturing field, now many clients requested the team to help them find the best products for their business. Actually holding more than 15 years of industry experience.

9 SAICOU Footwear

SAICOU Footwear was established in the 2007 year. As a qualified and multi-functional boots producer, customers can order a large number of outdoor boots/shoes, safety footwear, and military boots with assorted designs. SAICOU, as the largest company and the world`s manufacturing leader, you can visit their office at Guangzhou, Guangdong province, Mainland China.

10 Linyi FeiFan Imp&Exp COM,. Ltd

Registered at the year of 2015, Linyi FeiFan Imp&Exp COM, Ltd is a factory gaining over 19 years of past history. The professional team is more focused on making the latest safety boots and shoes every week for customer choice. They also produce ODM and OEM, with hardworking workers and expert technical department.

11 Riversuny Waterproof Garments & Bag Mfg. Ltd

Riversuny Waterproof Garments & Bag Mfg. Ltd was founded in 1981, recognized as the most famous maker and supplier of super quality boots, bags, and garments. All of their products are waterproof, suitable for outdoor use. They deliver most of their products to ODMs and OEMs in Europe, Japan,  New Zealand, Australia, and many other countries.

12 Xi ′an Furgem Security Protective Equipment Co., Ltd

The company was engaged in the PPE field for over 20 years already. They gained rich past history in production, after-sales service, and technology. Xi ′an Furgem Security Protective Equipment Co., Ltd is partnered with manufacturers having top-class production workshops and international advance production equipment. Providing local and abroad customers with stable, super quality PPE products like work boots.

13 247 International Trading Co., Ltd

247 International Trading Co., Ltd is a big enterprise for manufacture and wholesale shoes or work boots. With the main office located in Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District Guangzhou, China 510623. It was established in 2000, always adhering to provide customers honest solutions. This is one of the well-recommended and trusted companies in China.

14 Meiji Labor Products Co., Ltd

The Meiji Labor Products Co., Ltd began its business journey ever since the 2010 year. After years of development, the company has improved a lot and became an expert producer, exporter of quality work boots. Not only work boots, but they also offered work gloves, face masks, etc. You can find all types of boots here at very affordable prices.

15 Yuemai Outdoor & Camping Co., Ltd

Yuemai Outdoor & Camping Co., Ltd started working as a shoes/boots manufacturer, carrying more than 15 years` industry experience. The company is also a supplier of any outdoor products, camping products, and military or police products. Recently, they owned over 5000M2 manufacturing workshops and 10 years` experienced QC team.

16 Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Inc.

This is one of the high-tech industries that specialize in the development, research, sales, and production of high-quality work boots. Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Inc is backed up with advanced experimental means and strong R&D capability, helps them produced high-tech products useful in many fields.

17 Suhou Quanjuda Purification Technology Co., Ltd

Suhou Quanjuda Purification Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and fully capable exporter of work boots, cleanroom, and ESD products. They can provide complete services, that include sourcing, exporting, and manufacturing products from China. They could handle the entire manufacturing and sourcing activities because they had decades` experience in the industry.

18 Mussay (Shandong) Protective Supplies Co., Ltd

Mussay Protective Supplies Co., Ltd was based in Weifang City, Shandong Province, Mainland China. This is a grouped company with independent trading enterprises and factories. Aside from work boots, its main products include safety gloves, safety helmet, face shields, safety goggles, safety clothes, and many more. One-stop PPE supplier and solution provider in China.

19 Fondeer

Began in the manufacturing field since 1998. Fondeer was holding more than 15 years of export and manufacturing experience.  Their office is mainly located in Jinjiang nearby Xiamen, China. Accepting ODM and OEM demands from customers around the globe. They can also provide the latest product every day and export them worldwide to win a high reputation.

20 Angzhou Maohe Outdoor Products Co., Ltd

Due to hard work and dedication in the past years, Angzhou Maohe Outdoor Products Co., Ltd now turned into a manufacturing leader of rain boots, work boots, and other related products. They are an export licensed company, stably exports their outdoor footwear products to foreign countries. Italy, Netherlands, America, Norway, Japan, Australia are some of the countries they collaborated with.

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